Big Boob Friday

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday, holiday party addition. I am Pupster, your humble but highly flammable host.

Turkey’s done.

Today’s musical selection was a recommendation from Mrs. Pupster…I think she likes it when the singer says “Yow“.

Today’s model was born in Frisco, Texas in 1974. With her big fake boobs she measures in at 36-26-36. Please drop your turkey legs and welcome Marzia Prince.

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MMM 98

Good morning and welcome to the ninety-eighth edition of Monday muscular motivation. I’ve basically given up on Walking Dead, so I spent the evening subjecting my wife to season 1 of Alaska: The Last Frontier.

Anyhow, pictures. This one has fencing. No, the other kind.
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Big Boob Friday™

Hi. This week’s edition of big boob friday features a very special woman. She is an accomplished actress, starring in highly acclaimed films such as Shindler’s List (Big Titty Gypsy #3–Pre Gas Chamber), Terms of Endearment (Big Titty Cancer Patient #2), Leaving Las Vegas (Hooker–Corpse), Requiem for a Dream (Heroin Addict #93–Big Tits), and Old Yeller (Big Titted Dead Dog That Dies at the End).

Nah, bro. I was just kidding. Here’s an actual list of Cristina Jolie’s IMDB: Cotton Panties 12, Me and My Sybian 1 and 3 (She got a call back!!! Squee!!!!!!), Prime Cups 6, Jiggling Jugs, All Internal 11, Lesbian Prison, Russian Institute 12–Back to School, and Natural Wonders of the World 49. Other than this extensive list of xbrad’s hard drive movies, she really hasn’t done much. Just a girl from Checkland giving blowies and eating tacos looking for that big break.


And now a musical interlude:



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