MMM 301: Secret Santa Edition

hot christmas girls3.jpg

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Hello movers and shakers, welcome to Big Boob Friday.




Your model for today was born May 7th, 1987 in Lyon, France. 37E-25-35, 5’4″ and 114lbs, please get down in front and say bonjour to Miss Anissa Kate!

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Hello students, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.


God I love that song.

Me:  Big boat deluxe,  big boat denied

Google Play:  Big boat devolves, big boat deny

Lyrics A-Z:  Big broken love, big broken knives

Revolve Lyrics:  Big boat deloves, big boat denies


Your model was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on February 5th, 1991, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.  She stands 5′8″, 110lbs and 34C-24-34 on the nevergonnahappen scale.  Please stop ignoring the pussy and welcome, Miss Ellie Gonsalves!

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Secret Santa 2016: The Unwrapping

I’m stuck in a CPR class until 730, so if you can add your own photo here, go for it, otherwise, just email me and I’ll get them into the post ASAP.

Advent music:

Leon’s gift:


Jimbro’s gift:


Teresa’s gift:


and being modeled:


Brent’s gift:


XBradTC’s present:


Pupster’s Gift (?)




PUP EDIT: I’m not sure if this anonymous Amazon package was my SS gift or a Secret Nessie the Wonder Dog admirer, but thanks, she loves it.

Tomswifty received this bundle of goodies:


Seanm’s gifts:


Colorado Alex in Exile’s gift


Jay in Ames, pretty wrapping, seems to be popular!


Baby, it’s cold outside. But not inside!


MJ’s gift from Mare, if she really exists:



Secret Santa Poat 2016

Punchin’ heretic bishops, old-school.

Anyhow, it’s that time of year again, and I’m humbly stepping up to provide the key function of randomly assigning people to buy presents for other people after they’ve elected to be included in such a scheme.  I don’t know how Cyn did the forms in years past, so if you want in this year, email my user name at the gee mail thingy by midnight Monday (11-28-2016), and I’ll get you a victim’s name by 8am on Tuesday morning.  Please include your name, FULL address, your handle here, and an anecdote about the H2 so I’ll know you aren’t a creepy stalker type (well, one that doesn’t actually comment, anyhow).  We will plan to open presents on Sunday, December 18, at 8pm EST, so HAVE IT IN THE MAIL by December 7.

Let’s split a pie


Time to get ready for bathing suit season. Drop the pizza and pick up some iron.

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Wire Walk With Me

Carla Busutil

b. 1982 Jo’burg S.A.


Region capture 80

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