Country Time

Road trip for the extended Pupster Family today, going to Kentucky for my niece’s wedding.

Just waiting on the rest of the family to get ready before we hit the road.


  1. *looks at watch*

  2. I just discovered that Cabela’s opens at 8am on Saturdays.

    I am already too late to be there at the opening, and I haven’t fed the outside animals yet. Poop.

  3. I was up at 6:40 Pups, I was trying to convince Zeke that it was not play time. I failed. Slobbery tennis balls to the back neck and face are powerful motivators.

  4. Also Pups don’t drink too much Bourbon.

  5. GoooMerrming.

    Safe travels to you and the clan, Pups.

    *faint sound of banjos in the long off distance*

  6. Enjoy the “Incest is Best” state

  7. Could you take a picture of the Blue Grass that’s there? Thanks.

  8. FFS.

    Hot. Humid. Could only run a little over 3 miles this morning.

    *eyes dog beatin’ paddle

  9. Oldest is off to visit his girlfriend at college.

    All your whore mouths, shut them.

    Wakey wakey.

  10. Hunh. It’s apparently really news that it’s bad to bomb a chemical weapons factory and experts had to be consulted for the story. Five of them. Consulted. To learn this.

    I would have been so embarrassed to put my name on that story.

  11. Headed to Dallas. Have a great day youse guys.

  12. Safe travels to you too, Dave.

  13. College?

    * zips it *

  14. Dave
    Where in Dallas?
    Familia visiting SMU area off Mockingbird

  15. Bombing chemical plants is bad for enviro because of Global Warming
    That took an extra expert

  16. Obama can send his military to do whatever he wants, bitches.

  17. Why am I up this early?

    I’m retired, damn it!

    Kid! Lawn! Off It!

  18. Good morning all!

    “…face like a mud fence….” is just the funniest damn thing I’ve heard in a while.

  19. Dang, Phat; shouldn’t you still be passed out drunk somewhere from all the celebration?

  20. “…face like a mud fence….”

    Ahh, from Mare’s Musings… that one is a keeper!

  21. Good morning, Tools! (NSA)

    And also the H2ers!

  22. So it’s “my military,” is it, Black Nixon?

    Andy Borowitz, resident satirist at The New Yorker, summed it up with the headline “Obama Promises Syria Strike Will Have No Objective.” Here’s his pretend Obama quote: “Let me be clear. Our goal will not be to effect régime change, or alter the balance of power in Syria, or bring the civil war there to an end. We will simply do something random there for one or two days and then leave.”

  23. That “reset” button Clinton brought to Russia really nailed it.

    Smart diplomacy!

  24. Didn’t we encourage Wiser NOT to do this?

  25. Didn’t we encourage Wiser NOT to do this?

    I just hope he didn’t add abduction and anal probing to the charade.

  26. Hmm. College.

    *shuts up

  27. Is Carin’s son going to school now or helping dad at the store?

  28. Yes, I know he’s visiting his girlfriend at college.

  29. 8:45AM

    College. Hmm.

  30. College.

  31. When I was still in high school I visited Mr. Beasn, who was off in college. I stayed in his dorm room and one of his female team member’s room.

    Didn’t do anything that would lead to early parenthood. But not everyone has a will of steel reinforced with fear and guilt.

    Where is he staying, Car in?

  32. Cyn, I hope that girl wakes up before the guy does. Heh.

  33. College

  34. It’s just a little bunny rabbit…

  35. Doug Ross ‏@directorblue 18m
    There were several “red lines” on the walls of the Benghazi compound, ain’t that right Rep. Chickenhawk, @NancyPelosi?

  36. College.

  37. Heh, Cyn, that looks odd without a message from MJ.

  38. College.

  39. Ha! I thought the same thing, Roamy.

  40. For some balance… college:

    Putin is the leader of the free world…

  42. Heh…did you notice on my ‘college’ link, there is no toilet paper?

  43. Yes, I did. And the stupid uggs.

    Putin is the leader of the free world…

    That made me giggle in my shorts.

    Do you think Drudge has already been IRS’d? (I remember when Hillary made him get an anal)

  45. I’m in Louisville, KY.

  46. You know what sucks? A summer cold, that’s what. It makes me want to do nothing more than usual and I need to get some sh*t done.

  47. On top of it, it’s flippin’ 184 degrees outside. You can hear the sizzle.

  48. Summer allergies of the puffy face/sinus type. Oh, and stupid asthma. Only lost my voice twice yesterday. Lawn. Off.

  49. Rocketboy’s first cross-country meet was this morning. He ran 5K just under 24 minutes.

  50. Very cool, Roamy.

  51. Good. I use to love going to cross country meets.

    “When you’re tired pump your arms!!!”

  52. “When you’re tired pump your arms!!!”

    I gave my last girlfriend that same advice.

    She wasn’t running.


  54. Visual representation of Obama’s International and Domestic Policy:

  55. XB, the Ace you linked last night was one of the one’s that made him a daily read for me.

  56. Yay for rocketboy!

  57. I braved the sizzle and watered some plants. The tomatoes and a tree is getting a drink as I type.

  58. Don’t you hate when you make an offer on ebay and they accept? It makes you question if they would have taken something lower.

  59. Wallet is lighter, but I have my weapon. I calculate that I need about 400 lb of meat to make it worth buying.

    *looks at horses*


  60. I saw that ‘Phat has left the building’ and my heart skipped a beat.
    Then I remembered he is due for retirement.

  61. I got this little story in an email from my FiL.
    Once there was a kingdom whose subjects were asleep, like us Indians.
    Some people tried to wake the people up, to make them realize that they should oppose things that are wrong, but to no avail.
    The king raised the price of gas and food. The people were silent. He imposed all kinds of taxes. The people were silent. The king continued to oppress, and the people continued the silence.
    So one day, the king ripped up a section of the main highway in the kingdom and built a bridge in its stead. There was no need for this bridge but the people were silent. So the king asked his soldiers to start collecting heavy taxes from people who crossed the bridge. The people silently paid up.
    So the king asked his men to start whipping anyone who crossed the bridge, but also installed a suggestions/complaints box. Day after day the box was empty and the people were silent.
    Then one day, there was a piece of paper in the box. The king eagerly opened the box, glad that someone had mustered enough courage to stand up to him!
    But then he opened the letter, and it said: Your honor, please add more people to the whipping staff. We are getting delayed for work every day!

    I think I see such people in America as well. We call them democrats, and increasingly, Republicans too.

  62. Well, it appears I can go back to hating the Patriots.

  63. Tushar

    Your story made John Boehner cry
    He likes getting whipped by Democrats

  64. Greetings, weekend day laborers.

  65. So, we bought an end table at the big furniture store here. Brought it home, and when I went to assemble it, the legs didn’t fit in the space provided. Whatever Chinese slave laborer had put the tabletop and the chassis to hold the drawer on it didn’t have it centered correctly.

    So I called and told them I needed to exchange the table. The clerk patiently explained to me that the legs were numbered (they weren’t) and that they’d only fit a certain way. I patiently explained that while I am pretty fucking stupid, not one of the four legs would fit in the front slots, so maybe I wasn’t completely stupid. And that I was going to either exchange the table for one already assembled, or I’d cancel the credit card charge and dump the old table on their doorstep.

    So, went back this morning, and they had a table assembled and ready for me. But the assembler/loading clerk just *had* to show me how stupid I was for not being able to put the legs in the little slots. Be my guest….

    “Hey, whachooknow? This things fucked up!”

  66. Did you ask him how the table tasted, b-rad?

  67. Did you ask him how the table tasted, b-rad?

    Well, it was Chinese, so he was probably hungry for more a half hour later.

  68. I managed to keep my mouth under control, but I have him a look that said, “Here’s your sign…”

  69. Hahahahahaha

    Obama voted “present” again.

  70. What did Black Nixon and do now, Hotspur?

  71. There must be an expiration date on his Nobel medal.

  72. He has announced that he has decided to use force, but he’s going to ask for congressional approval.

    May as well pick up his marbles and go home.

  73. But on ending of the war, no regime change. Just blow up a few buildings and random brown folks by push button.

  74. Why did it take so long for President “Valerie, what do I do?” Obama to figure out if he punts the decision to congress, it takes him off the hook? Moron.

  75. Typo. “no ending of the war”

  76. Black Nixon didn’t need congress critter approval for Libya. I’m beginning to think this fellow lacks a certain consistency.

  77. What’s Jon Carry gonna say to his frog pals?

  78. I thought only Bush went around like a swaggering, drunken cowboy, lobbing cruise missiles without UN approval. I thought black Nixon promised he would sit down with anyone without preconditions, and talk things out. I thought this was the key to restoring America’s image throughout the world.

  79. Above all, I thought war is not the answer.

  80. Isn’t congress on vacation?

  81. Although I’m sure we’re gonna have to eat this shit sandwich, I’m glad he decided to go to Congress.

    Now I hope they say no. Which I’m not sure they will.

  82. Yes, they are, HS. Special session, or waiting.

  83. Students at a Kentucky high school were encouraged to step on an American flag that had been placed on the floor as part of an art display, outraging parents and students.

    The display at McCracken County High School, was a re-creation of “Dread” Scott Tyler’s 1989 installation titled “The Proper Way to Display an American Flag.”

    No comment.

  84. Yes, Mr. pResident, we’ll get right on that. Just as soon as we come back to town in a coupe of weeks.

  85. Waiting = voting present

  86. Obama punted on first down.

  87. President Obama, I don’t “red line” means what you think it means.

  88. >>Why did it take so long for President “Valerie, what do I do?” Obama to figure out if he punts the decision to congress, it takes him off the hook? Moron.

    It disturbs me greatly that your typical Hostage has a better grasp of foreign policy that this over-promoted doofus and his entire foreign policy team.

    I think I kind of get it. This asshole fears that he will be called a pussy, so he likes to run his mouth and show bravado. But then, his yammerings get him into a situation where he actually has to make decisions, and he chickens out. Oh, he is not worried about spilling blood, whether American or Syrian. More Americans died on his watch in 4 years in Afghanistan than under Bush’s watch in 7 years 4 months. But he does get scared of situations that might hurt his agenda or his legacy , and might personally inconvenience him.

    All I can do is repeat my question to God: what part of ‘God bless America’ did you not understand? Why did you impose this slimy reptile on us?

  89. Proof Obama is probably a pretty crappy parent too.

    If you make a threat, you MUST be prepared to follow through or your credibility is gone.

    Putin is having a pretty good snicker at this point. He owns Obama.

  90. How can Black Nixon have a redline? That implies he would act unilaterally, and we all know only cowboys like Bush do that.

  91. I want to see a pat on the head.

  92. Credibility?

  93. I really think this picture says so much:

  94. You can almost see his vagina in that picture.

  95. I really think this picture says so much:

    He calls that bike his “Harley.”

  96. What self respecting man would ever be photographed looking like that?

  97. I was talking to my Newyorker cow-orker and he mentioned a study that said that contrary to popular belief, men have as much prevalence of depression as women. I said that this is plausible. Both suffer, but women whine more about it. That raised his heckles, and said he knows a few women that are as strong as men. I replied that this is plausible, since all the people he knows are Newyorkers, and most NYC men are indistinguishable from women.



    Costume change! Pool spots Obama and Biden — donning a golf shirt — heading out, likely for a Saturday on the links.

  100. Hahahahaha

    Tushar, two names – Anthony Weiner, Elliot Spitzer.

  101. What a minute, is there a possibility that the dumb asses in congress would vote FOR a military strike?


  102. This from that scrunt andrea mitchell

    Andrea Mitchell ‏@mitchellreports 15m
    POTUS and VPOTUS now golfing after announcing decision to delay action

    Yeah, tool, optics.

  103. I’m headed to the grocery store; anybody need anything?

  104. If O’Bumbles does anything it will be a Clinton imitation of Bosnia with stealth bombs and cruise missiles. Unfortunately O’Bumbles cannot get the UN to sign off on even that. (Bush could) He doesn’t have the huevos to go it alone. (I do not think he should) So he will do what he always does and blame Bush and the Repubs.

  105. Mare, quit commenting so fast.

    Cyn, I need some Anusol. Don’t ask.

  106. I am heading up to Conroe to visit my BFF. He is getting married again next weekend.

  107. Cyn, I need a tongue, a bag of pearl onions, and some cooking sherry.

    And some drinking sherry.

  108. Do they sell any over the counter anti crazy pills, Cyn?

    Asking for a friend.

  109. Xbradtc, shut your golden state hole.

  110. Cyn, put me down for strike anywhere matches, 2 gallons of gas and some gloves. If they have any face masks throw one in too. Thanks!

  111. Mare, when I see you at the Dallas meatup, I’m gonna hug the shit out of you.

    //hahahahahahahhahahahahhahahah. Like “Mare” is real. :)

  112. Frikadellar for supper, yum.

    Yeah, it’s a filthy Scandi dish. Deal with it.

  113. I read a recipe and tries it out. The damn thing really works:

    While making a grilled cheese sandwich, coat the outer sides of the bread (the sides that take heat from the pan) with mayo. The heat will separate the mayo into oil and egg, and you will get an even golden brown coating that is freakin delicious. You don’t taste the mayo at all, just goodness.

  114. hmm, this is a great idea, thanks Tushar!

  115. I just read Ace’s latest post about the Washington post piece defending child rapsts. Wolverine and his adamantium claws have nothing on our Ewok and his razor sharp words.

  116. Just updated the header pic with a pic of my flight suit patches.

    Yes, that is my real name tag. My mom is the only one who calls me ‘Patrick’.

  117. Grilled cheese for dinner it is!

  118. Why no 5001?

  119. Phat, now that your obligations to the CinC are over, it is time to write a tell-all book. Kick names and take ass!

  120. Phat, the recipe had one more detail you will appreciate. Add the couple of slices of fried bacon to the sandwich. Why? Because it is freaking bacon. Thats why.

  121. Jimbro,

    The ‘5000’ tab represents the number of Air Force flight hours. The next increment is 6500.

    I have around 5500.

  122. Tush,

    Always wondered when someone will write a book about the Clinton White House. That will be epic.

    My stories are all about buffoonery, both bureaucratic and alcohol-related.

    Sadly, they usually feature me in starring role.

  123. What’s the largest number you’ve seen on that patch, phat?

    5000 is a pretty big number, for hours.

  124. I’m reading The Outpost by Jake Tapper now. It’s good but hard to read given the deaths of so many service men. When he starts giving details of an individual’s life I cringe knowing that this presages their death within the next few pages. Too tough to read all at once, I’m moving slowly.

    5500 is a lot of hours!

  125. Jay,

    Seen some loadmasters with over 10,000 hrs. That’s a lot of bunk time and box lunches, amiright MCPO?

    Knew one C-5 pilot who had 10,000, but that’s about it.

    Some of the ‘old-timer’ pilots I knew had over 20K, but those were C-121 pilots and it used to take 10 hrs to fly from CA to Hawaii. Easy to build up time when you’re flying at the speed of smell.

    In the Air Force, pilots have to do staff tours and non-flying gigs that stunt their hours more than enlisted aircrew do. Even in a flying squadron, Majors and above spend more time on admin crap than they do flying the jet. Captains are the workhorses of the officer ranks.

    If you combine my airline hours and my AF hours I’m probably over 10K. It’s not something I really track.

    The average airline pilot at a ‘major’ probably flies between 750-900 hrs a year, so it adds up pretty quick.

  126. 5000 hours is scary

  127. “My stories are all about buffoonery, both bureaucratic and alcohol-related.
    Sadly, they usually feature me in starring role.”

    HAHA…..A true H2er.

  128. TJew,

    But so far they’re all crash-free!

  129. phat
    Mazel Tov on not crashing
    I hear that’s sort of dangerous

    That 5000 hours is 250 times more time than I had for my pilots license in a Piper Cub

  130. IB enters the room:

    H2 enters the room:

  131. L to R: H2, IB

  132. Er.

    L to R: H2, IB

  133. >>>But so far they’re all crash-free!

    Landings = take-offs is a good thing.

  134. Razor ‏@hale_razor 2m
    “Use of chemical weapons so offends my principles that I will act certainly and decisively if it polls well.” #FierceUrgencyOfSomeday

  135. Ugh. This weather is hell on my perm.

  136. Rain. Every damn day for weeks. *Checks GPS* Weird. It must be global warmening.

  137. So I take it that John Boehner is going to save Obama’s ass once again


    Kinda like this band lately Sean.

  139. Don’t forget what the NSA has given the administration on all those republican dupes.

    Boehner looks like a three martini lunch boozer. I’m guessing he’s got more skeletons in his closet than your average bear.

  140. I dig it, MJ. I haven’t been searching out much new music lately.

  141. Well that was a nice day. Paid respects to my friends’ mom, hadn’t seen them in about 20 years. I laughed and said “everybody went and got old but me and your kid sister”.

    Yep. I am smart that way.

  142. From Ace:

    God bless you for your work, Madame. Me and my 14-year-old jailbait posse are sick of society looking askance at our Forbidden Love.

    Um, that’s “My 14-year-old jailbait posse and I,” champ.

    And he wonders why that sweet, sweet blog money is still so elusive.

  143. Back from shopping, everything’s in the H2 kitchen, except the Anusol.
    I didn’t know what that was so I got Pinesol instead. Close enough, right?

  144. Fine looking patches you got there, Phatrick.

  145. The “sol” is the important part. It’s short for SOLUTIONS.

  146. A buddy of mine managed grocery stores. He has some horrific stories about old ladies asking him for lube advice.

  147. Greg Gutfeld post on Breitbart:

    >>>Today I will briefly review the new Boards of Canada album, which is called Tomorrow’s Harvest.

    It’s great.

    Kind regards,

    Short and to the point.

  148. I plan on doing that when I get older.

  149. *touches my nose whilst pointing at Sean*

  150. I plan on doing that when I get older.

    Oh definitely. Wear black socks and house slippers; better service.

  151. If the house says no, Obama will blame any future terror attacks on the republicans.

    He is a piece of crap.

  152. It would be even funnier at a place that didn’t sell lube.

  153. I plan on doing that when I get older.

    Asking guys for lube advice?


  154. WD-40

  155. But in the Family Planning aisle.

  156. Olive oil.

    I mean, um. . . That’s what I’ve heard. From people.

  157. Holy crap, that thread at Ace’s about the giant vagina is probably the funniest thing I’ve read there in years.

    Actually made me laugh out loud.

    Then I read the comments.


  158. 3 in 1

  159. Peanut butter.

  160. >>>3 in 1

    AKA, “date night with mare.”

  161. Pam

  162. Food grade Vaseline

  163. The new thermometer is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  164. You’ll want some butter to ease that in, Scott.


  166. KY is the gold standard for gloved doctor’s fingers. Squeeze the chilly tube n the index finger and recite these words: “Little pressure now”.

  167. Maximus comes in a pump.

  168. >>>The new thermometer is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  169. That’s how I know doctors are sadists. KY doesn’t work so good.

  170. >> The new thermometer is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wonder what asshole has my pen?

  171. Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of moving into our house.

    It was only about 3 months ago that he guy who owns the liquor store at the bottom of the hill greets me by first name.

    I consider that to be a failure on my part.

  172. Not so sure Wiser, seems a lot more solid than the cheepos I have been buying.

    After I pack all of this furniture I will test it out.

  173. What brought you there? Job in Waterbury?

  174. Happy Anni on the house, wiser.

    We’ll be in this one 12 years come December.

  175. When did Mare get a kayak?

  176. Are you from CT, Scott?

  177. Been in this dump for 25.

  178. Born in PA and my parents moved here when I was 2.
    They brought me with them.
    Grew up about 7 miles from here.



    I’ve been in this heathole now since 1986. I came for a visit during Labor Day weekend and told my mom how awesome it was. She came out for a visit a few weeks later, came back (to Tulsa) and said “We’re moving”.

  180. OMG, I must have done something good: I smell breakfast for dinner.

  181. 26 years. Wow.

    More than half of my life in this house that I have never liked.

  182. Did anybody get stuck in anybody else’s crawlspace today?

  183. I’ve kayaked a lot, Scott.

    I’ve had several adventures that looked something like that.

    This says, “Kailua beach” but this the water access for our condo in Hawaii. About 8 min of kayaking and you’re in the Ocean.

  184. oops

  185. 16 yrs next month in our Condo. Time flies.

  186. I was born under this bridge, and by gum, I’ll die under it.

  187. For those of you not on FaceChimp, here is the latest photo of my beautiful Debra Grace.

  188. >>>What brought you there? Job in Waterbury?

    Job in Sturbridge, MA.

    Wiserbride worked in Fairfield.

    Kinda split the difference.

    Plus, there was no way we could afford a house in Fairfield County, where we moved here from, at the time.

  189. Did anybody get stuck in anybody else’s crawlspace today?

    Mr. TiFW managed to not fall down the open chimney shaft today – does that count?

    (Many years ago, we were in the process of remodeling one of the rooms for our soon-to-be-born first child. I said, “Let’s tear out the chimney in there – we’re never going to need the fireplace below it”; Mr. TiFW said, “Don’t be ridiculous – we’re leaving it; one of these days, we’ll need it.”

    Fast-forward 27 years, and the TiFWs finally get around to remodeling the front living room. Mr. TiFW spent today taking out the walls in the closet in DD#3’s room (she’s the 3rd TiFW daughter to occupy that remodeled room) and removing all of those bricks from the chimney that we never needed to use.)

    He is now laying on the couch, saying “Ouch, ouch, ouch!” every time he moves.

    I’m keeping my mouth shut (but I keep wanting to tell him that he wouldn’t have been in this much pain back when he was 26…… :P )

  190. This is the longest I’ve ever lived in one city in my life.

  191. Mr. TiFW managed to not fall down the open chimney shaft today – does that count?

    No, that’s the exact opposite of counting. Sheesh.

  192. >>>What brought you there? Job in Waterbury?

    Actually, my job at the time had me traveling all over the entire Northeast.

    Didn’t really matter where I lived.

  193. I will never understand why women insist on making their spouses shop with them during football season. Does it really take both of them to buy bulk toilet paper?

  194. Sturbridge and Fairfield?

    Wow. Today that would be about $200 per week for gas.

  195. Oso’s hotness just went up by 50%.

  196. >> It was only about 3 months ago that he guy who owns the liquor store at the bottom of the hill greets me by first name.

    He called me “Dave, from Texas!” on the 3rd visit.

    I must have bounced a check

  197. Scott, it is just horrible to get caught in that dynamic. I’ve never understood women like that. They probably hate The Stooges AND Abbott & Costello.

  198. Yep.

  199. I never make Mr. RFH shop with me. Hunter vs. gatherer. Probably one of the reasons we’ve stayed married this long.

  200. My Co-workers are evil. I’ve never helped the “Tootsie Roll” guy before…until today. Creepy. No teeth. Sexually suggestive banter. Gives out Tootsie Roll Mini’s to women.

  201. RFH, it is a thing! The men are nasty and mean. You can feel the anger. Since they won’t stand up to their wives/girlfriends, they take it out on service workers.

  202. Making a spouse do anything is wrong.

  203. I don’t mind hitting the big box stores with wiserbride.

    That way I make sure we get at least some stuff I want too.

  204. I have a cousin that is upset because she thinks everyone thinks she’s a total bitch to her hubby. (We do)

  205. Wiser, are you there when the “Game” is on?

  206. I’m sure there’s a metaphor there somewhere Oso

  207. Eastern Washington beat Oregon State (25).


  208. “Making a spouse do anything is wrong.”

    We don’t work that way either.

    Do you want to come to ________ with me?

    No, but I will if you want me to.

    Naw, I’ll see you in an hour or two.


  209. I do all the Christmas and birthday shopping. He wraps the gifts and says thank you.

    I have a cousin that is upset because she thinks everyone thinks she’s a total bitch to her hubby.

    No one was surprised when my oldest brother divorced his second wife. She had been a total bitch for years, and we were amazed he had put up with it that long.

  210. Dan makes me get up and go to church with him.

  211. >>>Wiser, are you there when the “Game” is on?

    Oh, no way.

  212. Seamus Heaney died. One of the few poets I’ve voluntarily read. I have one of his poems taped inside my locker: “St Kevin and the Blackbird”. It helped me during a rough time in my life.

  213. A positive attitude helps.

  214. No shit mare? I guess that #3 ranking may not be cray cray after all

  215. Hah! Oso, many years ago I had to explain to one of my girlfriends that her husband was a human being, with feelings. And that he was her equal, not her servant. And that if he wants to lie down on the couch at the end of the day and watch TV, it didn’t mean she didn’t give him enough to do.

    It was his own fault for spoiling the Hell out of her. But she really needed to be told this by a girlfriend, and embarrassed a little.

    I think a lot of young women think men are just big talking dogs.

  216. Andy is swearing a lot tonight.

  217. Lauraw, my mom was a “nag”. I never wanted to be a “nag”. I was lucky to find a guy that let me watch sports and didn’t “nag” me.

  218. >>I think a lot of young women think men are just big talking dogs.


  219. NO NAGS.

  220. Scott, if I was tied with Clemson…I’d be swearing too. (Punches random Clemson players ala Woody. TRADITION!)

  221. No Naggers!!!

  222. Good for you Oso.

  223. Sean, why do they want a new stadium for the Angels? I love watching baseball at the “A”.

  224. “Scott, if I was tied with Clemson…I’d be swearing too. (Punches random Clemson players ala Woody. TRADITION!)”


  225. Boise State!!!

  226. No, that’s the exact opposite of counting. Sheesh.

    Just checkin’ :P

    (Come to think of it, he WAS under the house last weekend; came out grumbling about how the ground must’ve moved a lot closer to the beams since the last time he was down there…..)

  227. I’ve been watching 3 games at once.


  228. RL friends that have moved to Idaho because H8 are posting Boise State crap on FB.

  229. Mare, we are losing to the freaking USTA Roadrunners at home.

  230. Sean, why do they want a new stadium for the Angels? I love watching baseball at the “A”.

    The lease is almost up with the city. From what I’ve heard, it’s more likely that they’ll end up doing a lot of renovations, but “We want a new stadium” is probably the team’s opening gambit. And I love going to games there, too.

  231. Chuck Todd ‏@chucktodd 8h
    May be first time in years that just about every single member of Congress, regardless of party will issue a press release praising POTUS

    HAHAHA….Chuck likes the choom too.

  232. >>>will issue a press release praising POTUS

    Amazing how simply following the law is considered “praise-worthy” for the Douchebag-in-Chief.

  233. Why should they praise the guy for doing this?

    I thought this was the Constitutionally-mandated procedure for this kind of thing –

  234. Exactly, Wiser.

    This is embarrassing to me, what we’ve become.

    Hey, chuck, why don’t you just give him a free hummer and we’ll call it a day.

  235. Seamus Heaney did the ultimate translation of Beowulf
    I actually was able to finally enjoy the damned thing

  236. Comment by scott on August 31, 2013 10:02 pm

    NO NAGS.

    Awww. You’re not a nag, honey. You just like to remind me of stuff.

  237. Today I went to a funeral service, the mother of friends from high school and college (twin boys and their kid sister who I did not date), who have been close but we live far apart and have been disconnected except for stuff like this. They came to dad’s service last year.

    I remembered how as a teenage kid both their parents loved on me when I was a goofball. They welcomed me into their home, cared about me as if I were their son. We were all very close back then.

    I appreciated again in ways that you don’t think about until something like this that they helped shape my life. By just caring about me. There were several older “parents” there who did the same for me, that I got to hug on and thank today. It was a good day.

    I’ll go back to being a dick tomorrow. Don’t be all “whaaaaa” or nothin.

  238. Sean, the renovations after the quake were enough!!! I love the fans at the “A”. Real baseball. I like watching baseball at The Trop, too. In spite of the huge “Palmetto” bugs.

  239. Obama is now Putins little bitch

    Thank you 52%

  240. Today may be the funniest Ace has been since ‘Cool Facts About Dick Cheney’.

    That post still makes me giggle.

  241. That was nice Dave

  242. Even I had to comment on Ace today
    He was en fuego!

  243. So, last month I liked the fact that my douchebag Senator Udall was against arming Syrians. Eco-terrorist Hindlick was in the “No War” camp too. Today, I can’t get through to either one of my fucking Senators.

  244. Putin patting Obama’s head or hand is gonna be awesome.

  245. >I think a lot of young women think men are just big talking dogs.

    Some are correct.

  246. “Bless the maker and his water, bless the coming and going of him, may his passing cleanse the world.”

  247. Sorry for your loss, Dave ♥♥♥

  248. I made it to Conroe and back, didn’t even get lost.

  249. Jimbro, I’d never heard of him. Nice poem.

  250. I’ll go back to being a dick tomorrow. Don’t be all “whaaaaa” or nothin.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  251. I will have to say that is one of the things that I’ve enjoyed being on FB – the “parents” when we were all growing up are now “friends”. They seem to get a real kick out of seeing what’s going on with all of the kids who used to hang out at their houses :P (and it’s fun to get to know them as “adults”, rather than as “so-and-so’s Mom/Dad” – they’re all such hoots!)

  252. Boise misses their top of the line QB.

  253. TifW, I’m friends with teachers. They are “SO” disappointed that I’m a Rethuglican. They had so much hope. LOL

  254. I made it to Conroe and back, didn’t even get lost.

    *starts to make smart-ass comment about a “straight drive up I-45”; remembers VMan is in a completely different part of Houston*

    Glad you made it there and back, darlin’ ♥♥♥

  255. Mare, don’t let Jewstin influence you. Or all the kids I went to school with that moved to Idaho because “H8”

  256. LOL, Oso!

    It’s my friends from HS who are now teachers who are disappointed in me for my political views these days.

    Funny thing is, I’m not the only one who feels that way; some of the folks who were diehard Dems and/or the biggest hellraisers back in the day are more hardcore (R) than I am :P

  257. Well, the TiFWs are callin’ it a night – sweet dreams all! ♥♥♥

  258. I’m working on one co-worker. She’s a diehard Democrat but also fairly religious. She called me a liar when I said the Democrats booed God. We watched the youtube video, and she apologized. I think the foundation is cracking a little.

  259. I have too many RL peeps in the Hippie/GLTG core.

  260. I like Boise State because of the coach. He does a lot with a little and he’s a good guy.

    Seattle is full of douches, so I would love to see Boise win this game.

  261. Non sequitur: The photo of the Chief Petty Officer decrying Obama’s policy in Syria pisses me off to no end.

  262. Roamy, I had family members posting OMG Genocide about Syria this week. When I started explaining about the “Christian” genocide in Syria & Egypt…crickets!! 7 counties in NM are ignoring Legislature votes and issuing same-sex marriage licenses.

  263. MCPO, me too!

  264. I was surprised TiF that on a Saturday night at 8pm 10 or 12 lanes were doing 70 and there was not room in any of them to do 71

    I took the Eldridge parkway through the energy corridor on the way up and got to see some seriously expensive places that start about 5 min from me and go for miles.

    It was a poor choice for getting there on time. I have to wonder if Houston has any planners because they seriously failed to connect the west side to anything but downtown.

  265. MCPO, the one with the sign covering his face? Yeah, I support the sentiment, but not the method.

  266. True Story: My favorite Marine has gone AWOL on social media. You’d never know he deploys this month. I H8 TFG

  267. MCPO/Oso, where can I see this pic of the CPO?

  268. Facebook.

  269. Mare, we get pics of DG before the H2 as well. :P

  270. Don’t think I’ve seen that photo, chief. Got a link?

  271. Zeke, when in TX, close your eyes and speed!!!

  272. Sleep tight wonderful people!

    Got a call late tonight asking if I wanted to golf in the am with a couple of Generals.

    Normally my answer is no, but the bud who called needs a 4th and he has a good shot at getting promoted. Note to self: wait until 0900 to start drinking.

    Should be fun. The course is really good: Spencer T. Olin:

  273. Remember, Phat, you’re not quite retired yet. Don’t give the stars any reason to involuntarily extend your active duty.

  274. Rocky marathon on HBO Family.

    25 movie channels and it’s the only thing worth watching

  275. I figured MCPO knew who he was.

  276. Kick ass, Phat.

  277. I just watched my Lobos lose to UTSA. At least my Reds beat the Rockies.

  278. Oso
    I drive my 2 and a half ton (Weight not capacity) truck like a sports car. I have the receipts for all the tires I have worn out in 15k miles to prove it for ya. Eyes wide open thank you very much!

    I will stipulate that somewhere between 50-70% of the Houstonians on the road have their eyes shut. Except where they need to be polite then they are generously polite.
    My DFW friends are amazed at the difference between here and there.

  279. Maybe kiss ass too, Phat. Just in case.

  280. Good luck Phat,
    I hope you make a bengie a hole off of the Generals.

  281. 50-70%?


  282. Xbrad,

    I’m still a good airman. I met the new 2 star for the first time last week. Told him I’m sorry that I’m leaving as he’s arriving. He was a nice guy and wished me the best.

    Don’t think he knows we may be sharing a cart in the am.

  283. How big is the TV at Casa de Phat?

  284. Phat – Only give them the 3 footers on the front 9. Make’em putt them on the back 9!

  285. Roamy,
    A Boeing engineer friend asked me if there existed a NASA document that detailed the type of Velcro(hook & loop) fasteners on each piece of equipment on the ISS. How does one ensure that each piece of equipment can be fastened where required?
    I said I would ask someone who might know, as she had sent butt-loads of stuff to ISS.
    Well, IS there? If so, can you share?


    pic of the Navy protester

  287. I know Cyn the people here are amazingly polite courteous and engaged. Unlike the New York carpet baggers that retire to Florida and drive like they are the god of the road/parkinglot/world

  288. Oso, 55″ in the living room.

    125″ in the basement. The HD projector is kinda awesome.

  289. Phat. Man Cave. Invites?

  290. My favorite Marine is incognito on social media. Too many guys targeted by TFG. Deploys this month. Dropped his family off with grandparents this wknd. Going on the DL. Afraid to say anything to anyone.

  291. MCPO, curious to see what the betting will be.

    My bud is up for O-6, so I will have to follow his lead.

    Everything smart in life I learned from the penguins in ‘Madagascar’.

    Just smile and wave boys, just smile and wave.

    Kinda like what we were taught in boot: Shut up and color.

  292. ChrisP, the drawings for each item indicate where the hook or loop tapes go, not an overall one for Velcro. There is a flammability requirement for no more than 12- inch length of certain types of tape fastener. Any longer than that, you have to split it up into smaller sections. Some brands are better than others. We used a lot of Aplix in the insulation blankets. I also did some testing of Velcro where the hooks and loops were metal, but the backing was still plastic.

    One of the links here goes to the drawing for baby wipes on ISS, and it shows where the Velcro goes.

  293. The Jackal, 1997, Bruce Willis & Richard Gere: a good watch.

  294. Oso, here’s a pic of my pool table light.

    Yeah, it’s a bomb.


    pic of the Navy protester

    Does that guy really truly believe that the paper will shield his identity? What a maroon.

  296. Uh, Phat

  297. Phat has a big TV and a pool table? St Louis Part Deux.

  298. Also, I freed you from teh bucket.

    And with that comment edit, please disregard my 11:45. Carry on.

  299. Cyn, post your bunco schedule. Won’t take it personal when you’re awol on Saturday nights.

  300. Oso – Supposed to have a few more this month (to make up for the laziness of the August couple) and one more in October, then I’m calling it quits.

  301. Also, ChrisP, hooks go on anything that generally gets moved around, loops are on the walls and tables.

  302. WTF, Georgia?


  303. OK, the link on my last post to my ‘bomb light’ should now work.

    here’s the tiny.url version:

    It was fun to make, had lots of help from the local machinist and auto body mechanic.

  304. Cyn, we should set up Moron/H2 euchre. Or trivial pursuit.

  305. Also, ChrisP, hooks go on anything that generally gets moved around, loops are on the walls and tables.

    News you can use – cool and thank you!

  306. Mom is home from the hospital.

  307. Phat, that looks awesome.

  308. That’s got potential, Oso!


    Yay SeanMom!

  309. Glad to hear that, Sean. Hope her healing continues apace.

  310. Phat…Beasn…Rosetta triangle. Just sayin’

  311. UNM Lobos…schedule a patsy for opening day and lose. Eff me. G’night. Early church tomorrow where I won’t tithe because of Catholic betrayal.


    I’m just saying is all.



  314. Sean, your Mom is in my prayers.

    Can you imagine how much harder this would have been if you had not gotten sober?

    Things happen for a reason. God’s plan may mightily suck from your perspective, but it is God’s plan.

  315. Even the brown questions, Sean?

  316. I’ll take ‘Dead, Gay or Canadian’ for a Thousand Alec.

  317. Alan Thicke

  318. I’ll take HS. We will kill you!

  319. H2 trivial pursuit would be EPIC!!!

  320. Even the brown questions, Sean?

    That is straight up racist, man.

  321. We need special categories of H2 pursuit.

    Got time to work it out before the next meet up.

  322. >>>I’ll take HS. We will kill you!

    I will simply mention here that I have my own personal set of gold-plated Trivial Pursuit pieces that were awarded to me years ago.

    So…. yeah… I’m pretty good at that game as well.

  323. >>>H2 trivial pursuit would be EPIC!!!

    Oso, did you ever see the H2 crossword puzzle I made?

  324. We’d probably end up arguing over the questions.

  325. No, we wouldn’t.

  326. Wiser’s with Cyn and Sean. Jay too.

  327. “How many mexican whores were killed during the night of the “Night of the Sodomizing Cougar-Man?”

  328. TheRapist for $1000 please

  329. >>>We’d probably end up arguing over the questions.

    Banning is a definite possibility

  330. Hahaha I rule at Trivial pursuit. You guys scare me. Epic games. Wiser, I think so. Re-link.

  331. “How many mexican whores were killed during the night of the “Night of the Sodomizing Cougar-Man?”


    Why… that was last Thursday

  332. >>>”How many mexican whores were killed during the night of the “Night of the Sodomizing Cougar-Man?”

    Trick question. The answer is “none”

    They weren’t paid before they were killed, so, technically, they were “sluts”

  333. Thanks, Wiser. Print! LOL

  334. I’ll take Dramatic H2 Departures for $600

  335. Will there be questions of “cover tunes hypothesis”?

  336. My nickname is Rainman. I have to answer 3 questions correctly to win at Trivial Pursuit instead of 1. My family of Ivy Leaguers refuse to play me. I know that the H2 is serious competition.

  337. >>>Will there be questions of “cover tunes hypothesis”?


    In addition to a BBF category

  338. I’ll take Dramatic H2 Departures for $600

    *raises hand in the air and jumps up and down*

    Oooo Oooo! PickMePickMePickMe!

  339. Pick your game:Silver Screen, Sports, Genus I II or III. H2 would be epic competitors.


  341. Names of H2 Pets for $800 please

  342. I can’t remember which cards we still own. Garage sales FTW.

  343. >>>Oooo Oooo! PickMePickMePickMe!


    Rank them in order of “DRAMA!!!”

  344. I was accused of memorizing all the cards for all the Trivial Pursuit editions. Like that is even possible. Love you guys. You’d never call me a cheater.

  345. >>>My nickname is Rainman.

    gotta go to Target….

    5 minutes to Wapner….

  346. Rank them in order of “DRAMA!!!

    Ooo, a double or nothing question. I like it.

  347. I forgot how funny that crossword was, wiserbud. You should do a 2013 version.

  348. >>>You’d never call me a cheater.

    Nah, we’d just shoot you.

  349. Name all the H2 Tabs for $1000

  350. >>>I forgot how funny that crossword was, wiserbud. You should do a 2013 version.


    *checks calendar

    Should have that done by ….. 2015

  351. >>>Name all the H2 Tabs for $1000

    All or only those not “deleted”?

  352. Is it wrong that I would really love to play Trivial Pursuit and Euchre with you guys?

  353. Bonus Round Question: “How many bullwhips are shoved up ________’s ass right now?”

  354. All or only those not “deleted”?

    Wait… you DELETED tabs??!!11!


  355. >>>Rank them in order of “DRAMA!!!

    That actually would be a pretty interesting discussion.

    I think I would have to rank KKA near the top, but forged rite truly gave a spectacular performance

  356. Is it wrong that I would really love to play Trivial Pursuit and Euchre with you guys?

    I’ll have an H2 TP game night, Oso. Serious.

  357. >>>Euchre

    What the hell is that?

    I prefer spades


  358. >>>Euchre


  359. >>>I’ll have an H2 TP game night, Oso. Serious.

    Okay, I like this idea a lot.

    Science and Technology: “from what does a hostage snort coke?”

  360. Poker Tables and H2 Trivial Pursuit Tables.

    This could be epic.

  361. Forged Rite? Which time?

  362. Wild Card: Name the type of animal of the H2 mascot.

  363. >>>Forged Rite? Which time?

    Seriously? The second time was pathetically weak.

    First time? Epic.

  364. Midwest Hostages would kick ass at Euchre. I want Leon or HS as my partner. LOL. I wonder which TP questions I still have.

  365. People and Places: Locale of Composmentis’ historic fight with nature.

  366. Make our own cards: IB, Ace, H2.

  367. Fat Naked Woman with greased thighs/

  368. What is the average weight of Rosetta’s BBF models, excluding Kerry Marie?

  369. Keep fucking that chicken, Rocky.

  370. Sports & Leisure: Name Rosetta’s costume of choice.

  371. How many jobs has Jewstin had since becoming a Hostage?

  372. Spring Awakenings for 1000.

  373. Name a Pat Green Song?

  374. Wild Card: Who has the fucking muddler?

  375. How many women has Xbrad had sex with since 2005.

    Careful now……

  376. >>>Name a Pat Green Song?


  377. Why is Hotspur no longer allowed to do a BBF?

  378. Geography: Where in the world is Mare?

  379. Correctly name two of the 17 children of PJM.

  380. Best Diet beverage?

  381. Tomato or Tomatoe?

  382. How many images are there of Dave in POL right now?

  383. H2 felons. Fact or fiction?

  384. Whose are bigger?

  385. How many women has Xbrad had sex with since 2005.

    Your mom.

  386. Name four Hostages who use animals as avatars.

  387. How did Michael earn $20 at the STLMU?

  388. >>>Your mom.

    You should be so lucky….

  389. What kind of goat is WTF Face Jenkins?

  390. My birthmonth starts right now! Dave and Beasn get a few moments of glory. I get the whole month!!!

  391. Name all the Hostage babies.

  392. Hank Aaron DG.

  393. What is the most referenced H2 joke thread pron flick?

  394. I have an old friend visiting. We jsut finished a bottle of Sotch and topped it with two glasses of Sangria that I made myself. I am in heaven. If I made any spelling or grammer mistakes writing that, you can go fucc yourself, Hotspur.

  395. Name three objects that are found in the nether region.

  396. Name the H2 baseball teams in order of wins.

  397. The whole month, Oso?

  398. Name Hostages in descending order of color. Remember Lauraw is now Hispanic.

  399. Name the honorary Hostage.

  400. >>Name three objects that are found in the nether region.

    Dick balls itch

  401. Yes. I get the whole month. This year, I get October too. Sept is humid and ain’t nobody got time for that.

  402. Dammit, I was just gonna ask the Honorary Hostage question, Cyn.

  403. What day is it?

  404. Who is the youngest H2’er?

  405. Name the prettiest BBF.

  406. This year, I get October too.


  407. >>Name Hostages in descending order of color. Remember Lauraw is now Hispanic.

    I am at the bottom of the list. Rayciss

  408. What day is it?


  409. Gif or jif?

  410. Name or Describe the poat with the most hits evah.

  411. >>Gif or jif?


  412. The name of Americano’s island.

  413. Name the sexiest Hostagette.

    If you dare….

  414. I think Rosetta is puce colored.

  415. Diet DP or coke?

  416. easy…Cyn. I know her in RL.

  417. The Ohio State University or Buckeyes?

  418. What’s your favorite planet?

  419. Ok. I am dunkr. I shoild go to sleep

  420. Name at least one of the most commonly diagnosed diseases or conditions.

  421. *blushes and straightens a crooked tiara*

  422. diabeetus kicks celiac in the rear!!!

  423. Waitaminute… I’m the ONLY hostage you’ve ever met!

  424. >>>Name at least one of the most commonly diagnosed diseases or conditions.

    Excluding STDs?

  425. diabeetus kicks celiac in the rear!!!


    Sorry; we were looking for prostate cancer or brain tumor but thanks for playing!

  426. My tiara is on my Princess Disney ears from Pirates and Princess nights at WDW

  427. Name the sexiest Hostagette.

    If you dare….


  428. You are the best hostage! That’s why you get the tiara. It’s not a tumor!!!

  429. diabeetus kicks celiac in the rear!!!

    Gluten caused celiac disease would have also been an acceptable answer.

    *winks and finger guns Oso*

  430. Mine’s the Sun!

  431. What was the Banglar Van Party cop’s name?

  432. Patty Ann…she’s just drawn that way :)

  433. Excluding STDs?

    The newly discovered ones would be acceptable too.

  434. What was the party crasher’s name at the 2011 CT Picnic?

  435. oso is whiter than me
    I’ll battle it out with Tushar

  436. Why are there so many, songs about rainbows, and what’s on the other side?

  437. Name the tallest and the smallest Hostage.

  438. I’m so white I’m blue!

  439. I’ve got cancer AND diabetes
    I win!

  440. Mcpo and Mrs Peel?

  441. Crap! I just have diabetes.

  442. >>>I’ve got cancer AND diabetes


  443. Name Hostages married to each other.

  444. That’s NOT winning, T’Jew!

  445. Weel and Mrs Peel and baby AARON!!!!

  446. He’s Jewish too. Totally cool except for the asshole from El Paso song.

  447. cyn
    Tell me about it..

  448. What kind of cancer and are you kicking it in the poon repeatedly?

  449. Name the Hostage that did not die in a fiery crash.

  450. They took out a kidney a couple of months ago plus some odds and ends
    But my other one kicks serious ass

  451. Whose birthday is it today/everyday?

  452. When is Michael’s birfday?

  453. Ass kicking remaining kidney is fantastic, T’jew. Cancer took one of my mom’s four years ago now; she drinks a cup of dandelion tea every day and her numbers remain awesome.

  454. Today was Caligulas birthday

  455. Name the circumcised Hostages…..

  456. *gives Sean a funny glance and a smile*

  457. Sunuvabitch, TJ.


  458. My FiL is one kidney short due to cancer too. Name the hostages with just one Kidney!

  459. Name the recipient and the creators of the “Reg, Fake”

  460. cyn
    Glad to hear that about your mom
    K cancer is a deadly beeitch

  461. Did you do chemo too TJ?

  462. Name a dead crazy Fascist Dictator with only one testicle who is not John McCain

  463. What are the acronyms OFB and NNR?

  464. HAHAHA OFB!

  465. cyn

    Not on chemo yet
    It was high grade but not invasive, supposedly
    Well see
    Kidney cancer chemo is nasty stuff
    Platinum based

  466. Fingers crossed you won’t need the chemo.

  467. cyn
    I know
    Hope your mom is off that

  468. Pretty sure the guy on the shift before me fucked up somewhere today because the register was short more than $200 tonight.

  469. T’J: She did chemo the four years ago after they took her kidney and came thru really well. March of this year, a new cancer popped up in her lung and she did chemo and radiation with ass kicking success; her follow-up maintenance dose of chemo that started just recently is a whole nuther story that’s being further explored.

  470. You can buy a lot of Red Meth for $200.

  471. Sean, hope you have competent accounting. My drawer was off $400 before accounting launched an investigation.

  472. One more card for the H2 Trivial Pursuit Game Deck:

    Name the f-bombingest Hostage ever.

  473. cyn
    Your mom must be really tough
    That is a hard road
    I pray she licks it and Im sure she will

  474. Thanks, TJ; she really is a tough broad and I mean that in the nicest way.

    You seem like a ballsy hardass yourself (in the nicest way) and you’re gonna give cancer the double flipping bird. {{Hugs, but saving the quick ass grab for later}}

  475. Okay, just one One more card for the deck:

    Name Xbrad’s love interest.

    I’m off like a prom dress. I love you peeps and peepers; happy sexy dream times for you all.

  476. Thrown like a derp in my vast sleep
    I open my eyes to take a peep
    To find that I was by the sea
    Gazing with tranquility.

  477. *Whilst driving Ye Auld ForkLift around Teh Ponderosa arranging cases of Liquor, Edible UnderGarmets, and KY Jelly, sees Teh “Boss” whip out the little Red Flashy Thingy. Climbs off of ForkLift to chase RedDot. In a move that would make BruceLee Green with Envy, whips out CatToy, bounces it off of Chinese Elvis’s Impersonators left butt cheek, off of the Thai “Ladies” SiliconeBalloons, all the way over to Gdansk. Again.* “DateNights” with “Teh Boss” don’t always involve furniture assembly…

  478. Well, at least if you are going to be in Poland, one can Admire the Scenery! Lots of Amazing Polish Ladies! Many ALMOST as Pretty as Ms. Cyn and Ms. RFH! *Huffs CatNip* Wait…MAYBE Ms. Cyn and Ms. RFH are Polish, and their parents didn’t TELL THEM…

  479. *Grabs Viking Helmet off of FatOpera Singer, places it firmly atop CatHead, whilst firmly holding Skull of recently deceased Derp*

    “Alas, Poor Derp! I knew him Well!!!”

    *Dodges Thrown Rotten Tomatoes*

  480. I hope you Good People know putting a Quarter in the “Wakey-Wakey” machine doesn’t work over here. It is Seven to Eight Hours Late, consistently!!! Hey, she said, “Your Wh*re Mouths, Shut them!” She didn’t say a thing about Wh*re KeyBoards…. *Stomps off in a CatHuff*

  481. Oh, and “Hey, Vmax!”, I uh mean “Zekexas!” Finally in Tampa last month, and you are now in Houston! Dangit!! And Congrat, Phat!!
    *Glares Firmly at Wiser, WiserBud, and Rosetta* Just who the He*l said Ms. LauraW could be Non-Colored? HMMM? WoW! I remember when this place had some Class and Rules….

  482. *Resumes FreeBasing “Little Friskies” and LuteFish…*

  483. Watching last night’s Red Eye. Tracy Byrne confessed to owning a Catwoman outfit.

    I might be able to stop thinking about what that would look like in a couple of days.

  484. wakey wakey

  485. A chick I have been flirting with just invited me to church and I told her I would. Her surprised face was epic.

    Lets see if wakey was 7 hours late that would be London time. Unless the dateline is involved then the math hurts my pre coffee brain

  486. Epic surprised face is probably a bad sign on getting a date with her.

  487. Time to check the weather so I know if it’s worth spending 6 hours in the car today alone.

  488. Epic surprised face is probably a bad sign on getting a date with her.

    Maybe there are some nice single ladies at her church that will ask about her new friend.

  489. Morning.

  490. Dating a woman from your church is bad Leon. It poisons the pool, however dating from another church is good, and mostly leaves your reputation intact.

  491. Partly cloudy with a 20% chance of rain, high of 83. Not good enough to be enthused, not bad enough to stay home.

  492. I also acknowledge that dating a neighbor is bad, however she lives 3 buildings away in my apartment complex. Perhaps the wrong head is thinking that is not necessarily a neighbor.

  493. I was going to say Houston stole Tampa’s weather forecast for the week. But I checked here it is 95 with a 20% chance of rain, Tampa is only 90 for the week with a 40% chance of rain. Everyone has told me what a wet summer it has been. It must be globull warming.

  494. I am off today.

    I have a china cabinet, (2) rocking chairs, an end table, a floor lamp and a flat screen tv to pack, but other than that I am off.

  495. If I get half of it done I will be happy.

  496. Good morning, cool kids and Sox.

  497. Does your store have one of these, Scott?

  498. That sounds like work Scott, but a relaxing kind of work.

  499. Good morning all!

    Labor Day should only be for people who actually work (or who have worked).

  500. Or have ever been in labor..

  501. It’s physically demanding but fun.

  502. Zman, if you don’t date people from your church or neighbors, who the heck are you going to date??

  503. I concur, Jimbro.

  504. NEW POAT…

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