BBF Tryout, lemme see how this works…

Welcome all, to my first try at the legendary H2 post, BBF. A tradition that is passed down from internet generation to internet generation.

First, I must include a music selection, so we will go for a classic from The Rolling Stones:

Today’s model was born in Seattle, Washington June 6, 1983. Her first job was at a hamburger restaurant in Seattle called Dick’s Drive-In. After being approached about modelling, she eventually tried it, figuring that if she did not like it, she could stop. Well, I guess she liked it, because she went ALL the way. She walks in at a tall 5′ 11″, and 145 pounds. Please welcome 1st time guest Gianna Michaels.

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Epic Fail – Red Sox edition

Damn, that’s gotta hurt.

Well, there’s always next year



Happy Hunky Hump Day Ladies! Welcome to a Wakey-Wakey Edition.

Men doing mundane morning things and making it full of  Yum. Almost better than coffee.


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Okay, one last chance

And because I screwed up

Besides the people who have already received their victim for the upcoming Eulogy project, does anyone else wish to play?  IF you do, do NOT mention it here.  instead, e-mail me at wiserbud at the gmail thing or, if you have Andy’s e-mail, send your name directly to him.

I will send out the final instructions on how we’re gonna handle this this coming weekend.


It’s Monday: Now get out there and kick some ass.

Getting Beasn Off (My Back)

I’ve been derelict in posting new Henry photos and Beasn has been all up in my grill about it so here’s some stuff.  These are a few weeks old but whatever.

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Kinda cool video of techno geek Bromance.

Reality Hits You Hard Bro

I saw this video not too long ago when Andy linked it and wondered if I knew this guy. Thank God, no. The original video is hilarious all on its own.

But this…I’m laughing so hard I’m crying here:

Yes; I know.

You’re welcome.