A Mom Known as Tankette

It really is quite a shame that the kids were so cruel and called good ole whatsherface Tankette.

I mean seriously, she wasn’t that fat.

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There, now don’t you feel better?

These make me happy

Do you get it now?

This one also makes me happy…do you want a real penguin, or a pet penguin?
and now for the weird…this song is catchy

MMM 409: “Pyramid” in Antarctica!

Except it isn’t.  Well, not in the sense of having been built as a structure for human use, it’s a natural formation, noted by explorers as a “pyramid” as far back as AD 1913.

At least that’s what “they” want you to think.  It’s not like anyone not on the right lists is allowed to go check or anything.

ancient pyramids antarticta.jpg

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MMM 397: Nevalı Çori

This is a temple site not far from Göbekli Tepe in the Anatolia region of modern Turkey.  Organics buried at the site date it to approximately the same time period; active use between 8400 BC and 8100 BC.  Structurally, it has much in common with Göbekli Tepe, stone pile walls, some large standing stones, and some carved walls.

Temple area.


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MMM 389: Göbekli Tepe

This is the mother of all archaeological crackpot magnets.  Not because of its size (though the site is large) or its grand height (it was buried for almost 10,000 years), but because radio-carbon dating gave us reliable estimates of the age of its construction (~10k BC at the latest) and the time at which it was buried under sand and sediment (~ 8000 BC).  We don’t know why it was buried, if it was deliberate human activity or if some catastrophic event.  The age of its founding is a serious shift for anthropology, because it either implies that hunter-gatherers could (and would) build enormous temple structures, or that dawn of agriculture was a at least a full 2 millennia earlier than is currently believed.


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Meme was Yesterday

No, we haven’t skipped Tuesday, stay tuned!

I know, you were scared. It’s ok.

I’ll give you some memes now.


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