Wire Walk With Me

Carla Busutil

b. 1982 Jo’burg S.A.


Region capture 80

Region capture 64 Region capture 78 Region capture 76 Region capture 75

This is my chick.

Region capture 73 Region capture 72 Region capture 71

She shows all over town.

Region capture 70 Region capture 69

Take the in-laws to an art opening

get them buzzed on free red wine

everybody wins

Region capture 67 Region capture 66

Region capture 79 Region capture 65  Region capture 63

Carla’s the mack.

Be sweet.


  1. *tries to find words*





  2. Not my cup of tea, sorry.

    Mini-me is painting a watercolor based on Anemone Cave in Acadia, and I can hardly wait to see how it turns out.

  3. The missionary made me roll my eyes a bit. But maybe it’s not a cliche in South Africa.

    Most of the rest are inaccessible to me, but I’m not giving them any time. Got to get to school.

    Thanks, Chumpo! Will try again later today.

  4. wakey wakey

  5. the turd with a tie is interesting… or something

    her work reminds me of something Steadman may have attempted as a yoot

  6. The last one made me chuckle.
    A bit.

  7. 12 year old with mental issues.

  8. Yeah, not getting this one. I’ll be over here in philistine corner.

    But I have snacks!

  9. “Carla Busuttil is interested in ideas surrounding power and authority. Her caricature-like style undermines the authority of the people portrayed in her portraits – the style of the painting becomes equal to the subject matter.

    In 2008 Busuttil graduated from The Royal Academy Schools and in 2009 she had her first solo show Tuxed Fucks – And other curious outfits at Gimpel Fils, London and was in Jerwood Contemporary Painters. She is showing in Newspeak: British Art Now (Part 2) at The Saatchi Gallery, London later in 2010.”

  10. No, no, no, art is supposed to be something I can’t do.

    ‘Mr. Poopiehead Avec Glasses” is something I confiscated from a 7th grader when I was teaching.

  11. Some of the stuff here I like more better.


  12. From Car in’s link. https://www.artsy.net/artwork/carla-busuttil-the-secrets-holding-paint-together

  13. Interesting comments on her style and outlook:


    PS: I searched carla busuttil social justice, but there were no direct links. Authority and children kind of set of an alarm, but I didn’t find that. Something a bit more interesting, instead.

  14. Not getting the art. I’d really like to know if she can draw/paint realistic representations.

  15. HAHAHA, Scott!! She’s a hosef**ker.

  16. Lipstick…pig.

    Think what you will.

    I can “draw” something and then make the most amazing bullshit theory about what it’s about.

    Note to self: Use words like alienation, hopelessness, patriarchy, government, etc..

  17. Oh, and throw in “rape culture’, body shame or vagina and you’re golden with the feminist artsy crowd.

  18. J’ames – I had a red flag raised at what appeared to be (sorta) progressive political commentary – but then I read that she’s from Africa. They certainly have some more legitimate gripes politically. Seen in that light … Of course, that doens’t mean she doesn’t feel negatively toward capitalism, etc.

  19. Now Chumpo is just trolling us.

  20. I can identify with Chumpo. It’s like when i post awesome new music.

  21. *plays new Iggy Pop song and shuts out the hate.

  22. Not commenting on her views, just that the comments from the painter on her work were interesting. She might be a full blown socialist, but her comments reveal a little more depth to the paintings.

  23. Hey there. Who else feels like they’re lungs have been scooped out and replaced with bags of water?

  24. HA! If you google image search ‘hosefuckers’, #3 is Al Gore and the Gov of CT is about #20.

  25. Maybe you got refugeebola in Germany.

  26. She provokes a reaction that I like.

  27. I see things like this in nightmares.

  28. I considered it, but I was starting to feel bad before I left.

    One thing I noticed: there are whole sections of Berlin that are 100% Middle Eastern. Segregation is the norm.

    One of the Turkish cab drivers explained to us (in German so I didn’t understand all of it, but a coworker translated later) why he hates Spaniards, Americans, and the Dutch. He also told us that it’s perfectly ok to beat your wife as long as you make up with her the next day.

    He’s been there for 20 years.

    They’re doomed with the rapefugees. Just give it 5-10 years and there will be really hard decisions to make.

  29. Trapped under sleeping baby.

  30. I see things like this in nightmares.
    This is what I was alluding to.

  31. There are something like 2M native german males 18-34. 1M more “widows and orphans” and they’ll be utterly outnumbered.

  32. So, why does he hate Americans? Probably all that money we send over, right?

  33. Yeah… no. I could produce something better than those.

  34. I LOVE Chumpos art posts. But I thought the point was discussion and opening up some avenues previously unexplored (SYWM). This gal can say her paintings mean X when really she was on ecstasy and some vodka, woke up the next day and said, “well, damn, that painting I did while high obviously is a reference to my ambivalent issues toward black politicians in South Africa.”

  35. Comment by MJ on January 26, 2016 9:52 am
    She provokes a reaction that I like.



    She does make you “react”.

  36. Europe is an example of what not to do. In almost everything.

    And screw those people who think America is an appropriate place for fast trains “like they have in Europe.”

  37. If they can’t get a profitable rail line between LA and Vegas, they’re not going to be successful anywhere else.

  38. And that wraps up our economics lesson for the day, folks!

  39. We like our cars, and we should like our cars. Among other things they represent and provide Freedom. Road Trip! is an awesome way to see this fine Country and you don’t need papers, passport or need to grease anyones palms to see it..yet.

  40. *greases Mare’s palm*

  41. Europe is an example of what not to do. In almost everything.
    Yep. Except wine and food. They really hit the nail on the head when it comes to relaxing and having nice 3 hour dinner.

  42. Taking a train to Vegas from LA is just about the best possible getaway. You can’t drive a car on the strip anyway, parking is horrible, and everything is right there! No better setup for a train setup than that.

  43. I often have 3 hour dinners. My wife doesn’t understand it at all, but barely eating all day while doing a ton of outside work makes it a luxuriant necessity.

  44. By dinner I mean a little food and a lot of wine.

  45. I try to obey the 20 minute rule: eat as much as you can before your stomach realizes it’s full.

  46. Just had the best chorizo burrito ever last night. Nice and spicy!

  47. Quinnipiac had Cruz within 2 of Trump in Iowa today. I think he’s going to win, with all his help in the form of caucus captains.

    If you aren’t familiar with Iowa caucus procedure, the GOP meets at 7 pm, no one else comes in the room afterwards, and the candidate’s representatives make a speech. Cruz by far has the most in the state, so he will have the most influence on caucus night (a week from yesterday). That’s how Santorum did so well in 2012.

  48. Welly welly well well.

    Dont we all have sttong opinions about atr this day.

    It’s like a rundown coffe/bong shop up in here.


  49. Santorum who?

    Sounds like a good system.

  50. By dinner I mean a little food and a lot of wine.

    I usually start with a highball, not really a wine guy.

  51. Dead to me.

  52. After listening to Prager’s thorough run down of Trump’s previous positions and especially his idiotic stance on health insurance (and I quote), “I support national health care and the government will pay for it” HUH? Prager had several different quotes and made it quite clear that of course, Trump is for Trump, he says he believes shit when it’s necessary and he has never held long term moral/ethical/value system.

  53. I sort of wonder about the caucus thing. If you asked me to show up and listen to regular people make speeches on behalf of a candidate I’d totally do it.

    Mostly for the train wreck affect, though.

    I have no idea if Trump people will. It seems like a lot to ask, but they are certainly devoted.

  54. I expect the Trump people to be out in force. But some will be swayed by facts, given by the Cruz rep.

    If you think the GOP process is silly, you should see the Dem process. You stand around in groups (no secret ballot) and actively court people to come over to your group. Political Red Rover.

  55. Planned Parenthood cleared of wrongdoing, but the filmmakers are indicted on organ selling charges.


    Houston is a cesspool. Can’t believe they are going to get away with this.

  56. Nat. Politics is, of course a cult of personality.
    If it was one of integrity then once elected they would do what they promised to do.

    I strongly dislike the word promise.
    Say you will or say you wont. No one needs an extra layer of I will do this unless they are full of shit.

    The Donald, Barry O, McCain, and the rest just reek of promises.

  57. I strongly dislike the word promise.
    Say you will or say you wont. No one needs an extra layer of I will do this unless they are full of shit.


    Thumbs up on that analysis.

  58. I’d show up at a caucus if they served wine.

    I think mare would agree with me on that?

  59. All of you political nutcases would go to a caucus.

  60. I want to go to a caucus and just make shit up.

    President Trump is committed to closing the border, defeating terrorism, and if you vote for him he’ll send you a pair of Milania’s undies. Used or new, your choice.

  61. I would go – yes. But wine would make it more fun.

  62. Wine makes everything more fun!

  63. Tru dat

  64. Now he’s just trolling us, right?

  65. How can the filmmakers be charged with organ “selling”?

    And if this stands, doesn’t it mean that PP acknowledges that these are, indeed, human beings? After all, a blob of cells doesn’t possess “organs”…

  66. God I think I love my TENS unit.

    Whore mouths.

  67. From August: TheBlaze: Prosecutor Working in DA’s Office That’s Investigating Planned Parenthood Also Serves on Abortion Provider’s Board of Directors

    Yeah, that doesn’t smell like conflict of interest. I think roamy saw this too.

  68. Mrs. Jay is a TENS fan, too.

  69. The govt owns all of the things. you are not your organs and so they belong to the govt. That is why I pour rum on mine nightly.

  70. I don’t want to hear about you spilling your drink again, chumpo.

  71. heh, I once was enjoying a sip at a banging’ place called The 500 Club. I was making deep and meaningful eye contact with this sophisticated lady in a Slayer shirt. Her attention suddenly turned to something behind me and I thought I was being attacked by a lion! I semi swerved around and I swear a midget hooker ran past my leg and knocked my foot sideways. I groaned loudly as I went crashing to the floor and smashed my eye into the mop board. I was a wreak but when the stars cleared I realized that I still had my half full rum glass extended safely upward and had not spilled a drop. No one helped me up and no one said they saw the midget hooker but the Slayer girl gave me a kiss as the Bartender through me out the door.

    the point is I don’t like to spill man drinks.

  72. Just emailed you Chumpo. Not sure I have the right addy, though.

  73. heh, I once was enjoying a sip at a banging’ place called The 500 Club. I was making deep and meaningful eye contact with this sophisticated lady in a Slayer shirt. Her attention suddenly turned to something behind me and I thought I was being attacked by a lion! I semi swerved around and I swear a midget hooker ran past my leg and knocked my foot sideways. I groaned loudly as I went crashing to the floor and smashed my eye into the mop board. I was a wreak but when the stars cleared I realized that I still had my half full rum glass extended safely upward and had not spilled a drop. No one helped me up and no one said they saw the midget hooker but the Slayer girl gave me a kiss as the Bartender through me out the door.

    the point is I don’t like to spill man drinks.

    And then what happened?

  74. Where’s MY email?

    *runs out of blog

    *slams door

  75. I think he found $20 while on the floor J’ames.

  76. Sometimes, Salon (and Robert Reich) get it right, although unknowingly: http://www.salon.com/2016/01/25/5_reasons_ted_cruz_is_even_more_dangerous_than_donald_trump_partner/

    (give it a chance)

  77. Comment by Car in on January 26, 2016 11:59 am

    God I think I love my TENS unit.

    I have one of those.

    Wait, no I don’t. I have a car battery hooked up to pair of nipple clamps.

  78. Marilyn Manson is turning into…

  79. I think that’s right, Jay. However, I don’t really understand how Cruz would govern. And I wonder about Trump’s intelligence.

    He speaks like a weirdo, although so do a lot of people who are apparently the smartest people on earth.

  80. We’re basically fucked

  81. Well, one eye was much bigger than the other for a couple of days. My friend locked me in my room because I was too hideous to look at.
    my friends threw cokes and tuna sandwiches through the bars on the window.
    I did hook up w The Slayer Girl once my eyes were the same size again.
    Kind of a win, lose, win, move on, deal.

  82. Somebody on facebook threatened to shoot up Lincoln high school in Florida.

    In Meriden CT there is a Lincoln middle school, so they sent the cops over “just to be safe.”

    Nothing makes sense anymore.

  83. I’m from the Land of Lincoln.

    I think I better call the cops to check me out just to be safe.

  84. That was a funny article, Jay. I’m persuaded. Iowa style politicking is effective.

  85. I think some BDSM types use TENS for, uh, other purposes.

  86. I’m making the messican cheese biscuits again, using muffin tins greased with coconut oil.

  87. Possum is pleasantly entertained watching me cook as long as I talk about what I’m doing.

  88. Good Eats with leon.

  89. I don’t believe you, Leon. Without video evidence your assertions are unproven and therefore reasonably disregarded.

  90. *waits for video of lil’ Possum watching the Leon Caruthers Cooking Show*

  91. Cooking With Leon and Lil’ Possum

  92. I cannot rebut Lauraw’s position.

  93. Yeah, cooking with possum wouldn’t be a good catch line, would it?

  94. PBC with Possum?

    Possum and the Egg?

    just spitballin, heyah!

  95. Lil’ Possum’s PBC Power Hour!

  96. I’ll ask my wife if she wants to try that. She’s the videographer. Possum will watch again happily. She desperately wanted a muffin when I got them out.


  97. Kitchen imPossumable

  98. Heh, I like that one, chumpo.

  99. Marsupial Munchables

  100. She’s napping now, I had to sing a bit. I actually kind of like the idea, I’m not sure if Mrs C filming it will be too distracting for the little one, but it’s worth a try.

  101. Tripod, dude.

  102. It will and it won’t. Use a tripod and shoot medium shots when you can. Get the close ups of possum all at once and do the interview and talky stuff off camera. Put the dialog in during post. It will come out great.

  103. Hotspur gets all these things.

  104. Me and spur and MJ are going to have a baking show called Get Baked w Hotspur and MJ and Chumpo

  105. Pretty sure you need a visor, a chalkboard, and a canvas chair.

    And scream ACTION a lot.

    That will end well.

  106. That sounds like a great idea. Every week one of use will forget why we’re there (hotspur).

  107. I don’t bake, but we can definitely get baked.

  108. Each week it will be a different person’s turn to bring the Doritos.

    Actually, we’ll need so many Doritos, each of us will bring a bag every week.

  109. ..and so we will.

    wait what are supposed to bring again? at least I have my Doritos.

  110. I’m not 420 compatible.

  111. When is TITS2: Electric Boogaloo scheduled?

  112. Feb. 26 & 27.

  113. & 28

  114. I just paid our property tax. It’s so depressing.

    Dumpy 6 room house + 2003 Ford + 2007 Dodge = $6500 per year.

    I can’t wait to say goodbye.

  115. My cars are each around $100/year. The property tax on 1700 sq ft on 5 acres is about $2k/yr.

  116. I should note that my 3000 sq ft barn doesn’t legally exist (no building permit), and may or may not be factored into my property taxes.

  117. Abe Vigoda died, he was 105.

  118. Leon?


  119. Im compatible with 420….I’l take Leons share….

  120. Yea … there is no problem with women and Islam. I’m glad this women could set us straight.


  121. I bet all the garbage about clitorectomy is just made-up garbage as well.

  122. I fucking hate the new folks who process my company’s tuition reimbursement forms.

  123. That’s so cool, Pepe

  124. That is not, in fact, a picture of my butt.

  125. Comment by PepeLp on January 26, 2016 3:06 pm


    And here, ladies and gentlemen, we use a model to illustrate the drag coefficient of a tightly curved surface…

  126. The new house is $4600 in taxes. We keep our cars registered in FL because fuck paying property tax on a car.

    WTF is that all about? I may go back to ‘living’ in FL because of the tax savings. We still have a place there, although its rented.

  127. Who’s turn is it to bring the Doritos?

  128. Why are we here?

    Are Doritos gluten free?


  129. Yeah, I remember scott mentioning that cars have property tax in CT. Glad I don’t live there.

  130. Over $600 for the cars, and they are old.

    Lots of Florida plates up here too.

  131. They did something horrible with our car registration – it’s based on the original purchase price of the car (not resale price) or value. It’s bs.

  132. Total bullshit.

    My buddy from Spain said he pays around 50%, which leaves him with little disposable income. And the VAT is a killer.

  133. If I remember correctly NC wanted about $2K a year for my car.

    That made me extend my FL plates.

  134. It’s sad when people in the government don’t understand basic economics.

  135. If they understood economics, they would be too smart to work in government.

  136. Possum and I just did a re-enactment of Bush 41 and the Japanese PM.

    Shirt #3 today.

  137. Leon – you’re not suppose to change until moment before your spouse arrives home.

  138. Boy I’ve done a whole lot of nothing today. I did so something things … but I’ve been a big slug for the majority of the day. Oh well. It happens.

  139. Possum and I just did a re-enactment of Bush 41 and the Japanese PM.

    Who was who?

  140. I get really upset when talking about taxes.

    And more upset when people propose that I’m greedy for wanting to keep my money/property.

    Taking from me is charitable but wanting to keep what is mine is greedy? How do you square that circle?

  141. Who was who?

  142. I am yet to puke on her, thankfully.

    And Carin, I just give my wife the counts when she gets home, I can’t walk around with warm human ricotta on me for any length of time. Not worth it.

  143. Hillary is doomed. She’s the worst candidate ever.

    You can easily tell when she’s lying.

  144. And no way Obama beats Romney, with that economy, right?

  145. Bernie will win IA, Hillary will drop out for “health reasons” and be pardoned, and Bloomberg will swoop in to save the day.

  146. Fine. Good point.

    *slaps Jay with a smoked salmon

  147. “I just give my wife the counts when she gets home…”

    Pictures or it never happened.

  148. CBS tried to get Bloomberg to spill on his plans for running this morning — I nearly did a Bush 41 myself when I saw that.

  149. Sanders has more appeal than Bloomberg.

  150. Bloomberg 73.
    The Bern 74

    Jeez. Party of Youth?

  151. I show her the pile in the laundry room.

  152. *hides large coke

  153. Where’s the outrage on how old Sanders is?

    Didn’t we go through it with McCain.

    Oh right. R. Carry on!

  154. The Don is 69
    Hill Dag 68

    Cruz 45

    let’s elect this crazy ship jumping’ Cubanadian!


  155. Saw a “Feel the Bern” bumper sticker yesterday. Does heartburn count?

  156. “Only when I pee” bern??

  157. Oh! I know! The Bern that Preparation H helps!

  158. Those kids on my lawn Bern Me up!!!

    Yay Tom Swiftboat!!

  159. Ebola for sale!!
    Comment here and get FreEbola!!

  160. Comment Here and Be automatically registered in the Nammblah Database!!!

    Come kne come all!!

  161. Comment here now and recieve several free shake weights!!
    Amaze your friends with a demonstration!!

  162. You Eastern Dinner Eaters make me…hungry.

    Car In hates you so I dont have to.

    so much.

  163. Mini-me art. https://roamingfirehydrant.wordpress.com/2016/01/26/artwork/

    And I remember when she drew tanks blowing stuff up.

  164. Chumpo, I have a movie idea:

    Turd world dictator educated in western university manufactures a smallpox outbreak in his little shitcanistan, gets massive UN aid $$ to inoculate his entire populace, then after his people are safe he unleashes weaponized smallpox in London, NYC, LA, Vladivostok, Moscow, Rio, Riyadh, and Mumbai.

    His plot isn’t actually foiled, that’s Act 1.

  165. Evening.

  166. You had me at Chumpo I’ve got an….

    That’s nice, Roamy. Is it acrylic?

  167. Actually, I think this is better as a serial. Survivors pulling together and in conflict in the plaguepocalypse, with flashes to the Shitcanistan military building up and preparing to re-colonize the Earth with the giant shipping vessels they’ve acquired.

  168. Chumpo, I think so. It’s not watercolor. She’s taking high school art for the fine arts requirement, so she’s been progressing from pencil sketches to more involved stuff. This was supposed to be the theme of “epiphany”, but looks more like an amaryllis and a rose to me.

    Her comment on it? “I don’t hate it.”

  169. Wow! That is gorgeous, Roamy. She has a wonderful way with the negative space. Is that pencil and pastel?

  170. It’s pretty, but I’m the wrong person to talk art with.

  171. Abe Vigoda died, he was 105.

    2016 is really starting to piss me off.

  172. Did you see why police were sent to Lincoln Middle School?

  173. Mini-me art.

    Obviously inspired by Georgia O’Keefe.

    Did you see why police were sent to Lincoln Middle School?

    yeah. fucking morons…..

  174. Did anybody get sick of playing referee between anybody else and their ex today?

  175. Let’s see her more current take on tanks being blown up.

  176. For Oso:


  177. http://is.gd/UO2Ryt

  178. Mini-me says it’s colored pencil.

  179. Trump supporters are insane. They are digging in their heels and I’m an extremist for asking about Trump’s progressive credentials.

    Also, I need to reseal my shower. Long water spot on my kitchen ceiling.
    Me – ‘Where do we have the putty knife so I can scrape up the old goo?’
    Him – ‘Probably up at the farm.’ (like every other tool and implement we own)
    Me – *sigh*

  180. Ok, am I the only one who thinks that Trump’s decision to pull out of the debate is a point in his favor?

    “Oh, if he can’t stand Megyn Kelly being critical then how is he going to stand up to Putin?!”

    No, he’s deciding not to play what is, in his mind, a rigged game. That’s actually something that I’d like to see in a leader. When the Russians or the Chinese or any of these other jagoffs try to play games, and his response is “Screw you. You need us more than we need you.” maybe we’ll get something accomplished.

  181. Well, she did a good job of working every bit of that space. I was a much lazier artist at her age.

  182. No, I agree with you. Showing up to those things is worthless anymore. The rest of the candidates should be bailing at this point and the RNC should just livestream their own debates on YouTube or Vimeo. To heck with the networks.

  183. Youtube debates, each candidate gets x time to speak for the whole debate. For example, 15 minutes. After that they get 30 seconds to answer a direct question or give a rebuttal to one of the other candidates, but at the end of 30 seconds their mike cuts off.

  184. Laura, I can tell which classes she’s bored in, because the paper book covers are filled with intricate little drawings. There’s a nice horse at full gallop on her biology book that I want to keep. Might make her re-cover the books and do more drawings.

  185. The Fox “News” folks are supposed to be journalists, NOT political advocates, i.e. they are supposed to be “neutral”.
    They are far from it.
    In spite of the LIVs, Fox is NOT “conservative”.
    It ‘may’ not be as much of a DNC media arm as MSDNC, or the Clinton News Network, but Murdoch gets what he wants…

  186. Did anybody get sick of playing referee between anybody else and their ex today?

    No, but I got piled on by Trumpeters. One proclaimed Cruz sucks because he voted for TPP. I looked it up and he changed his stance and voted no on TPA…the fast tracking. Looked and looked for the TPP final vote……annnd it hasn’t been done yet. McConnell said he won’t set a vote until November. That evil Cruz OMG.

  187. Haha haa, you’re gonna go Tiger Mom on her doodles? That’s hard core.

  188. Beasn,
    Tomorrow is my “liquid diet” day, until 1500, when I have to drink a quart of polyethelyne-glycol/Gatorade and take a pill.
    The morning after that, get-up at 0400 and drink another quart.
    This is gonna’ be the shits…

  189. It’s a scam, brought to you by Big Laxative.

  190. When I drew on my book covers, it was chain links or a bunch of cubes. Her drawings actually look like something.

  191. Pupster, that was sick. Ill. Cray cray

  192. Binge watching Narcos.

  193. ChrisP, are you going to live blog it? I might take you all into the john with me when I do mine.
    My regimen is a bit different. I’m supposed to drink the first dose 12 hours before and the second, 6 hours before. My probe is noon the next day…which means I have to start at midnight and then 6 am and then it says I can eat bland the same day as the cleanse? I have to call the office and double check that. WTH?

    The husband did the first day, restricted diet; second day, liquid diet and start the 1st dose sometime early afternoon, 2nd dose 6 hours later. We were supposed to be at the hospital at 8:30 and the doc was running an hour and a half late.

  194. I should just eat three salads in one day with a glass of milk. That’ll clean things out in the most hideous way.

  195. Roamie, love the artwork. Kind of does look Georgia OKeefe.
    Most of my notebook paper in grade school was used for drawings and doodles. My mom didn’t keep anything. I saved a few things. Unfortunately, the 30 second sketches of our siamese cat were ruined when our basement leaked at our other house.

  196. Tomorrow I’m going to get more barnacles froze off.
    May as well get everything looked at and fixed before health insurance goes tits up. If I could, I’d have them remove any parts I no longer need while probing my exhaust pipe.

  197. H4?

  198. Mini Me and PJs Maddy are both budding artists.

  199. Beasnes, my friends are trying to get me to go to a wine/art night. Casinos in Vegas are offering them too. Yeah, no

  200. Yes they are!

  201. oso, you should do it. It would be fun and you never know, your painting/drawing could be hang it up on the wall worthy. Choose wieners to paint.

  202. My daughter was thinking of doing that for her friend’s bridal shower.

  203. That is where I first saw it. Friends bridal shower. Not enough wine for me to relax enough to do art. LOL

  204. I should sign up for an oil painting class.

  205. CoAl, you should. Oil can be a challenge. Go for it!

  206. The only problem is that Wednesday nights are already booked with another thing.

  207. Thank you Alex!!!

  208. Romita,
    Pardon me. I got caught up in trumpmania and wordpress logoit issues.
    (Not in that order)

    She is making beutiful pictures. I asked about the medium because I have had more satisfying results painting w watercolor. I have found that watercolor paints seem more expressive in the stroke and require less comitment to the effort.
    MiniMe may have a similar experience, and all of ye as well by doing some watercolor work during a free moment.
    The results may surprise.

  209. Trump is a pussy.

  210. Chumpo, you’re welcome! I’m not sure what you’re thanking me for…

  211. New poat.

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