MMM 537

March is 2/3rds over. When does the lamb part start? Our snow is gone, but it got down to 25F last night.

Tan line.

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MMM 536

It’s already March, but no worries, we’ve still got snow here. Or rather, we have snow again. I saw the sun last week for a few minutes, so that was nice.

I’m sure she’s really a geek and totally not just trying to gather simps.

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MMM 535

I don’t remember the last time I woke up and wasn’t in pain.

There’s a lot to like here. Pretty hair and so forth.

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MMM 534

I might have to go back to mushrooms soon. Or herbs.

Amanda is flexible.

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MMM 533

Happy President’s Day. It’s a shame we don’t actually have those anymore.

Happy morning, anyhow.

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MMM 531

Good morning. 5.5 more weeks of winter per rodent weather-guesser. Today’s content is all new!

(To this blog)

Coffee time.

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MMM 529

Last week of January, Groundhog Day is coming up.

This is a little dark.

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MMM 528

Ides of January already. Let’s see what’s in the binders.

By pure chance, we have a lovely young lady of African descent for the day. No kidding, the year 3 folder I pulled from had this on top.

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