Wire When Ready

Lets meet the great Kerry James Marshal, one of the finest painters in the world today.

Region capture 91


He was born in 1955, Birmingham AL

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His paintings seem like they aren’t yet dry.  As if we were looking at them in his studio during a break in the process.

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He will be showing at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art April thru Sept 2016.  If we can have a meat then and there I’ll arrange a field trip to the exhibit.

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Thanks for viewing and also for your kind inspirations.

Have a nice day.

MMM 181: Mulling it over edition

Thinking about the job thing. I’m probably going to take it, and I’ll be a lot quieter during the day if that happens, but such is life. The work sounds legitimately fun, but it’s still the devil I don’t know. Current job is a dead end and I’m a chump if I stay. Old building is familiar ground, but I know it holds no excitement and little real chance for growth beyond a certain limit. It has old friends and good work, but I’m not sure if I’d just be looking for something comfortable if I held out for that and let the offer I got last week go.

I’ve got until Thursday to figure it out.

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Some Stupid Stuff

A poat which explores the Duality of Man™

What do you do with a problem like this?
I guess you’d have to go for some kind of Social Justice Rock Paper Scissors game. We could call it Rock Privilege Scissors.
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Big Boob Friday™ Shitlord Style

Well this has been an interesting week. As per ushe (I’m talking like Oso) we got kicked right in the jimmy by our dear, dear friend, Justice John Roberts. At this point, we’ll need to win the next few elections to stack the court against the conservatives. You know, with actual conservatives.



The disappointment continues below the fold:


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So, I’m re-adopting the Ruth Stout permanent deep hay mulch method of gardening, and I’m already enjoying major freedom from weeding, and reduced watering needs.

But occasionally a crop can’t be mulched for a while, specifically this one long bed of leek seedlings that are just too puny and closely-spaced to get the hay treatment yet. In the weeks between now and then, I have to find a way to keep the bed clean. A hoe is too big to clean up between these little guys while not killing a significant number of them. And getting down and laboriously hand-weeding a thousand tiny weed sprouts is not my idea of a good time.

I needed something that I could use while standing. It had to be quite small and easy to precisely control, since I need to slice out weeds right up to the base of little plants. I started puzzling on how to build such a thing but eventually turned the matter over to a genius.



And it still cuts cheddar perfectly.

This is a wire cheese-cutter, duct-taped to a broom handle.

It gets in between and right up to my little leeks that are too-closely spaced, and glides under the top layer of soil, cutting everything on the way. Really teensy seedlings get uprooted and dry out. I can stand comfortably upright and draw the weeder along towards myself in a natural way, instead of bending forward to chop at the weeds.

Furthermore, unlike the preceding prototype which required fine-tuning the angle on a flat blade, the cutting wire works the same from any angle.

Indistinguishable from magic.

Indistinguishable from magic.


He’s funny. He’s sexy. He’s sexy funny and he’s our theme for this week.

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Quest for Wire

Back to the work of the living.

Region capture 32

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I forgot to add a title to this Father’s Day poat

Happy Father’s Day to all the Hostage Dads! Just think of all the joy and heartache and life lessons fatherhood has brought you and know that…the following people will all probably be voting multiple times each for Hillary next year:

Brought to you by Sweet Meteor of Death 2016–Because Humanity is Overrated.
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