How’s Your Deep Fried Moose Knuckle Treatin ya?


as youse’ll’s are aware – i try to scour teh intertubes for awesome… or something: items to entertain and enlighten.

Today we get to follow up on vomit inducing food items — and i dont mean jay’s scandi-apple-frumundas.

This bit of awesome is Casu Marzu.

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Another Post on Size

This blowing lungs out thing…..

Oi. What a dope.

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Tolling For Thee – Blame it on Mitch

While probably too soon for the Second Coming, most all can see the the path is set.

Pablo Picasso, Guernica

The insanity of pressing headlong into world wide conflict is baffling. Picasso’s piece still sums it up.

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Crytidz – a Message from the Good Doctor

Because I post stupid shit that doesn’t even make sense to me most of the time, one of our brothers here at hostageland sent me a link for this little beastie:
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Inane Arguments – Not Helpful

I was gonna do a quasi truthful rundown on j’ames’s’z unspoken request for real information on luciferase…

Instead I’m just gonna say Calm down Mare!

Leon beat me to the punch –

So I guess there is no sense in saying:

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Rock Around the Croc: Oratorio

Happy Sunday and welcome back to the Baroque. Let’s talk about oratorio: a large-scale musical work on a religious theme featuring choir and full orchestra. Any discussion of oratorio inevitably draws comparisons with opera, and that’s because they grew from some of the same impulse to heighten the expressive power of text by adding music. The most obvious difference is that opera is a stage play, complete with scenery, costumes and actor/singers. Oratorios are strictly sung, although sometimes there will be minimal costumes. Operas can be on any subject, often mythical or historical, but oratorios are on sacred subjects, with Protestant composers taking their texts from Bible stories, and Catholics doing both Bible stories and lives of the saints. Here’s Handel’s Joshua:

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Ballistics and Other Boring Stuff

I’ve been trying to think of an entertaining way to organize thoughts on our cursory talks about firesticks and their associated consumables.

This is stolen directly from Merriam-Webster:

bal·​lis·​tics | \ bə-ˈli-stiks \

Definition of ballistics

1a : the science of the motion of projectiles in flight b : the flight characteristics of a projectile

2a : the study of the processes within a firearm as it is fired b : the firing characteristics of a firearm or cartridge

Not sure I’ll pass the test.

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Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.






Your model for today was born January 1st, 1997 in Colombia, South America.  She stands 5′ 5” and measures 41DD-25-36 and 130 lbs. Please cheer up , turn on some lights, and welcome Miss Kendra Roll!


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Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.





Your model for today was born March 23, 1989, in Yawata, Kyoto, Japan.  She stands 5′ 2″, and measures 35 – 22 – 31 and 110 lbs.  Please be a good host and offer a sandwich to Miss Mai Nishida! 


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MMM 194: MJ doesn’t know why I post these

I’ll be in a class/meeting/lunch from 8am to 1pm, so talk amongst yourselves in the meanwhile.

Booty to start off.
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