MMM 142: Leon’s not here today

Hi folks, I’m on travel and not hanging out in my home office today, so you get a post but probably not my charming commentary for most of the day. I suspect you’ll be okay. And possibly won’t even notice. Jerks.

Knee strike practice.

Hot, barely-clothed chick in an alley? Hooker.
Meanwhile, somewhere indoors-ish.
She’s smiling for a reason.
Pushups are a great exercise.
One tiny ab vein.
Weird tread on these shoes.
Earrings? Really?
Sex cult posing.
I don’t know what’s happening here, but I think she’s modeling the hat.

Happy Monday, everyone. Don’t do anything creepy while I’m gone.


  1. Good morning Not Here Today.

    Weird tread sneaker/yoga ball is the female.

  2. Weird schedule today. Monday is usually office but I’ve got 3 cases up in the air (wrist, elbow, femur) and I’m not sure when my partner’s going to be back from a weekend trip to MI to see his daughter at college. Pretty sure there will be angry people to deal with at some point today.


  4. workie workie

  5. Old people like hard candy. Why?

  6. Easy to suck on after your teeth are all gone, reduces the temptation to chew and destroy the teeth you have left/pull your crowns out with caramel.


  7. Nice observation by ColoradoAlex.

  8. for MJ and Vmax

  9. wakey wakey

  10. You’re gonna have to get up earlier, Car in.

  11. You’re not my real dad.

  12. Wow, I didn’t realize anyone paid attention to my political theories:D Thanks for the heads up, Roamy!

  13. Weird tread sneaker/yoga ball is the female.

    I concur.

  14. I admire your dedication Leonitas.

    Also that “one tiny ab vein” is bigger than my dick.

  15. This issue has some stuff you can use this week. Like… zexy Asian chicks. Which has nothing to do with the fact that platypuses and dolphins have belly buttons but Barbra Streisand and penguins do not have belly buttons

    I could use some help,,, It’s harvest season for non genetically modified organisms Asian style

  16. Are we being spammed?

  17. I dunno – if so, the spam is getting better in a very scary way.

  18. Oh, and “smiling” girl in the pink shirt is the female this week – she’s quite cute.

  19. Best Spam Evah Ha ha

    I wonder if they have Lace Wigs for the MMM’s to hide their ab veins.

  20. Lace Merkins

  21. The suckitude I predicted is slowly unfolding. Ah well, it’s MNF tonight!

    I’ve seen Goodstuff’s Cyber World linked elsewhere and wonder why he(she?) stopped by today. Blumpkin Latte?

  22. Lace Merkins


  23. Merkel

  24. Obama (Erkel)

  25. Otwerkel

  26. Purple.

  27. Well, I just got an interesting call from my aunt (dad’s side): turns out she has a quilt top that was made for her by her grandmother that she never had made into a quilt.

    She talked with a lady at a local quilt shop, and they are going to “convert” it by turning each individual square into a wall hanging.

    She asked if I wanted any (YES!!!!!), and how many. She was worried that I would be upset about having to pay for the cost of finishing and shippping.

    As if.

    That’s something that my great-grandmother stitched together – you can’t put a price on that!

  28. Well, you could put a price on it. Might not be enough, but it would be a price.

  29. Hotspur, O’twerkel: twerking Celtic style?

  30. You know what I just realized?

    “Feminist” is just an example of credentialing.

    Credentialing, of course, is an appeal to authority.

    And women who pronounce themselves feminists are using that as a tool of debate.

    Mind you, the only requirement to become a feminist is the pronouncement.

    But it also helps to spew a bunch of bullshit.

    But it’s laying down a trump card. Claiming an expertise on an issue. It’s used to end debate and silence critics.

  31. Wouldn’t there be a higher price if it were finished into the quilt?

  32. xBrad, it’s similar to lawyers. Within the first few minutes of meeting one, they will tell you they are a lawyer. It will have absolutely nothing to do with the discussion, but somehow this credentials them. They are putting you on notice that everything they are going to say is correct.

  33. “As a blogger…”

    Kinda the anti-credential.

  34. I can’t believe we didn’t take a side trip here for lunch during TITS.

  35. If it were closer, we’d have been all over that.

  36. Wouldn’t there be a higher price if it were finished into the quilt?

    Yes, but my aunt wants to offer a quilt square to any family members who may want one – I think she’s looking at the big picture of the great-great-grandchildren; there are around 30 individual “squares” available, and this way each one of them can have a piece of family history.

    I never met my great-grandmother, but I’ve heard stories from my older cousins about what a sweet lady she was.

    I do have a couple of my grandmother’s quilts (that I remember loving as a kid) and quite a bit of my grandparents’ furniture (Mr. TiFW and I helped my dad when he cleaned out their house; we were newlyweds, and we got the stuff that nobody else laid claim to).

  37. The top story at AoSHQ is interesting.

    A buddy and I had that idea over fifteen years ago. His company made stress skin panels, and our idea was to turn them into shipping containers for aid shipments to third world shitholes. The containers would then stay behind to be transformed into houses. They would already be insulated, and all that would be necessary is to just cut in doors and some windows. The tops would already be waterproof, as well as the sides. They could be painted or just left clear.

    We couldn’t get anyone to invest in our scheme, so we just let it go.

  38. Using shipping containers for housing isn’t that new. I know of some guys who’ve used them to construct hidaways in rural areas. It’s cheaper to just ship in two containers than all the materials to build a house, and if all you need is a hunting cabin or weekend retreat, they can be modified to suit the job easily.

  39. “to construct hidaways in rural areas.”

    We call them stills.

  40. You misspelled “meth lab”.

  41. The difference in our idea was that the containers would be constructed from structural insulated panels, hence they would already be insulated. And since third world shitholes don’t have anything to ship back except ebola, the aid organizations would not incur the cost of bringing them back.

  42. Spur, I’d have totally thrown you… *checks pockets and couch cushions* … $9.31 to go crazy on that idea. It’s brilliant. Too bad it was ahead of its time.

  43. Did you drop the word ‘shithole’ from your sales pitch?

  44. Shithole Housing Solutions.

  45. Shithole Housing Solutions.

    Al Gore would like to invest in your idea.

  46. I need to get ready for work.

  47. Putting off submitting expense reports.

    How is it that having a bunch of days off makes me less productive?

    The worst part about about being a slug is that I enjoy it so, so much.

  48. If you’ve ever wondered what the rules and terminology of rugby are:

  49. Did Hotspur write the pronoun poat at AOS?

  50. No, but I love the delicious irony of Obama and his narcissistic outlook on himself.

    He’s a fucking buffoon. I love to say that in front of lefties because it drives them apeshit.

  51. Heh, yeah, usually get called a racist, too.

  52. Waited until co-worker had a mouthful of coffee, then asked him if it was a blumpkin latte. Almost got a spit take, then convinced him he had misheard me.

    **hands Sean a six pack of Diet Dr Pepper**

    Then I wrote a couple of pages for the next paper and played in the lab the rest of the day. Pretty good Monday.

  53. Roamy FTW!

  54. I love the snark about the guy who made it into the White House should be a legal resident now.

  55. Bravo to Jimbro on the header pic!

  56. Goddammit
    I am on a bus and someone let one fly.
    This is why I hate public transport.
    When I am in my car, the only flatus I have to fear is my own

  57. A dangerous guy made it past all the security features in the constitution and is firmly holed up in the white house for 5+ years.
    And we are worried about some guy who took a brief unauthorized tour?

  58. Tushar = Indian Dennis Miller

  59. Sean, I didn’t get the Dennis Miller reference.

  60. Waited until co-worker had a mouthful of coffee, then asked him if it was a blumpkin latte. Almost got a spit take, then convinced him he had misheard me.

    *gazes at Roamy in awe*

  61. I was just paying you a compliment for your pithy political observation re: people who should not be in the WH.

  62. I’m beginning to hate dealing with my corporate card.

  63. Thanks, Sean.
    That makes me feel good.

    **struts around**
    **trips and falls**


  64. I feel the same way about my gruel allowance, Colex.

  65. After dealing with Defense travel and corporate cards, Merrill Lynch was as easy as pie.

  66. Waited until co-worker had a mouthful of coffee, then asked him if it was a blumpkin latte. Almost got a spit take, then convinced him he had misheard me.

    *googles “blumpkin”, recoils in horror*

    Sometimes ignorance really IS bliss.

  67. Wait, TiFW hangs out here and had to google “Blumpkin”?

  68. Tush, I get cropdusted all the time at work. People are disgusting. Last week, an old lady crapped her pants. She must have been wearing adult diapers, because we didn’t have a Code Brown.

  69. Other terms to avoid looking up:

    -Fuck a l’Orange
    -Cleveland Steamer
    -Dirty Sanchez
    -Rick Sanchez
    -Greasy Spork
    -Omaha Tugboat

    (Note: Some of these may not be real things, but why risk it?)

  70. -Boston Betty
    -Paddy O’Reilly
    -Mr. Wipple with Cheese (illegal in six states)

  71. Wait, TiFW hangs out here and had to google “Blumpkin”?

    Get off my lawn, little girl…. 😛

  72. Srsly, I have learned more terms I NEVER needed to know from you sickos…. 😀

  73. Unbelievable: “Yoga Joes”

    I blame the SCOAMF for this happening.

  74. Those Yoga Joe’s need scarves and glasses and a latte next to them.

  75. Whatever you do, don’t look up the sex act called the “Yoga Joe.”


  76. Down Facing Dog meets Up Facing Dog?

  77. I wonder if “The Yoga Joe” is found in the Kama Sutra.

  78. “The Yoga Joe” got kicked out of the Kama Sutra.

  79. The Yoga Joe is the foreplay for the Sloppy joe.

  80. And the Sloppy Joe is foreplay for the Manwich.

  81. Mmmmmmmanwich.

  82. Ooop, that was out loud, huh.

  83. And the Manwich is foreplay for the Patented Meat Injection.

  84. We should consider changing the name of HHD to maybe Manwich Day or PMI Day. I’m just spitballin’ here really.

  85. On a different note, we’re an outdoor facility here, and a lot of our customers smoke. Which we allow people to do.

    I’ve had two people come up to me today and complain about people smoking next to them. When I asked if either of them had asked the smokers to move or maybe put out their cigs, they both said no.

    I don’t get paid to do your dirty work for you, people.

  86. Manwich Day!!!!

  87. Sean, you guys don’t have open space laws about smoking? Our #BanAllTheThings people are more anti-smoking than yours?

  88. Have you SEEN some of the guys Leon posts? Mondays are Manwich day.,

  89. I bogarted Dan’s phone. Mine is charging. MNF followed by dinner at the Prime Rib Loft. I hope I get an end cut. (Things that sound nasty, but aren’t)

  90. If you want an end cut, you have to ask for an end cut.

    (moar things that sound nasty)

  91. Sean, you guys don’t have open space laws about smoking? Our #BanAllTheThings people are more anti-smoking than yours?

    I think the low number of employees we have allows us to skirt that bullshit.

  92. A sandwich is a sandwich, but a Manwich is a meal. (damn straight that sounds durrty.)

  93. Is it wrong to confess that I have often wished for two Manwiches?

  94. I’m not judging you, Cyn. But you probably shouldn’t try to cram both Manwiches in your mouth at the same time.

  95. Heh heh… the reality is that with a houseful of men, I really do only usually get one sammich.

  96. Just scooted my chair back to stare at the sunset out the computer-room window.
    What I saw was a little spike about 25′ away, squatting and shitting in the front yard.
    This too, is the story of Obama…

  97. Forgot to wish Michael a Happy Birthday earlier today, so I shall do it now.

  98. Yay! Phone is charged! Only had to chat with 2 drunks on the elevator.

  99. PG, Dan says the line is Oklahomos by 3.

  100. Oso,
    Couldn’t you just put it in the microwave?

  101. I don’t use community microwaves!!!! LOL

  102. My dog just broke my phone.

  103. Every table at every restaurant or bar needs a power source for charging phones. So it is written. So is it done. Yadda yadda

  104. Is it wrong to confess that I have often wished for two Manwiches?

    Not at all, not at all.

    *smiles dreamily*

  105. Did anybody change the desktop wallpaper on anybody else’s work computer to something really filthy today?

  106. I showed my mom a picture of a horsey on my phone today. Close enough?

  107. Puigs selfie? No.

  108. I like how we switched teams with the Patriots tonight. Finally a Chefs game that I don’t think I’ll need Tums with.

  109. What the hell? 27-0?

  110. Hey hey hey too soon!!!! Fat Lady is still in her trailer. Stop it!!!

  111. OK, things are back to normal.

  112. I was at work.

    I’m on my lucky couch now.

  113. Have fun in the basement.

  114. Have fun in the basement.


  115. I thought the Patriots were playing tonight.

  116. Most places around here don’t have basements. It makes keeping people chained up in your house a bit more challenging.

  117. I don’t know what the Patriots are doing.

    I wouldn’t call it playing.

  118. Last week, an old lady crapped her pants.

    Sounds like one of my former cow-orkers.

  119. Drunk guy in bar. His friends keep filming his head bobbing with their phones. So far, it looks like he’s fellating a beer bottle, a hot dog, and one of his buddies crotches. Nice. So glad that we’re above that type of behavior.

  120. Does anyone remember when “Kelly”: vanished from the Clancy novels, and “John Clark” appeared?
    Yeah, it should be on the AoS book thread, but I’m not gonna re-read all those books.

  121. Michael is in Vegas?

  122. Of course, chrisp. One of my favorite characters. Without Remorse.

  123. So there is this mystery..

    Young person I know has been dating a gal for nearly a year. That relationship supposedly came to an end some time this summer. Figured it may have been due to the distance between them. A couple of hours…another state.

    I recently noticed that this young lady had moved to his town some time this summer.


    Who moves their life to be near the person they are dating unless it was serious? Only to get there and you’re broken up.

  124. Don’t think too hard. Most people are scum.

  125. Scott, hahaha.

  126. Yay! Most of the crowd has left. I want the Chiefs jersey. Wish me luck. Asian bud girl is rooting for me!

  127. We need pictures of Asian bud girl.

  128. Hope it doesn’t turn out to be a Chinese counterfeit that says “Chefs”

  129. If I were there I’d be on it, Scott.

    Getting the pics, not the Asian chick.

  130. Shefs.

  131. Great googley moogley

  132. Relationship prolly would have ended a lot sooner if they’d been in the same town from the start. Being together 24/7 has a way of letting someone see the other person warts and all.

  133. Either that, or she’s stalking him…..

  134. I miss 24/7.

  135. Rats. We won the beach love seat. Asian bud chick was thrilled for us. Guy in Flutie jersey won the Chefs jersey. Sold love seat to one of drunk guys friends.

  136. Teresa, that was suggested by a friend throwing possibilities out there. Though the couple did see each other nearly everyday as friends back in college….so they had to know each other’s personalities. Maybe.

    Either way, the city she moved to – and thus the job – is in a nicer area than where she was. So maybe it wasn’t a total bust for her.

  137. Awww, Scott. That is very sweet.

  138. Hey man, oh leave me alone you know
    Hey man, oh Henry, get off the phone, I gotta
    Hey man, I gotta straighten my face
    This mellow thighed chick just put my derp out of place

  139. Happy Birthday, Roamy.

  140. Thanks, XBrad.

  141. wakey wakey

    HBD roamy

  142. whoa, early risers.

    Happy birthday roamacita! May your pool boy be easy on the eyes.

  143. Thank you, Carin and Jay.

  144. Happy birthday to Anita and Michael.

  145. New poat!

  146. Happy birthday Space Chick!!! And Michael.

  147. I can’t find ANYTHING about the kid who asked hannah to homecoming.

    He’s apparently some soccer hotshot. So, gay, right?


  148. Thanks, MJ.

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