Rising Pune Supergiants


Football? Playoffs? What are you, batshit crazy? The cricket world is on fire with the news that the Rising Pune Supergiants are joining the Indian Premier League! My mind can’t conceive of a mascot appropriate for a Supergiant Pune. They do have cheerleaders and apparently some of them are disgruntled (link to whiny cheer-bitching). Someone always has to go ahead and pour some sour melk in the chai, am I right?





If Thor is now a chick, is she still a badass?



  1. spunoW was a pretty good candy bar in the day. Haven’t had one in years.

  2. Most of the candy I eat these days, other than plain old chocolate, is from the kids’ Halloween bags. I can’t recall the last time they had a fun size spunoW in them.

  3. Heath bars were always my favorite. And then along came the “score” bars. Yum.

  4. ww

  5. My manager is being weirdly nice to me. I’m concerned.

    Last week, as she was WRITING the schedule I asked for Saturday night off. And she gave it to me.


  6. Better come in to work, in case someone is hung over.

    Plan ahead, be prepared! Clear your schedule, they NEED you!

  7. My managers are being nice to me to. And by being nice, I mean completely ignoring my existence.

  8. Whor embodies everything that’s gone wrong in comics. SJWs run the whole effed up industru now, and their words continually spew from her whor mouth in the comics.

  9. Come to TITS2.

  10. Tree guys are still working on trees along side the driveway and have it blocked off with the bucket truck and chipper. Fortunately I have an easy day and don’t need to leave. Paula’s morning plans have been FUBAR’d.

  11. Tree guys just chopped down a huge ash tree right next to my garage. Sure looks different now.

    guess that tree guys charge less to take down trees in the winter. Keeps them busy when they aren’t clearing snow.

  12. There was a colossal pine tree at the end of my field and my neighbor let me know it had died. When I actually slowed down to look at it there were brown needles on the entire tree. It was green the last couple of years so I wasn’t too worried about it coming down.

  13. |-o-|

    bew bew bew

  14. There were a bunch of other trees that I’ve been looking at over the years and once I realized I needed to hire him I went whole hog on the project. There’s another massive pine tree near my attached garage that he’s going to cut back but not fell entirely. The power company comes through every few years and trims tree tops near the wire but their efforts are designed for one thing: time. When the tree guy walked with me and looked at the job they did he started pointing out stuff I would’ve never noticed which was reassuring. My response? Take my money.

  15. Rising Pune Supergiants story


    And look Tushar, don’t you come around here telling me about the correct pronunciation. I speak American and Pune is pronounced poon around these parts. Pune, poon, pussy, lady parts, vag, clam, taco, etc. The comparison between JEF and a vagina only works when you say poon for Pune.

  16. *deletes racist statement

  17. *inserts sexism

  18. I have a particularly annoying liberal friend who has been all over this story on FaceCunt, blaming Rick Snyder for Flint’s situation.

    I’ll forward him the article. Ten bucks says as soon as he reads the headline, he will read no further.

    I totally agree with this paragraph:

    But that is the Democrats’ approach to calculating the chain of responsibility: Go up the ladder or down, as needed, until a Republican is located, or a private firm, in which case capitalism can be blamed. The Democratic monopolies in Flint, Detroit, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Newark? Somehow, somewhere, there’s a Republican responsible for that, even if he has to be brought in on an overnight flight from Oklahoma.

  19. I had been peripherally following the Flint water story mostly because it was a Dem scandal and that corpulent mouth breathing film maker purports to live there. At some point, seemingly out of nowhere, it became a GOP scandal and it was safe for the MSM to harp about it.

  20. This friend I spoke of boils the whole thing down to this:

    An Emergency Manager was in place when the switch was made to Flint River water. The EM was appointed by Snyder.


    The crisis is all Snyder’s fault because he circumvented the democratic process by appointing an emergency manager.

    Period. End of story.


  21. Fucktard.

    Bernie voter

  22. file under “tales of bureaucratic nonsense”….

    So, Illinois recently instated a CCW license program… As I had a CCW license in Virginia, I decided I would get into compliance and obtain the Illinois version. There are two parts to the training required by Illinois (neither that I have a problem with), first is the basic firearm safety handling portion which is 8 hrs. Second, is the all the legal stuff, another 8 hrs. There is a very minimal shooting qualification. The state will waive the first 8 hrs if you are a Veteran, LE, or can show completion of NRA Basic Pistol. Everybody has to take the legal portion. Sounds fairly reasonable right?

    I used to be a professional Firearms Instructor and possess a NRA LE Firearms Instructor Certificate for Handgun and Shotgun. I was a full time Firearms Instructor for 2 years ( I still kick myself for giving that job up)

    So I call up a local instructor and say hey.. “Is my instructor cert good enough to waive the 8 hrs of basic pistol”? ….Judges ruling?? NO. I call another Instructor …same response…. the cert isnt specifically identified on the list … NO. Me: You gotta be kidding me? Isnt the fact that Im a Handgun Instructor (forget the LE part) imply that I know how to handle a pistol safely and teach others safe handling practice?…

    So I call the State Police….them: “Its not on the list”….but you could probably apply to be a concealed carry instructor with that certificate……Me: But wouldnt that give me the abilty to teach the 8 hrs course Im looking to get waived?…. them… yes. Me: ??

    This is why I despise most Humans

  23. Bernie voter

    All the way.

  24. Mmm, Sickers and Nickers.

  25. Here’s more of the dipshit thinking that goes into democrats cherry picking facts.

    Ignore all of the other shit – the fiscal mismanagement of the City for decades, the complicity of the elected officials, the antagonistic decision by Detroit to turn off the water to Flint, the failure of union workers to do their jobs at the water treatment plant, the failure of union workers to do their jobs at the Dept. of Environmental Quality, and the failure of union workers to do their jobs at the EPA.

    It’s all Snyder’s fault, and cities in default should just continue business as usual, because – democracy.

    Fuck the left. I’m sick of them.

  26. I don’t understand how otherwise smart people can support Bernie or Hillary. Shit just doesn’t add up. The racism thing also.

  27. Made me sick to see Snyder apologizing on TV for that crap.

  28. Comment by Lance McCormick on January 21, 2016 12:29 pm

    Mmm, Sickers and Nickers.



  29. that last link may be nsfw

    This one definitely is


  30. Quick! Someone alert Car in!


  31. Somewhere, in a closet, a cat just got knocked up.

  32. Eh. I don’t know whether or not to be excited about this.

  33. If you don’t experience the highs of excitement, then you can’t fully appreciate the lows of inevitable disappointment.

  34. maybe if Palin threw her weight behind QOTSA?

  35. I’m going to record their performance tonight – so the review will be tomorrow. I’m not a huge Iggy Pop fan … so we’ll see.

  36. I ordered a holster today. This is their confirmation email……………
    We ask for your patience in light of the recent tragedy in San Bernadino. We’re working overtime to make holsters and fill orders, but we are experiencing unprecedented requests

  37. What did you order Scott? I currently have a well broken in DeSantis but I’m giving the hairy eye toward a alienwear IWB.

  38. sneakypete.com

  39. The computer geek we hired at the store had one. We always assumed it was a phone or tablet of some kind.

  40. HA! http://is.gd/pp9vJ5

  41. I have a couple of Crossbreed leather & Kydex holsters, one IWB, the other OWB. Like them both a lot.

  42. Hawt Thor chick is hawt. For a chick.

  43. She’s only hawt until you read her feminazi polemics disguised as dialogue, Cyn.

  44. Okay

  45. I’d let her talk about femnazis


  46. femanazi poledances can be hawt

  47. Evening.

  48. I cannot accept Wthor chick.

  49. Today I was attacked by an angry cull sow. I don’t make much of a barrier against a 500 lb. sow. Unless there’s a fence panel behind me. Then I do a passable job. The bruises will be interesting.

  50. Gawd I hate you all so much.

  51. Carin? Leon?


  52. That’s a load of shit right there, Pepe, but it won’t affect either of us.

  53. Hotbride might not be able to keep Hotspur at the house anymore.

  54. I’m getting sooo tired of ever-increasing government regulation. Every time I turn around there’s another report/fee/tax/regulation I have to file/pay/comply with. It’s ridiculous.

  55. I’m pretty sure outlawing the production of food is on par with the outlawing of weapons.

  56. *holds spade fork*

    Molon Labe!

  57. Car in has a house within 250 feet of her property.

  58. Zoned agricultural, Scoot. The ruling only applies to residential zoning.

  59. So, it’s a small world after all….

    One my old drinking buddies from 30 years ago is teaching at my son’s college. I know this because wiserson is taking his class.

    Uh oh

  60. Everyone is hiding their chickens.

  61. Worst euphemism ever.

  62. Chickens don’t flush, so don’t try that.

  63. Jimbro, it is pronounced Poonay, not poon.

    Also, I was reading a news item about the snowstorm heading towards DC. This comment was gold:

    “Maybe Obama and his family will be snowed in without food. Then they will have to eat the dog. But never fear, I’m sure Barry will find another wife.”

  64. *drives a 1 iron into TusharD’s poonay*

  65. Holy crap, Romy, that is great news!

  66. Jew, glad you’re okay. What’ve you named the cull sow that attacked you?

  67. Jew, glad you’re okay. What’ve you named the cull sow that attacked you?


  68. Short Timer

  69. BBF scheduled for tomorrow at 8:23.

  70. Look on yonder misty mountain
    See the young derp meditating rhododendron forest
    Over dusty years, I ask you
    What’s it been like being you ?
    Through all levels you’ve been changing
    Getting a little bit better no doubt,
    The doctor bit was so far out.

  71. Poonay!

  72. Where will I be when the boobs drop? Somewhere between Wichita and Chicago.

    Please give Alex the H2 accolades for stepping up to the milk bar.

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