MMM 142: Leon’s not here today

Hi folks, I’m on travel and not hanging out in my home office today, so you get a post but probably not my charming commentary for most of the day. I suspect you’ll be okay. And possibly won’t even notice. Jerks.

Knee strike practice.
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Saturday Monkey Business


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Sticky Spaghetti

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We got a CODE T!

Flying this morning, in TSA check point behind a nice old Sihk couple, I guess the lady was a little nervous about flying, because she dropped a deuce in the scanner.





TSA agent: Are you flying today?

Me: Depends!

MMM 141: what’s done is done

Last week with an office. I don’t know if that will change anytime soon, but it’s true for the foreseeable future.

I’m contemplating making them cookies or something.

Pupster sent this along, I liked it.
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You’ll get nothing and like it

Because it will at least be a new poat.

One funneh out of the folder.
mrs pupster
Good day, eh.