Big Boob Friday

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday. I am your host, a simple dog of leisure with a nose for gifs.

I had a different model picked out for today, but a little googling revealed that some short jackass from Florida had already featured her in 2011.  So, I’m still sprinkling in some of her gifs because that’s how I roll.

Your musical selection of the day is a country song, which I find soothing.

The model for today was born on October 6th, 1991 in Jelgava, Latvia.  She towers over Leon at 5’6″ and measures out at 32F-24-37.  She doesn’t have any gifs, but please don’t hold that against her.  Stop nibbling o-rings and welcome Sabine Jemeljanova!




The Drink of the Week is bourbon, shaken.



  1. Put away wet.

  2. Hover zoom is a big time saver, I’ve installed it on all my bra browsers.

    Doesn’t seem to like icanhazcheesburger links though. Huh.

  3. Most of your pics are broke so I can probably hang out here today.

    Also I still commented on the other poat because, RFH

  4. Dammit.

  5. *sets out tray of homemade low-carb sugar-free gluten-free laxative-free donuts for Phat’s Retirement Day and Clintbird’s Happy Birthday*

  6. Last three pics are fubar’d, but I’m sure, like her, they were very nice, Pups.

  7. Congratulations, Phat!

  8. Dave, it will be my THIRD time through 737 school.
    From one of the greatest movies of all time, Better Off Dead:

    “Lane, I’ve been in High School for seven years. I’m no dummy.”

  9. Those last three are questionable.

    *kills self for making a pun

  10. *sniffs new poat smell

  11. So now Obama has to go to the G-20.

    I’m guessing Putin is going to laugh directly at him, or hand him a putter or something. What an embarrassment as a president.

    Happiest person on earth today: Jimmy Carter.

  12. WordPress can be such a pain in the ass.

  13. Nice work on BBF, but since when has a repeat stopped anybody? MJ repeats himself sometimes.

  14. I’m guessing Putin is going to laugh directly at him, or hand him a putter or something.

    I’d pay good money to see Putin pat him on the head.

    Literally pat him on the head.

  15. I added the last three through the media lie berry, show they should work now.

  16. Hover zoom is the bombastic giggity balls app of the deca-century.

    well played, Pup!

  17. I didn’t have any problems with your pics, pupster. Maybe Dave had the WebSense filters at work dialed up too high, to get his workers to work harder.

    We just don’t know what Cyn’s problem is.

  18. Hahahahaha.

    That would be hilarious. Or maybe hand him a big reset button that says ‘Frog Vagina’ in Russian.

  19. Well, according to my sources, when MJ link our buxom asian princess, she was just barely 19. NTTAWWT

    I like to find new models. Not that new, but new.

  20. I added the last three through the media lie berry, show they should work now.

    I see them now! Hawt!!

    I mean, that’s what you guys are thinking and I just said it aloud for you.

  21. Hahahahaha, I just read the categories. Good one, Pups.

  22. I usually load the pics from a url, sometimes wordpress gets all bitchy about it. Maybe it is the source site, I dunno. First three loaded fine from the url, last three I had to save and upload to the media folder.

  23. Good morning all!

    Nice bewbs Pup.

    Frog vag sounds dirty.

  24. Source site. Stupid babies.

  25. Some sites don’t allow you to hotlink. It just depends on how they have their webserver set up.

  26. Imma gonna use the tag “xbrad thinks susan estridge is hot” on all poats from now on.

  27. What the hell?

  28. Susan Estridge has a more gravelly voice than Miley Cyrus, amazingly.

  29. Gonna get some sushi today, Jimbro?

  30. Hehe, this explains some of the crazy articles from “The Editors” at National Review:

  31. Next year.

    If it’s a cross between cherry and oxheart tomato, it will make a fabulous little paste tomato.
    Oxhearts are almost completely solid. Very little jelly or seeds. But not sweet enough for paste on their own.

  32. Gonna get some sushi today, Jimbro?

    That sounds dirty.

  33. You assholes left me on the other poat.

    I hate you all.

  34. Is Laura a paste eater?

  35. Comment by Pupster on August 30, 2013 8:28 am

  36. Reading iz sometimes hard like math. And meth.

  37. Scott has never shown any allergic reaction to this kind of onion.

    The nice thing about scallions is that you can just let them sit in the garden and harvest them continually at any stage. They supposedly perennialize. I’ve never known anyone around here say that happens but I’m willing to give it a try. With a little Winter protection, I’d guess.

  38. It all depends on timing. I have one quick case, a closed reduction of a wrist fracture. If I get done on time that will get me out for the weekend early enough to beat the lunch rush at the sushi joint. I have to shoot home and complete a honey-do list before I go back to camp. A case delay will throw a wrench in my spider roll.

  39. Oh, and I almost forgot: AUREOLA.

  40. Lunch!

  41. How about this: LABIA MAJORA.

  42. Good eye, Laura, good eye.

  43. But the NNR remains Intact.

  44. Pervs.

  45. Off to work.

  46. Hahahaha, Scott is ahead of the curve. I’ve gotten two emails with the Japanese horse race video.

  47. How does a world leader take something to vote in his parliament or congress not knowing that he doesn’t have the votes?

  48. Japanese horse race was Phat I think.

  49. I am ahead of the curve though, because I am eating lunch.

  50. Hotspur, the answer is contained within the question.

    A “world leader” doesn’t.

  51. Mare?

  52. Comment by Pupster on August 30, 2013 8:28 am

    I thought that was his fucking Turrets acting up.

    8:30 is too early for boobs.

  53. Pish posh.

    It’s never too early.

  54. Does MJ’s name appear as a series of funky squares for anyone else?

  55. Also, I need a turret.

  56. They’re lightning bolts for me, but I think it’s a Mac thang.

  57. I see the squares too, Leon.

  58. One of my Africa missions just shit the bed.

    South Africa is still pissed at us from SCOAMF and the Wookie’s last trip and are denying us entry clearance. Looks like the crew just got an extended vacation in Spain while we get this unscrewed.

  59. Leon, funky squares for me, too.

    Sorry, Scott. Usually it’s you with the crazy videos. I think it was XBrad with the Thomas the Tank Engine crashes, which is my other recent favorite.

  60. But it’s hip to be square.

  61. South Africa is still pissed at us from SCOAMF and the Wookie’s last trip and are denying us entry clearance.

    Smarter diplomacy FTW!

  62. Look’s like lightning bolts to me here on an old PC at work. Like the Waffen SS symbols.

  63. South Africa is still pissed at us from SCOAMF and the Wookie’s last trip…

    I’m sorry that you have to deal with that Phat, but bwahahahahahaha!

  64. 4 corner turrets with interlocking fields of fire.

    Brainiac architect forgot Monday was a holiday, now the drawings are due today because he’s oblivious to the world around him and indifferent to the suffering of a poor CAD challenged dog. He just sent me the updated borders and backgrounds last night at 4:38 PM.


  66. There’s a lot to be said for real tits.

  67. Happy Birthday, CB!

  68. That’s because they’re good things… which you would endeavor to take from them, so that we may all be equals, gettin’ drunk off Boones’ Farm Wine on some inbred Trailer Folks’ collapsed trampoline.


    Ace is the place!

  69. Morning good people! Your BBF model seems nice, Pups.

    I like the gif for “your host.”

  70. Happy Birthday Clint.

    Your $1000 gift certificate to the cineplex is in the mail!

  71. It’s weird how our hit counter went up in the last hour.

    It’s like people just like us for our boobs.


    Is this what you say when you put half-n-half in coffee?

    Lightning, people, lightning!

  73. Your $1000 gift certificate to the cineplex is in the mail!

    That’s gotta be worth at least 5 boxes of Milk Duds.

  74. Happy birthday, Clintbird.

  75. Leon, I let it slide. She’s been under a lot of pressure.

  76. Thanks Hotspur.

  77. mmmmm, Milk Duds.

  78. Leon, I let it slide. She’s been under a lot of pressure.

    I don’t even know who you are anymore.

  79. Jebus, laura, those are some expensive tomato seeds! But they do look interesting.

  80. That was my thought as well Jay, I want to plant some things on my porch. I wonder when growing season is in Houston, in other words do the nights ever get cool enough for tomatoes to set?

  81. Relatively speaking Jay $3 for 30 seeds is probably more than $30 an oz.

  82. James Woods ✔ @RealJamesWoods

    Perhaps Britain’s decision makers factored the #Benghazi betrayal and coverup into their decision not to get into the trenches with Obama.

  83. I hate tomatoes and I’m never growing them again.

  84. Vmax, especially when Romas or Better Boys are $.99 for 100.

  85. We have been at 100 for a week, and my tomatoes are setting very quickly, vmax. They like it hot. Just keep them watered, and they will grow like weeds.

    Lots of compost helps. I have 3 plants in buckets.

  86. I’ve been enjoying our tomato crop thus far. It helps that I can toss the ones that aren’t pretty enough to the birds.

  87. *looks at my blight-covered plants.

    I’m gonna fucking burn my garden to the ground.

  88. My tomatoes grew like weeds in the summer Jay but when the nights low was over 75-80 the flowers never produced fruit.

  89. I’m gonna fucking burn my garden to the ground.


  90. I liked Cyn’s Thor Princess.

  91. Come for the education, stay for the alcohol poisoning.

  92. It is absolutely beautiful out today. Why am I here?

    Also, I’m worried about what rural life is doing to me. I’ve started looking at farm property real estate pages like some people look at dating sites.

  93. Your humble blogger got his first work experience in the food service industry, and learned more there than he did in college. Why would we deny such a valuable experience to future generations?

    From this article. I couldn’t agree more with that statement.

  94. In case you were wondering, yes, I would date today’s BBF model.

    She seems interesting and intelligent.

  95. Have to wait until after my shift to gaze upon the future ex Mrs Phat.

    Gives me a little something to look forward to.

  96. You can’t compost tomato plants with blight. It just spreads it. I think a nuke from orbit may be the only thing that solves this never-ending problem.

  97. Any last-day pranks pulled on you yet, Phat?

  98. Cyn,

    Nope, I’m buying pizza for the entire ops floor today (about 50 people).

    They’re still in suck up mode.

  99. Can’t go wrong bribing with pizza.

  100. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    We recently got a center to move from my former company’s system to ours. She already hated the former company for numerous reasons, which basically made the sale a little easier.

    They want us to do a conversion, which we are capable of doing easily, as long as we can access the old database.

    The admin at the center sent an e-mail to the old company and asked for the password to the database, so we could pull the data from it.

    They refused to give it to her, saying that it violates the license agreement and the NDA. She wrote back, nicely telling them that while the software is theirs, the data is hers and she would hate to have to get her lawyers involved.

    They wrote back and said that, for a fee, they would extract the data for her.

    She’s getting lawyers involved.

    She also posted on an industry blog about how she is getting screwed by that company and mentioned us.

    We’ve received 7 calls to our sales line this morning so far from users of that system, begging for a demo.

  101. In case you were wondering, yes, I would date today’s BBF model.

    She seems interesting and intelligent.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

  102. woo hoo, great news, wiserbud!

    Sometimes, it’s just a little push that starts the ball rolling.

  103. You can’t compost tomato plants with blight.

    Fair enough. Dry them and set them ablaze.

  104. HA! Wiser, great outcome.

  105. We’ve received 7 calls to our sales line this morning so far from users of that system, begging for a demo.


  106. Morning everyone!

  107. That’s awesome Wiser!

    Karma remains a stone cold bitch.

  108. What is meant by a center?

  109. HA! Wiser, great outcome.

    I knew a woman in Wisconsin who had that system also. She said that her goal was to not only replace that system in her center, but to get it out of every other center in the country. That’s how much she despised both the system and the company.

    Sadly, the center was later bought by a larger concern, so they had to put in the system the new owners demanded, so I never made the sale, but she still acted as an awesome anti-reference for me for years.

    It’s amazing that they can still make sales. I was talking to someone this morning that I was already working with and he just hates them. Was constantly making disparaging remarks about them to me, which generally people don’t do when talking to a potential new system vendor.

  110. What is meant by a center?

    a facility

  111. Something that is not a little off?

  112. Good job, Salesbud!

    *hands you a cup off coffee*

  113. Karma remains a stone cold bitch.

    They treat their customers like they are their property. I constantly hear stories about how they abuse their customers.

    They seem to have this mindset of “fuck ’em, where else are they gonna go?”

    (before there were so many other options, the President of the country actually said that. well, not the “fuck ’em” part. But I was in a situation where we were trying to royally screw over a client of mine and he actually said “where else are they gonna go?”)

    heh heh heh….

    Guess he finally has an answer to that question now.

  114. Good job, Salesbud!

    Hey, I didn’t no anything but step aside and let them do what I knew they would do, which is step on their dick yet again.

  115. *hands you a cup off coffee*

    These calls keep coming in like this and I’m gonna need more than that.

  116. She didn’t build those. She had help. It was a collective effort. Probably organized by a federal government bureaucrat.

  117. Awkward, the Kardashians gave each other the same gift on Christmas:

  118. A real pro would have memorized the backdoor sysadmin password .

  119. A real pro would have memorized the backdoor sysadmin password .

    Did you try user sa, blank password?

  120. a client of mine and he actually said “where else are they gonna go?”

    That sounds like an old football coach who was employeed by the local district at the time my daughters were in school who used to like going around town saying, “They may not like x, y, and z but they like winning football games.” as he continually abused and neglected anyone not connected to the football program. Got his ass fired after a 12 – 2 season is all he did.

  121. The password on today’s BBF is TITS.

  122. Pendejo, what have you been up to?


  124. A real pro would have memorized the backdoor sysadmin password .

    I never actually worked with their current system. This is from a company they bought after I left.

    They are trying to switch everyone to the new system, but it has been difficult. No one actually likes the new system.

    They mainly make sales because of the “IBM” syndrome.

  125. ah. well shit

  126. The password on mare’s system is 362436,

  127. What’s IBM syndrome?

  128. Our best friend’s son is Captain of the football team at a big St. Louis high school and was interviewed by the local news this am.

    Said I would give him a $100 if he could work the word ‘Banana’ into the interview.

    Kid couldn’t pull the trigger. While he was on TV I could see the gears spinning, but he didn’t do it.


  129. What’s IBM syndrome?

    Nobody ever gets fired for buying IBM.

  130. So we were watching a movie last night (Lawless – pretty good) and there were signs in the town for Whites, Colored, etc.

    So I asked HotBride if she knew that democrats were responsible for Jim Crow laws. Asked her if she knew the Kennedys were responsible for the FBI surveillance of MLK, that the KKK was started by democrats.

    Of course she knew none of this, and sorta challenged me on being delusional.

    This morning I sent her this:

    Waiting to hear from her.

  131. Said I would give him a $100 if he could work the word ‘Banana’ into the interview.

    *looks into camera, “Banana”


    Dumbass indeed.

  132. I’m probably a little late to the party, but last night BBC America covered the fast food strike by interviewing a woman that lives in a 2 bedroom apartment with her 1 year old daughter and boyfriend. She can’t afford daycare, but she gets food stamps and other assistance, but it doesn’t cover wipes or diapers. Sometimes she has to decide whether or not to buy clothes for her kid or get something for the house.

    Boyfriend stays home because the daycare is so expensive.

    She felt like she should make more money because she doesn’t want to decide these types of thangs.

    *waits for rage

  133. That’s a great link, HS. Too bad most libs will see free republic and dismiss it.


  135. I like it when they whine about not having any money, while sitting in front of their 65″ TV with PS3 and Xbox, and having a cellphone on the coffee table.

    While smoking.

  136. Haha, awesome mare!

  137. wipes: wash cloth and soap

    diapers: cloth – reuse 100 times

    Fucking dumbasses.

  138. I’ve lived in worse places, Jay. It was a pretty nice apartment. I was confused as mare in a gay bar.

  139. I don’t know what’s going on here, but I like it:

  140. That’s the best Presidential motorcade in history, mare!

    (Idiocracy, in case you were really wondering)

  141. Oh, well, timely!

  142. What do you suppose the vinegar to water ratio is inside of the meat sack called Obama?


  143. I like it when they whine about not having any money, while sitting in front of their 65″ TV with PS3 and Xbox, and having a cellphone on the coffee table.
    While smoking.


  144. What do you suppose the vinegar to water ratio is inside of the meat sack called Obama?


    Just when I get ready to type some witty response to this, I start laughing again and forget what I was going to type. Ha Ha! Well done, MJ.

  145. *twerks*

  146. No.

  147. Watching Stargate on Netflix.

    Did it always suck this much?

  148. What is scary to me? Obama is just as dumb and incompetent as we thought he was.

    None of us (that I recall) thought this puppet was anything other than a choom smoking, cocaine snorting, affirmative action wanna be.

    He’s just like those employees Roamy and MJ can’t get rid of because…..racist of course.

  149. Yes.

  150. Greetings, unilateralist, go-it-alone cowboys.

  151. Mornin’ Sean.

  152. My lawdy reegis, John F’n Kerry looks awful.

  153. How’s SeanMom today? Kicking PT butt I bet!

  154. What do you suppose the vinegar to water ratio is inside of the meat sack called Obama?

    He’s not meat, he’s soy.

  155. mment by Cyn on August 30, 2013 1:07 pm

    My lawdy reegis, John F’n Kerry looks awful.

    How does he look windsurfing?

  156. I still hate you all.

  157. I take a break, turn on the TV, and get Secretary Lurch. Fuck that noise.

  158. Wooof, Kerry does look awful. Even with all the facial work (go ahead whores rip em) he’s had done.

    We can’t get anyone to get on board, rethink your stupid ass position. This is an embarrassment.

  159. Hate me, too, Carin. My tomatoes got a little split from all the rain, but they were excellent with mozzarella and some balsamic vinegar.

  160. I’d like a SeanMom report, too. Hope she is feeling better and gets to go home soon.

  161. This administration is a perfect model of the expression, “water seeks it’s own level.”

    Everyone is equally incompetent.

  162. hate me, too, Carin. My tomatoes got a little split from all the rain, but they were excellent with mozzarella and some balsamic vinegar.

    Adding you to the list right now.

    I do have some sad news. My husband has now decided to take on the blight. I feel horrible, because he’s going to do all sorts of shit, and time and energy – and we’re still going to get blight.

    I haven’t read of anything that works. Once it’s in your soil (and it gets there by just a bug or a bird dropping it off) it’s there.

    So go ahead an enjoy your tomatoes today, you smug assholes.

    *calls Lauraw and asks if I can borrow the monkeys.

    I have special tomato bomb presents for each and every one of you.

  163. I think it would be cool if SeanMom’s doctors fixed her up but added Steve Austin bionic strength.

  164. I honestly even don’t want to go into my veggie garden at all anymore.

    Flowers. That’s all I care about. Flowers.

  165. *decides to plant first-ever garden, nothing but tomatoes*

  166. Maybe Car in could grow a weed garden. I hear those are pretty foolproof.

  167. Friday night lights starts tonight!

    Car In, my wife grew some peppers in our yard last year. Jalapeno and some other types of assfire vegetables/fruits (not sure which). Seemed like they pretty much took care of themselves and then they were eaten.


  168. Well done, MJ.

  169. Mom is doing well. I just talked to her a few minutes ago, and she’s still feeling a little pain, but no more than what she expected. It sounds like they’re probably sending her home tomorrow afternoon.

  170. 1 hour left in my official Air Force duty capacity.

    Watching this on you tube:

    Adios and Vaya Con Dios!

  171. Maybe blight doesn’t taste that bad. You should try it.

  172. Thank you for your service, Phat.

    Vaya Con Dios indeed!

  173. Hotspur, buy Hotbride this book. It has footnotes/congressional records/proof/speeches/etc.

  174. Nice work Phat. And happy birthday cbird and Michael.

  175. Congrats Phat! Grateful for your service indeed.

  176. Ditto what Cyn said, phat. And may your last hour be clusterfuck-free.

  177. Holy shit, Jay, I hadn’t noticed the price of those tomato seeds. Guess I won’t be growing those!

    I always just assume seeds are cheap and didn’t look down to the price.

    Carin, just do a topsy-turvy planter next year with potting soil and compost. When we had a statewide imported blight a few years back, those were the only ones that survived.

  178. Glad for Sean’s mom. And congratulations to Phat!

  179. Just ordered that, beasn, along with the 2nd Amendment book by him.


  180. Thanks, beasn. I will.

    Happy retirement, Phat.


  181. Yes, thank you for your service, phat.

    You will be keeping contacts in the ops center, right? We still need our “stupid things our government is spreading far and yon” reports.

  182. (Do they still shout that?)

  183. Congrats, Phat. Will you get the whole parade ground ceremony, or just sign out on terminal leave?

  184. Car in, we had tomato blight one year. The following year, we were able to successfully grow them. Same spot. Just was careful to mulch them extra good….mulch = barrier or some sh*t.

  185. Phat,

    Thank you for your service and enjoy your new job.

  186. Pro tip: don’t use the blighted tomatoes as mulch.

    You’re welcome.

  187. Hey, wiser is here! Someone post a recipe!

  188. Does this mean nothing will ever grow in Detroit?

  189. Heh, nice MJ.

  190. XBrad,

    I’ve got some minor outprocessing to do, but I’m opting for the sign out option. There are 3 of us Lt Col’s retiring around the same time, so we’re looking at going in on a big blowout party for families and co-workers.

    In Whidbey Island news, the Growlers we’re currently redeploying back from A-stan may not even make it back before we turn ’em back around.

    That turd landed on my desk about 30 min ago. Something for the next shift to dwal with!

  191. Hey, wiser is here! Someone post a recipe!

    Make it a drink recipe and we’re good.

  192. Xbrad,

    C-5 should be on short final at KNUW right about now.

  193. Does this mean nothing will ever grow in Detroit?

    They have a bumper crop of corruption and despair.

  194. The ultimate drink recipe:

  195. Wow, that’s a turd in a bunch of families punchbowls, Phat.

    For a system intended to jam air defense radars, the Prowler/Growler gang has proven to be a very, very high demand item in Iraq and A-stan.

  196. One of sour
    Two of sweet
    Three of strong
    And four of weak

  197. Does this mean nothing will ever grow in Detroit?

    The amount of welfare checks being sent is growing exponentially!

  198. *streaks thru blog*

  199. Comment by Cyn on August 30, 2013 2:19 pm

    *streaks thru blog*

    *takes picture*

  200. *streaks thru blog*

    *tackles Cyn and gives her the “Welfare Check”

  201. Wait Nooooooooooooooo!!!

    Let me go back the other way so you can get my good side.

  202. Well done, MJ.

    If you’d done that with a barbell on your back, you could have been the guys at my gym who “squat”.

  203. Thanks for serving Phat. Good luck with all your future plans but enjoy hanging around the house for a bit first.

  204. Speaking of Detroit and books…

    Another good one. Car in would love it as he was Detroit born (before the riots) and raised. It is timely in that Detroit seems very much like the shithole that is Africa, with the corruption, murder, excuses, blame, and general mayhem. –>

    Excellent writer. Read the reviews. He was the bureau chief for the Wash. Post. from 91-94. He covered and tells the stories of Somalia (Mogadishu), various genocides Rwanda, Hutus/Tutsis, Liberia, famine, disease, etc. Questions why other countries, who also experienced imperialism, wars, etc. have been able to pull themselves up by the bootstraps, but Africa won’t.
    Questioned why American civil rights leaders and race whores, go to Africa and make excuses/slobber all over despots, ignore their racism, brutality, corruption, warfare while still blaming whitey who haven’t been there in decades, and subsequent demands for more money the despots put in Swiss bank accts.

    Asks those same questions of the black community. Africa scares him and he thanks God everyday that his ancestor, who was put on a boat in chains, survived that journey.

    Fascinating account of what he witnessed and his own personal journey of who he is as a black man, from where he was born, to where he belongs.

  205. He isn’t going to do a thing. He is using this as a distraction and will use it for as long as he can.

  206. Phat?

  207. They told me if I voted for John McCain, I’d have a president who bombed countries on shaky evidence without any coalition behind him or any authorization from Congress, all to appease his medieval sense of masculine honor, and they were right!

    –Bravo, ace

  208. Thank you for your service, Phat. Happy Birthday, CB.

  209. Ekdahl After Dark

    Balls dipt’d… metaphorically of course.

  210. of course


    HA! What timing.

  212. Just read the Ekdahl twitchy. Nice rant.

  213. Balls firmly dipped in the essence of Ekdahl. That was magnificent.

  214. Pudding works good too.

  215. butterscotch pudding, preferred

  216. Don’t know if you all have seen this yet, but here is the movie trailer for Lone Survivor —–>

  217. They better not screw this one up, GMLand!

  218. I hate you all so much in going to take people food for the next 6 hours.

  219. The head of the BC has already pre-screened it with the stories namesake, she says it is fantastic. It is the entire story of Redwing and very true to the book.

    And, to rub it in as much as possible, I will be at the premiere on December 5!

  220. Saw the trailer when I saw 2 Guns. Cried. No way will I be able to make it through the movie without crying. Very cool about the premiere. Where will it be held? Boot Campaign event too?

  221. Damn you, Gland, damn you to hell!

    (very cool)

  222. There will be 3 premieres. LA, NYC and Dallas. I will be in Dallas with the entire BC and Lone Survivor Foundation teams. The whole cast and Marcus will be at the Dallas premiere as well. I haven’t looked forward to a movie this much since I heard they were making a sequel to Sharknado.

  223. The only problem will be that the story is so unbelievable, that some will doubt the veracity.

    I don’t doubt it, I still have trouble believing it happened. I know it’s true!

  224. GMLand, how do you know Mr. Luttrell?

    Is that how you’re going?

  225. Yeah, Phat. Thank you for your service.

    And kick ass in retirement (airlines) too.

  226. Mare, I am on the Board of Directors of the Boot Campaign. I also designed Marcus’ house for him and his wife. I had the extreme priviledge of meeting Marcus and his SEAL brothers at his ranch in Texas a couple of years ago where the foundation was laid for my involvement in the Boot Campaign and it has been an unbelievable experience to be a part of and an unequaled honor to have been asked to be on the board.

    If’n you need a pair of boots, lemme know.

  227. When idiots talk about Iraq being a war for oil, what fricken oil did we get and why does it cost so much now?

  228. I don’t doubt it, I still have trouble believing it happened. I know it’s true!

    Jay, if you ever get the opportunity to go see Marcus speak and retell the story, it will be more than worth it. Watching it on youtube does not do it justice.

  229. Because shut up.

  230. Well, that is just terrific, GML. You are indeed fortunate to know and hang with such amazing people.

    What is the Boot Campaign?


    also, scroll down on this page to find your’s truly….

  232. Libya was the war for oil. France gets most of their oil from Libya. We went to war for France and Libya. Benghazi.

  233. So GLand is gonna be in Dallas in December –

    I bet he doesn’t get to meet Mare…..
    …..again. 😛

    *waves “Hi” to everyone*

  234. Oso, some dipshit on twitter was linked saying she supports Obama now because Syria isn’t about oil (although I’ve read several times it could effect our prices) but the Iraq war was bad because it was about oil.

  235. Well, very interesting and I’m interested.

  236. Mare, you can’t talk to these people. There’s a Reagan quote that covers this. So much of what they know is wrong. Or something. Prices actually went down at Sam’s today. $3.22. WooHoo!

  237. Gas shouldn’t be more than a $1.00.

  238. I know! Drill here! Drill now!

  239. Mare, that’s fantastic. But I have a very important question to ask you.

    Do you like big meat?

  240. Roamy, books are here! Squeee!!!! Thank you very much!

  241. LOVE IT!

  242. HA! Some wit on twitter just said the gas attacks were caused by a Youtube video.

    We need to start yelling, “what difference does it make now!!!”

  243. So, now that my niece has been busted for DUI it appears that she will be spending most weekends at our house, as she is not allowed at home when her parents are gone, which is like almost every weekend.

    Even though we don’t have a second bedroom, it looks like she’ll be camping out in HotBride’s office.

    I’m more than happy to provide adult supervision, even though she is almost 22, but problem is, anything we accomplish at the weekend will be undone as soon as her dickhead parents come home.

    Oh well, we can keep her out of trouble three nights a week. The other four are on them.

    I’d like to punch them.

  244. DUI. That’s terrible.

    I can’t even imagine the cost of what could have been a $50 can ride.

  245. I heard some idiot on Fox (while I was working out at the gym because otherwise I would never be watching it) say, “…Kerry sounding very Presidential.”


    He sounded hesitant and couldn’t maintain eye contact, it was horrible.

    Like Rush said, he was embarrassing. He’s more convincing when he talks about global warming.

  246. Mare, that’s because Bush stole the Presidency in 2004. If Jean had won, TFG wouldn’t still be cleaning up W’s mess/

  247. Your and Hotbride’s influence will help carry her through. Kids deep down want to be good and accepted.

  248. Jean Francois Kerì is not to be trusted.

  249. So, you get to take care of an adult, who isn’t even your child, by a court order. Amazing what the courts can do, these days.

    Kudos to you, Hotspur, for not going on a killing spree.

  250. I agree, Cyn, and thanks for your kind words.

    HotBride has been the “real” parent figure ever since she was born. When five “noes” means “yes.” A kid learns very early how to manipulate.

    At our house “no” always meant “no.” And she loves us, and it shows.

    But we’re only there part-time. So…

  251. It’s not court ordered, Jay. It’s HotBride ordered.

  252. That’s like a Supreme Court order.

  253. When five “noes” means “yes.” A kid learns very early how to manipulate.

    *nods and sighs*

  254. Boot Campaign shop should have a section of Lone Survivor books handsigned by Marcus Luttrell. Charge an extra fiddy per book – more moneys for the cause.

    I’d love to get one for my son.

    *waggles eyebrows*

  255. oso
    About half of the land my company leases in North Dakota is on Federal land
    Took me well over two years to get a permit for a 2 mile lease road to drill my wildcat well (2008-2011)

    Found oil, but still.. What a clusterfuck

  256. If the 22-year-old is willing to do it, HS, that says something about her.
    Something good.

  257. So, GML is associated with Theo Rossi. Cool.

  258. Guy, what do you think…good suggestion, yes?

  259. Ah, I thought it was a condition of her sentence. Sorry bout that.

    Still, good on you two for caring for her.

  260. TJ, I H8 the EPA, ELF, Sierra Club, and every other watermelon group that limits OUR ability to use our native energy resources. If Blue areas want high gas prices and rolling brown outs, let them have it! (Sorry guys. Both of my Senators are eco terrorists too)

  261. Fox is turning into a large pile of steaming RINO excrement

  262. One of my Senators is an eco terrorist, and he’s retiring this year. So far the Iowa GOP isn’t a shining star in putting forward a decent candidate to take over from Harkin. Looks like an Eastern Iowa congressman (Braley) will take it.

    Grassley is ok, but it would be awesome to have 2 Rs from Iowa.

  263. oso
    NM is full of Fed land
    I had Fed leases down in Eddy and Chaves county ages ago but gave them back to the Yates guys because of the Fed surface issues
    And that was in the 80s in my yoot
    Imagine how bad they’d be now

  264. Thanks, Jay.

    She hasn’t been to court yet. It happened last week.

    She was like .05 from being taken to the hospital by the cops, as being alcohol poisoned. As it is, she’s subject to enhanced penalties because there is a super drunk driving law in Michigan.

    Cost I’ve heard bandied about by people with experience is – minimum $10,000 and probably closer to $13k.

    If she gets convicted of super drunk driving, she’ll never be allowed in Canada.

  265. As far as Assad
    To quote Cornelius Vanderbilt:

    ” It never pays to kick a skunk”

  266. Hotspur
    This probably saved her life

    The problem is, we’ve all been bombed and driving sometime in our youth. It is almost suicidal
    Hope she gets straightened out

  267. In the 80s, St Pete and Joe Skeen looked out for ranchers and oilmen. Still were fighting the Feds. It has really become horrible here. Valles Caldera. Beautiful country: Mostly off limits. Feds have put most logging companies out of business, shut down the mills. Mines are gone for the most part. Some mining outside of Grants on private land but it is a pain dealing with regulations. Only growth industry is the Feds that are killing business in NM.

  268. Sorry, HS.

  269. I remember Skeen
    He practically owned Little Texas in the Permian Basin in the southeast corner of the state
    Very Red down there when I lived in Carlsbad and Hobbs
    Did you know that Lea county alone has produced well over three billion barrels of oil? A gigantic oil field..

  270. >> I’d love to get one for my son.

    Got a signed one in my bookcase right here in my office.

    How bad ya want it?

  271. That part of the state is still red. Joe Skeen always bought from my grandparent’s roadside stand. Loved my grammo’s frybread. My grammo voted Republican her whole sentient life. I think my Aunt’s had her voting D-rat once she got dementia. MaryAnn (my youngest wiener dog is from Hobbes)

  272. Grants is finally coming back a little. Ghost town after the uranium mines closed.

  273. Chip ‏@cyamas 1h
    It’s clear now that whatever Obama was doing in the Choom Gang, they weren’t Performance Enhancing Drugs.

  274. Hotspur
    This probably saved her life

    So true. She’s lucky to have you & HB to bring her to her senses.

    The problem is, we’ve all been bombed and driving sometime in our youth.

    Yeppers. Towns are so much bigger now, there’s way more driving involved than when we were younger (usually).

    I am doing something with my sons that my mom never did – I’m offering a free no questions asked drunk shuttle home. Just.Friggin.Call.Me.

  275. Not encouraging them to drink, but I’m telling them that I ALREADY KNOW that they will.

  276. Prolly ‘shopped but still stinkin’ cute!

  277. Last one…

    …for now!

  278. Kerry sounded presidential? What???? That Lurch-face motherfucker only sounded like a PSA for what happens when Botox treatments go horribly wrong.

  279. miracle of miracles, I finally have AT$T Uverse.

    Of course, no good deed goes unpunished. I can’t access my Netgear router when hardwired to it.

    Suggestions, anyone?.

  280. HS, Super Drunk is scary. Especially the alcohol poisoning. Is treatment/rehab an option?

  281. What’s your modem?


    That’s a keeper for a header pic!


    I think I know what happened to MJ.

  284. They have probably already doubled your monthly rate.

  285. Back to twerk.

  286. I think I know what happened to MJ.

    Hover Zoom hand makes me laugh faster. Or get weirded out faster. Or both.

  287. What’s your modem?

    never mind. Complete restart of every fucking electrical device in my house seems to have fixed it.

    They have probably already doubled your monthly rate.

    Actually, I sicced wiserbride on them.

    Instead of one year at the lower rate (saving $100 per month over cable provider) we now have two years at the lower rate.

    Hell, they try to screw me in a couple of years, I’ll go back to cable.

    I can play this game forever.

  288. Prolly ‘shopped but still stinkin’ cute!

    Tiki does that all the time. One ear up.

    I look at him and say “PUT THAT EAR DOWN!”

    he just stares back.

    I’ve actually considered getting that license plate.

    yannow, if I didn’t have to go to DMV to get it….

  289. DMV – where our tax dollars go to die a slow painfully horrible death as we watch.

  290. Theo Rossi can play Aaron Hernandez in the movie.

  291. No, Oso, I’m afraid not. Treatment only works when all family members participate. Her arrogant knowitall English asshole of a dad won’t do it. She’s the problem. It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with him.

  292. Afternoon.

  293. Oh man. Sorry. Prayers for your niece and to turn her Dad’s heart.

  294. yep, it’s working awesome now.

    Hellooooo, lesbian por……

    “Real Genius” on Crackle.

  295. I think I actually yelled this exact thing after the game:

  296. I think they like me at work. I have been smuggling coffee out onto the sales floor, and today the store manager caught me.

    I stared him right in the eye, made my best don’t-fuck-with-me-face, and walked right past him.

    He turned and went the other way.

  297. I see Scott is going to be a problem employee.

  298. I think I’ve said this too:

  299. How the fuck are you supposed to work at 5AM without coffee.

    It’s just not possible.

  300. Today I built five (5) of these:

  301. If you are transferred to the southern hemisphere, will the swirls go in the opposite direction, like water in a toilet?

  302. Ummm, this dog kicks ass:

  303. How the fuck are you supposed to work at 5AM without coffee.

    Not. Possible.

  304. Scott, I heard there is a meeting about you in the managers office at 4:45 am.

  305. This is the first comment at that site and reflects my feelings exactly.

    “That awkward moment when a dog has more artistic tallent than I do.”

  306. Treatment only works when all family members participate.

    I’m sorry, but this is completely false. While it helps a great deal to have family participate (as mine has), it’s not required for someone to get better. I’ve seen people recover whose families want absolutely nothing to do with them anymore and vice-versa.

  307. Mini rant: my cousin’s two little girls were just recognized for their efforts to do away with plastic bags in Santa Fe. Next on their agenda: takeout styrofoam. I just ignore. Dan thinks I should attack them for H8N poor people.

  308. Aaaaand, they spelled talent incorrectly.

  309. Time begins before 6 am?


  310. I just found out a couple of days ago that they give away free coffee to contractors.

    That’s the next goal, free coffee from the inside.

  311. HA..I love that pic, pups.

    Scott’s going to own Home Depot when all is said and done.


  313. Jalepeno and pineapple pizza for Cyn!


  314. So instead of Starbucks, I can go to Scott’s store, pretend to be a GC, and get my coffee fix for nothing?!


  315. I’m so excited for college football, but it’s kind of weird I haven’t set my favorites yet.

  316. Sam’s Club provides coffee for business and Plus members.

  317. Mare, The Ohio State University! Me and Pups agree! (HS, I know that’s wrong)

  318. Oh Shit.

    It ~is~ Friday.

    Pizza Day.



  319. Mare works for homeland security:

  320. Oso, funny you should say that…they are in my top five because I’m one of those who likes Urban Meyer.

    One season, 12-0.

  321. Pizza 2nite!!! Woot! Woot!

  322. Mare, I don’t have a choice. I love my Lobos. (Don’t follow us, we suck). Navy. (Never had a choice there either.) That’s it. I used to like the Longhorns when I lived in TX.

  323. Did anyone take action “muscular enough not to be mocked” today?

  324. They give away free coffee at most AA meetings. I’m just saying is all.

  325. Styrofoam is a miracle. Why do your cousins hate God?

  326. I like Texas A & M, and although his character seems to be falling short, (I think a product of his parents) I LOVE watching Manziel.

  327. Did anyone take action “muscular enough not to be mocked” today?

    4 days a week, today included.

  328. I like Boise State too. I know someone well, who knows the coach well and he seems like a very good guy. Does a lot with what he’s got. Hey, they beat Georgia in Georgia.

  329. Nailed it, Leon.

  330. Boise State is in our Conference. I still throw chingas at the AFA when I go through the Springs. Leon, almost all of my cousins are idiots and so are their overachieving D-rat kids.

  331. The story about Johnny Football clearly sets his parents as the enabling POS that created a spoiled kid.

  332. Boise State!

  333. Yeah, I know you’re right, Oso. I must say I do enjoy watching him play and I’ve watched the rerun of the Alabama/Texas A&M game 3 times.

  334. Mare!

  335. I knew Jewstin was going to jump in! They’ll probably kill us.

  336. Journalism? How the fuck does it work? Grrrrr…Dan fell asleep and I’m having to listen to CBS News.

  337. Hey, at least it’s not NBC.

  338. Oso, I’m also obligated to be a Wyoming Cowboys fan, so you’ll have a chance to gloat then.

  339. I’m OK. Turned the channel to Pirates/Cards. Jew, I know we have Davie know but I don’t know if we are considered favorites against the Cowboys.

  340. Crap! Now not know.

  341. Urban coached his ass off last year. He’s got a good bunch of coaches and mediocre players, along with some real knuckleheads. I won’t be surprised if they lose a game or two.

  342. Snake head wing tips ftw

  343. Pupster, as long as we beat Meechigan…

  344. Aren’t plastic bags from the grocery for your garbage so you don’t have to buy them?

    What do the liberals put their trash in?

  345. Good luck with that.

  346. HS, you are supposed to get re-usable bags and forget to wash them and give your whole family salmonella and e-coli. Plastic bags are the debbil.

  347. What about the energy expended heating the wash water, the actual water used, and the bleach and detergent? Then what about the gas the dryer uses, and the paper in the dryer sheet?

  348. Scott, full disclosure, I don’t like moths, butterflies, or hummingbirds. That moth is very cool.

  349. Somewhere I saw footage taken by a submersible of a plastic bag tumbling by in the current.

    It was probably looking for a wildly endangered blob fish to strangle and eat.

  350. HS, these are eco terrorist spawn. They want energy to be expensive and cleaning chemicals to be weak. Daddy is a lawyer and mommy is a teacher and they know more than you!!!

  351. I guess only WalMart bags end up in trees and waterways.

  352. Snake head wing tips ftw

    Am I the only one who expected shoes?

  353. Didn’t we go to plastic to save the trees?

    WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE TREES???!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  354. That was back when acid rain was hip.

  355. Tree farms. I want my…I want my…I want my DDT!

  356. HA HA HA ….acid rain didn’t kill the fish. It was the eco-weanies saving trees.

    “A number of lakes in the Adirondacks and Nova Scotia that are naturally acidic became more alkaline for several decades in the late 19th century and early 20th century—when massive cutting of trees and burning of stumps by lumberers reduced the acidity of the forest floor, and soil run off made it possible for species such as trout and salmon to survive. After lumbering and burning came to an end, forests grew back, and the soil run off, hence the waters, returned to their natural acidity. These changes in land use often dwarf in importance the impact of acid rain.”

  357. Why does Scott H8 Gaia?

  358. Stupid hippies!

  359. Did anybody bring a bag of rotten fruit and vegetables to anybody else’s opening performance today?

  360. Nobody trusts US intelligence anymore. Good job liberals, how does it feel to screw yourself.

  361. Darn youtube.

  362. MFM is totes covering for TFGs Syrian Summer. Totes.

  363. His only chance is to go big. If I were him I would nuke Iran.

  364. I took slightly brown crab apples to the chickens, Sean, in hope of seeing some eggs. Close enough?

  365. He can’t nuke Iran. He agrees with them.

  366. Nice dress, Oso.

  367. Are the Manziel’s gypsy’s?

    Honestly curious.

    They seem like an entire family of grifters.

  368. Hahaha close Pups, close. I did the Dougie too.

  369. Evenin’, pop stars.

  370. Ha! Phat, Johnny even looks like a punk face gypsy, but there is something about his play that keeps me interested.

    I know his teammates like him (almost universally) (from insiders talking on sports radio) and I loved that he couldn’t watch that last Alabama drive. Took a knee with his head down.

  371. It’s all mare’s fault.

  372. Ace’s schtick in the Robin Thicke post has me giggling.

  373. Stupid horse.

  374. oso
    How can you twerk sin nalgas?

  375. Nice dress, Oso.

    You, sir, are very lucky to be remotely located relative to myself. I’ve got a rolled up newspaper with your name on it.

  376. Close enough?

    I think you know. Now, go and think about what you’ve done.

  377. Mare,

    Don’t get me wrong. Big fan of TAMU, but the stories about his dad are a bit off-putting.

    I played D-1 college ball (although at USAFA), and I hate the NCAA with the white hot hate that is usually reserved for guys on my fantasy football team.

    The school is making MILLIONS off this kid and he can’t sign an autograph for money?

    I guarantee you they have Manziel-signed helmets that they give to ‘donors’.

  378. Comment by Sean M. on August 30, 2013 7:46 pm

    Am I the only one who expected shoes?

    No. And I’m disappointed that there weren’t shoes.

  379. So I was packing my car yesterday to head out for a tango festival when I noticed that my tags were set to expire at the end of the month. Unfortunately it was 7pm and the DMV was closed, which meant that I got the joy of driving from Denver down to Colorado Springs today to spend 45 minutes at the DMV, and then drive all the way back up to Denver. Probably 4.5 hours in the car, total. Did I mention that I-25 and I-225 are both under major construction? Yeah, FML.

  380. It wasn’t pretty. I’m the Navin Johnson of dance. Dan just doesn’t pay attention to pop culture.

  381. Manziels great grandfather was (wait for this) Syrian.
    He was a boxer and his pal Jack Dempsey fronted him some money and he discovered a big-ass oil field, the Hawkins field in East Texas.
    Made millions
    The family was and is loaded

  382. Ace did a great take-down of Thicke.

    Somebody really got under his skin in the comments, though.
    He’s threatening to take it down and post it at BB, because “OLD PEOPLE”!
    “How dare I post something that’s not “Obama Sucks! ?”

    Somebody get over there and give him his lithium, as he seems to have forgotten to take it.

    He’s been doing some really good stuff lately. I won’t tell him that because I’m old enough to be his grandfather…

  383. 4.5 hours in the car?
    In Colorado.

    That’s vacation.

  384. Andrea Tantaros said today on The Five that her boyfriend (who she did not name) was a quarterback at Cal. So, really, it’s like I’m practically dating her.

    *writes “Sean Tantaros” all over front of Pee Chee folder*

  385. Mare, thanks for the comment on the podcast bumper music. I presume you stayed for the outro?

  386. 4.5 hours in the car?
    In Colorado.

    That’s vacation.

    Not when half of that is I-25 with traffic and construction. The drive up was nicer, because I took hwy 83 north through Parker.

  387. TJ, I’ve heard a lot of spoiled rich kid about Johnny Football. Same as Bryce Harper.

  388. There is no way I would physically show the husband what twerking looked like unless I wanted to get simultaneously twerked.
    Don’t think the knees could take it.
    TMI? Stfu.

  389. Beasn, I don’t think my body moves like that any more without spraining something.

  390. The last time I was in the Denver area I spent 12 hours driving around, then decided to get ahead of a storm. I drove straight through to Milwaukee, made a delivery, and continued on to Ohio.

    40 hours straight and a personal best.

  391. I saw stuff.

  392. Congrats Phat. Don’t worry about flight school, 4th time is the charm.

  393. I tried to read that post on Ace
    It was endless and the comments were insane
    Guess Im too old or busy to give a shit

    I did like the fact that Cyndi Lauper was authoritatively quoted

  394. * sends Flying 737 for Dummies to Phat *

  395. Last time I was in Denver, I went to Laramie for the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert, had Bloody Mary’s at Bass Pro by the airport, and Dan went to the Bronco game. I’m buycotting Denver until they recall their anti-gun idiots in their legislature.

  396. oso
    So what if he’s spoiled?
    He’s a great football player.
    I don’t think he’ll be nearly as great in the NFL, but he is entertaining.
    Never thought Id defend a fucking Aggie..

  397. TJ, I get tired of commenters telling Ace what he needs to be posting! I think Robin Thicke got a pass on the whole VMA’s and I love Ace’s take on it.

  398. TJ, his Dad has him signing items for “Friends”. OSU got screwed for a tat and a few jerseys. Auburn got a pass. The NCAA needs to be consistent. Reggie Bush didn’t do anything Cam Newton didn’t do.

  399. oso
    I’ve commented on AoSHQ for years.
    I never criticized him except when he got all PC about comparing Moochelle to Chewbacca and started banning people. That was back in 2009.
    But he took the Thorazine like a champ and all is love and he does it himself now

  400. Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.

  401. At least he will not be able to quarterback the first half of the Rice game
    How will A&M be able to defeat the Mighty Owls without him?

  402. I don’t even know who the hell is on there anymore, except for logprof and Seattle girl what’s her name?

  403. TJ, there are commenters at the HQ where I feel it in my gut. They cross the line. There are comments about TFG that I find funny, the patch of watermelons outside the WH…not funny. Same thing with Mooch comments. Some are funny. Some hit my gut. To start comparing Ace to CJ is wrong.

  404. Here’s the problem with that formulation TJ. It’s racist. And a few of the commenters getting their rocks off making those comparisons had walked the fine line of “I’ll get thiiiiiiiiis close to the line but not over because it’s a cute game I play, who’s my secret racist friend?”

    Secondarily it’s just retarded and juvenile. So we nuked em for racism and 5th grade clappy humor but mostly racism.

  405. The ONT is real “Lizard Lounge” to me. I miss Friday Night Flame wars.

  406. I don’t think I have read comments there for 4 years or more.

  407. I tried a couple of times.

  408. Yu Darvish has a No No thru 6

  409. Scott, I still lurk the comments there.

  410. My IP got banned somewhere along the line (I may have mentioned longbows) and I made a half-assed attempt to get back in, but it didn’t work and I honestly don’t really miss it.

  411. I’ll read the comments once every couple weeks or so. Especially when it’s slow here.

  412. No No broke up. Never mind.

  413. When I read 10 comments and hit refresh to find 15 comments….

  414. I’m pro-traditional marriage. Some of the H8 directed at Gabe on the morning threads makes me sick.

  415. Gabe gets hate?

    I’ll stop trying.

  416. W just joined Instagram. I still can’t navigate Twitter!

  417. Scott, it is horrible. I know Gabe pokes the bear, but there are some vile people on the HQ threads.

  418. I normally dislike people.
    I’ve met Gabe more than once. He is good people.

  419. Gah, I had a whole big rant written, but then the internet connection crapped out. So a quick summary instead:

    The problem for Ace is that too many commenters want to be nasty instead of mocking or insulting. Ace likes to attack the notion that left-wing twits like Amanda Marcotte are Serious Thinkers, or that liberal women like Michelle Obama are somehow glamorous supermodels. It’s fundamentally at odds with reality, and he’s not afraid to use mockery and even insults to do so, but he’s attacking the liberal culture that gives rise to this insanity more so than attacking those women personally. Is Ms. Marcotte a twit? Yes, but she has every right to be a twit. The problem is that the media wants to pretend that she’s not, so he has to make it very clear that she’s a twit and demonstrate their absurdity. The same thing with Michelle Obama. Mocking her fashion choices is more about responding to the unrealistic fawning media coverage that she receives.

  420. The last time I saw him he was enjoying a cocktail and a cigar on Car in’s dock in front of a nice sunset.

    His boots were amazing.

  421. I’ve never met Gabe. He’s one of “us”. I automatically side with Gabe. Even when I disagree with him, I “trust” him.

  422. Colex, when Ace explained “Humor” to his commenters: EPIC!

  423. Try to make it to the meetup Oso.

  424. Sean,
    Andy can fix your ban-state.

    Yeah, the Gabe-Hate really pisses me off. There is a pretty big group that really wants to bring the H8 on Gabe because he’s “Teh Gehy”.
    They won’t argue the issues, just comment on his posts to attack him for orientation.

    Drew gets it because “RINO”, same thing.

    Folks show-up to tell Ace who his COBs should be, what he should post about, etc.

    If’n they are so fk’n unhappy there, why not go somewhere else?

    It is what it is, and has been pretty consistent for years.
    That’s why it is one of my open tabs for the whole damned day, as is this shit-hole.
    Also, most of you folks are in the same(geriatric) demographic, Sean, Oso, and MJ excepted.

    Car in, Rocket-Chick, Beasn, Cyn, Laura, Scott, I’m kidding!
    I do have a sense of humor, somewhere around here…

  425. Scott, it was planned too late for retail. Columbus Day wknd is last wknd of balloon fiesta and covers Fall Break. My vacation is late October. I need 6 mos heads up.

  426. I agree Gabe is good people, we may disagree on a few things but that is a few very few things. He is an impressive thoughtful intelligent man. We need more like him on our side.

  427. C-Alex,
    Yeah, the “vicious” comes out strong in some folks. I’m not a ‘people person’ so not perceptive enough to tell if it’s deliberate, or just who they are…

  428. Yes, Andy, was that your doing?

  429. I don’t think Sean has ever expressed an opinion about Pat Green. I don’t know why Andy banned him.

  430. I agree with Phat, the Manziels seem/act/give off that air like grifters, and what’s weird is they have money.

    I think Johnny signed those deals and knew they would be sold and got cash for it. BUT, zero paper/money trail. The NCAA could not “prove” money was transferred. Other crap dumb asses have done left more of bread crumb trail. How Cam Newton ever got away clean, I don’t know.

  431. Sean, have your Mom And Dad go to Verde in Kapa’a. NM/Hawaiian fusion! Puka Dogs in Poip’u too.


  433. Mare, it’s a good thing he has to miss 2 qtrs against Rice. Whew. Really dodged a bullet there.

  434. Whatevses
    I never got into that crap
    I just didnt like how selective the anti racial banning was for other groups.
    I’ve personally experienced some pretty nasty shit from some commenters there. And the statements about Mexicans was tin foil shit.

  435. He is good people.
    I may disagree from time to time.


    Some ninja moves there.

  437. oso
    I remember that post about humor

  438. TJ, yep. There are commenters that get really ugly on the amnesty threads too. There are strains of Luap Nor anti-semitism there disguised as conservatism. Still my favorite blog stop. I love Ace and his insights.

  439. hahahah….pups, cats do the funniest crap.

  440. Our new neighbors have a cat. Hilarity has ensued.

  441. I don’t think Sean has ever expressed an opinion about Pat Green. I don’t know why Andy banned him.

    I met Andy once, about nine months before I quit drinking, so it’s possible I said something about Pat Green back then and I don’t remember doing so. I may owe amends to Andy and Mr. (?) Green.

  442. Mare, back up to 7:03

  443. Sean, if Andy was banning anyone over Pat Green comments…it would be Wiserbud.


  445. Oso, I caught up to where you got the books. Good!

  446. HA! Scott, I don’t care what anyone says, cats are funny.

  447. oso
    I never took it personally myself
    Im a yid so what? Doesn’t bother me
    But it was the crap about the border that set me off. It was a hell of a lot worse than making fun of that goddam asshole Michelle Obama. That’s all I remember.

  448. See, this is why the internet is great, for NO other reason than dogs sticking their heads through classic paintings. Oh, and cat crap. Definitely cat stuff.

  449. Also, I hear there’s a bunch of porn on the internet these days.

  450. TJ, I have a list!!! LOL I know who the rayciss! are about the border. It was/is bad. When it gets real ugly I bail.

  451. I’m never apologizing for hating Michelle Obama.

    I don’t care that she’s fat, trying to make national policy, has a face like a mud fence, dresses like shit, and acts like a fricken queen with our money. I expect that from an insecure, affirmative action dumb ass. I hate her because she’s lived a privileged life, made a crap ton of money doing nothing and yet, AND YET, has only been proud of her country once.

    That bitch deserves all the scorn she gets.

  452. Why do Cats have Caturday and dogs don’t get their own day? RAYCISSS!!!!

  453. Mare, I H8 her and her mom jean wearing hubby. I don’t make ghetto, monkey, or ape comments. My Watermelon references are about eco-communism.

  454. Why are there always these phases in life?

    Oh, wait I remember. It’s life.

    Heading to a funeral service for the mom of two of my best friends from high school tomorrow in Dallas. Mostly cause I haven’t seen em in years, the passing is sad but she lived a good long life. The brothers both live in Nashville and I haven’t seen em in ten years. I’m looking forward to it.

    Also their sister was hot.

  455. Sooooooooooooooooooooo many commenters at Ace’s think they’re funneh. They’re not. But they think they have to try to be, and so they ratchet up a theme or meme, bypassing funny, straight into offensive.

  456. Yeah, I’m not really into the “monkey,” “watermelon,” “ghetto,” stuff either.

    That crap takes away from the legitimate beefs Americans should have against her. Her over the top vacations, her inserting herself in policy, her racial comments, etc..

  457. Good on you for representing at your friend’s mom’s funeral, Dave.

  458. I absolutely love Mare’s Musings.

    Greatest feature of this blog ever made.

  459. Mare, exactly! Good for you, DiT. Don’t forget a FB post at the HQ tomorrow with cheerleader or OMG!!!!

  460. For those who are not aware of our new feature, scroll up and look to the right.

  461. >> My IP got banned somewhere along the line

    Well that was probably a mistake made by the shitty software. Let me know if it’s still f’d, and I can get it fixed.

  462. Wiser, that’s a bit more erudite than DaveInTexas’ Musings:

    “I like pie!”

  463. Andy, should we tell Sean just what all happened that night?

    Do you think he recalls he spent the night with you in the gayest hotel in the gay Mecca of Palm Springs?

  464. Dave, we’ve made it through August without a funeral here. It seems to be a bad month for us like that … so much that the wife starts getting kind of antsy around mid-July.

    Prayers for your friends’ family.

  465. Ooooh…I love Mare’s Musings. Will it be a thing?

  466. HA!…Wiser, you son of a….

  467. I get antsy in odd numbered year’s Autumns.

  468. >>>Ooooh…I love Mare’s Musings. Will it be a thing?

    Has been for a few days now.

    Started with her declaration of her love for BIG MEAT!!!!

  469. Drunk dialed Double Dave Pizzaworks and ordered the 18″ hand tossed with the works.

  470. Now yes, but certainly in my parent’s generation, if someone you knew had a relative who died, you went to the funeral. Period. Someone, if not everyone went to represent your family’s “respect.”

  471. Or love, of course love too.

  472. Mare,
    You forgot her “unelected” decisions on “School Lunches” as national policy.
    WhoTF elected here to do anyfuckinthing? As in Where does she get off doing this, and wtf are her qualifications to pull this shit?!?!
    I’m not down with the personal attacks, but WTF, O?

  473. OMG! I missed it! Thanks for the heads up!

  474. >>>HA!…Wiser, you son of a….

    Don’t let us down now, sweetheart

  475. ChrisP, that’s what I’m talking about. You made it about her policy and not her looks.

  476. She’s Roslynn Carter, redux.

  477. I gotta say, I’m kinda digging this Uverse so far.

    I especially like the ability to watch stuff on my iPhone, as well as the ability to search and set the DVRING from from my phone.

  478. >> Do you think he recalls he spent the night with you in the gayest hotel in the gay Mecca of Palm Springs?

    Wait a damned minute .. this needs some context.

    In Palm Springs, the second-gayest hotel is still pretty fuckin’ gay.

  479. HB, Krispy

  480. >> For those who are not aware of our new feature, scroll up and look to the right.


  481. Krispy, “trying to make national policy” was a reference to her stupid school lunch program.

  482. >>>YOU’RE NOT MY REAL MOM!!!

    Why the hell haven’t you been banned yet?


    No, wait, it’s Andy, whom I like.

  484. I dare you to ban me, motherfucker!

    Oh. Wait.

  485. Stolen from the ONT:

  486. They lost their dad in June. Sucky summer. It’ll be nice to see them though.

    Oh shit, I gotta do a football post and put it in draft tonight. Andy, help a brother out tomorrow?

  487. (and thank you everyone, for the kind wishes)

  488. >> Andy, help a brother out tomorrow?

    Got it.

    We’ll have a scheduler in about #TwoWeeks

  489. >>>>I dare you to ban me, motherfucker!

    That’s one.

  490. >>>Oh shit, I gotta do a football post and put it in draft tonight. Andy, help a brother out tomorrow?

    When did this place become the back room meeting room for Ace’s cob loggers?

  491. Mare,
    Yeah, I know. It’s the same as “Hillary Fuckin’ Care” during the Clinton era.
    My response to the FLOTUS has always been; “Who The Fuck Are You? to be making policy? I did not vote for you.
    Sorry for the profanity, drinkin’ again…
    I have a sticker on my aircraft Roll-Around tool-box from the ’90s that reads “Impeach Hillary”.

  492. *goes to make a foosball post*

  493. Dave, hearts to you.

    Damn. I hate that you’re so much a better man than me.

  494. >> When did this place become the back room meeting room for Ace’s cob loggers?

    March 2009

  495. >> When did this place become the back room meeting room for Ace’s cob loggers?

    Ooooohh…. talking shit about LauraW always works out well…

  496. Wiser,
    Does it really work like; “Beelzebub? ”
    Three times, and it happens?

    Not that I want to go there, you understand. Just trying to understand parameters.

    Oh, and Kick-ass on the system-stuff today. Gut those assholes. Steal their customers that they hold in such low regard.
    Here, have a coffee…
    You’re a closer.

  497. >>>>March 2009


    Yes. I remember now.

    Just about the time we lost Blaze.

  498. Wow that was fast delivery, I barely smoked 1/2″ of my Punch. But the pizza is good

  499. Bouncing between SMU/TT, The Patriot, Kick Ass, FB, HQ, and here. Squirrel!!!!

  500. >>>Not that I want to go there, you understand. Just trying to understand parameters.

    It’s kind of an unwritten rule. Only really been applied once.

    Don’t tempt me though. It’s been a while….

    >>>Oh, and Kick-ass on the system-stuff today. Gut those assholes. Steal their customers that they hold in such low regard.
    Here, have a coffee…
    You’re a closer.

    Thanks, man. I don’t play the game in the usual way.

    I prefer to play the long game….

  501. >>>Bouncing between SMU/TT,


  502. Car in has already checked in on FB, but not here. What’s up with that?

  503. Fingerbangs and SMU.

  504. I’m here. I”m here. Didn’t make shit tonight.


  505. >>>Fingerbangs and SMU.

    Oso= miley?


    Note, y’all

  506. Plus, I have a friend who’s husband is really sick. I check facebook often to see if there are any update.

  507. TT and their stupid fingerbangs. Not to be confused with Eric Cartman’s rendition of “Fingerbang”. Totes different. TOTES!

  508. Car in, Re your blight.
    5 gallon buckets for under $2 at Lowes. Miracle grow potting soil. Problem solved. I also buy a bundle of 8′ 1by to put in the bucket, but tomatoes grow well in 5 gallon buckets

  509. The problem with merely putting the toms elsewhere – the birds and bugs will just move it. My dad put some on the deck (other side of the house) with fresh soil. They got blight.

    The only hope is to get strains of toms that are more resistant, and put plastic down, and spray with anti-fungals at first sight, and prune all the lower branches- even before you see blight.

    When I work – basically – friday until tuesday constantly – I just can’t watch the plants. First sign can appear friday, and by tuesday the plants are completely contaminated.

  510. I told Mr Car in he could try to put a garden in on the other side of the house, but I wasn’t sure if it was going to work.

  511. >> Damn. I hate that you’re so much a better man than me.

    What? What’d I do now?

  512. Second half of Dredd movie – totally worth it.

  513. Put them on your deck not in contact with the soil and tie them up to a steak so they do not touch the blight. It will work. I had the tobacco virus one year. Bleach and new containers (With new seeds) worked well

  514. TT and their stupid fingerbangs. Not to be confused with Eric Cartman’s rendition of “Fingerbang”. Totes different. TOTES!

    So, more like a Gunnery Sgt. Hartman thing?

  515. We’ll try again next year. It’s just so depressing. It requires a vigilance that I annot devote to my veggie garden.

  516. Gunny Ermey.

  517. Speaking of Gabe, here’s a tweet from back in the day:

    @gabrielmalor @DICKS No offense Gabe, but I thought you were a fan of Dicks ;).— Phat (@Transphat88) December 28, 2012

    What can I say? It was a hanging curve.

  518. Carin, I don’t even know why tomatoes are the most popular garden plants. You get so much more out of other plantings. I would substitute lots of things for tomatoes. And regret giving them so much room in the garden this year, again.

    I suspect your problem is that your water table is nearly right under your feet. High and abundant water pretty much weaponizes a soil blight. It won’t go away.

    Your best hope is to find a supplier that grafts good varieties to highly disease-resistant rootstocks.

    Just noticed tomato grafting taking off in the last couple years or so. Looks promising.

  519. Phat, that was funneh and without malice.

  520. Plant veggies you don’t find at the store, and buy tomatoes cheap.

  521. Oso,

    Gabe has always struck me as one of the more ‘sane’ libertarians.

    Back in the 80’s PJ O’Rourke had a book out called “Republican Party Reptiles”. It was small ‘l’ Libertarian before or the paulians were around.

    Basically it was big tent (if you like to party), ditch the evangelicals, small gov’t and max personal liberty.

    Still a big fan. He signed a copy of his book ‘Give War a Chance’ for me. His inscription: Phat- Thanks for the bombs, PJ”.


    Also a really gracious man. I can see how some could see him as a bit brusque, but he was wonderful to me and Mrs Phat.

  522. Now that you’re out of the Air Force, you might have a future in comedy, phat.

  523. If you don’t plant tomatoes here by March you kinda fucked up.

    I kinda fucked up.


  524. I pretty much instantly became a conservative after reading my uncle’s copy of Parliament of Whores back in the late 80s.

  525. I’ve been a fan of PJ O’Rourke since the days of ” Bored of the Rings” and the early National Lampoon.

  526. Sean,

    I admire the guys that can compress serious humor into twitter.

    Iowahawk, Ace, DrewM, Andy, JohnE, ToddKincannon.

    Clever and concise. Love it.

    I remember back around the Paul Anka era of AoS, Ace did a couple of TV spots. Wish I had screen grabs, he was very ewok-like.

    He was good, but he was not in his element. His element is evidently caring SO MUCH about Dredd that his 60 min review convinced me to see a 93 min movie.

  527. Yeah, Ace is at his best when he gets a tad… obsessed with something. I love it when he gets a bit manic pointing out the shallow thinking of the Deep Thinkers of the Left.

  528. Xbrad,

    The Paul Anka series is still my favorite. Makes me giggle like a little girl to this day.

    I used to play the audio of the rant at work all of the time.


    Hard to believe that was at AoS back in 2004!

  529. Gents, I am off to bed.

    See you in the AM.

  530. Cool Facts About Dick Cheney was classic. However…. the best Ace post ever…

  531. Ah, that post was my introduction to teh HQ and the world’s introduction to “The Nasty Adolf.” Good times. Good times.

  532. There’s no doubt – not when I’m with you
    When I’m without – I derp in my room
    Where do you go – I get no answer
    You’re always out – it gets on my nerves

  533. There’s a new poat, not that anybody else is awake at 6:40 Saturday morning.

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