Big Boob Friday

I promised pupster a Big Boob Friday, so I’d best produce something for you hosesuckers.  I didn’t, however, promise that it would be good.  I’m gonna have to pull the Otter Stratton Defense: You fucked up.  You trusted me.  Hopefully our fearless lapdog will return to make everything right in this blog once again.  I think I speak for everyone when I say, the fucker better not die because I think he still owes me money.

Our lovely lady today is unlike most of the “models” that we normally see on Fridays.  She’s not working her way through nursing school, or monetizing her daddy issues.  She does, however, jiggle for your entertainment.  Introducing… Ms. Shahrzad Raqs!

Go forth and kick ass over the weekend.  Or at least try not to embarrass your parents more than you already have.  And if you were too drunk to remember it… it never really happened.



  1. Wakey wakey

  2. Gardenia.

    Go watch. It was amazing.

  3. I tried to watch it… but it was too silly.

  4. I’d watch, but I’d rather go schedule a tooth cleaning.

  5. WTF is wrong with you people.

    I loved it so much.

  6. THe interview portion of it was hilarious as well.

  7. *boycotts Car in’s award show, because it doesn’t include my people

  8. Anyone in the mood for some dark books, take a look at Martin Cruz Smith, Gorky Park, Polar Star, and Red Square. Soviet life is such a joy, and Arkady Renko is the ultimate stick in the mud.

  9. Philistines.

  10. Zombie David Bowie.

  11. M, nah, I’m good right here.

    *continues burning self with matches*

  12. Belly dancers are fascinating. So spongy.

  13. You people.

  14. J’ames, MCS is awesome!!!

  15. Iggy Pop? Really? WTF can stand that guy?

  16. Iggy sounds like a zombie frog.

  17. *throws 2 cats in the closet

    Still better than Iggy Pop.

  18. Does Iggy Pop front for QOTSA?

  19. Fun game: Google your first name followed by “glamour shot” and post the best image here.

    My entry

  20. Is Car in still mad at us?

  21. She hates us. She tells us every day.

  22. Went to the doc for the annual. Indian guy. Cursed out Obama in words generally not uttered in polite company. I like him.

  23. Dot or feather?

  24. Dot.

    Feather medicine men are called Shamans, not doctors.

  25. I just like the expression dot or feather, and try to use it as often as possible.

  26. First – J’ames I poated that on facedouche YESTERDAY.

    Second – yes I’m still mad at all of you.

  27. I bought a bag of mixed greens including kale that I’m going to cook with some garlic and pine nuts this weekend. Then I’m not going to yoga class.

  28. Cole slaw is practically health food except for the shit they mix in with the shredded cabbage. But that’s like 1% of the dish. You could lose weight just by eating cole slaw. In fact “cole” means diet in the archaic form of theTurkmen language.

  29. leon how do I make bone broth? like where do I go to get bones???? *realizes many jokes here being left open*

  30. Comment by lauraw on January 22, 2016 9:37 am

    Belly dancers are fascinating. So spongy.

    Good ones are fun to watch. Bad ones are frightening.

  31. *bites tongue*

  32. Sohos, bone broth is easy. Buy oxtails or ask the butcher for some bones or joints. Put in a crock pot with lots of water, a little vinegar, and some salt. Put the pot on its lowest setting (in “warm”) and wait 24 hours. Strain with a colander and maybe some cheesecloth.

  33. Victoria Fedden is pretty funny.

  34. i worked with a chick that took belly dancing lessons –

    interesting gal and quite lovely – redhead with athletic body type and a reasonable rack

  35. Gardenia.
    Go watch. It was amazing.

    I actually caught a part of that, what..last night? I thought he had the sound of Bowie.
    *wonders of Bowie wrote it for him*

  36. Your mom likes my bone broth.

  37. Gross.

  38. “bone broth”

  39. J’ames I poated that on facedouche YESTERDAY.

    Who do you think I stole it from?

  40. I think Miss Shahrzad likes the double cheeseburgers and a shake.

  41. Good jerb, Alex.

  42. Who doesn’t?

  43. I think Miss Shahrzad likes the double cheeseburgers and a shake.

    Yeah, but I wouldn’t kick her out of bed.

  44. I agree with Alex…… you guys eff’d up and trusted him….

  45. I should point out that Ms Raqs is likely all natual, unlike pupster’s girls who are often sporting aftermarket additions, or Leon’s “girls” who may or may not sport a penis.

  46. Yeah, but I wouldn’t kick her out of bed.

    ‘cuz you’d sprain an ankle.

  47. Snortle.

    Hey Geoff, please tell Liz I said hi.

  48. This is terrible. Nice work.

  49. I’m stuck in DC. Been on hold with United for 95 mins.

    I believe I’ll get home sometime around Monday. FUCK.

  50. How was the fatherland?

  51. Greetings, people who didn’t sign up for this.

  52. Evening.

  53. Post office told our Association President that they’ll get to our mail when they get to it.

  54. You’re lucky they didn’t say they would just set your mail on fire.

  55. Citywide vandalism and theft. One thief has a clusterbox master key. They, and by they I mean the American taxpayer, has to pay to rekey every cluster mailbox in NM, and replace all the vandalized boxes. We work with the Condo President. She told us that a 26 year old bottom feeder wasn’t paying attention while driving last week. Took out a fire hydrant, 2 cluster boxes, and 3 vehicles. One of the 3 vehicles was a cop’s Tahoe.

  56. When I grow up I want to be the mailman from Funny Farm.

  57. O M G I totes forgot about Funny Farm

  58. She seems nice, CoAlex. I took belly dancing lessons in college and would really like the green outfit.

    It is snowing here.

    I played Jay’s glamour shot game, but the first one was boring, the fifth was much better, and the seventh was a little too close to home.

  59. I played the game, but Copy/Pasta escapes my tech skills.

  60. OMG Otero County NM just arrested a guy named Leroy Jenkins in a drug sweep.

  61. Nice Glamour Shot CoAl


  63. I took belly dancing lessons in college and would really like the green outfit.

    I’m sure Mr. RFH would really like you to have the green outfit as well.

  64. This is the closest I got when I googled mine

  65. The at, that Skeleror deal was excellrnt!

  66. Best musing ever!

  67. Well, hell.

  68. For Oso

  69. Calling shenanigans on Tush.

  70. Mare – drunk again.

  71. Auto correct CAN GO STRAIGHT TO HELL! And by hell I mean Hillary’s private area!!

    It was supposed to say Tushar.

  72. Rescinding my Tushar shenanigans.

  73. Oh, and I’m not Asian (NTTIATWWT) it was supposed to be Skeletor. I hate commenting on my phone.

  74. CoAl, yep. Pretty much.

  75. And by hell I mean Hillary’s private area!!

    Now, I talk to God and I’m pretty sure he listens, but I don’t hear much. The Devil, on the other hand, talks to me constantly, and he says he doesn’t appreciate the nasty talk about his home. He would prefer you compare Hillary’s private area to someplace genuinely awful, like Detroit.

  76. Evening Hostages. Been quite the interesting day.

    I managed to stir up the AltRight/WhiteNationalist/Nazi hornet’s nest bright and early on twitter this morning. My mentions have been outstanding all day long.

  77. Christian Brothers VS brandy isn’t half bad with ice and soda.

  78. Okay, the “Glamour Shot” thing kinda scares me.


  79. Here’s the wireless headphones I hope are up to snuff.

    they arn’t out just yet but very soon they will be.

  80. New primitive technology video.

  81. It’s been a weird day. Willing to share, Leon?

  82. Thanks Leon!

  83. Holy crap, this is awesome:

  84. Sure thing, Bcoch. No snow up here, but you might have a little trouble if you come up the coast.

  85. Thanks. The weather is kinda weird here in NE FL. High was 72 today. High tomorrow is 46. The wind has already started howling. Easily a steady wind over 20mph. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be consistently 20-30mph all day, with gusts over 40mph.

  86. High tomorrow is 31, partly cloudy, no snow in sight.

    Practically summahtime. I’m going to do yard work.

  87. I hope the Ws and Wiserbud are ready for blizzard french toast making.

  88. It has been 40s here. I’ve worn shorts all week.

  89. It’s probably missing us.

  90. MJ and Gabe need blizzard french toast, too.

    I would make french toast, but I didn’t pick up milk and bread. I am kicking myself because there is a quart of Brunswick stew in the fridge at work that I forgot to bring home.

  91. Brunswick stew!!! I’m with Jew. 40s-60s here this week.

  92. Those headphones look cool Chumpo. I wonder when they will actually deliver them.

  93. I don’t have milk or bread. I have eggs, bacon, and bone broth though.

  94. Shot #1

    Much better



  96. Ah, the glamour shot thing. Hold…….

    Ah man. I can’t decide.

    Option 1:

    Option 2:

    Option 3:

  97. Southern part of CT might get a foot, the northern part is supposed to get nothing.

  98. I would dearly love a good bleezard, but it looks like it is not to be. Pity.

  99. Still have snow and mud from a few weeks ago. I hope we’re done with it for this year.

  100. We’ve been below freezing for a while now. So much easier to walk in the pasture when it’s frozen.

  101. If I have to walk through shit, I prefer it to be frozen.

  102. Most of the shit is moved to the massive shitpile, but the remaining soil is still very muddy.

  103. I pretty much have to get around before 10:00 AM, otherwise its a muddy mess. If you stay off the roads when they are muddy, they stay in good shape. Of course my family waits until it’s really muddy, then tears it up. I ain’t fixing it for a while. Maybe they’ll learn, but probably not.

  104. sOhOs: bone broth

  105. Did anybody realize that anybody else had been fattening them up over the last few months in case they got trapped together in a snowstorm today?

  106. We still have snow and ice in shady areas. My mom was snowed in for 6 days. Called me three times. 🐻🔫

  107. You aren’t supposed to talk about your shady areas.

  108. Bone broth sounds good, but no way would I buy bones for $5/lb.

  109. Hell no. Beef is less than that.

  110. It has started here in NJ. We are expecting a foot or more.

  111. Bone broth sounds good, but no way would I buy bones for $5/lb.

    She got screwed on those meat buys. Oxtails here are never more than a couple bucks. Bones alone are dirt cheap.

  112. We have bone bins. They are gross. I H8 going in the meat locker! (Not a euphemism!)

  113. Scott, NM is funny. If you are in the Winter sun, you are roasting. Winter shade, freezing!!! Glaciation is real!!! Global freezing!!!

  114. I’m glad Scott isn’t on Facedouche. He would be breaking my balls on threads about the DH and the National League.

  115. The DH sucks. It should be banned. It has turned AL pitchers into a bunch of pussies.

  116. It is expected to be adopted by the NL in 2017. I H8 it. Isotopes park are adding screen to the ends of the dugouts. Per MLB concenses to law dogs. Would not have prevented either lawsuit. Kid in outfield? Meh. Pay attention. Bitch that took one of the face? FU! My cousin and I had just been talking about what an ignorant fool you were, before you took it off the face.

  117. Don’t care if it embeds.
    T-Rex shoveling snow

    **okay, I guess I do care if it autoplays every time I refresh the page**

  118. Let me in here, I know I’ve been here
    Let me into your heart
    Let me know you, let me show you
    Let me derp it to you

  119. For the third time in less than a month I’ve worked with someone who I operated on when they were a kid. The first two were nurses. Last night it was a PA student who is on rotation with general surgery/trauma. Her dad works at the hospital and saw let me know she was around which was good because I haven’t seen her in over 10 years. I asked if she wanted to scrub in on my case and she did which was a little surreal. In this case surreal just means “further confirmation I’m getting old”. She is a good kid who is a genuine ray of light in the world. Hopefully she and her husband decide to come back up to Maine after she’s done with school.

  120. That’s a wonderful story, Jimbro. It’s so great that you can see the lives you helped, too.

  121. The image caption is wrong. This is Arlington, Virginia, not MD

  122. ww


    They will probably vote for her anyway.

  124. gm



  127. Over a thousand people were there. On purpose.

    Coworker referred to Adam Baldwin as a “right wing nutcase” yesterday at lunch.

    We’re doomed.

  128. I’ve been gone for a week, and come home to Mrs. Pupster with the flu.

  129. THANK GAWD you’re home just in time to take care of her.

    Go make some noodle soup. Chop chop.

  130. That picture is awesome.

  131. New poat.

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