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mj tricycle dotw


  1. You wanna touch my monkey??

  2. Pass.

  3. No, he’ll eat a banananana and like it.

  4. Good update to the BBF post Mj. I’d be happy with that view too.

  5. Heh, they indicted that GSA doofus for fraud. I bet there’s some people where I work that are nervous.

  6. I’m watching Fright Night. First scene just rolled and already it’s a an unintentional period piece.

    Pressuring a girl for sex? Protagonist is already a rape-culturing rapist by modern standards. Maybe that’s why Amanda Bearse turned gay.

  7. Man, this was not a good fashion era for women.

  8. Good morning, sunshines and cool kids.

  9. I didn’t wanna sleep in anyways. Much.

  10. Yea, wakey wakey everyone.


  11. What’s this “sleeping in” business of which you speak?

  12. Carin, dehumidifier?

  13. It is practically still Friday here on this side of the continent.

  14. We’ve been up, had breakfast, 2 cups of coffee and cleaned up the living room after the sleepover. And by “we” I mean Paula. Except for the eating breakfast and drinking coffee part.

  15. I did help clean up though

  16. I should make coffee.

  17. bartend all day, drive to alma michigan for soccer tomorrow

    my life sucks

  18. I mean, my life is awesome.

  19. Cyn, I don’t know how you stretched pizza for three boys. Rocketboy once ate an entire large pizza by himself. “Every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard and believe in yourself.”

  20. I won’t be able to get it to you, then. I’m headed to Fairfax tomorrow afternoon.

  21. Warm weather this weekend.

  22. This is how I imagined the scene at Cyn’s place:

  23. Time for rounds…

  24. There is no such thing as too much pizza

  25. “Every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard and believe in yourself.”

    Ha Ha This is wholly accurate.

    Fortunately, the young man that was here was very polite, as was Googleman (in sharing), so they didn’t even finish the whole pizza or the pizza rolls (a ginormous plateful).

    They will starve to death or be eaten alive if they ever get into a frat house.

  26. I mean, my life is awesome.

    That’s the spirit.

  27. Everything is awesome, Pupster.

  28. I will likely haul 2 tons of wood today, but at least I don’t have to talk to any customers.

    My life >>> awesome.

  29. Delayed in Nashville last night, sitting on a full plane with no air coming out of those little vents above, waiting for some other delayed flyers and their luggage. Finally get to CBUS and the gate bridge breaks down, another half hour on a full plane with no AC. Why in the hell is the AC shut off when we are sitting on the tarmac? The whole plane smelled like sweaty ass balls.

  30. I have about 5 cords of wood in my back yard that are going to be sold with the house.

  31. “hi! How are you guys today? Can I get you something to drink? “

  32. Saw this on the way home from work last night.

  33. I’m not cutting any of this down, just piling it next to the pond.

  34. Getting really tired of energy nazis external control of AC. 73 may be “cool” for people that live in Vegas, but it is too hot to sleep. Why have room darkening curtains when it is too hot to sleep? Why???(Kerrigan’d/)

  35. I’ll have what she’s having.

  36. Bob Ross Painting is still calming as fuck.

    *lowers chin to chest and whispers, “Happy Accidents”.*

  37. Here comes another little hill… a little ochre now…

  38. Leon, next weekend looks really good. one game on Sat, one on Sunday very early. I will work on Saturday, of course, but sunday is my normal day off, so …

  39. Colors are pretty up in Michigan this year. They say, though, it’s really early for this. Yep.

    Global warming. It’s making winter come earlier. Is there nothing it cannot do?

  40. OMG I turned my head for two seconds and he’s put a shed in the painting. A SHED!!

  41. Normally it’s gorgeous the days right before Halloween, then we gets some windstorm and suddenly it’s winter.

  42. Are there birds yet?

  43. … happy little window…happy…


  45. Have any of you guys already discovered Aldi’s.

    O. M. G.

  46. It’s nothing until there are birds. I’m just saying.

    Color me unimpressed.

  47. Someone kill me.

    My mom is quoting Robert Reich on facedouche.

  48. *kills Car in with a number 9 painting knife loaded with prussian black and a little midnight blue

  49. *nods*

    A little Phthalo Blue might be nice too.

  50. *nods*

  51. Carin, there are two Aldi’s here. The quarter for the cart amuses me, but cash or EBT annoys me. No checks, no credit cards.

    Produce is meh, meat is hit or miss, good selection on frozen foods, and 50 bazillion kinds of chips.

  52. I’ll be recovered from the flight back by then, I hope.

  53. obligatory

  54. Car in, if you have a freezer check out Restaurant Depot.

  55. doh

  56. Robert Reich who supports saying no to white workers.

    Robert Reich, man of the people, basher of CEOs.

    Professor of public policy at UC-Berkeley. He was paid $242,613 in 2013 to teach only one undergraduate class the fall semester – Public Policy 260 – that meets only one day a week for two hour. That works out to about $2,500 for each hour of lecture time.

  57. Reichhhh

    I can still find his remarks regarding stimulus money (money taken from whites and skilled people) not to go to whites or the skilled but I can’t find the one where, in the same meeting, Charlie Rangel says that Reich should not worry about political ramifications because the middle class is too busy feeding their families and clothing their kids to notice or do anything.

  58. Watching Fox. I can see why BiW refers to Juan Williams as the only living brain donor. Juan just said our border is more secure than ever. Bullshit!

  59. He makes a heck of a lot more than me and adds no value to the universe.

  60. Juan just said our border is more secure than ever.

    He’s the smartest man alive.

  61. MJ – Are we getting a DotW?

  62. Wiser radio!

  63. “Naugatuck”


  64. That guy can really talk.

  65. Someone call in so Wiser will hang up on Tom.

  66. He does better with five shots of tequila in him.

  67. Evidently he loves Fall.

  68. Looks like Chelsea had her baby. A girl. May she look like her father, Marc.

    I was hoping for a boy. Maybe it would have taken at least Chelsea off the war on women bullshit.

  69. He does better with five shots of tequila in him.

    Pffft. Who doesn’t.

  70. When she was pregnant with a boy, she aborted it.

  71. Boogie music yay!

  72. Babies usually look like their fathers at first. Keeps them from being abandoned.

    That’s why Chelsea looks like Webb Hubbell.

  73. Ha Ha

  74. She looks more like Trigger.

  75. Neigh

  76. Has anyone noted that Charlotte is the inevitable nominee for the Presidency yet?

  77. Woooo Hooooo! All Skate!

  78. She sounded cute.

  79. Drinkie Winkie Time

  80. Thanks for the mention guys 🙂

    I really am glad there were no arrests too.

  81. Good show.

    I would listen if I didn’t know him.

  82. I would like to try that drink.

  83. Good show Radiomonkey and good drinkie segment EmJay. You guys did not totally suck.

  84. And I have have to listen to myself as I sort my recorded interviews.

  85. I am taking the next 3 hours off.

  86. well, that as fun.

    Until I got behind the fucktard smoking a joint while driving, with the resulting smoke wafting into my truck.

    ‘scuse me while I try not to puke.

  87. ‘Eeeeere

  88. At Drudge: rocket fired at US embassy in Yemen.

  89. show poated

  90. You know what gets old really fucking fast? Someone asking “Do you want to play Ray Rice and Janay? every single time you get on an elevator. I may kill him and fly home.

  91. There was cop attention at TITS. I missed it.

    Similar to the other meatup cop interventions. Officer Paul was the best

  92. Stink Bugs are trying to get into the house before winter comes.
    There is 4 of them on one window right now.

    Oso wouldn’t like this.

  93. *tries to hide a giggle from Oso*

  94. There was cop attention at TITS. I missed it.

    The first night. Tushar fell on the sidewalk right in front a few cops.

  95. Scott is right. I don’t like stink bugs.

  96. are

  97. And nobody got photos of it. I feel ashamed because I was there.

  98. Laura got blasted by one a couple of years ago.

  99. I didn’t have my camera with me. Plus I was a little busy.

    *scribbles a note about Hotspur’s inattention to detail in The Logbook*

  100. be

  101. Dave and I missed the fall and the cop because we turned in early.

    *waggles eyebrows*

  102. Yes we needed sleep, very tired.

    So tired.

  103. yes

  104. So tired.


  105. you two forget….

    we have pics…..

  106. Then Saturday I wanted to stay up all night.

  107. Then Saturday I wanted to stay up all night.



  108. Scott, it is stink bug season at the Club. I just leave them alone.

  109. me too

  110. Our house is covered with them.

  111. Sounds like an invasion.

  112. I have the annual ladybug invasion taking place now. Stink bugs try in lesser numbers. Ladybugs can come in, stink bugs NO !

  113. Is it still good luck when a ladybug lands on you? That was always a thing when I was a little boy.

  114. *tickles Jimbro and Cyn

  115. Always

  116. I’ll take a tickle over a tackle any day

  117. *leaves a twenty on the dresser*

  118. Glad you poated the show. Rocketboy texted and wanted to skype, so all I got was Tom’s segment. I drank every time he said Limerock.

  119. His breathing into the phone was really annoying.

  120. I drank every time he said Limerock.

    I was banging my head against the board. The sales manager begged me to try to keep him from promoting Lime Rock because they do not buy ads on the station.

  121. His breathing into the phone was really annoying.

    On-air Stalker.

  122. His breathing into the phone was really annoying.

    He texted me after the show and asked why I didn’t tell him about that. I said “I did tell you.”

    Shows how well he listens.

  123. I had a ladybug on my hand couple weeks ago and I set it on the tomato plants

  124. Dick Blumenthal could be the new AG?

    * cuts *

  125. Dick Blumenthal could be the new AG?

    Fresh look at Linda McMahon?

  126. *tickles Dave

  127. Nobody has pictures. I’m pretty sure.


  128. Claire DeRoom is the name of the stink big in Tough to be a Bug.


  130. He’ll be on TV every freaking day.

  131. He’ll be on TV every freaking day.

    Can you imagine?

    He would do for small businesses all over the country what he did so well and often here in CT.


  132. Of course, if he takes that gig, he’ll be gone in less than 2 years.

  133. Nobody has pictures. I’m pretty sure.

    Guaranteed Xbrad does.

  134. Hey what’s all this tickling going on??

    And, ahem, where’s the line?

  135. Would he get a pension from his Senate job if he takes that job? He’s already pulling a pension from his CT AG job along with his paycheck for serving as our Senator.

  136. Hey what’s all this tickling going on??

    *touches nose….


  137. Anyone?

  138. Dart?

  139. Might be a really old Toyota or Datsun

  140. BAD TOUCH!

    do it again

  141. do it again

    I’m gonna need about 20 minutes here…..

  142. PARTY TIME!!!!

    later, gators.

  143. AMC American.

  144. Dodge Dart? 65 maybe.

  145. AMC Rambler American.


  146. Heh. Little Nash Rambler.


  148. I’m impressed it’s still running and roadworthy.

  149. Jus’ gonna leave this here…..

  150. It’s amazing because they were pieces of crap 45 years ago.

  151. My dad had a Gremlin. I know too well what pieces of crap they were.

  152. Hahahahahaha, Wiser. The gyrations were pretty good.


  154. We are about to encounter a severe weather event.
    And not even the courtesy of a habooby reach-around.

  155. hairs cut

    I look danged decent

  156. Wood moved, 3 fence posts replaced, cocktail prepped, NetFlix booted.

    Sa’day night.

  157. Good day, people who are already sick of pumpkin-flavored stuff.

  158. Speak for yourself, I love that crap.

  159. Man, pumpkin be so nasty that it has to call Janet “Miss Jackson.”

  160. *offers Shawn a homemade pumpkin muffin*

  161. You are a LOW DOWN DIRTY MOTHERFUCKER, leon.

  162. Cyn,
    The rain will continue for 55 minutes…

  163. Delete

  164. I should make some of these:

  165. Nessie, obviously.

    *bitch slaps phone*

  166. NEVER FUCKING MIND. *throws phone*

  167. Nessie says packing up is exhausting.

  168. *offers Pupster a muffin also*

  169. I chopped down a tree today because I ran into it carrying a new fence post.

    For revenge.

  170. I told another one it was next. I’ll get it tomorrow before I go to the airport.

  171. WHOOOOP!!!!!!!

  172. Sorry – you may now resume your previous program…..

  173. wow the Ags aren’t all that good

  174. I want to hug J’ames and Russ cause tonight is not going to be fun

  175. I hope to keep Baylor under a hundred.

  176. They only got to 70 last year.


  177. 64 but it’s on your home turf tonight!

    You can keep it to fifty surely…

  178. Cal just beat the Buffaloaves in 2OT. Sorry, Alex.

  179. Well, the Cardinal’s magic number is 1. So there’s that.

  180. It’s gonna be nice for once to have a postseason where the broadcasters don’t have to waste a lot of their energy and focus pretending that they’re not rooting for the Yankees or Red Sox.

  181. Its still raining. Was touch and go for a bit whether we’d need an ark, but so far so good.

  182. Doesn’t it just drain into the sand out there, Cyn?

  183. I always like how the announcers pretend, Sean.

  184. Yes, but then it takes a while for the cacti to soak it all up.

  185. I bought 2 cacti for a buck at the grocery store. They were on a rack with all the marked down fruit which I thought was weird.

  186. I’m not used to a Baylor team being any good.

    My soph year we were 3-8

  187. I bet they still spend most of the postseason talking about the BooSux and the Yankees.

  188. “Gosh, I wonder what Derek Jeter’s doing right now…”

  189. Looks like two inches has been recorded at the airport. That’s a bunch.

  190. b-rad was at the airport?

  191. You hatred of the Red Sox makes me giggle!

    Respect is one thing:

    But this is a bridge too far:

  192. I was just a little sad that neither link was to the Bangor Daily.

  193. >> Looks like two inches has been recorded at the airport.

    I haven’t been there in weeks

  194. Here you go Oso:

    1. There was a road race in the same area today, why another one?
    b. “Color run” sounds racist
    &. One day they’ll find out the color shit they throw on them causes cancer.

  195. Heeheehee thx Jimbro. Color Runs. Ewwww

  196. FYI When reading ingredients do not look up cochineal extract. Trust me.

  197. 2 inches is barely a rainstorm.

  198. 2 inches is 33% of our annual precipitation.

  199. You’ll get your 2 inches and like it.

  200. Speaking of 2 inches, whatever happened to Pepe?

  201. Like it? Hell, I’d be grateful for 1.5 inches.

  202. you’re welcome

  203. How you doin’!

  204. Wait, we talking length or girth?

  205. Yes.

  206. Wait… Are we talking for the rain gauge now ?

  207. Both.

  208. *thud*

  209. wow the Ags aren’t all that good

    wow Michigan really is all that bad

  210. I did an image search for “1.5 inches long 1.5 inches wide,” and the following came up:


  211. I like the tasteful use of a merkin for the background. Very chic.


  213. rain gauges make me feel like a man again

  214. “1.5 inches long 1.5 inches wide” image would be right at home here:

  215. Diamater or circumference? There’s a huge difference.

  216. Pupster, who is moving you?

  217. This was in the similar images suggestion along with that…thing:

  218. pi is the ratio of the diameter and the circumference.

    I just thought I should say that


    They have offices in Cbus and Nashville, recommended to me by friends and business associates.

  220. When are they coming?

  221. This was in the similar images suggestion along with that…thing:

    That made me want to barf.

  222. Load on the 8th, travel the 9th, unload the 10th.

  223. Girth is the distance around, right? So, circumference.

  224. Happy birthday, Michael! I’m sorry your team sucks more than mine.

  225. Perfect time of year, best part of the month, and a good looking company. Should be a good move.

  226. Thanks.

  227. Happy birthday, Michael. (gentle hug)

  228. Let’s hope they didn’t hire MJ’s moving guy.

  229. Did anybody get anybody else’s cow for a handful of “magic beans” today?

  230. or the radius..

  231. In Ohio, MJ’s moving guy would only find work from June to August.

    Outside of that he would have to move to Florida or New York.

  232. I was inoculated for radius.

  233. Inoculations are a scam.

  234. Movers in Florida are like the mafia on crack.

  235. They ARE the mafia on crack,

  236. Trying to decide if the mafia is better than the unions….Vegas in the mafia days was less creepy.

  237. Ugh. Rocketboy’s roommate went home for the weekend- he lives just north of Ferguson. Hope the shitstorm stays on that side of the highway.

  238. Rosetta should send reg, reft, fake:

  239. So sick of working today:

  240. Driving around Searchlight Harry’s demographic base and I see union types protesting outside of businesses that hire illegal labor. Heh.

  241. gout is a shitty thing to suffer through. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

    (Kim, I mean. Not Rosie.)

  242. Sean, are you watching the Angel game? Killing me!

  243. Nah, I have los Doyers on here–no cable in the office.

    I’ve kinda soured on the Blue Crew this season, but they’re showing the last six regular season games on a local channel instead of Time Warner’s bullshit Dodger network, and listening to Vin Scully is always awesome.

  244. Whew!!! I’ve been hearing rumblings from my Dodger friends about Time Warner all year. Great game in Seattle. I’m torn. Do I H8 the A’s more than I H8 Mariner fans?

  245. so Obama went golfing again this weekend. When was the last time he missed an outing?

  246. Yes. The A’s are a bunch of doucheweasels.

  247. Thanks, Sean. I was doubting my H8 for a few minutes there.

  248. The Time Warner thing has cost the Dodgers a tremendous amount of goodwill in SoCal this year. Something like 80% of households in the area haven’t been able to watch a game before this week unless it was the Fox Saturday game or the ESPN Sunday night game.

  249. Have the Angels been able to pick up fans or is it just Time Warner bearing the brunt of the animosity? I know my friends have been cursing TW all Summer.

  250. Most Dodger fans (especially the…you know…brown ones) would rather lose their left nut than root for the Halos. A lot of these people are such fucking battered wives that they still root for the fucking RAY-DERRRRZ.

  251. They have a scary fan base. I know brown people that are afraid of fellow Dodger fans. That is why they are so upset with TW. They are afraid at Dodger Stadium.

  252. Crap. Oh well, g’night.

  253. Two dozen other dirty lovers
    Must be a sucker for it
    Cry, cry, but I don’t need my mother
    Just hold my derp while I come
    To a decision on it

  254. Our own Andy is having a person to person discussion with Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, about the NdGT controversy and Sean Davis. How cool is that?

  255. Jon Gabriel tweeted “Nobody let @deBlasioNYC hold the Clinton baby.” Snort.

  256. #BabyGate

  257. Gotta go do rounds….again. Sometimes I feel like I’m in the movie Groundhog Day. The Bill Murray version, not the Bill de Blasio one.

  258. New poat!

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