Thank You, Senator Snowe

Thank you for making one of your last acts as a Republican (*snicker) Senator a hearty “Fuck You!” to the party that has supported you, against all good sense, for so many years.

Thanks for being a reliable vote for the Democrat party, while sucking up the donations that Republicans from all over the country gave to the RSCC.

Honestly, I do sincerely thank you for giving me a reason to tell the RSCC to fuck off, long before the likes of Murcuntsky and the rest of the asshat Republicans in the Senate had the chance.  My response to the RSCC the last time they called me to ask for donations?  “You will not see one thin dime from me until you can promise me that you will no longer support backstabbing bitches like Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and Arlen Specter.”

At least Arlen was polite enough to leave the Republican Party BEFORE he started giving Obama exactly the sort of slobbering knob-job that you so happily provided.  But I must give you credit for one thing…. at least you kept your fee for turning tricks for the Democrat Party as high as possible before finally grabbing the cash from the nightstand and heading back to your frozen street corner.

And one last Thank You, Olympia, for finally showing the Maine Republicans that while their money and their votes were certainly welcome in your snatch, you sure as hell weren’t going to kiss them too.  Certainly, the whole “girl-friend” experience was something to which even you would not stoop.

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Beaver Cleaver

Monday Muscular Motivational

Holy damn I had a heck of a weekend. I sat on my butt and watched Burn Notice on Saturday, then spent most… okay all of Sunday playing Skyrim. Man, all that rest and recreation wore me out. Thank God it’s Monday and I can get back to work!

Above the fold, a folded gal, to remind us to be flexible.

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trust me, watch this to the end

Portlandia is a gentle comedy show about Portland, OR.

At first glance, you would think it’s your typical liberal “oh, aren’t we so much better than everyone els?” kind of show

Watch this and laugh

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Food Blogging for Scott

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Saturday Samba

These should help you through the day. . .

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The Letter A Real President Would Have Written…

‎”Dear Hamid:
I see that your goat humpers and assholes for allah are angry that we intercepted the messages they wrote inside the Korans as they desecrated your pedophile prophet’s book, and disposed of the infernal tomes properly.
If you can’t keep your primative screwheads in check, then we’ll “fire” you and get someone who can, because someday, we’d like to come home from your dusty little manure pile and come back to the land of 4 X 4s, Big Macs, bacon, beers, booze, boobs, and the freedom to indulge or refrain from each and everyone as much as we each desire.
I know you don’t really understand this, but trust us, it beats the hell out of being a splodeydope for 72 raisins. However, if you can’t get your rock-worshipping savages under control, the gloves WILL come off, because there is a new sheriff in town here, and we don’t really give two shits about “world opinion” until the world starts policing their own shit.
Hugs and kisses,

President Unrepentant American”