Today Is What Day?

It’s a holiday week of drunken revelry and celebration.  Because of that fact I forgot that today was Friday so the chances of you getting a BBF post are about 2%.

I watch MSNBC because it amuses me.  It’s like watching a little kid eat paste.  The fact that smelly hippies, commies, retards and douche-bags have their very own network is a pretty amazing thing when you think about it.

A few minutes ago the annoying-but-still-hot Norah O’Donnell interviewed some lisping sucker of cock about why George W. Bush’s book has sold more copies in one month than Bill Clinton’s book has sold in six years.  Here is the complete list of reasons this prancing fairy gave for that phenomenon:

(1) People that hate him bought it to read his justification for his evil existence.

(2) People bought it as a joke.

(3) A lot of people bought it and gave it as a gift to people that didn’t want it.

(4) It’s only 500 pages while Clinton’s is over 1,000 pages.

Hahahahahahaha!!  You cannot find better parody of the lunatic left’s non-reality-based view of the world anywhere.

Good job, MSNBC!!

On a related note, I received two copies of Bush’s book for Christmas, one of which Floyd ate last night.  SPARE COPY WIN!!


Hey!  Happy New Year you jackass!



I love the look on this kid’s face.  FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!



Bitchface Bread von Clowncar wants you to watch this.  WATCH IT!!!

A tribute to all our lovely Hostagettes

Theme song

A girl has to get home, after all

Mess with drunk Hostagettes at your own peril

WTF was that noise?


Seriously, when you’re awesome like me and have an iPhone,
you can blog from a bar. *hic



Hotspur at the bar:



Ok, so it’s 9:30 and I dun’t see any HHD on the horizon. Here’s the deal. I’ll add one picture and then you other hosefockers female hostages add another and another until it’s raining men. Hallelujah.

This could add up to be teh BEST HHD DAY EVA!

Here’s my contribution:

That there is the most wonderful ginger EVER, Josh Homme. What’s that he is showing us? Well, that would be his daughter’s name tattooed over his heart. AWWWWW.

Here is Josh being just about as sexy as he can be.

Ok, who’s next?

Here’s my contribution:



DUh (Sohos)

Viggo - Cathy's Choice

Pj’s choice………GAWD I LOVE HIM!!!


        Okay, here’s my (TiFW) contribution to the post – Mark Valley:

(You’re welcome, ladies!)

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Cyn’s Contribution: Sean Connery
In keeping with the theme of this post:

 – OR –

(For Cyn, since she can’t access the YouTube link)

Global Warming Froze My Palm Tree

Precisely zero people give a shit about Global Warming anymore, which explains how this sentence, “The not-so-obvious short answer is that the overall warming of the atmosphere is actually creating cold-weather extremes,” was able to be written, reviewed by an editor, and deemed worthy of publication.

The article, whose thesis plumbs the depths of Newspeak to deliver the thesis:  Warm is Cold™, has been refuted here, better than I could.

A few things to think about though when considering Global Warming, or Climate Change, or Global Climate Disruption or whatever the fuck these commies are calling it:

1)  It’s not science, it’s statistics.

2) Stats lie

3) See rule 2

Oh, and I feel for you guys stuck in the snowmaggedon up north, but if you’d just stop driving your SUVs you’d be warm, like Tampa, Florida.  30 is warm, right?

Best Idea Ever

I just thought of this.  It won’t ever happen but let’s pretend, m’kay?

The federal and state governments are going broke as a motherfucker because government is a stupid whore.  What about this idea…

(1) The Fortune 500 corporations together form another corporation called Help The Poor, Inc.

(2) The CEOs and CFOs of those corporations together hire the full management staff and a board of directors.

(3) The Medicaid system and all welfare programs are abolished.

(4) Federal and state corporate taxes are cut in half.

(5) Federal and state governments agree to give half of what they are currently paying towards Medicaid and welfare programs to Help The Poor, Inc.

(6) The CEOs and CFOs, pending approval by 3/4 of their boards of directors also agree to contribute a percentage of their profits to Help The Poor, Inc.

(7) Help The Poor, Inc. is then responsible for the health and welfare of America’s poor.

In my way of thinking this will accomplish two desirable objectives:

(1) Federal and state governments will have fewer unfunded future liabilities and

(B) America’s poor would be better taken of and at less cost.

Can you imagine the shift in the thinking if it was corporate America that took care of the poor and it was excessive government regulation and taxation that ended up hurting the poor by lowering corporate profits ?


Other than the obvious non-reality of this idea, please improve upon or poke holes in this brilliant idea in the comments.

Also, kiss my ass.


[Update – Andy]

Better idea. We just need to upgrade our Senators to pull it off: