Taze Meme Bro

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Mr. Yuck is Meme

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Gluttony’s Aftermath

A study in courage (or something)

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The Great Reset

Where might you be?




The above amalgam makes a healthy society grow despite the Dunning-Kruger Crew.

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Rock Around the Croc: Hector Berlioz and Program Music

Welcome back you darling little gremlins, it’s time once again to learn some music stuff. Today we continue our exploration of the Romantic Era as we take a look at Hector Berlioz (1803-1869) and the Symphonie Fantastique. But it will take a bit to get to that, so let’s start with a shorter work, “Le chant des chemins de fer” (Song of the Railways):

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I like this Chick

Not really –

But the song is amazing:

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Crytidz – a Message from the Good Doctor

Because I post stupid shit that doesn’t even make sense to me most of the time, one of our brothers here at hostageland sent me a link for this little beastie:

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This is Memeness

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