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  1. post.

    (Imgur Video)

  2. Cute ass yeehaw shit.

  3. I saw that in draft, too, but figured this one was ready.

  4. Thanks Roamie.


    (Imgur Video)

  6. In case your rum is gone:

  7. Bad data: just got an ad for a vegan barbecue.

  8. Only reason to attend is if they’re barbecuing the vegans.

  9. Cows are vegan.

  10. Propaganda. Cows and horses eat mice, bugs, and small birds when they can. The only “vegan” livestock are the factory-farmed ones the vegans claim are oppressed.

  11. One more sign things are getting back to normal. When I made a dump run today the Second Time Around building was open. My fellow town dwellers can drop off and pick up used clothing and housewares again!

  12. I made a dump run today too.

    I do every day, so it really wasn’t something I’d normally report, but since you brought it up…

  13. I may die people

  14. Just don’t poop yourself.

  15. Carrying your shield or on it.

  16. The “lunatic fringe” of archaeology has been saying this for decades. Almost time for a victory lap:


  18. I finished up my first poat. Anyone can hit publish whenever. But I don’t want to replace any meme days.

  19. Pups, that first link is so freakin metal.

  20. Car in, you got this.

  21. Thanks crock god dude. Meme days are many, poats with original comment and commentary are always welcome.

  22. For anyone keeping score on dates, that comet strike lines up neatly with Plato’s timeline for the sinking of Atlantis.

    Reptoids will be old news soon at this rate.

  23. I have one more run left. My legs were 2.8, 5.7, 7.8, 2.8, 5.7, 7.8.

    I am on that last one. It’s hilly as all get out

  24. The Traveler’s Championship appears to be blimpless this year.

  25. Atlantis was obviously an ancient black civilization which was highly advanced, until the white savages used magic to drop a comet on it, destroying everything and plunging humanity into darkness

  26. Interesting…

  27. scary stuff!

    weinsteins dark horse podcast with Dr Malone, mrna inventor. spike protein in vaccine doesn’t stay put in the arm, but spreads throughout the body, causing these issues. fda knew, but we are being censored

  28. you can bump tuesday anytime sobek. Thursdays are spotty too

  29. Tornado in the area. Fun times.

  30. We had an hot air balloon accident in Burque today. 5 dead. CoWs son was on a smoke break outside, witnessed the whole thing. He was so upset, he called his dad at work. Balloon accidents are always pretty horrific.

  31. couple funnel clouds round here yesterday

  32. Sun’s back. I think the bucket in my back yard has 8″ of rain for the last 24 hours.

  33. Ugh, I H8 tornados. I was right under Albuquerque’s first tornado in 150 years. Watching Silverado. Pfft. I saw the lame pics of the lamest tornado in history.

  34. Cousin lives in Moore, OK. Her hubby picked up the kid at daycare and drove to the bank where she works. Employees and families were in the vault. Bank gone. Cars gone. Homes gone. Everyone in the vault survived. I H8 tornados 🌪


    (Imgur video with sound)

  36. Hey So Beck, I set your post for tomorrow, also check your crockmail.

  37. Which movie do you quote the most? Straight up tie for us: The Jerk and Major League.

  38. Airplane!

  39. South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut and Dracula Untold.

  40. We have a few Airplane quotes. We sing South Park.

  41. Princess Bride. Inconceivable!

  42. I’m dying:

  43. I quote Big Trouble in Little China, mostly.

  44. Oooh, Princess Bride and Big Trouble in Little China. Mostly. Simpson’s and South Park, mostly.

  45. Major League, “Juuuuust a bit outside…”. ” crushes one toward South Amwrica.. “

  46. Running Scared. “Oh, nooooo”. From the “they don’t pay me no more, oh noooo, he did not know what Deuteronomy was, oh nooooo…”

  47. Running Scared. Just a bit outside and Fuck you, Jo Boo


  49. “Missed it by ….that much” from Get Smart.

  50. FU Pepe and our Get Smart Rando balloon

  51. Tornado hit my parents’ cottage. The month-old pergola is shredded. Boat and dock are gone. Trees down everywhere. Parents are okay but no power there.

  52. Parents okay is good.

  53. My canoe is no more.

  54. I blame the pergola.

  55. My relationship with that canoe was longer than any friend. Gonna miss it.

    Dad busted his ass building that pergola. He must be grieving.

  56. Glad your parents are okay, Leon.

  57. I should check on their house in the morning.

  58. I quote movies all the time. The Quiet Man, Buckaroo Bonzai, Airplane, Star Trek, Star Wars, Top Secret, Caddyshack, McLintock!, Blues Brothers, Princess Bride, etc. Some of these, we’ve had to explain to Mini-me’s boyfriend because he hasn’t seen that movie.

    “Where are we going?”
    “Planet 10!”
    “Real soon!”

  59. That was funny, TiFW, here’s hoping we don’t get a repeat in Tokyo next month.

  60. Daniel enjoyed Rita’s perversity.

  61. We lost power again last night. Probably close to an hour. No generator. The company is coming this week to service it and figure out WTF is going on. My APC UPS worked as advertised and the power came back on before the battery was exhausted. So, yay I guess.

    This marks the 4th time we’ve lost power in less than a month. We might lose it 4 times a year ordinarily. Weird.

  62. Musical Ed: Covers and Christmas

  63. First image search that comes up for Rita’s perversity is this:


    Who knew there was a sunglass brand by the name of Perverse other than MJ?

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