MMM 383

Not really feeling it today.  I realized that looking for these pictures is starting to feel like a real chore.  Not sure if I’m bored, distressed at all the e-thots, or just tired of doing these after 383 posts.  I need to think up some new content for Mondays.

In the meanwhile, it looks warm there.


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Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.




Your model for today was born July 22nd, 1991 in Moscow, Russia.  She stands 5‘ 6″ and measures 362034 and 112 lbs.  Please get cleaned up for Miss Yana Yatskovskaya AKA Яна Яцковская .


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You’re all Tools


So, last Friday was Toolday: the day Tool fans from all around the world had waited 13 long years to arrive.  The. New. Album.  And some people just walked around like it was a normal day.   Oblivious to it’s greatness.

Behold the “unboxing”   of the limited edition. Yes, I have it. Unlike everyone else who didn’t pre-order.


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