Country Time

Road trip for the extended Pupster Family today, going to Kentucky for my niece’s wedding.

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Big Boob Friday

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday. I am your host, a simple dog of leisure with a nose for gifs.

I had a different model picked out for today, but a little googling revealed that some short jackass from Florida had already featured her in 2011.  So, I’m still sprinkling in some of her gifs because that’s how I roll.

Your musical selection of the day is a country song, which I find soothing.

The model for today was born on October 6th, 1991 in Jelgava, Latvia.  She towers over Leon at 5’6″ and measures out at 32F-24-37.  She doesn’t have any gifs, but please don’t hold that against her.  Stop nibbling o-rings and welcome Sabine Jemeljanova!

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‘Mazin’ Monday Musclies

I’m up late, gotta be up early, so just the pics this week.

Go beat Monday up and take it’s lunch money, then buy some blue meth.

Yoga is weird.
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Good morning! The old poat was fantastic but full of the inane ramblings of crazy people, so I thought I’d get the weekend kicked off with some fresh content.

Saturday mornings are spent doing chores and bonding with offspring in the Pupster Household. We start with a trust exercise and life lesson rolled into one.

Today we will most likely wash cars and do yard work. What is on your agenda today?

Big Red Boob Head Friday

Greetings, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.  I am your host for today, as is my wont.

Your musical selection for the day as per usual will open in another window, here.

Bonus gif…get a haircut Hank!

Your model for the day was born in Ashland, Kentucky on August 31st, 1991.  This of course puts her over the legal limit to grace these hollowed pages, but may raise the ire of a few of our more delicately constructed Hostages.  Fear not, I have it on good authority that she is a good person, has a heart of gold, and all the proceeds from her tasteful naked pictures are donated to worthy causes.

She stands 5’4″ at 110 lbs, and measures in at 34DD-24-35.  Please stop recording your promos and liners to give a warm welcome to Leanna Decker!

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Today’s post brought to you by cold coffee, jelly toast and gummy vitamins.


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