MMM 267: Moderately Modest Monday

Hola, bienvenido muchachos.  I’m out of the office this morning on a personal errand/work of mercy, and may not be contributing all that much to the conversation until later in the day.

We’re doing something a little different today, because I needed a break from the usual women in tight lycra begging for attention on Instagram.

Here’s a young woman in a pretty blue dress.


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RIP, Lipstick

A sweet lady passed away much too soon.

I met Lipstick at the Tempe In The Sun meatup and have fond memories of sitting by the pool, talking about this and that, and giggling about Chad. I never did get the full story of why Lipstick’s feet are included in Proof of Life, so I hope someone can fill me in.
I have family near Lipstick’s hometown and can personally vouch for Windber Hospice as good people.
I don’t know what else to say, other than I’m glad to have known her and I’m so sorry she’s left us.
Feel free to update this poat.
Thank you, Scott, for letting us know.

MMM 260: short and late

Long “weekend”.  Possum and I had lots of fun, but I get pretty drained trying to stay “on” for her for hours on end, so I’m a wreck this morning.  Straight to pictures.

If you have complaints about this one, you just don’t like women.


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MMM 253: pre-Christmas edition

Statistically, millions of Americans are going to just barely work this week while still pretending that they aren’t just looking busy until Friday.  Don’t be like them, be the outlier that actually gets a lot done this week so you can start off the new year well ahead of the game, you’ll be glad you did.

NOTE: SECRET SANTA gift opening will be Tuesday, 12-20, at 7pm EST.



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MMM 247: Election Day Eve

Tomorrow decides the fate of the nation, folks.  We either elect a man who said mean things but has a really nice family and has signed a LOT of paychecks, or we elect someone who’s criminality will destroy what remains of the republic, and on who’s watch countless Americans will be murdered in the womb by taxpayer-funded assassins or in hospitals waiting for care, while we all go broke because beggars are easier to please.

Tough choice, I know.  I get it.  Anyhow, how about some pictures?

Annie the daughter of Thor.


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MMM 246: No Holiday theme

Because hunting down a bunch of cosplay chicks would take time I don’t have today, and might lead me into pr0n I’m trying to avoid.

Speaking of pr0n.


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MMM 244: Minimal Text Edition

Tired, sore, typing sucks.  Going to go read.

Monochrome and veiny.


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MMM 243: I burnt the pond again.

I still have phragmites after running another full tank of gas through Mostly Peaceful Protest.  Most of them are dead and still standing, but the core of them is still green and alive.  I’m thinking one more run after some scything ought to be enough to finish them off.  I didn’t get any video the second time.  Planning to do POV helmet-cam for the 3rd and hopefully final run.  Might be as soon as next weekend, we shall see.

Still working toward these.


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