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Wire Starter

Introducing Joe Hengst and Sarah Joncas.

Like peanut butter and jam.

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MMM 205: Making America Great Again in 2016

So the year begins and HOLY CRAP I’m excited.  It’s going to be amazing.  2016 is bound to be better than 2015.  Here’s my reasoning:

You know all those things that can’t go on forever?  Remember how things that can’t go on forever… don’t?  Every single one of those things is now closer to ending.  SOMETHING is going to fail catastrophically this year, and gravity will bring something with no business in the air crashing to the ground.  Keep the popcorn handy.  If it’s the EBT system, oh man, hilarity will surely ensue.  Another market crash?  WOOOOO!  The only thing better would be an actual zombie apocalypse.


Lat work.


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Big Tooth Thorsday

We got a lot of rain yesterday and the weather (nsfw) finally turned fall-like. I blame the Blood Moon. I took a couple of days off to get my upper wisdom teeth removed as well as getting a crack in my tooth repaired. It was the old bait and switch. The crack in my tooth near a filling has been driving me batshit crazy over the past month or two. The wisdom teeth were just hanging out there bothering no one except the dentists thinking about the sweet extraction money they were passing up on an insured patient. Really, I’ve been hearing that those teeth would need to be pulled “someday” for the past 30 years or so. Turns out the wisdom teeth came out and it was too bloody to do the filling repair for my cracked tooth. I’ll be back.

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