MMM 545

Intermittent rain all weekend and no “farm” stores near me had kill cones, so I only got about half my planned projects done.

Leg warmers over heels is a look, I guess.

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MMM 542

Chicken poat later on today. For now, we toss out some scratch for the roosters (and curious hens, Hi Mare!).

I think this image counts as “Muscular Christianity”

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POS Poat – Deployment Style

Mud and Flood Edition

So I tried to get deployed to Alabama… cuz Friends.

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MMM 539

First Monday of April already. I gotta get the tractor finished so the little birds that aren’t so little anymore have a safe place outdoors. Eventually they’ll start flying out of the brooder if we aren’t quick about it.


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MMM 533

Happy President’s Day. It’s a shame we don’t actually have those anymore.

Happy morning, anyhow.

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MMM 529

Last week of January, Groundhog Day is coming up.

This is a little dark.

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MMM 526

Is it Monday again? The week between makes things a little blurry, and I still need to check the work calendar to see if today is Monday or Monday Monday.

Quadrych? And it features quads.

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