New Saturday poat

Let’s see what’s in the funneh folder for today.
Trying to do the taxes.
cant print
*Nelson laugh*
yes it is
Mmmm, fresh poat.

BBF: Temp Worker Edition

Pupster is off on some secret squirrel spy mission and asked if I could do a fill in BBF. Considering I had a minor in Boobology as an undergrab, I jumped at the opportunity. Then it hit me like Mare at a buffet line…what if I couldn’t find a rack that was up to the task? Then I drew a calm and relaxing breath and realized, having been nursed on Rosetta and MJ‘s efforts as a young Hostage, any boob in a storm will do.


First a musical interlude that I wrote when I was on tour with Neil Sedaka.


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Wire Walk With Me

Carla Busutil

b. 1982 Jo’burg S.A.


Region capture 80

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Saturday Beer Run

Hello my friends.  I have just returned from a whirlwind tour of the parts of Illinois, Missouri and Kansas that nobody ever wants to go to, and I could use a drink.

Or two.

Just one more.

Maybe MJ will be magnanimous and tells us of his European tour.

Special thanks to Colorado Alex for filling in admirably on Friday, and opening up a whole new untapped BBF genre.  

Big Boob Friday

I promised pupster a Big Boob Friday, so I’d best produce something for you hosesuckers.  I didn’t, however, promise that it would be good.  I’m gonna have to pull the Otter Stratton Defense: You fucked up.  You trusted me.  Hopefully our fearless lapdog will return to make everything right in this blog once again.  I think I speak for everyone when I say, the fucker better not die because I think he still owes me money.

Our lovely lady today is unlike most of the “models” that we normally see on Fridays.  She’s not working her way through nursing school, or monetizing her daddy issues.  She does, however, jiggle for your entertainment.  Introducing… Ms. Shahrzad Raqs!
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Rising Pune Supergiants


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