H2 Prayers


You need ’em?  We got ’em.


All you gotta do is ask.


  1. If no one else will get this rolling, I will.

    Beasn’s mom (cancer)
    Jay’s MIL (cancer)
    MCPO’s DG (praying for good test results)
    Wiser’s friend that lost two family members right at Christmas
    XBrad’s sister (surgery this month)
    Elderly parents and their caregivers
    Those who have lost loved ones in the past year (Carin, Andy, Aggie, TiFW, Jewstin)
    Those dealing with chronic health issues.

    Did I miss anyone?

  2. From Brent…

    Would you mind doing something for me? Shit has gone seriously south and I’m here at work alone.

    My grandpa’s health has taken a serious nose dive over the last month. He spent about 4 days in the hospital a little while back for breathing problems. Right after getting out of the hospital, he started having massive fluid retention in both lower legs and feet. They’ve been trying to treat it at home, but it’s having limited success. My dad went over to check on him and take him for some bloodwork earlier today and found him very confused. Almost incoherent.

    My dad checked blood sugar and O2 levels, those were fine. So he was worried about a stroke. Called rescue to come get him. Doc doesn’t think he’s had a stroke (which is good. if he had, they could not give him the meds they normally would for stroke victims because, due to the other meds he’s on, he would bleed out).

    What they do think he has is septicemia. Massive infection that is very serious and can be deadly.

    If you could drop a note at the H2 asking for prayers, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  3. Good thoughts and prayers coming your way from my house, BC.

  4. Same here, BC.

  5. Same here, BC

  6. Prayers and well wishes, Brent {{{hugs}}} ♥♥♥

  7. Prayers on the way, bc.

  8. Prayers to you Brent…

  9. Thoughts and prayers…………..

  10. Update from Brent via email, 02/18/2014:


    Septicemia is confirmed, just waiting on culture to know exact nature of the beast. They suspect MERSA. Wanna guess where he picked that up? Dad says even the garden variety antibiotics are helping. Grandpa was awake, lucid and able to communicate this morning.

    The infection started in his legs, which were fertile ground since they were full of fluid, and that’s part of why they are so damn swollen and painful. They are likely going to have to take a syringe and drain a couple places. Not fun, but they’ll novocaine him up and he’s already getting morphine.

    So he’s going to be in the hospital for a few days, depending on response to treatment, but things are looking much better.

    Thank you, and all of the Horde and the Hostages, for the prayers.

  11. I blame it on romy and oso and TiFW – they make kickass prayers.

    /I’ll keep sending’m up, then prayers of thanks when this whole thing is behind you.

  12. My dad had MERSA. And went septic many times. Been down that road bunches of times. The confusion was perhaps kidneys not functioning at full speed? Hope he’s doing better.

  13. Glad they figured out what it is so quickly! And very glad that he is doing so much better today. If you need anything, let us know –

  14. My Mom is a MERSA carrier and the diabeetus just made things a little more complicated. Glad that things are getting better. Roamy makes rosaries and is a Prayer warrior.

  15. Prayers for Hotbride
    Oso’s FIL and MIL (and for Oso to keep her sanity)
    My friend Don’s grandson http://www.waff.com/story/26673463/man-burned-during-flash-fire-in-hazel-green
    Third degree burns to 30% of his body, surgery tomorrow for skin grafts.

    I know I’m missing someone.

  16. and Cyn’s mom

  17. Praying for a 9-year-old schoolmate of Mini-me. He has acute lymphoblastic leukemia for the second time. He just finished several rounds of radiation and chemo and is getting a bone marrow transplant today. Lord, please shower Your blessings on the anonymous donor, a 38-year-old man who so generously gave of himself. Let them both heal quickly.

  18. Prayers for Michael on his birthday.

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    Go into Dashboard, Pages, scroll down to Discussion, and check the box “allow comments”, then Update the page to turn them back on. Or email me.

  20. One of the young adults at Rebecca’s school passed away this morning. Not many details yet, but it’s a shock to everyone.

    Please keep the family of Jonathan Boyd in your prayers.

  21. *** Page comments re-opened; Cyn; 2016-04-17 ***

  22. Hostages, my grandfather could use em again. His health is declining rapidly. All sorts of things are going sideways.

    The big thing right now, he has a massive clot/blockage in his right leg. He has a doctor’s appt tomorrow morning at 1030am. That appointment will determine how he goes forward. If surgery is possible, then he will be facing a major surgery with extensive recovery. If surgery isn’t possible, he’s looking at amputation at mid thigh in the next year to two years.

    Neither option is, obviously, good.

  23. 🙏🏻 for your Gpop, Bcoch.

  24. My mom needs aortic valve replacement. Dr will decide Monday if he’ll do it or not. MiL will be in rehab for at least a few weeks. May be longer, because of the dementia. Prayers for mi familia. Thanks guys

  25. Prayers up for all.

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