Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born November 28th, 1996 in Los Angeles, California. She stands 5‘ 5″ and measures 342435 and 120 lbs. Please shoot your shot with Miss Tara Yazdi AKA Yazz.

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Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.






Your model for today was born January 1st, 1997 in Colombia, South America.  She stands 5′ 5” and measures 41DD-25-36 and 130 lbs. Please cheer up , turn on some lights, and welcome Miss Kendra Roll!


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Dead Woodchuck Sighting

So Spring is finally here I think. I saw a dead woodchuck on the side of the road, the robins are chirping in the back yard, and i saw an eagle flying around with a large bunch of nesting material or a small child not sure which – maybe both; so Spring.

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Hello, and welcome to Big Barbula Friday.


barbula -small tuft of hair just below the lower lip



Your model for today was born December 30th, 1996 in Tokyo, Japan.  She stands 5’5” and measures 42-25-37.  Please be self aware and raise a toast to Miss Nana Fukada!

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New Year in Review – a myopic

So the year is well under way.

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A Farts’ Tale – POS Pooting

Because this is a classy place


I am most assuredly a classy guy

Some Music:

Some Poetry:

“”Sing, sweet bird, I kneen nat where thou art!”
This Nicholas anon let fle a fart
As greet as it had been a thonder-dent
That with the strook he was almost yblent (blinded)
And he was ready with iron hoot
And Nicholas ammyd the ers he smoot.[7]”

Some Art: (no not that kind)

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Wild Wire

Thomas Hart Benton

b. 1889 Neosho, MO  d. 1975

Now here we find something like.  What!!  T. H. Benton was a native son whose father was a U.S. CongressCritter.

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Wire and Ice

Cut a path for Li Hongbo.

Region capture 3

Li sculpts with paper using over 8000 sheets with glue to make a bust, and 20000 sheets for a figure.

Here ya go, Jay.

Li’s art is full of sheet.

Region capture 9

here’s a trippy video of his sculptures in motion.

He’s a creative to say the least.

Region capture 8 Region capture 7 Region capture 5 Region capture 4

Li shows around the world, so keep yer eyes open.

Region capture 6

Li Hongbo.  b 1974 China

Region capture 10

Thanks for viewing.


Have a wonderful day.

большие сиськи пятница

Hello extremists, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.  After an exhaustive and violent selection process…I have emerged victorious as your host for today’s post of greatness.

You musical selection for today jives with today’s model selection, mostly just because some think a subtle theme is necessary to justify their genius.

Despite Leon’s encouragement, I’ve not made much progress on my diet this week, but I think I’m going to mix in some light cardio and see how it goes.

Your model for today was born in Moscow on March 1st, 1980.  She is a former ice dancer and figure skater, now an actress, singer, and TV personality.  She stands 5’10”, weighs 123 lbs, and measures 38-24-36.

Please stop obstructing progressivism long enough to welcome Anna Semenovich!

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