Brakes went out on the truck, I’ll be spending my day getting that fixed or possibly setting it on fire.  Maybe both.











Tire Wire

Well, I was hoping to find a sculpter for this week and look what came rolling out of the intertube.


Introducing Yong Ho Ji

b. yes, Korea


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A Sign

Kitchen Wire

Meet Jim Houser

b.1973 Philadelphia
Region capture 13

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Super Bowl Preview (and also probably Super Bowl Poat, because you’re a bunch of lazy assholes)

It’s that time of year again, where the air is buzzing with excitement, everyone is talking about their favorite players, and there are parties galore! I am speaking, of course, of Black History Month.

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Camp Wire


Put yer, um, hands together and welcome Paul Whackers.

Region capture 54 Region capture 53

Region capture 56 Region capture 57

Born in New Haven in 1978, Whackers went to school in D.C. and did his post grad in S.F.

Region capture 59 Region capture 60

Whackers enjoys painting the still life.

Region capture 61

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Have a Wonderful day.


Sean’s Rebus

Oh, and one other thing.

A poat which explores the Duality of Man™

What do you do with a problem like this?
I guess you’d have to go for some kind of Social Justice Rock Paper Scissors game. We could call it Rock Privilege Scissors.
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