New Saturday poat

Let’s see what’s in the funneh folder for today.
Trying to do the taxes.
cant print
*Nelson laugh*
yes it is
Mmmm, fresh poat.


  1. I definitely hear the Dave Matthews influence in Wiser’s guest’s music.

  2. Was there a DotW?

    Almost time to go to confession. Dreading it as ever, but I need it.

  3. I don’t think so, Leon.

    I should go to confession, too, but I don’t think I’m going anywhere for a while. Pretty sure my car is blocked by at least two trucks.

  4. Yes, I *could* ask them to move, but I’d rather they KEEP WORKING.

  5. We Hindus don’t need to go to confession. All our sins are automatically uploaded to the celestial computer, sort of like bluetooth. When the day of judgement comes, we are screwed either way, and confessions don’t mean nothing.

  6. Three cows standing in a field:

    Cow 1: Did you hear about the outbreak of mad cow disease?

    Cow 2: Good thing I’m a helicopter.

    Cow 3: Holy shit, a talking cow!


  8. You’re all gonna feel stupid when Fenrir starts devouring you all.

  9. I will send a postcard from Elysium.



  12. I love that gif so much.

  13. Tushar, in a certain sense Catholics don’t need to go to confession to be forgiven their sins, God can always forgive as He wills (particularly if you died without confessing but would have gone if you could). We go to the sacrament for absolution, for the certainty that – if we confessed honestly and with a contrite heart – we are forgiven and reconciled to God through sanctifying grace.

    More importantly, the sacrament is an extension of the healing ministry of Jesus and the Apostles. A faithful confession can heal the sinner and help to prevent future sin.


  14. ‘Sup losers and hot chicks?

  15. It is hailing just now. I swear Wyoming has the craziest weather anywhere.

  16. Chief!!!’

  17. 54F here. I should grill.

  18. I swear Wyoming has the craziest weather anywhere.

    Strong winds and stronger winds.

  19. All of our litter is in Neraska. That’s kind of nice. Except the bits caught in the sage brush. But that’s Laramie. Fuck Laramie. Hippie college douchebags, the lot of them.

  20. Nebraska.

  21. Pretty sure WY has the craziest weather anywhere. ELEVENTY!!! So glad we get our trucks from there. So glad…

  22. Monday and Tuesday are expected to be bad. Piggies aren’t shipping Monday as was planned.

  23. I just told Dan. Last time you guys had bad weather, we didn’t get our Monday Fresh truck until Wednesday. Super Bowl week is YUGE for Fresh. Freezer too.

  24. We’re supposed to get rain tomorrow.

  25. Rain Tuesday here. Too warm for snow. 10% humidity, tonight and tomorrow. 17% right now. Weatherblogging

  26. 38 degrees here. I grilled chicken and sausages for dinner.

  27. Beer braughts and Sauerkraut. And tater tots. Fish sticks are for losers. Tater tots are the shit.

  28. Brats? My German is poor ja?



    Expensive but crazy good on the grill.

  31. >>>

    “dinner” “sausage”


  33. I smell a TITS2 activity right there!

  34. I bought some apple smoked bacon today.

  35. I almost impulse buyer Aidell’s garlic sausage, but I wanted Brats.

  36. I like apple smoked bacon better than the apple smoked wings. Sam’s Club product placement

  37. Scott, did you post that sneaky dachshund video on Twitter this AM?


  39. metricbuttload did – I retweeted it

  40. I knew I watched it earlier!!!

  41. Fish sticks are for losers.

    You misspelled ‘Lent’.

  42. Well, and also losers. Hotspur and MJ eat them.

  43. Gay fish!!!!

  44. I eat lots of cheese during Lent. I know it’s a Medieval cheat. Don’t care. If Messicans can eat chicken on Friday, I can eat cheese!!!

  45. I saw Medieval Cheat open for Foreigner at the L.A. County Fair back in ’99.

  46. I think Cruz is gonna win Iowa.

    Trump’s numbers are fake.

  47. Trump’s everything is fake. Except for his pudgy little fingers. Those are real.

  48. I think the toupee is real. Maybe.

  49. I end up eating a lot of eggs in Lent. Well, I did, but that was when I had chickens. I might actually have to eat some fish this year.

    Store eggs literally pale in comparison.

  50. I just want a hatchet man. For the love of Pete can one fucking guy in Washington Washington say ‘No?”. Just don’t. No can be the right answer.

  51. Weird, runny store eggs gross me out. They are fine for a scramble or an omelette, but I like over easy too.

  52. I love the pudgy finger dealio. My whole family has small fingers/hands. Dan really creeps shaking hands with them. Back in the day, guy at work called me Man Hands. My hands were as big as all the Hispanics I worked with.

  53. The thing I notice most is the yolks. The eggs I got from my birds had yolks the color of carrots. Store egg yolks look like anemic lemons.

  54. I don’t believe I have ever eaten an egg that was not store-bought. Ignorance is bliss.

  55. 54F here. I should grill.


  56. I’ve seen 2-3 Harley Davidson commercials tonight.

    Somebody should send them a calendar.

  57. For about 3 years, I didn’t eat an egg more than 10 days old. If you buy them at the store, the least-old egg you’ve had is probably a month, sometimes much older.

  58. The runnyness of the egg is largely a matter of age. Even a week on the counter was noticeable.

  59. I’m just as allergic to duck and geese eggs, as I am to chicken eggs. I live dangerously.

  60. Dan is a slave to the carton date. I put eggs in water for him all the time. SCIENCE!!!

  61. I saw flocks of geese flying North yesterday.

    Woo Hoo!

  62. We saw some flying Northeast yesterday. Not poopy Canadians. Just regular geese

  63. I only eat fishsticks in English pubs.

  64. All Canadians are poopy.

    That’s why nobody likes them.

  65. Just say no to poopy Canadians!!!!

  66. I’ve seen 2-3 Harley Davidson commercials tonight.

    Somebody should send them a calendar.

    Pirelli sent them one. They took it out back, shot it, doused it with acid, and set it on fire.

  67. I don’t trust anyone who puts gravy on fries. You shouldn’t either.

  68. Sean for the Amy Schumer full circle!!!!

  69. Green chile cheese fries are pretty good.

    Store bought eggs are really watery. I need to get some chickens. Lots of chickens. The survival rate will be low.

  70. Chili on fries is fine. Gravy, though, that ain’t right.

  71. Climate or predators, Pepe? You could always hoop-house them if it’s the former.

  72. Predators and general chicken stupidity. They’ll be mainly free range. They had chickens here 30+ years ago that stayed around the house and were pretty hardy. I’m hoping I can let them roam during the day and put them in a coop at night.

  73. Salt belongs on Fries. Maybe some hot sauce, but that’s it. People who put mayonnaise on Fries need to be hanged.

  74. I like to occasionally dip fries in ranch dressing. Is this something I swing for, or is there just prison time involved?

  75. Mustard fries!!!

  76. Green chile or red chile are ok.

  77. I like to occasionally dip fries in ranch dressing. Is this something I swing for, or is there just prison time involved?

    No punishment, but please don’t do that in front of children. I’d hate for that kind of perversion to warp a young mind.

  78. I had leftover Manwich meat (Rocketboy’s not here, sniff), and I used it instead of chili on a baked potato. It would go well with fries, I think.

  79. I’ve done burrito meat on home fries a few times. Perdy goood.

  80. White gravy or brown gravy? Roamy, add shred ched and manwich on tater is chill

  81. Billy had a good day. All 5 of his kids are in Roswell. Hospice bed set up in living room. My Aunt Monica made green chile chicken sammiches for everyone. More laughs than tears.

  82. I over sugared. Gotta go. G’nightz

  83. Did anybody turn down anybody’s offer of opera tickets after being told that they would not be able to wear their baseball cap today?

  84. Customer today told me how easy it was to keep chickens and not to stress over building the perfect coop.

    But I worry. I worry about Winter. How the hell do they survive in just a drafty wooden box out there?

  85. Went to Mass tonight, was surprised to see the bishop there. Turns out the diocesan board that handles priest assignments decided that our church should have a diocesan priest rather than the religious order that’s been serving it for the last 60 years and that our priest should be moved to a larger church. He doesn’t want to move, and we don’t want him to leave. He appealed to the bishop before the board’s decision is finalized. Bishop visited to see what was going on, and I’m sure he got several earfuls. Also found out that the bishop did not know about either armed robbery on “his” property.

  86. Lots of animals live without people watching them, Laura.

  87. Lauraw’s chickens will live in fear of the random spatula battery. Best behaved flock in New England.

  88. Well ok, but I’ve never been responsible for them, Pepe. Having livestock is entirely new to me. Learning curve has yet to be established. It’s one thing to read a book.

  89. I’m just afraid of walking out to the coop with some scratch in hand, only to find a pile of frozen carcasses, because I missed some simple but vital detail.

  90. Pups, I never considered hooking spatulas up to batteries for use as training aids; that is simply brilliant. Thank you.

  91. “No no no, Percy…we only scratch and peck under the forsythia after labor day high tide in even years.”

    *makes entry in chicken journal*

    *reaches for riding crop*

  92. Lauraw, pepes dawgs work and don’t get bacon or ribeye. I think it sleeps outside and doesn’t get a faux fur from Pottery Barn!!!

  93. *coop door flies open*

    “I found a feather in my purse.”

    *holds feather up next to Henrietta*

    “…and I seem to be missing some lip gloss”

    *notices one very shiny beak in the flock*

  94. Dog won’t come in unless it’s below 18 degrees. She hates it in the house.

  95. Goodnight, guys and gals.

  96. Pepe, does your working dog have a name?

  97. Joey. She’s a sociopath. Doesn’t like people or other dogs or anything but harassing cattle and horses.

  98. Actual Lulz here:

  99. Our house has open, metal downspouts and a flat roof. The ice melt is a slow drip and sounds like an empty 5 gallon can tied to a shambling zombies leg.

  100. #Minnesota problems

  101. 100 and

  102. I mean
    And 2nd!!!

  103. Sean, that reminded me of Rich and ass pennies. Lol.

  104. Can’t believe she doesn’t comment here.

  105. Virginia Tech is makin’ me real glad that Rocketboy decided not to go there. Freshman in engineering just arrested for the abduction and murder of a 13-year-old girl. WTF.

  106. Can’t believe she doesn’t comment here.

    Wait, that wasn’t Rosetta?

  107. Looking forward to TITS2 and not paying any attention to the news for 3 days.

  108. I have to know – What was the ToS violation that got Bring the Heat Bring the Stupid shut down?

  109. Books on International Relations for Presidential Candidates Cnat’b be complete; I don’t see “The Art of Capitulation by Barack Obama” anywhere in the list.

  110. Exhibit A:

    Loadheat 1.1

  111. Making SJP more attractive is a ToS violation? Who would have guessed.

  112. I posted a Kathy Ireland pic.

  113. Well I applaud your good taste but she is super-hardcore about her brand protection. Unless, like me you have no readers and then you can post anything and she would never know.

  114. first batch of beer is fermenting. Not sure this will be my favorite, judging.

  115. Good job Jay!
    may it taste like fermented bread water.

  116. basically bought this kit to get the process down.

  117. Cleanliness is the key. Next is a good grain bill. Find your yeast supplier. Then build a system for the fly sparge.

    Good luck friend.
    $5 a gallon!!

  118. Youre Mom outht to have ample cultures to sample.

  119. Heh, been cleaning cleaning cleaning the whole way. Just got to get one under the belt. After a successful run, maybe play a little then.

  120. Tin Cup is still my favorite golf movie.

    Gimme another ball!

  121. Its a funny movie.

    Im watching Tenacious D

  122. Love me some Jack Black.

  123. He made it! It was a 12!

  124. Sorry, should have posted a spoiler alert.

  125. Why were those guys diving in the pond afterwards? All the shots were much closer to the wall. Out in the middle were all the old guy balls having a lemon party.

  126. Now, I’ve got a lifetime to consider all the ways
    I’ve grown more disappointing to you
    As my beauty warps and fades
    I suspect you feel the same
    When I was derp, I dreamt of a passionate obligation to a roommate

  127. morning

  128. `merning

  129. I’ve had gravy on fries a few times in the past. It was at the takeout window at Nectar’s in Burlington, VT. Not surprisingly, it was after midnight, freezing cold outside and my BAC was not a 0.00 so they were really good. I think.

  130. wakey wakey

  131. I use a heat lamp but mostly to keep the water from freezing Lauraw. Some chickens handle the cold better than others. Most of the ones I have know are pretty ok with walking around in the snow. I let ’em out whenever I can – Don’t want them to get to crazy in that coop (pick on each other).

  132. I really, really want Brian Wang to jump the hurdle on his ridiculous “three to five times cheaper” grammatical tic. He does it in every article about something that’s a change in price over an existing technology.

    One-third to one-fifth of the price. How hard is that? And yet, it’s – get this – unambiguous in meaning. I know he’s not a native speaker, but NO ONE talks like that.

  133. I found a heated dog bowl that my gallon waterer fits in perfectly, so I fill the former with water and rest the latter in it throughout the cold months.

  134. My waterers hang from the ceiling so I haven’t really found anything that works.

  135. I should hang mine in the summers, they get gunked up a lot sitting on the ground.

  136. Morning.

  137. D’AWWWW

    Lady in store yesterday had a gorgeous smallish german shepherd in her cart. I wanted to go over and place a mat or something in the bottom of the cart because the wire grid can be hard on their paws. But she was dealing with a couple other employees and it would have been rude to interrupt.

    Usually if I see a little purse dog in the top rack of a shopping cart I’ll walk over and put a store flyer under them.

  138. From the Woot monkeys:
    Mortimer: Last day of January! Good riddance, stupid month! Come to me, glorious February!
    Monte: Tomorrow is Monday.
    Mortimer: February, you traitor!

  139. D’AWWWW turn into though.

  140. Nessie is awesome.

  141. I love Nessie.


  142. I liked the snow flying up at the end on the landing

  143. Survived moving. Now to go out of town and shuck unpacking as god intended.

  144. Nessie the Wonder Dog has been dieting, she’s down to about 95 lbs. She really likes the cold and snow, wants to play frisbee continuously.

  145. Beautiful Nessie.

    BTW, there’s a reason the US isn’t buying AIP subs, and it isn’t because we’re fixated on being stupid.

  146. NESSIE!!!!

  147. Hackers can die in a fire. Just got spam from FIL and Michael. (happy birthday, Michael)

  148. Why aren’t we buying AIP subs?

    Money? Better technology? Herpes?

  149. AIP subs are great for defending your own shoreline. We, on the other hand, need to sail from San Diego to the shores of China. And stay at sea for 3-4 months. You can’t really do that in an AIP.

    The ONLY thing that limits the endurance of a nuclear attack submarine is that they run out of food.

  150. Why don’t they fish for food?

  151. Cannibalism

    Captain: “Men, I’ve got some good news and some bad news”

  152. Kelp and orange roughy makes quite a nice bit of sushi. It’s delicious and nutritious.

  153. Sashimi, rather. They likely run out of rice.

  154. They could drag nets.

  155. Sundays are so boring.

  156. They put cases of canned goods on the decks of the passageways (that’s hallways to you lubbers).

  157. Mmmmmm …….miscellaneous chowder.

  158. Chowdah.

  159. please.

    My nose hair is turning gray.

  160. Sub crews should just pack pemmican.

  161. I always go to a live cashier instead of self-checkout because I often get a senior discount. I am a bit disgruntled that my chest hair is turning white. Get off my lawn!

  162. They put cases of canned goods on the decks of the passageways

    IIRC, the crew of the U-505 had food stored in one of the two heads. 50 guys sharing one bathroom at the beginning of a cruise until they ate enough.

  163. The hair on my head has been turning gray since I was in college. It’s been a gradual process and given me time for acceptance. Looking down and seeing a solitary gray hair on my chest last year caused me more distress than the thousands on my head. Nose hairs remain black so far.

  164. OTOH, No Shave November is always a revelation.

    *wonders about Sean’s beard project*

  165. It’s warm enough that the boy was just outside playing frisbee with Rowan in a t-shirt, sweats and muck boots and I’m having a cigar outside.

  166. Why did I buy wheat bulgur? What the fuck does one cook with bulgur?


  167. Hey, look at this on sale thing! I had better buy one.

  168. bacon jewstin
    it goes with everything

  169. I have a pound of applewood bacon that begs for cooking. It’s the nice thick slices too, not of that paper thin nonsense one might make for a tepid cocktail party.

  170. I ought to have Crazy Cat Lady make room in the garage for a deep freeze. I would love to go to a butcher for meats rather than the grocer.

  171. I only wish to be closer to the oceans. Seafood is wildly expensive here. Rainbow trout is no good substitute for Bay scallops.

  172. I mean to make a lentil stew. Bulgur might turn it into a nice casserole instead.

  173. With garlic mashed and cheese baked on top. Shepherd’s pie. Excuse me while I have a foodgasm.

  174. “I think Cruz is gonna win Iowa.

    Trump’s numbers are fake.”

    I SO hope you are right Scott. i’m really getting depressed. Pat has been calling it “our” theory (yours and mine) that Hillary isn’t a good candidate and is going to lose – one week it’s “you and Scott are wrong” but this week it was … “I think you and Scott are onto something.”

    Hillary is in so much trouble – and he’s finally realizing it. It’s NOT just the scandal – and at this point I don’t know if it matters (to the election) whether or not she actually gets in LEGAL trouble. She has zero enthusiasm on her side.

  175. When Hillary was First Lady they hired a coach to make her prettier and more popular in public estimation, but she could not stop wagging her finger in people’s faces. People simply dislike that shrew because she’s a condescending bitch.

  176. She’s a terrible speaker and her voice is annoying. She’s spent so much of her life TELLING us how she’s done so much for women or X, Y, Z w/o actually doing a dang thing. She done nothing but promote herself for her entire adult life.

  177. I forget who called Hillary America’s ex-wife, but I thought that was apt.

  178. I can have little respect for a guy like Jimmy Carter for his peanut farming, but the Ted Kennedy’s and Hillary Clinton’s of the world are utterly repugnant. I can’t fucking stand the political class.

  179. Does Hillary have any experience that might inform her decision making? She and all the other career politicians exist in a vacuum where everything is a pristine theory that works on paper. Can’t fucking stand them.

  180. Well, she traveled more than other SoS. So there’s that.

  181. Hiring a successful surgeon to be president seems much wiser to me than selecting someone with a shitty social science degree because fuck you, it’s edumacation.

  182. Can we find some trashy dirt farmer in New Mexico who hates The Children and wants to be left alone? That’s the guy I want to vote for. Not a fucking chance.


  183. I’m a muddy pepper farmer in Michigan. Close enough?

  184. You aren’t Beasn, but you have my vote.

  185. I really gotta run for township treasurer at some point.

  186. All the polls that have Trump ahead in Iowa are registered voters. The ones that poll likely caucus goers have Cruz ahead, by about 5 points.

    Plus, there’s the people that actually work and don’t answer the phone, that are going to vote Cruz. More of us than the Trumpeter.

    I think Cruz wins Iowa too. Mostly because it would piss off my liberal friends more than Trump would.

  187. Pizza quiche in oven. Rum and zevia cola in hand. Baby asleep in swing. Time to read a book.

  188. Just back from appliance shopping with Mom. She fell in love with the gorgeous new ‘black stainless’ appliance color until she saw the price. Almost $4k for a fridge. And not even available in her preferred style (side-by-side).

    For less that the cost of one black stainless fridge, she bought an entire kitchen suite in the new ‘slate’ color instead. Which is also pretty nifty looking.

    If I had to guess the direction that appliance colors are going to go, I’d say that regular stainless steel is going to start looking tinny and dated in a few years. ‘Black stainless’ is just so much more deep and beautiful and the finish doesn’t streak or get marked up by fingerprints. It looks fabulous next to wood stained cabinets.

    I bet it’s going to give way to other colors of stainless. In my mind’s eye I see a burgundy red sheen over the metal, or even a deep navy blue.

  189. The CW is making a show based on Archie comics.

    I await the eventual crossover episode where Jughead helps the Green Arrow save Star City from a villain threatening to destroy all the Big Belly Burger joints.

  190. Avacado green and Harvest gold, Laura.

  191. So far I’ve gotten calls from Kasich and Trump. Wondering when everyone else will call.

    Can’t wait for Monday to be over.

  192. The CW is making a show based on Archie comics.

    The shark is looking up and watching the motorcycle fly by.

  193. We had the Harvest Gold, xbrad.

  194. Although the avocado green had a lot to recommend it.

    Nice shoes, cousin grandma.


  196. Hah! The only difference between that photo and my childhood home is crappy gold linoleum on the floor.

  197. Interesting, must try this: AmazingRibs: Grilled lemonade

  198. And the woman standing there would have been rather more stern and grandmotherly.

  199. Beer is bubbling away. Couple days, then put it in a carboy.

  200. The only difference for me is that the microwave had one switch (defrost/full power, flipped once, never again) and one dial for the time.

  201. I’ve made wine but never beer. Roamy and J’ames need to share notes.

  202. I got one of the kits with all the ingredients, just to get the process down. Might try another one after this, but it makes 50 bottles. Gonna be a bit.

  203. When you start brewing beer and making wine, your neighbors become super friendly pals.

  204. El Chapo escaped.


  205. I bought kits for wine. The must came in a kevlar bag. Do they do the same with beer mash? Do you have to boil the mash?

  206. yep, steep the mash, add malt and hops on a schedule, then cool it off and add yeast.

  207. My taste has moved from IPA to wheat beers. I would quite like to fill the storage space with boxes of wheat ale.

  208. Not an IPA fan. Hoppy hoppy.

  209. Hops are wonderful. Yummy bitterness.

  210. Bitterness is fine when balanced against other flavors. The problem is that IBU uber alles isn’t a winning recipe for mass appeal.

  211. Hops are necessary, but most IPAs are overboard. Some are good, though. Just a general feeling I have.

  212. I like IPAs very very much, and I like them quite hoppy.

    HOWEVER, nothing makes me much happier than an ice cold Stella Artois in the Summertime, while standing by a smoky grill, slurping shellfish right out of their cute little houses.

  213. ESBs are the way to go. Yummay.

  214. Time to go through my box o’ seeds and start organizing packets in time-groups and banding and labeling them.

    February: onions, leeks, oregano, summer cabbage, lettuce…

    I feel like this Winter has been the shortest ever. So many warm days. Our store has tons and tons and TONS of rock salt, wood pellets, snowblowers, snow shovels, winter gloves, etc just sitting there unsold. I hope we have a big sale.

  215. Snap peas?

  216. I miss living in a climate where things grow. Besides sage brush and Russian olives.

  217. I miss living in a climate where things grow. Besides sage brush and Russian olives.

    I thought they grew Meth out there?

  218. Have never had an esb, geoff. Suggestions?

  219. Fuller’s ESB is my all-time fave. Redhook ESB is also pretty good.

  220. Sugarsnaps get sowed outdoors along the garden fence on St. Patrick’s Day.

  221. OK, fanks. That’s going on the list on the fridge. For Summer, not now. I’m trying to drop a few.

  222. But the rat bastages at Fuller’s recently raised their prices by selling 4-packs instead of 6-packs. Used to be ~$11/6-pack, now it’s $9/4-pack.

    Of course it seems like all other beers have gone up in price as well.

  223. Some few years back there was a hops shortage. Oregon planted tons of the things but they take two years to mature and all of my favorite microbrews changed their recipes. That was the bad times.

  224. that’s how they get ya

  225. More awesomeness from Meathead:

  226. Hops cause Low T. Look up “brewers droop”.

  227. Hmm, Victor Davis Hanson is shilling for Carson.

  228. Laura, I’m a fan of Stella too, but now have a new favorite–Leffe Blonde. It’s a Belgian ale.

  229. Not a Stella fan. I mean, it’s ok, just won’t go out of my way for it. Feel the same about Heineken. Tastes slightly bad in the bottle.

  230. haha Leon, I always thought brewers droop meant a droopy beer belly.

  231. I know ziltch about beer. Are ales hoppy?

  232. Usually not. IMHO.

  233. Although IPA means India Pale Ale, so I guess one ale is hoppy.

  234. Ales are a huge range of beers with somewhat more alcohol content than beer. IPA and pale ales are often hoppy, but they can be malty too. I usually hate New Belgium ales brewed in Ft. Collins because malt is yuck.

  235. Me likey Fat Tire. Guess you can see 2 extremes there, IPA on one side, malty on the other.

  236. I thoroughly enjoy crisp brews with spice flavors. Blue Moon makes a brew that tastes like vanilla and cinnamon. I can never did it, but it’s terrific.

  237. Stout

  238. Find it. Auto cucumber needs to fucking die horribly.

  239. Is it raining at anybody else’s house or place of business right now?

  240. Blue Moon is my favorite at the moment. Love that.

  241. Does snow count? It stopped hailing, the snow is here.

  242. Had a good vanilla porter with my green chile burger last night. Leinenkugels made a good one too, but this one was Breckinridge.

  243. Supposed to get 8-12 inches Monday night-Tuesday. So we’ll probably get one.

    Won’t snow before the caucus, though. At least that’s what I’m seeing.

  244. Leinenkugel is my favorite, but I do love Blue Moon.

  245. I used to like the Tatonka Imperial Stout that they served at BJ’s Brewery. Very full with a nice alcohol bite to it. Not gonna lie, I miss stout sometimes.

  246. I would much have preferred snow. We got about 3″ of rain today.

  247. I just archived year 4 of MMM. Time flies.

  248. Is it frowned upon for female soldiers to wear their uniforms when they get married?

  249. Looks like Laura aced her last test.

  250. Is it frowned upon for female soldiers to wear their uniforms when they get married?

    Not that I know of. Why?

  251. Fuck Common Core. We’ve produced a generation of vacuous narcissists. Next will be the retard generation.

  252. There was a thing on Facechimp to which J’Ames is probably referring about a woman who wants to wear her dress uniform when she walks down the aisle.

  253. I saw The Retard Generation open for Primus back in ’93.


  255. Why a woman would want to get married in uniform is beyond me. They are universally unflattering garments to the female form.

    Lesbian, maybe? Either way, seems like a bad omen.

  256. I’d hit that

  257. Not that I know of. Why?

    Sean got it. I looked it up, wasn’t illegal, but didn’t know if there was kind of an agreement not to do so. Didn’t see why that would be.

    Makes sense, most ladies would opt for the dress. But they can wear the uniform if they want, as they should be able to.

    My wife’s maid of honor was a man. Traditions can be broken.

  258. Traditions can be broken.

    Really? Sweet.

    *wears white dinner jacket after Labor Day*

    *what the hell, wears brown shoes with the outfit, too*

  259. Hops cause Low T. Look up “brewers droop”.

    Doesn’t really concern me.

  260. Sean is not Serial Mom. That’s a relief.

  261. If my wife had wanted to wed in uniform, she wouldn’t be my wife. I still say bad omen.

  262. Day 92 Beard Update: Well, it’s officially 3 months now. Aside from a few hairs on the mustache, I haven’t trimmed it. And I’m flirting with the thought of making this a yeard.

  263. The drunks stole a cat from someone and are trying to sell it to Crazy Cat Lady for $5.00.

  264. Leon, do you take any vitamin supplements? Mark’s Daily Apple sent me an ad for their stress relief formula, and I’m trying to decide if it’s bullshit or worth a try.

  265. Will you join a band and do ZZ Top covers anytime soon?

  266. I take D3 and NAC, Roamy. I have a bunch of others, but that’s all I take regularly. DHEA when I’m lifting.

  267. D1 had to tackle the cat to catch it. Then D2 stuffed it in his coat. Now Fluff is hissing at the thing while it hides under the bed. Who needs television?

  268. Will you join a band and do ZZ Top covers anytime soon?

    Nope. I’m thinking about writing comics and acting all pissy whenever one of them gets made into a movie.

  269. . . . And I think six cats have turned into seven.

  270. Every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man

  271. *goes back and deletes brown shoes comment*

    How YOU doin’?

  272. I find white wedding dresses silly, and most are just as unflattering, IMHO.

  273. Crazy Cat Lady: Now I’ve got a mysterious Cat living under my bed.

    Me: Hah! Let’s call it Steve.

    Crazy Cat Lady: Not helping.

  274. I have not watched Grease since 1978. Still know all the songs.

  275. And now you’ll have them running through your head for the rest of the evening.

  276. CoAl my parish priest was old school. Wedding dresses couldn’t show cleavage, bare shoulders, or be too tight. No secular music. Best man and Matron/Maid of honor had to be Catholics in good standing.

  277. My dress was prettier in RL than pictures. I look chunky.

  278. Never seen it.

  279. Scott, no Grease ever? I had the Broadway cast album before the movie.

  280. Oso,

    IINM, the white wedding dress is a relatively recent invention stemming from Queen Victoria. Before that it was common for women to just wear a nice dress.

    Most women don’t look good in white, the dresses don’t fit (accept that you’re not going to lose that much weight by the wedding!), and the cut is often wrong. The strapless ones seem to be the worst offenders.

  281. Grease is a fun campy flick.

  282. I have also never seen Grease. The fact that I am a heterosexual man might have something to do with that.

  283. Never seen it. Have gone out of my way to avoid it. Will die happy if I’ve successfully avoided seeing it.

  284. >>>>Me: Hah! Let’s call it Steve.

    What have I ever done to you to deserve that?

  285. And none of you guys was made to watch it for date night and whatnot?


  286. Some of that cuck BS seems to be rolling over into RL. Sunday is mojado day at the Club. 60% of our Members on Sundays are illegal. Lots of Spanish. We have to schedule Spanish speaking associates on Sunday. Whatever. Today, New Mexican Hispanics and Anglos were getting very vocal about all the Messicans. (I know mojado is perjorative, but it is how NM Hispanics differentiate themselves from illegals)

  287. Btw, wiserdaughter was on Dr. Oz last week. I’ll link it as soon as I upload it to YT

  288. I saw it years ago. Could go the rest of my life without seeing it again.

  289. >>>>And none of you guys was made to watch it for date night and whatnot?


    And thanks to the magic of DVR, I was able to avoid tonight’s “event” as well.

  290. I though everybody watched Grease in high school parallel to Romeo and Juliet.

  291. And none of you guys was made to watch it for date night and whatnot?


    I was told years ago that the best date movie is An Officer and a Gentleman.

    Women get a sappy romantic love story. Men get to watch Richard Gere get kicked in the balls by Louis Gossett Jr.

  292. My wedding dress was the most elegant and beautiful piece of clothing I’ve ever worn. It was hand made by my mother.

  293. Oso, what cuck BS are you talking about?

  294. CoAl, I’m the only person I know that went a little bigger on the dress, because I knew I would be too busy to diet before the wedding. I was part of the management team opening a new Target.

  295. >>>>though everybody watched Grease in high school parallel to Romeo and Juliet.

    And the pieces start falling into place……


  296. I recall a date night spent watching Hairspray. I did get laid, but I’m still not convinced it was worth it.

  297. All the Trump supporters that use “Mud people” and are racist racists and call anyone that doesn’t support Trump “Cuckservatives”. Ace wrote about them. Scary people.

  298. Ah, ok. The Vox Day crowd.

  299. Who would watch Grease on a date? No, you gotta take your date out to see something good.

  300. Lauraw, your dress sounds beautiful. Made with love.

  301. >>>>I recall a date night spent watching Hairspray

    I recall a date night spent watching The Deer Hunter.

    Didn’t get laid. Totally worth it though.

  302. I did not believe they were real people at first, Oso. I figured it was some form of reverse-astroturfing by the opposition. But no, it’s horrible. And fuck those people.

  303. Musicals are just infomercials for crappy albums.

  304. No, you gotta take your date out to see something good.

    Pick me up at 8.

  305. >>>But no, it’s horrible. And fuck those people.


    It’s incredible how DJT has brought those looks out of the woodwork.

    As much as I hope we had moved beyond that garbage, it’s very interesting how that those with that diseased mindset now suddenly empowered.

  306. Lauraw, I really thought I could vote for Trump if he was the nominee, but I can’t. There are sick people out there that fill every Republican racist stereotype that mi familia believes in. IMHO it is way past time for Trump to have denounced the racists that support him. Makes me sick.

  307. I love musicals. Dan weaseled out of Les Mis.

  308. I did not believe they were real people at first, Oso. I figured it was some form of reverse-astroturfing by the opposition. But no, it’s horrible. And fuck those people.

    I suspect there’s some significant overlap with the old Ron Paul Newsletter subscriber list there. And, yes, fuck them.

  309. Tin Cup meltdown on starz.

    Always good TV

  310. I suspect there’s some significant overlap with the old Ron Paul Newsletter subscriber list there. And, yes, fuck them.

    I agree.

  311. >>>>Tin Cup meltdown on starz.

    Easily one of the greatest movie moments ever.

    Music store owner is a Trumpster. So now I’m stuck between idiot libs and idiot “Republicans.”


  312. I can always vote for Gary.

  313. I’ve seen Grease on a date night. Mostly ignored it. But it DOES have Olivia Newton John in hot black disco pants at the very end, so it’s got that going for it.

  314. Trump is going to fade quickly when the field begins to narrow.

    I am pretty confident we’ll end up with Cruz or Rubio.

  315. It’s the rainbow people who hide in Montana and Idaho. They are fucking weirdos. I think they have an annual convention in Colorado. Last year the newspaper had a bitch fest about them.

  316. I am not as confident, scott. I think Trump is going to win New Hampshire and South Carolina, and it will come down to Super Tuesday to unseat him.

    Cruz is winning Iowa. I’m calling it.

  317. I just started commenting again yesterday but since the subject of The Notorious (or Noxious) DJT came up – I have been steaming for two days after Andrea Tantaros, a Trump supporter, slammed George P Bush’s military service in Afghanistan. I know the Bush clan is kind of Persona Non Grata any more but I thought that was a particularly low blow. It might be different if it was him running for office and there was some question about his service, but as near as I can tell there isn’t. She just went on the attack and then doubled down on stupid.

  318. The veneer of civilization is so very thin. Threaten people’s livelihood and security, and they get ugly very quickly. I blame Obama as much as I blame Trump.

  319. Just gonna go out on a limb here and say that I bet some of our former regulars are Trumpsters.


  320. I’d think the rainbow weirdos would vote for Bernie.

  321. Rainbow People took over the Jemez a few years ago. Stinky hippies. I can’t Rubio. Gang of 8. Too GOPe for me. His followers are almost as bad as the Trumphumpers. Less rayciss. More aggressive about my choices not being able to win.

  322. I made my own wedding dress. I thought my mom would help me with it, but when she found out I picked taffeta, she said I was on my own. She eventually decided that Mr. RFH was not good enough, so it’s just as well she didn’t get a chance to sabotage it.

  323. I’m kind of hoping Mitt jumps in after a few primaries weed out a lot of the underbrush.

  324. Andrea Tantaros’ slam of George P Bush was low and scummy. At least GPB could make it more than one reserve drill without popping hot for cocaine. Unlike a certain Vice President’s son.

  325. We elected a president because black. A celebrity president isn’t an outlandish idea. Novelty is apparently worth more than merit.

  326. I’ll vote for Trump over Hillary! or Bernie. I don’t think he’s a conservative to any great degree, but I think there are plenty worse than him, such as Jeb. He’d piss off enough people to make things interesting.

    I still want Cruz.

  327. >>>>I blame Obama as much as I blame Trump.

    Let’s not forget Boehner and McConnell….

    Those fuckers are as much or more responsible for what we’re suffering through right now…

  328. Love me some Mitt.

  329. Hi Hostages,
    What did I miss?

  330. Well Biden had the other son who served honorably so I considered that a wash. I just thought Tantaros was a little better than that. Obviously I let her boobs cloud my thinking with their evil boob powers.

  331. Let’s not forget Boehner and McConnell….

    Please let me at least forget Boehner.

  332. I think I would go Sanders over Trump. At least Sanders is honest about being a fucktard.

  333. The Rainbow Militia I think they are. Sort of an Aryan brotherhood, but with heaps of canned goods in their cellars.

  334. That shot at Bush really, really lowered my opinion of Tarantos.

  335. I think I would go Sanders over Trump.

    …putting us on the fast track to becoming Venezuela.

  336. Her eyes are too close together, and her forehead could be used for launch and recovery of F-18s.

    Plus, she apparently dates musicians, so Lord knows what growing in that petri dish.

  337. Beau Biden came through Fort Bliss when I was stationed there at the WTU. I prayed he stayed healthy during his deployment because he likely would have come back to us if something had happened. I did not want that kind of annoyance at the time.

  338. Obviously I let her boobs cloud my thinking with their evil boob powers.

    Sorry, got distracted thinking about boob clouds.

  339. Are you talking about The Rainbow Family of Living Light? They aren’t Aryan, they are full on libtard hippie. Eco-communists I think is what they are called.

  340. She just went on the attack and then doubled down on stupid.


  341. >>>>…putting us on the fast track to becoming Venezuela.

    Is that any better than the slow track?

    I actually think Trump is closer to Chavez than Bernie. He’s more of a showman. Knows what he needs to say to win. Bernie is too honest.

    I’m thinking the country is like a drug addict or alcoholic at this point. Needing to hit rock bottom before admitting there’s a problem.

    And the sooner that happens, the sober the healing begins.

  342. …putting us on the fast track to becoming Venezuela.

    I don’t disagree but at least we would know it was coming. As I said on twitter earlier today I am really hoping for a highly selective media swarm so we can just start from scartch.

  343. Venezuela is fucked. I follow a few Venezuelan sites on the Twitter and there are serious problems beyond the empty shelves and the loss of oil revenue. W was making strides in the Sur, and TFG has ignored the situation because he sucks commie cock.

  344. Foo King Auto Cabbage screwed up that last comment big time

  345. Next one who comments has to change Clintbird’s Depends.

  346. W was making strides in the Sur, and TFG has ignored the situation because he sucks commie cock.

    I’d like to think that history, fifty years from now, will judge W as one of the smarter men to have ever held the office, and look on Obama with contempt for the way that he threw away everything.

    Bush wasn’t flashy, but he was a smart man who understood the responsibilities of the office and the dangers of the world around us.

  347. No, I think it’s called the Militia of Montana now. Way back before my hair turned white they were called the rainbow people. I don’t know why. But they are the KKK of the Rockies. Horrible fucking people.

  348. Venezuela is fucked.

    I just read yesterday that they are expecting a full economic collapse very very soon, like within the next week or so soon. Economy shrink at 10% per quarter Inflation over 700% and wage and price controls in place so everything is done on the black market.

  349. Venezuela is fucked.

    I remember writing a post to that effect almost 10 years ago, back when Chavez started aggressively nationalizing industries. DinTX and I were shaking our heads over the fate of the Venezuelans. Sad to see it get this dire before they shuck off their idiotic socialist masters.

  350. I still miss W.

  351. Tantaros has robust hindquarters. It saddens me to see her disparage HW on a genuinely honorable part of his resume.

    The return of tribalism/overt racism among whites is very troubling to me. I put a lot of the blame for it on 0bama’s endless deliberate attempts to divide us, along with NAFTA and the open-borders sellout crowd. White male laborers see their jobs evaporating and going either to China or Mexico, or to Mexicans who just wandered over the border. The blame ought to be on the people who sold out the border for plunder’s sake, but instead it’s on the poor guy who just wanted out of Mexico to make a better life.

    The real shame of it is that if the however many million Mexicans came over had just stayed and fixed Mexico, it could be every bit as prosperous as we ever were. Our porous border holds them back and divides us here.

  352. They won’t shake anything off. It astonishes me, but from what I can tell, South America is closer to feudalism than democracy. They will choose a new king just as shitty as the last.

  353. Oh them, yeah they used to be associated with the Freemen too. I went to high school with a large number of those KooKs.

    It’s funny because at the same time the Montana Militia was running around the Montana National Guard was running a recruiting campaign calling themselves Montana’s Legendary Militia. Apparently they got more than a few disturbing phone calls.

  354. I fear for future elections, Trump is turning the presidency into “American Idol” Call in now 888 888-8888 press 1 for Trump, 2 for Cruz, 3 for Rubio…

  355. Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil. They’re all fucked.

  356. I’ve been binge watching Narcos on Netflix. Watching what is going on in Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador is crazy.

  357. That’s why every time someone declares the end of America I just walk away. Yeah we’ve got problems, but at least up to this point we have had a political system flexible enough to recover. We are one of the few countries in the world that can say that. Whether that will last thru the next 8 years I don’t know.

  358. I was driving to Buffalo, NY the day of the Oklahoma bombing.

    Checked into the hotel and turned on the news in time to see someone from Montana being interviewed about the militias and the bombing. On the side of the screen, I saw the name Noxon.

    Aaaaaah fuck me…. It’s a fucking relative… Greeeeat…..

    Turns out there’s a town called Noxon in Montana. Extremely possible that the founder is a distant relative. Never looked into it too deeply.

    And it’s pretty much populated by MT militia.


  359. Hi Hostages,
    What did I miss?

    Well, Sir Roderick was caught in the horns of a dilemma–go to the police with information about the blackmailers, or pay them to keep young Master Hugh’s name (not to mention the photographs of his bisexual, absinthe-fueled Michaelmas orgy) out of the scandal sheets. Meanwhile, Lady Bethany tried to steer Gracie away from the tempting embrace of American silent screen lothario Ignatz LaCienaga and toward her cousin, Viscount Flyymnyhdr of Cardiff in order to strengthen the family’s prospects. But was Viscount Flyymnyhdr at the Michaelmas orgy, too? Or is he hiding an even darker secret? (Hint: He’s into sheep.) Down in the servant’s quarters, Tadchester had a shock when he realized that the poofter footman he had been buggering, Chestertad, was actually his long-lost brother. And there may be more to Mabel, the idiot scullery wench, than meets the eye. (Hint: She’s actually the bastard daughter of Sir Roderick. And she’s a hermaphrodite.)

  360. Sorry I lost half a comment there …

    Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil. They’re all fucked.

    But these are the countries that are supposed to be the new political and economic backbones of the world. It isn’t just them either Russia and China are on the ropes too. I think India is holding strong at the moment but they have a ton of institutional problems too.

    That’s why every time someone declares the end of America I just walk away. Yeah we’ve got problems, but at least up to this point we have had a political system flexible enough to recover. We are one of the few countries in the world that can say that. Whether that will last thru the next 8 years I don’t know.

    Is how that was supposed to read

  361. Narco terrorists are in cahoots with ME terorists. The Castro brothers are still heavily involved in Venezuela. TFG is a joke. I bet he gives Gitmo back to the commies and kisses Raul’s ass in the Oval Office.

  362. Oso, I keep waiting for him to announce that he’s ordering the Navy and Marines to abandon Gitmo.

  363. Me, too. And the GOPe majority will do nothing.

  364. I will vote for Cruz or Carson. That’s it. I’m all in for LIFB.

  365. Well, he just ordered the DOD to develop safe guns, rather than more effective or more versatile guns. So it’s clear that defense isn’t really a priority for him.

    I swear, libs cannot fathom the difference between a military force and a police force.

  366. I would be glad to normalize relations with Cuba and use American soft power to drag them away from communism, but that isn’t Obama’s idea. That dumb fuck actually admires the festival of fools running that shitty place.

  367. President Cruz should announce that we’re taking it back, along with the rest of the island.

  368. Sandia has been working on safe guns for years.

  369. Perhaps the one accidental redeeming thing about Obama is his use of the executive order. The next president might have the wit and the ink to reverse all of those.

  370. My guns are in a safe. Problem solved.

  371. I just want someone to reverse JFK’s order allowing public employee unions.

  372. The Castro bros have doubled down on dissidents. TFG is an enemy of the state.

  373. Thanks Sean,
    I think.
    Cuba will be the 51st state. PR will still be arguing about it in the year 2100. Samoa will be 52, Guam might beat PR, or tip over.

  374. There is a political party in the Philippines dedicated to statehood in the U.S. Maybe they will be 53.

  375. Did anybody feel like anybody else edited their interview about their proposal to euthanize everyone over the age to 80 in order to make Social Security solvent to make them sound like some kind of monster today?

  376. 80? My proposal was for 70.

  377. Why would that do any good, leon?

  378. their proposal to euthanize everyone over the age to 80 in order to make Social Security solvent

    Wait… That’s not an actual policy? Next, you are going to tell me the “Shake the baby” initiative is fake too.

  379. My newest buddy
    He is too cute

  380. Jew, the Philippines are conceding territory to Muslim insurgents. Thanks Barry!

  381. Why would that do any good, leon?

    PEUs are a money-laundering arm of the Dems, for one, so breaking that hits the wallet of the Party of Government. But more importantly, PEUs are a conspiracy against the taxpayer. A for-profit business held hostage by a union still has to remain solvent, so the union has a vested interest in making sure they don’t totally fail. A PEU isn’t bound by the market or profits, only by how much they can extract from the State coffers.

  382. Oops, sorry about that.

  383. Or did you mean conquering Cuba?

    Because that’s just something we ought to do on principle. If we can “liberate” people with oil under their feet, we can do the same for a nice big commie island that used to have nice hotels and rum drinks.

  384. That little dude is cute as a bug and evil. Hide the car keys, he has ideas.

  385. If Iran is anything to go by, TFG will pay Cuba back for 50+ years of sanctions.

  386. Bedtime. MMM @555am.

  387. Cute kid, Vman.

  388. And beg forgiveness because Cubans chose a fucked up totalitarian government like we were integral to the process in some mysterious fashion. Fuck them, they deserve Raul.

  389. Hmm, had no idea on credit unions. Interesting. Never got the feeling that my membership might be funding something I don’t like very much.

  390. They deserve Raul. We didn’t deserve TFG. Thanks MFM. Helluva vetting job you did. Keep lying for the pantsuit.

  391. Public Employee Unions, J’Ames, not credit unions.

  392. Thanks all.
    I told my niece he needs his own youtube channel, or agent, he is so stinking cute, he can make millions.

    His mom called me uncle Ick. I have moved up in the world, I am now uncle Wick.

  393. DOH, read that one wrong!

  394. I keep forgetting that I’m going to be a LIV. Starting tomorrow.

  395. I have moved up in the world, I am now uncle Wick.

    After John Wick? Because that would be awesome.

  396. NM: Where wind is a forecast and advisories are in place. G’night H2.

  397. Got to know how to pony
    Like Bony Maronie
    Mashed potato
    Do the alligator
    Put your derp on your hips, yeah
    Let your backbone slip
    Do the watusi
    Like my little Lucy

  398. Why am I awake?

    This is bullshit.

  399. Morning. this is when I get up whether it’s a weekend or not. who knew 3:00 happens twice a day?

  400. Hi Jewstin. You’ll be unsurprised to read that my lost package claim has been denied 2 times by the USPS, if you see a neighbor or your postman wearing this .

  401. Hah! Love it Pups. They will get such a punch, they will never forget.

  402. There is a soccer team in West Hamshire called The Hammers, apparently well known for hooliganism. It was one of their shirts.

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