Tales from the Dumb Side

Our story today comes, yet again, from my favorite pet leftist, the music store guitar teacher.

Not actually him, but pretty damn close.

I mentioned semi-humorously that I would be incredibly surprised if any Progressives actually bought a MegaMillions lottery ticket this week, when you consider that winning would immediately catapult that person directly into the top 1%. And, as we have all learned over the past few months, being in the top 1% is evil, unfair, borderline criminal and downright anti-American.

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Out like a lamb

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Spicy or Extra Crispy?

Mmmmmm. Asian girl.

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HHD Act of Valor and Acts of Handsomeness Edition


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Let’s pretend it’s still Monday, for Laura’s sake

So it’s not Monday any more, and it’s not Wednesday yet, and no one else has stepped up to the plate. I really don’t want to do this, but I feel larger events have forced my hand.

Here’s a video I like:

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Muscular Monday Motivational

I’m pretty sure sitting on my poang for 16 hours/day is what’s been hurting my hip, so I may need to kill my Sunday Skyrim marathons. No wonder my weekends are so tiring!

Off topic, does anyone know if you can return a book to Amazon just because it sucks? I’ve got a book so bad I’m pretty sure my negative review will win Nobels.

Also, something is really, really wrong with me, because I saw this hot chick, and what did I see first? Her tricep. I gots the envy.

Yep, I’m deranged.
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Sunday Sugar Rush

Let’s have some fun.

Here is every relationship in three acts.

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