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Your model for today was born in Berne, New York on September 18th, 1992.  She stands 5′ 5″ and measures 342631 and 117 lbs.  Please get comfy and get to know Mrs. Chelsie Aryn-Miller.


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Hold Meme Beer

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Not Meme


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Back by popular demand


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Some Meme about Biden’s Zombie campaign

Hey, I got Meme in the name!

And now on to the memes!

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To The Moon Alice!


All I remember was watching the lunar landing because my mother sat me down in front of the TV and said “Watch this, it’s important”. So a kid on Earth, eating a PB&J sandwich, witnessed history. My cousin in Ohio was a few years older than me and it left enough of an impression on him that he worked for NASA and then Boeing.

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