The Great Reset

Where might you be?




The above amalgam makes a healthy society grow despite the Dunning-Kruger Crew.

article on the dunce cap here

The US is currently on pace to import, support, promote teh stupid to our ultimate demise.

I’m still perplexed as to how we’ve gotten to this state where the criminally stupid are running (and ruining) a place that can be an actual paradise.

I stumbled on this guy’s cheeky treatise:

Carlo Cipolla – (amazon link) –

These are Cipolla’s five fundamental laws of stupidity:

  1. Always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation.
  2. The probability that a certain person (will) be stupid is independent of any other characteristic of that person.
  3. A stupid person is a person who causes losses to another person or to a group of persons while himself deriving no gain and even possibly incurring losses.
  4. Non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals. In particular non-stupid people constantly forget that at all times and places and under any circumstances to deal and/or associate with stupid people always turns out to be a costly mistake.
  5. A stupid person is the most dangerous type of person.

(the above was copied from here)

Some of my favorites:

My dilemma: a healthy society has enough hardworking smart people, willing to carry the load, and outperform the parasitic drag of the stupid; we’re at a point where the μ sub PS (coefficient of parasitic stupidity) may actually grind us to a halt.

“The first thing a pretender to philosophy must do is get rid of their presuppositions; a person is not going to undertake to learn anything that they think they already know.” – Marcus Aurelius


  1. Last night’s derp had a vivid emotional element to it, it was a quite good derp. I don’t know how he keeps production quality so high.

  2. Scary post, jammy.

  3. There’s all kinds of stupidity. Stupid people who don’t realize they’re stupid may be the most common variety but the prize for the most potential damage to society goes to stupid smart people who are in positions of power in politics and the corporate world.

  4. Biden’s “Best Gaffe Compilation Yet”


  5. Your mom’s erogation is super

  6. The main plague to us going forward will be of the Idiocracy sort. Legions of uneducated participation trophy dunderheads who we will be dependent upon for the upkeep of our infrastructure and society. It’s gonna be ugly.

  7. See, here’s the thing about that whole premise: what it calls a stupid person does not always perceive “benefit” the same as everyone else. A radically different value system will find a thing “beneficial” that others would find seriously detrimental. And this is exactly what we are seeing with woke and greens. The true believers honestly believe what they do is beneficial.

    This is why postmodernism in all its forms should be extirpated.

  8. Lumpinator – I’m wit-ya on Sean’s DERPS … he’s a machine with them. Some are amazing.

  9. I interviewed at one of the giant social media companies and two days after they told me I wasn’t a good fit a former employee where I work now, who currently works for the big evil social media company called my psychopath both and told her I was looking for a job. (this is the best run on sentence ever)

    Of course my boss called me all freaked out about how my leaving would affect her.

    WTF is wrong with people?

  10. Oh, boss. Okay.

    Yeah that’s effed up. If I did hate a former coworker I’d be trying to help them get the job just as a kindness, and I’d never reach out to an old boss even if I did hate the former coworker.

  11. Wakey wakey.

    My twins have attempted to murder 2 birds this morning.

  12. It isn’t murder if they eat them after killing them

  13. Can we just give Portland to the commies? It will be a great learning experience for everyone.

  14. That is true. Pat saved the one. It was too late for the other.


  15. Ronin aka Mr. Wiggles aka Stinky Butt is going to get a new nickname – Lizard Killer. He’s done for at least two, possibly three baby anoles, usually by stomping on them and crushing their cute little baby heads.

    I can’t look at him the same way.

  16. Portland SSR. I’m in.

  17. Elliot the bunny/squirrel killer. Pretty sure he learned that skill while on his own before we adopted him

  18. ba haaaa haaaa … regarding the libertarians attacking conservatives yesterday over the homophobia regarding monkeypox:

  19. Hm. OK, I won’t tell you what Scott and I did to a tomato-stealing squirrel yesterday.

  20. Ronin aka Mr. Wiggles aka Stinky Butt
    I’m guessing Ronin is a dog given the alias Stinky Butt. Cats are not known for their farts.

    Anyway, my MiL called our dog Rowan “Ronan” for the first couple of years. When he misbehaved we’d call him RONAN! with a disapproving voice. He’s outgrown most of his bad behavior but not all of it.

  21. Tavistock in England is being forced to shut down. They’ve realized, at least over there, that rushing every child who says they’re the wrong gender into hormones and transition isn’t the answer.

    More of this. Faster please.

  22. I had a teacher who threatened us with a dunce cap but never followed up. Her favorite punishment was to draw a circle on the chalkboard and make you stand with your nose in it.

  23. The bird was innocent.

  24. #PrinceofPegging is trending on twitface.

    Apparently we don’t just have Harry to laugh at anymore.

  25. Our elementary school punishments were copying a dictionary page of something called comebacks where the nun would give you a random 4 digit number and you were to multiply it 1 through 12 and then divide 1 through 12 and get the same number. More effective in the pre-calculator age.

  26. What if that’s referring to Harry?

  27. what the hell is twitter talking about?

  28. I read a half dozen tweets to get a little insight into this and apparently the scuttlebutt (-cough-) is that William had an affair and enjoys a little pegging as well

  29. seeing all this monkeypox BS makes me want to punch Kennedy in the face. She was a voice of reason, now she’s going down the equity path.

  30. I didn’t see that, Jimbro, but I did see where Facedouche is now blocking the hashtag #DiedSuddenly. Hmmm.

  31. of course he does, look who he married, and how fast he turned over to her politics

  32. Apparently Spongebob Shitpants lied yesterday.

    Who qualifies for paxlovid availability?
    Paxlovid (nirmatrelvir/PF-07321332 and ritonavir) is authorized for the treatment of mild to moderate coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in adult and pediatric patients age 12 years and older weighing at least 40 kg, with positive SARS-CoV-2 test, who are at high risk for progressing to severe COVID-19, including hospitalization or death.

  33. I was qualified, but everyone in Iowa was supposedly out of it. 10 mins later my wife got her prescription filled (asthma and other comorbitities).

    Still glad I had to just live through it. Was done in 2 days, bad cold. Still not convinced I had it, just tested positive.

    Will Covid push out another virus if both are present? or vice versa?

  34. I could NOT get ivermectin, they wouldn’t even entertain that. I was told it was for parasites, and that’s that.

  35. It’s not so much that I’m interested in the drug. Just that he’s a lying shitbag who will say anything.

  36. And here I thought William was the sane one. Did Kate go frigid on him or just wasn’t into hoisting Billy on her petard, so to speak?

  37. Yes, Ronin is an Australian shepherd. He’s a mini, so he’ll be only about 30-40 lbs when fully grown (rather than 65+). He’s a handsome boy – blue merle with very nice markings.

    He woke me up this morning by enthusiastically licking my elbow, and i didn’t kill him immediately, so you know I love him.

    My objection to lizard killing is that they eat bugs, and I don’t like bugs. I also don’t like squirrels, so I’m fine with killing those.

  38. oh crap, I was thinking Harry.

  39. I’ve been looking into the social issues that are coming out of left field and seem to be totally insane.

    They tend to affect and be the causes championed by upper middle class white people. They’re the people who care about climate change, trans stuff, racism, etc.

    We’re at brunch with a group of wine moms and can’t leave.

  40. No longer being allowed to apply severe beatings in public to obnoxious lunatics has not been a net boon for society.

  41. The environmental cause they are all ranting about now (and the college-aged mushbrains repeat without introspection) is that we have to end all single-use plastics. Straws weren’t enough! No more plastic containers for anything, no plastic spoons at DQ.

    I wonder if any of them have visited a hospital. I’d say butcher’s counter, but the same podpeople want us to quit eating meat anyhow and don’t care how we get there.

    Also, plastic is made from the “I can’t make gas out of this” part of the barrel of oil, and modern plastic not intended for greenhouses falls apart in modest UV exposure, but whatever.

  42. paypal froze Rippaverse, partially?

    Burn them all

  43. That’s the scuttlebutt.

    Racists just won’t let a black man succeed.

  44. youtube: Eric July explains the situation

    transparency. we have it, the left doesn’t.

  45. The goal was $100k

    He’s at $3.28M and counting. If paypal stops that, a judge will hear it.

  46. This isn’t a GoFundMe, either, these are preorders.

  47. hehe

    “We’re doing this video because I want to see how much power we got.”

    You go, Eric.

    He’s asking his viewers to send in letters. No disputes, just bitch.

  48. you may not think that comic books affect you. This is NOT that situation.

  49. Yeah, this matters. This is culture being fought for. This matters as much as GamerGate, even if you thought that wasn’t important. Culture is upstream of politics.

  50. this is an ad for Parallel Economy

  51. Also, plastic is made from the “I can’t make gas out of this” part of the barrel of oil, and modern plastic not intended for greenhouses falls apart in modest UV exposure, but whatever.
    3 years in the plastic industry. People are astonished to hear that recycling plastic is a fools errand. It loses all of it’s rigidity after a single forming. And it degrades very quickly. People seem to think you’ll be digging up plastic bags for thousands of years but they generally fall apart in moderate conditions.

    At one point the major refineries stopped producing the polypropylene used for containers and bags because it was so worthless. It’s a waste product that we’re making stuff out of. It’s upcycled, to borrow a wine mom phrase.

  52. isn’t decking material one of the only uses that is viable for recycled plastic?

  53. Only in capitalism will waste products be used to create products and wealth. Government would never do this.

  54. We used to make carpeting from recycled plastic, but that was before we made it fall apart in UV.

  55. Can Thiel build another paypal, because we need another paypal and I don’t mind him getting even richer on reinventing his own wheel.

  56. In India, they are building highways with 10% waste plastics in the bitumen (or something). Next, they will start kvetching about how the tire friction converts it into microplastics.

  57. just give your business to Parallel Economy

  58. We couldn’t get anyone on board for GamerGate, either. Nobody cares until it’s their ox being gored, it seems. That and too many people still listened to the grifters in Conservative, Inc.

    Has enough changed since then? I don’t know.

  59. I could see using it as a bulking agent in asphalt, but I’m not sure why it would be better/cheaper than other materials for same.

  60. twitter: from an A-10 Pilot

  61. Leon, I think they want to just sequester it there, instead of having it lying around.

  62. Not the worst idea, then, similar to old fiberglass or asbestos.

  63. I don’t mind old plastics being used as filler in construction – foundations, pavements, paving tiles etc. Hide the crap. Then it becomes the problem of humans who live here 10,000 years from now. Fuck those people. They will probably have technology to convert that crap into food or rocket fuel.

  64. I like to say “well that sounds like Future [Peel]’s problem” at work. Screw her, she probably has more sleep and better hair. I’m going to eat the rest of her chocolate right now.

  65. I have had the same attitude for years, and now I hate that younger a-hole.

  66. I hate all versions of myself equally, but y’all knew that.

  67. When Tushar was young and in his prime
    He used to do it all the time.

    Now that he is old and gray
    He only does it once a day.

  68. Especially the alternate universe version of myself who became an architect and is happily awaiting his next grandchild, because who the fuck does he think he is doing so much better, fuck him.

  69. haha, hating our future selves. This could be a fun blog topic

  70. I do my best to position my future self for success, but my past self wasn’t always very good about that.

  71. Yeah, fuck that guy sailing and fishing all the time.

  72. I envy that guy with his pristine garden and fenced paddocks, outside every day moving animals around and tying up tomato and cucumber vines. Lucky dude.

  73. Look, there he is tossing pumpkins to a small herd of furry pigs. How cool.

  74. Look at her relaxing on her shady porch of her mansion in the Piney Woods. What a bitch.

    She also has pimples from all the chocolate I ate, so there’s that. You’re in your forties, dumbass! How the hell do you have giant glistening zits like a teenager?

  75. She should really take better care of herself.

  76. The nurse I worked with for years had bad acne from her teen years through adulthood. She finally convinced a Dermatologist to prescribe Accutane for and it was a miracle cure for her. It was also a major pain in the arse with all the labs and pregnancy tests she had to have along the way. After a year or so no more acne.

    I remember another girl who was a patient with scoliosis. Her curve was large enough for surgery but her back was covered with pustules. In her situation she had a condition that rendered her infertile and her mom convinced the Dermatologist to use Accutane as well. Curve corrected with no infection.

  77. What happened to the bacteria that were supposed to be able to digest plastic waste? I feel like I read at least a couple of stories about this every year and it has been years since I read the first one.

  78. Airbnb booked for the dreaded wedding.

  79. they are busy eating the giant plastic island in the pacific

  80. My younger self got knocked-up a lot.

  81. I had foliculitis on the back of my neck for years so bad that I’d get infected lymph nodes occasionally from scratching it open without meaning to. Two week course of antibiotics cleared it up permanently, and now I’m really careful to change my pillowcase often.

  82. My younger self didn’t knock enough women up

    Not from lack of trying but I chose the ones who didn’t miss taking their BC pills for days on end

  83. My younger self really dropped the ball on keeping my kid eating real food. Oh, and on getting her to sleep at a consistent, reasonable hour. And alone. He’s basically a near-total fuckup as a parent aside from keeping her alive and happy most of the time.

  84. Jimbro – you should have convinced them to use NFP. That’s how you end up with kids.

  85. oh goody, Grassley on Ruthless podcast. Guess I have something to listen to after Deace.

    Another Strongly Worded Letter!

  86. To be fair, I wasn’t looking for a kid until I got married the first time around in my early 30’s. I chose poorly on that one and my second wife already had her tubes tied in the vernacular. By then I knew I didn’t want to be the senior citizen at my kid’s HS graduation. I lucked out with a great stepson.

  87. I should say “to use the vernacular”

  88. >>What happened to the bacteria that were supposed to be able to digest plastic waste?

    Those bacteria discovered the CrossFit lifestyle. They want to eat healthy now.

  89. I don’t have full-on acne. Just the occasional zit, thanks to oily, sensitive skin. The key to pimple control (for non-extreme situations) is getting the right face wash…most face washes are intended for dry skin and cause oily skin to go nuts overproducing even more oil. Same for my oily scalp. So I have to buy expensive face wash and shampoo at Ulta if I don’t want to have constant breakouts and my hair glistening with oil by noon.

    This is obviously one of those pink taxes we hear about. Clearly, two products with similar ingredients should be the same price per bottle even if the fixed prices of production are amortized over 100x as many users for one product compared to the other.

  90. What planet do these people live on (comments)

  91. i see AOS jumped on the Kennedy story

  92. A Libertarian and former MTV twat? Turns out to be a social lib idiot, you say? Shockah.

  93. Thank you.

  94. Peel, have you tried Differin on your zits? Worked wonders for the girls; I’ve even used it when I get the occasional bump on my face.

  95. Jimbro, how’s the grandbaby? The little time I was able to spend with the grandson was so much fun! Stupid COVID.

  96. Hey gang. Out of respect for DiT I’ve decided to change my blog handle, it’s basically a reminder, so a change should happen.
    I’ll let y’all know when I’ve come up with a moniker I’m happy with. Same dipshits, just a different name.
    Peace out, I’ll catch y’all later.

  97. I only get like 5 noticeable ones a year, so not a big concern.

  98. Grandbaby is doing well, Paula has spent more time with him than I have, including an overnight where she got close to no sleep when she gave mom and dad a break. We don’t dare let the dogs near the baby since they’re not familiar with him and they enjoy chasing all manner of small furry animals so I dogsit while Paula visits.

  99. oh I think Dave would like your handle

  100. twitter: oso has a camera in Laura and scott’s backyard, has discovered fuckery

    OMG he’s actually feeding that hideous rodent. That’s clearly a carrot from the grocery store.

  101. Yep. LauraW. Reading the comments clued me in to the quality produce. I still believe that is Fat Bastard taunting you both.

  102. That was a cut, trimmed broccoli crown, too.

  103. We bought a mega millions ticket. Just for fun. I don’t math, but I can dream.

  104. Same here Oso. It always makes me laugh when the jackpot in these multi-state lotteries is astronomically high and everyone has to get a ticket.

    Like, 25 million is chump change, I’m holding out for 790 million!

  105. Fat Bastard taunts no one.

  106. Border’s too far for a lotto ticket run or else I’d have gone. If it doesn’t go on next draw, though…

  107. Ballad of Fat Bastard. We all know he deserves a movie.

  108. We should have had him stuffed,

  109. He’s already got a stronger narrative arc than Bruce Banner in the MCU.

  110. Never too late for CGI. My favorite drama. Never watched real housewives or Kardashians. Fat Bastard. FTW

  111. Scott takes dead fat bastard to taxidermist.

    Taxidermist: so, you want your beaver stuffed?

  112. Meme poat in the hopper for Saturday.

  113. I needed to get one thing accomplished at work today, and after four hours of being interrupted, I gave up and came home. Will try again tomorrow. It’s nice to be needed, but I have to be meaner to the intern or something.

  114. “I have to be meaner to the intern or something.”
    Her name isn’t Chandra per chance?
    You could enlist the help of a california democrat…

  115. Desmond endured relentless punishment.

  116. Cipolla is one of my favorite historians, he was an historical economist focusing on development in Europe and the world from the medieval period on.
    Terse, well written, thoughtful

    He did the book Jared Diamond did, about 50 years earlier, and actually based it on research of primary records, not other people’s books

    Gun Sails and Empires, (Spoiler, it wasn’t bad luck)

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