This is Memeness

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This is a title

Ya take the good

(I might be obsessed with bluegrass and pickers)

Ya take the bad

(I might love anything and everything about aliens…even if it’s corny)

Ya take ’em both and there you have….the facts…

(Vintage stuff rules)

bonus interview with Billy Strings talking about his step-dad’s (he just calls him dad) guitar. You get to see what an absolute doll Billy is.


A little help for the single Hostage ladies (wink wink) wait…are there any? Never you mind…watch the video

You take heed of this tips, and you’re sure to get a stud like this….

This is dedicated to all the lettuce out there….

You Get Nothing and Like It.

I’m passively aggressively punishing you guys and giving you no links because you didn’t click on any of mine last week. I hope this hurts you as much as it does me…

I know you’re sad…you’re forgiven. We’ll start again fresh next week. Love you snookums.