I like this Chick

Not really –

But the song is amazing:

Once again…. not really.

I forgot where i was going with this….


There’s a lot of slut themed songs – I’m not gonna link this one… but there is some kind of humor in the band name and song title : SLUTS WIT NUTS (FT. MADJAX)

Don’t open this one at work or around Chillrens – fer realz.

The Dwarves – heh. I vaguely remember them.



  1. https://is.gd/_Mornin_

  2. Oi.

  3. starting early, nice

  4. I like this chick:

  5. Today’s weather report:

    Dogs are gonna poop in the house.

    wakey wakey

  6. While I got dressed yesterday morning just as Paula left for work Lola dropped a big ol’ steamer on the kitchen floor.

    Completely random, we haven’t had an indoor shitter since Star passed in 2019 and Ollie figured out that we frowned on indoor shitting at this establishment.

    I imagine the White House custodial staff often have the same feeling I had when I walked into the kitchen and at least two of my senses encountered the turd pile.

  7. Gonna be in the fifties here. We are taking our helper gal on a hike.

  8. Having random hormonal events. Poor sleep and food cravings. Made an apple pie a few days ago; even though pies aren’t really in my wheelhouse it came out good. I put a buttery streusel topping instead of a top crust. Had to give the other half of that pie away to get it out of the house.

    Of course, I still had the other half of the pie crust recipe sitting in the fridge, so I made a french silk pie “for Scott.”

    That came out…too good. OMG. When I get back on the diet horse I’m going to have to either find a keto version or put it out of my mind altogether.

  9. Sovereign citizen shit right there. /

    Of course she is absolutely correct. Interesting when she spoke of the citizens DUTY.

    But one thing is for sure, that wasn’t a actor, that was genuine and it was beautiful.

  10. It’s really yucky out. Freezing rain. The dogs were out for a grand total of two minutes.

  11. OMG, that chick’s speech brought tears to my eyes. Are we at an inflection point? I don’t want to live like this for one minute more. I don’t think you guys know how stupid it is in my state. Wherever I go, masks everywhere and dirty looks.

    I can’t believe this is happening. People all lined up to get an injection that was tested for THREE MONTHS. And now that it’s failing and also hurting people, they won’t admit it. I just still can’t believe it.

  12. The reliance and belief in ‘experts’ is sickening.

  13. Weather:

    Pretty nice! A mild 55 with lots of sunshine.

  14. I’m sort of interested in the idea that the civil rights era people are all dying off. They were genuine but then became grifters. Swallowed by the blob.

    Will they be replaced by zealots, grifters, or genuine political leaders?

    I hope it’s the latter.

  15. Almost everyone here is still wearing a mask at the grocery store. It went from 0 to 90% in just a few weeks. I didn’t really notice until recently because I sort of stopped caring.

    But its def back on the menu.

    The school voted 93% to not close classrooms if a student tests positive. I didn’t expect that.

    Masks are going to be voted on in the next few weeks. GND will sway everyone – she’s good.

  16. “Will they be replaced by zealots, grifters, or genuine political leaders?”

    Yes. All of the Above.

  17. In my travels I see most employees wearing masks and anywhere from 1/3 to 2/3 of customers wearing them now. It was less for a while but they’ve made a comeback in the last few months.

    I wonder if they’ll wear them after Brandon’s “Winter of Severe Illness and Death” is over?

    “It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to masks or Covid-religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-anti-vaxxer sentiment or anti-trucker sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

  18. With the mandates over, the mask will be a tribal signal, which is fine by me. I love it when people tell me they are stupid / evil up front.

  19. Last night I ran a 6:39 mile, then walked a mile for recovery, then ran a 6:34 mile. Feeling pretty good about that.

  20. It seems like DC metro mask use is up, which is strange that I noticed because it was always a pretty high percentage anyway. I can’t think of anything other than tribalism, as Teeroy did, to explain the uptick.

  21. They were genuine but then became grifters.

    I’m no longer so sure about that. I’ve heard some say that the distance between MLK Jr, Malcolm X, and Angela Davis wasn’t as big as we’ve been taught. King was taken out when his history of adultery (and maybe worse) was about to go public. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the BLM playbook being run by the same sort of feds and infiltrators even then, just when they had less power.

  22. I saw something on Imgur a while back about Malcolm X, obviously written by a lefty. He or she (don’t remember) said that Malcolm X was murdered because he wanted black men to be armed for self defense.

    When I, a conservative white guy, read his biography, I completely agreed that black men should be armed for self defense. I thought that was completely obvious. But he wasn’t killed because of that. He was killed by black men because he exposed the leader of the Nation of Islam as a corrupt adulterer. Trying to pin that murder on conservative white guys completely ignores what Malcolm actually wrote.

  23. The masks will come off when the lord and savior Biden gives his state of the union and declares victory.

    Look at the numbers it’s already over. 2 deaths in Michigan yesterday. They were probably both 90 years old and would have been done in by the regular flu.

  24. I read that biography. In it Malcolm X wrote that muslims will kill you right away when you cross them. It wasn’t exactly prophetic, more like a reasonable prediction of his own murder.

  25. “…more like a reasonable prediction of his own murder.”

    Exactly, and nothing whatsoever to do with his views on guns or self defense.

  26. That biography of one of the most interesting books I’ve read. Watching the man’s intellectual evolution, it’s impossible not to wonder where he would have landed if he hadn’t been murdered.

  27. Crazy, guy tries to kill a mayoral candidate, and is bailed out of jail instantly.


  28. That’s how you know he’s a lefty. If this were a right wing attack, the donations for his bail would have been frozen.

  29. I suspect Kickstarter would have shut this down, because of fascism:


  30. When I was a kid, if the dog crapped in the house we were instructed to rub its nose in it and throw it outdoors. That always worked.

    Is it no longer a thing?

  31. /rubs Hotspur’s nose in shit

  32. crapped in the house we were instructed to rub its nose in it
    Has not worked for Biden

    I have noticed fewer if any “Joey Shit Himself” stories in the news recently. Either the media got their marching orders and is ignoring them or Operation Executive Nappie has been successful

  33. Great times for your miles Sobek

    When is the race with Carin’s team?

  34. So … the democrats and clintons are now in charge of the $60 million BLM money.

  35. He never officially joined my team. I still sorta kinda have runners. But he’s killing the running and is probably in better shape than my team mates.

  36. They are holding off on the leaks about Biden’s leaks until after his glorious victory speech in March. Then he can resign with dignity due to undisclosed health issues.

    Or linger even longer because the chastisement isn’t over yet.

  37. Crossing the muslim religion with black America is probably the most potent form of honor culture imaginable. If you could somehow sprinkle in a southern gentleman you’d have non stop duels.

  38. What if you sprinkled in a southern gentleman’s sausage?

  39. Edo-era samurai culture wasn’t far off. Every locale was basically run by gangsters with swords, and no one else could even own one legally.

  40. Local gangsterism describes much of human history. Those who want to destroy the American experiment don’t recognize the danger in that.

  41. The Project That Must Not Be Named had a press release on Monday for the first successful observation. Today was the first day I heard about it. Typical. Anyhoo, it’s working, that’s the main thing.

  42. Local Gangsterism describes current American cities such as chitown, and baltimore.

  43. Not to mention City Hall.

  44. It’s not that corruption hasn’t always existed its that in “civilized” countries its not allowed to operate above board. This is one of the distinctions between first world and third world societies.

  45. Rained all night. Woke up to slush/sleet/ice and getting icier as the temp is dropping. It was 33 an hour ago…dropping to 4.

  46. Most places I go in, majority are not masked but still more than I’d like to see. Closer you get to the city or st louis County, the more masks you’ll see being worn in cars.

  47. Oh…some random dopey thing…I like the Kpop group BTS. Like the dance moves and they’re actually pretty funny. They did sold out shows at the SoFi stadium, several months ago. Masks had to be worn and you had to show a jab card or proof of negative test. Shows were a screaming success. Literally.

    They will perform with a live audience, in Seoul, for the first time in two years, in March. The rules are flipping ridiculous. Masks to be worn…no standing…no yelling…no screaming…there will some kind of distancing in the stands (which means half capacity?)….only clappers will be allowed. Hands or the plastic clapper things, that sound like crabs.


  48. Kpop killed it?

  49. Nah, they’re all watching BTS videos…trying out the dance moves.

  50. Yep. Kpop killed it.

  51. I’m sensing a lot of auto tune

  52. Comment by beasn on February 17, 2022 2:20 pm
    I like the Kpop group BTS. Like the dance moves


    *Pictures Beasn dancing around the house grooving to Kpop…..*

  53. Most “live” performances were not live, or performed and then mixed and edited (grammy performance for example). This is the only live performance I could find:

  54. About a year ago, one of my coworkers told me she was into that group/ Kpop. Middle aged Jewish lady.

    I checked it out after she told me about it…not for me, but you do you. But yeah, this group I have barely heard of is HUGE worldwide. I don’t get it.

  55. Yea, pretty sure we were talking about that in 2020.

  56. Kpop… not my style either.
    That black gal was speaking without notes. Well done sister!

  57. The one is their MV, so probably not a lot of ‘live’ going on with all the takes.

    That second one was an on-line concert. Live, with no live audience. Daechwita, is the song of one of their members who does projects of his own, on the side, when he isn’t writing/producing for other Korean singers.

    When they do TV shows or concerts, it’s live. Faking it is not taken too kindly.

  58. The only Kpop I’ll watch, is my above 7 boys.

  59. Daechwita, by Suga, a.k.a. Min Yoongi (of BTS)

  60. What in finger-snapping hell is going on here??

  61. Time for the Big Guns:

  62. Their grammy show is so heavily edited. I mean, they aren’t even on the same stage for different parts of the song. Also – they performed for Jimmy Kimmel in grand central station. the echo, etc, there would have made any performance a mess acoustically.

  63. Palate cleanser:

  64. 2017 version of Gracious Hosts were heavy into K-Pop, including BTS, even then. They’ve been a thing worldwide for a while, including some areas here…not quite mainstream, but just below the surface.

    K-Pop is actually kind of interesting, from the sausage-making perspective. They take genres, shove ’em in a blender, recruit attractive young folks with some talent and a boatload of training, and produce the hell out of all of it. It’s very well crafted for what it is. In some respects better than what gets produced here…

  65. Now it’s snowing.

  66. Also, it appears one of my uncles has never seen a live opossum before. Then again they live in the MSP area, but still.

  67. And the younger of my nephews will be starting pitcher for UVA, having basically dragged them kicking and screaming into the College World Series last season.

    His name is Brandon.

    Gonna need more popcorn here.

  68. palate cleanser, just a little late for Valentine’s Day.


  69. KPop in general, exploits hell out of their trainees. They feel since they invested a lot of money in the training of the kids, they own them. I saw a chart of how each big Kpop group compensates their bands. Big Hit, now called ”Hybe”, (of which BTS made billionaires) was one of two that were more generous to their performers …

    Merch, online sales, commercials (and BTS does a lot of them in Korea for various products for Hyundai, Samsung,, tec), concerts in that region, they take 50%…the members of the band split the other 50%. Overseas concerts and sales, members get to split 70% of profit. Not sure about individual projects like Yoongi does.

    The other Kpop companies, take 70%…members split 30%. Overseas stuff 50/50.

  70. We carry BTS magazines. Like Tiger Beat, but all the pictures and stories are BTS. My gheys replaced Techno with K-pop. Ghey Indian at work is still Techno and Bro-Country.

  71. BTS constantly puts out material for their fans, when they aren’t writing music, prepping for concerts or new albums. They have a long running series called Run BTS…over 150 episodes where they compete in various ways, against each other for various prizes. Or they do group vacations (In the Soop or Bon Voyage) in various countries..cameras following them everywhere. They aren’t afraid of being goofy and that’s what I like about them.

    Korea and other Asian countries love them some wacky game shows. Running Man is one such program…where BTS competed against other well known Korean stars for charity.

  72. I don’t think you guys realize how shook I am by the news I posted up there.


    Just don’t wear that slogan on an airplane or they’ll kick you off. we need phat to show up and explain how the fuck the FAA regulates that.

  74. That was a few years ago when they still looked like kids.

  75. What the fuck is this shit?

  76. I don’t know what to say CARin. It kind of reads like a series of drunken escalating bad decisions of which I have no reference.

  77. Well, he’s a cop. And he has a girlfriend and a baby. The guys been making ever increasing bad decisions for the last year.

  78. His baby momma went to school with erin.

  79. Well, MY kpop gals are (were?) also pr0n stars IIRC.

  80. Apparently now more women are coming forward.

  81. this was the guy who HAD to join my Ragnar team last year, and then left me completely in the lurch.

  82. Gov Wuhan has lifted the mask mandate. Taking a mask with me tomorrow, anyway.

  83. https://is.gd/8TizxN

  84. https://is.gd/ZDl5RU

  85. 🐻❤️🐾Huskys

  86. Car in, scary that you had a guy like that in your orbit. Abuse of power like that is sickening.

  87. In her daughters orbit as well.
    Scary stuff

  88. https://tinyurl.com/mrxm7h38

  89. Holy crap it is. GIF with sound. You definitely want the sound on.

  90. “OK so 9gag is addictive.”

    Can confirm.

  91. The bottom picture on the ONT is pretty damn cute…

  92. Long day in the sim today learning what happens when you lose all hydraulics in the 787.

    Answer: you’ll live. Electric backups to everything.

  93. The guy with the Brandon mask getting kicked off was weird, especially since it was Allegiant. They are sub low cost carrier and can’t see them being that hung up on something like that. Then again, could’ve been a whack job crazy cat lady Karen F/A.

    Usually (100%) of the time when you see these videos posted, they are telling one side of the story. We don’t see any of the interactions that led to the ‘confrontation’. Vast majority of the time passenger is intoxicated.

    I’ve never had a f/a tell me they had a problem with a pax wearing a mask with a slogan on it. Always been compliance issues. And I don’t give a rats ass about that. I tell the F/a’s, ‘we tell them it’s federal law when they board. remind them if they don’t comply, but we’re not the mask enforcers.

    Sadly, if someone refuses to comply with f/a instructions I have to ask for seat number and send it to corporate security.

    So, I guess I am the mask police. Damn.

  94. A scenario for the LGB mask guy’ that I could see happening:

    Crazy Karen passenger confronts LGB guy about mask.

    He tells her to piss off.

    Crazy Karen complains to f/a that LGB guy is ‘threatening’ her or something similar.

    I can see it going down like that.

  95. If slow Joe makes it to sotu, I expect some sweeping, ‘mandates are over pronouncements’.

    They would if they were smart.

    The crazy Karen 30% that want masks forever are their base. But, where are the mask Karen’s going to go? They’ll still vote dem.

    The big problem they have is the one group that got red-pilled the most during the pandemic was one that cuts across all racial and socio-economic lines: parents, especially working mom’s.

    They are fucked.

  96. via GIPHY

  97. DeMille emulated Roan pageantry.

  98. the guy looks pretty calm. If he was being unruly, and the problem is solved by him changing the mask – he isn’t the problem.

  99. I’m getting pretty sick of people feeling so emboldened to henpeck total strangers for wrongthink everywhere they go. That’s got to be a result of social media. And right wing passivity to lunacy.

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