MMM 519

And here we are, Ides of November and all that jazz.

Living a balanced life, at least in one sense.

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MMM 516

Bad sleep, no rest.


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MMM 515

Still got a lingering cough. Would have liked to sleep more, but that’s not in the cards.

Sunrise or sunset?

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MMM 514

Still dark here at 730am, but I’m about as far west as “east” gets in timezone terms. Another couple of weeks and the kids will be going to school in the dark.

Looks sunny there.

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MMM 512

September ends, Fall begins.

I can’t do this.

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MMM 510

Solo dad this whole week, and I need to make lunch and breakfast pretty much now, so let’s get this done.

Pretty hair.

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MMM 509

Greetings, comrades, and welcome to another glorious Labor Day in People’s Republic of Amerika! Revolution is almost complete, and Great Leader Brandon will finally rid us of the Jews Kulaks MAGAs who are holding back eternal peace and prosperity in Green New World.

Not afraid of a little hard work, at least on those gams.

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MMM 508

Howdy, happy Monday.

Redhead bonus points: earned.

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MMM 507

Weekend was too short, barely got anything done. Or maybe I’m just lazy.

Not lazy.

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MMM 505

It’s still August, and it’s still hot as heck here, but we’re getting rain and t-storms every few days, not the drought the rest of the continent seems to have right now. It’s going to be dicey getting the second cutting of hay for the year, and we won’t be getting a third. I hear that it’s going for $24 a square bale (50#) out in CA (drought, mostly, but the high cost of urea this year is starting to hit with this as well). Going to be a lot of horses looking for new homes at that price.

Michelle in blue.

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