Thursday Memes

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Good morning, and welcome to another edition of Hunky Hump Day. No half-mast anything, please. Let’s get started.

Now for the hunks. Fake redhead for Carin.

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Trash Talk Tuesday

My little mini-me is a sweet kid. In sports that can be a bit of a hindrance so over the past year or so I’ve been trying to up her game in the trash talk department.

It seems that some of the kids have been saying some off colored stuff for a while.


Who woulda thunk that kids could be mean

I explained that a not insignificant part of competition is the mental component and one should be prepared to ignore your opponents mouth while returning the volley with a ferocity that would make Genghis Khan blush…

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MMM 352: Kill it with fire

So Pupster sent me this gallery last week of the clathrus archeri, or “octopus stinkhorn”.  It’s not edible, it’s hideous, and it stinks like methylamine to attract flies and wasps to spread its spores and propagate.  Destroy on sight, turn the earth, and bleach the mycellium.






Those aren’t eggs, those are the immature fruiting bodies yet to burst.

Happy Monday!

Weekend Memes

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Hello and welcome to Big Blandiloquence Friday.


blandiloquence: complimentary speech; flattery





Your model for today was born January 1st, 1985 in Melbourne, Australia.  She stands 5′ 8″, 32D-24-35 and 120 lbs.  Please get comfortable and welcome Miss Emily Sears.


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How About Some Baby Animals


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Procrastination, Sloth, and Turpitude – 2019 resolutions to live by

I always liked the word “Turpitude”.

It’s got a nice ring to it.

Kinda like a turtle gone wrong.

Then there’s sloth…..

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MMM 352: New Monday, New You

Just based on appearance, I would’t eat these.

Now I know it’s the second week of January, so your resolutions are probably toast already.  But it’s the first MONDAY of the new year, and every Monday is a new beginning.  Maybe you’ve stumbled, maybe there were setbacks, maybe you still had Christmas cookies laying around, it’s okay.  It happens.  Begin again.