We got a CODE T!

Flying this morning, in TSA check point behind a nice old Sihk couple, I guess the lady was a little nervous about flying, because she dropped a deuce in the scanner.





TSA agent: Are you flying today?

Me: Depends!


  1. Posted from my phone on airport wireless, sorry for the brevity. Went through the metal detector instead of the scanner, turd is being interrogated.

  2. Heh. Indeed.

  3. Hope you have a good flight, pupster! May your carrier be roomy!

  4. This is easily the worst post of the day. Congrats, doggeh.

  5. wakey

  6. “Soldiers said they sought help from Lt. Gen. Rashid Fleih, the head of Anbar Military Command. He told Iraq’s al-Sumaria news on Monday that the troops on the base were just complaining because they were trapped and “bored.””

    “The first three Humvees were ahead of the rest with some military trucks. We just let them in.”

    “I gathered my soldiers and said: ‘We are going to die anyway. Let’s try to get out,’ ”

    “We kept moving and never looked behind. Those who died, died. Those who were captured, were captured. We just ran for our lives.”

    –Shit the Iraqi Army said, volume goat, chapter burqa, page mohummad

  7. “Unexploded ordnance” found near arsenal gate. Traffic severely fucked. I think I’ll wait a bit.

  8. $20 says SCOAMF goes golfing today.

  9. Sometimes, coworkers are worse. Especially if you need something.

    Co..what now? What are those?

  10. He just went golfing on Sunday. Besides, he’s addressing the UN on climate change, then has a fundraiser in NY tonight.

  11. He always has Sportscenter to fill in the empty spots of his day.

  12. You mean the little voices on the phone?

  13. Fundraising is more fun for him than golf, I think.

  14. 10:20 am || Departs White House
    11:30 am || Arrives New York City
    12:50 pm || Delivers remarks at the Climate Summit 2014; United Nations Building
    2:00 pm || Delivers remarks at the Clinton Global Initiative; New York City
    4:20 pm || Meets with USUN Mission employees and their families; New York City
    5:15 pm || Delivers remarks at a fundrasier for Senate Democrats; private residency, New York City
    9:00 pm || Attends a reception for visiting Heads of State and Government; New York City

    That’s why he’s speaking soo early.

  15. I refuse to take responsibility for the dead blog.

  16. I’m running to America’s Home Improvement Store.

  17. Woo hoo!

  18. Does the right hate DeGrasse Tyson because he’s black, a scientist, or both?

  19. He’s a scientist just like George Washington Carver was.

    Yep, went there.

  20. Rest of the trip to Nashville relatively turdless.

  21. Brand new Jeep Compass as a rental car, had 4 miles on it when I drove it off the lot. Sweet.

  22. I don’t “hate” NDGT; what I hate is the fact that he spouts off his opinions and expects everyone to take what he says as Scientific Truth, and he isn’t to be questioned.

    Bill Nye does the same thing.

    Nye disappointed an entire auditorium of FW students several years ago – they showed up expecting to be entertained by “Bill Nye, the Science Guy”; what they got instead was Bill Nye, the Environmental Scold.

    These were kids who had earned a 4.0 GPA all year, and this was a “reward” for all of them (in lieu of a big dinner/ceremony) – about 1/2 of the students got up and walked out when it became obvious he was just going to continue lecturing to them.

    The organizers were mortified.

  23. NdGT is a philistine post turtle. He thinks studying philosphy is a waste of time and has said so publically. That he simultaneously receives accolades from people who ought to recoil at such intellectual incuriousity is reason enough for me to detest the man.

  24. Comment by Car in on September 23, 2014 9:48 am

    I’m running to America’s Home Improvement Store.

    Lowe’s has it cheaper.

  25. Anyone else roasting a pork loin for lunch? Just me.

    Sucks to be you.

  26. studying philosphy is a waste of time and has said so publicly

    If he had said “a degree in philosophy” I would agree with him.

    What’s philosphy?

  27. A typo.

    And everyone should study at least logic and ethics. The number of PhDs in the subject is probably much too high, but to say that the entire discipline is rubbish is to undermine the foundations of the scientific method itself. He appears entirely unaware of that.

  28. So, racist.

    Debate settled.

  29. Horrifying

    IT was an almost unbelievable conversation overheard between children at school: “My sister is pregnant and we don’t know which of my brothers is the father.”

    It was more than enough for one of the teachers at the southern NSW high school to alert authorities, which led to the exposure of a feral family and the worst case of incest and sexual abuse ever uncovered in Australia

  30. Do they also eat people? Is it the Sawney Bean clan?

  31. Neil deGrasse Tyson finds Leon’s Muscular Monday Motivational posts lacking in scientific evidence of anthropomorphic global climate change and overpopulated with ropey-looking upper thigh veins which terminate into unknown destinations behind bikini bottoms.

  32. The first part of that is deliberate.

  33. Neil deGrasse Tyson finds Leon’s Muscular Monday Motivational posts lacking

    This first part??

  34. The lack of evidence for AGCC. I leave that out on purpose.

    Because there isn’t any.

  35. Only god could make this thread funny.

  36. God can’t show up, NdGT banned him.

  37. He thinks studying philosphy is a waste of time and has said so publically. T

    It was a philosophy course that turned me conservative. Rational thought is a bitch if you’re a liberal.

  38. Huh. I thought it was Robert Smith.

  39. heh

  40. We have a print of this in the cafeteria at the school attached to my church. He photobombs a lot.

  41. Niiice.


  42. Huh. I thought it was Robert Smith.

    The guy from The Cure?

  43. Heh http://is.gd/nphgQw

  44. Scott’s linky showed me the spoiler to Old Yeller. Dammit.


  45. This is what it takes to get wifi on a plane.


  46. *curses Scott for linking another time-suck*

    *hits “See another spoiler” again*

  47. That Wi-Fi link was super-cool, Scott! Sending that one along –

  48. The guy from The Cure?

  49. I linked a few cure songs on facedouche the other day. Recent live stuff. Robert Smith sounds exactly the same.

  50. He had a very unusual voice. Very “rich”.

  51. Spoiler link is no longer working

  52. Spoiler: it is now!

  53. My ex-wife loved The Cure. I can no longer abide listening to them.

  54. That’s the same with Bjork for me Leon.

  55. Comment by Teresa in Fort Worth, TX on September 23, 2014 12:58 pm

    Thanks, Colorado!

    Ugh. Those of us who predicted that you’d see a rise in homeless were sneered at, but that’s exactly what’s happening. Meanwhile, tax revenues are nowhere near what was promised, and illegal weed hasn’t gone away, it’s just gotten a lot harder to identify.

  56. The Cult is better

  57. Hmm, how do you identify illegal weed? Interesting.

    Have they come up with a breathalyzer for pot, for driving under the influence?

  58. http://is.gd/OorH18

  59. Comment by Jay in Ames on September 23, 2014 1:51 pm

    Hmm, how do you identify illegal weed? Interesting.

    Personally, I can’t wait for the first guy to get gunned down when the police raid a marjiuana grower who wasn’t paying his taxes.

  60. The cops love attacking farmers. Ask the Raw Milk crowd.

    Safe targets.

  61. http://is.gd/OorH18

    HA HA! *wipes away laughy tears*

  62. They only attack raw milk because they are Amish, and pacifist. No guns to be found.

    I doubt they would raid a regular farmer.

  63. One 50-something dairy farmer and his family won’t resist a SWAT team, regardless of pacifism. Especially if they start pointing guns at the cows.

  64. I’m listening to the Cure. I feel in touch with my emotions and have started wearing Guy Liner.

  65. We’re actually having this problem: Tech gets into an accident. Tech fails drug test. Pot is legal in Tech’s state. We fire tech anyway.

    Meanwhile, a different tech gets shit faced, wrecks, and is sober enough the next day to pass the test. He keeps his job.

    No one liked my solution. Maybe what people do on their own time is their business, not ours. Just don’t show up hi/drunk.

  66. Those of us who predicted that you’d see a rise in homeless were sneered at, but that’s exactly what’s happening.

    “What all the wise men promised has not happened, and what all the damned fools said would happen has come to pass.” – Lord Melbourne

  67. If anyone has flown Delta lately, you probably already know that their new safety announcement videos are pretty funny.

    I’ll admit, I watched them all the way through, and I’ve seen the routine thousands of times.

    Here’s a few. There’s more at YouTube.




    The later ones are funnier

  68. But, but, but, how can you watch the safety video if your electronic devices have to be turned off?

  69. “What all the wise men promised has not happened, and what all the damned fools said would happen has come to pass.” – Lord Melbourne

    One reason that the humanities are so important is that we live in a world of human beings. STEM is wonderful and has resulted in making the lives of billions better off, but the NdGTs, socialists, and libertarians of the world often forget that human beings are complex, imperfect creatures. We don’t fit neatly into grand theories about how the world *should* work.

  70. Maybe what people do on their own time is their business, not ours. Just don’t show up hi/drunk.

    *subscribes to MJ’s Hi-Drunken-Times Newsletter*

  71. “Meanwhile, a different tech gets shit faced, wrecks, and is sober enough the next day to pass the test.”

    You are doing it wrong.

  72. You get 24 hours to do the test. It picks up the pot heads for sure, but if they don’t get a DUI then they pretty much pass it.

    I’ve seen it happen.

  73. I’d think a DUI is worth maybe letting a guy go over, but until he’s committed an actual crime where he lives? Skip it.

  74. I don’t think DUI should be an offense for termination, unless it’s been done on the job. I’ve known peeps who’ve had their bosses and employers take them under their wing to get them assistance.

  75. Whether DUI should be grounds for termination should be a decision a company makes based on a few factors. For instance, does the person have access to sensitive or classified data?

    Is the employee sufficiently public facing that the bad PR is damaging to the firm?

  76. That’s why I said “maybe”. First time, good record otherwise, and driving isn’t part of the job? No, get him counseling.

  77. Were they both driving company vehicles? Because if so they should both get a desk job, counseling, and a date with your mom.

    All the best techs are drunks, potheads, or serial mom daters.

  78. If we excluded potheads from all jobs, no one would mow your lawn for money.

  79. I think you should have the clown with his hand out, and you have to be taller than that, or you’re fired.

  80. If you listen to All About The Bass so that I can hear it?


  81. Burn popcorn in the company microwave?


  82. Steal scott’s 2 wheeler to move something, and don’t bring it back?


  83. Put a dead possum right outside of leon’s window?

    Not fired!

  84. Throw a grasshopper at oso?

    Not fired!

  85. Put a dead possum right outside of leon’s window?

    Be. Sure.

  86. Be. Sure.

    Good idea. Your place is kinda like Pet Sematary, isn’t it?

    Do you have a cat named Gage?

  87. Loud talker on a personal call in cube land?

    Beaten to death with highlighters.

  88. Serve Jay a DiGiorno Pizza?


  89. But my urologist is hard of hearing and it burns when I pee!

  90. Not if you deliver, Cyn!

  91. Eating gluten?


  92. Bluetooth the porn on your phone to your desk speakers as you wank-off in the restroom?

    Not fired!

  93. Do you have a cat named Gage?

    Not this week. Maybe next week. Still trying to find the boundaries.

  94. Strafing in the cube farm before lunch?


  95. Math quiz time

  96. We don’t know how many fucks Billy received.
    Question unanswerable.

  97. http://www.reactiongifs.com/r/spkyrll.gif

    This may become a staple.

  98. I was hit by 3 Hoppers walking across the parking lot. Dan doesn’t get hit at all!!!

  99. Do you want recipes, Oso?

  100. I think smoking pot is a requirement for dish/bus employment.

  101. I hate having to do chores.

  102. Try smoking some weed, XBrad.

  103. I don’t like it. I prefer tobacco.

    Mostly I want Car in to send half a dozen of her kids here to do my work for me.

  104. PJM’s kids are closer.

  105. Leon, I’ll pass on the Hopper recipes. Thanks though. Really.

  106. PJM’s kids are closer.

    They’re so used to beatings, it’s hard to get ’em to do any work.

  107. Plus she never feeds them, so they aren’t very strong.

  108. Why do old people keep their houses so hot?

  109. Yeah, but you could get a full dozen.

  110. Helps their joints stay mobile, Oso. Sinovial joint fluid thickens with age, warmth loosens it up.

  111. All the best techs are drunks, potheads, or serial mom daters.
    This is part of the reason we can’t find anyone to work for us.

  112. How much does it pay? I’m willing to pick up a habit or two.

  113. Helps their joints stay mobile, Oso. Sinovial joint fluid thickens with age, warmth loosens it up.
    Look, Cliff Claven, it’s because they don’t move…ever. Therefore they are cold even if it’s 80 degrees.

    Plus they hate the environment because that’s fucking why.

  114. Well yes, those are also reasons.

  115. I am sweating like a pig!!! I am a horrible person. MiL is repeating the same story for the 5th time. Dementia sucks. Kill me nao. I guess I’ll know when I’m old when FL/AZ in the Summer sounds like a good idea.

  116. **looks at inside temp set to 84**

    **looks at XMom – 82 y/o**


  117. I might move south when I get old. Like maybe Indiana.

  118. Your skin gets thinner as you age, so you feel the cold a lot more quickly. Poor circulation can also make the extremities cold.

    And some of the meds that older folks are on make them more prone to cold – different reasons, depending on which drug they’re on.

    I think my family is HOPING I’ll start feeling the cold soon – I’ve been freezing them all out of house and home for the past couple of decades…..

  119. It was 84 at MiLs too.

  120. Reasons why your mom is cold:

    Her last client was snowman.

  121. I rarely watch the president speak, but when I do I always think the same thing: he might be kind of slow.

  122. Can we get back to talking about old lady Sikh turds at TSA checkpoints, please?

  123. I gotta say, if I’d seen that, I probably would have walked to my destination.

  124. Or given my luck, more accurately “…would have been seated next to her on a jam packed regional jet with seats that don’t recline and a surly gay guy as the only flight attendant.”

  125. >>>an we get back to talking about old lady Sikh turds at TSA checkpoints, please?

    Code Brown

  126. Wait. That really happened?

    Totally disgusting. But did you get her number?

  127. Code Brown’s are nasty. At Sam’s, only mgrs can clean them up now.

  128. I worked at Chili’s for a year or so and someone smeared the entire women’s bathroom in crap.

    Who does that? And where was Mare in 1998?

  129. Can we get back to talking about old lady Sikh turds at TSA checkpoints, please?

    Coulda been worse, like maybe, sliding into third…

  130. Can we get back to talking about old lady Sikh turds at TSA checkpoints, please?

    Did they at least wrestle her to the ground for trying to smuggle weapons of ass construction into the airport?

  131. Semper Latte (drudge linky to wash times).


    God how I ~hate~ this guy.

  132. Crap! Too lazy to look up the name of the Indian on the Terrence and Phillip show. I think it was Chief Spatterwolf? Anyway, he would spray feces when he pooped. Our bathrooms get really gross. Like, totes gross.

  133. If you don’t have to clean it yourself, hit it with your best shot, fire away.

  134. Cyn, it is nasty. So happy to have an associate only bathroom. True Story: DRINK!!!! We have had more humans defecate and urinate in the Club, than service animals. 1 service dog had the poops. Nasty.

  135. Poop blog!

  136. Just watched part of the explosive diarrhea South Park episode. It started after the T&P clip. I’ll have to go back and watch the whole thing.

  137. *giggles*


  138. We sing that!!! LOL Toilet Humor v Barnyard Humor v Gutter Humor. I’m a CONNoisseur of all the 4th Grade humors.

  139. Fresh Manager, Dana, married her sig other, Andi, in MN on the 13th. I saw wedding pics today. I was right. Dana was in the dress and Andi in the tux. Dan thought they’d both be in tuxes like my friends Frank & Dave.

  140. Six fucking years as President, however many hundreds of times on and off Marine One, and that asshole can’t remember how to salute.

  141. Considering the strikes on Syria yesterday, one would think that he would be a little more concerned with optics. This pic will be more viral than the pics where he doesn’t salute at all.

  142. I think it’s quite the slight, and like you say, more so than if he’d not saluted at all.

  143. http://i.imgur.com/5agmIXx.gif

  144. http://tinyurl.com/mg9f6yl

  145. Damn skippy. (and I don’t care if it embeds, which means it won’t)

  146. Roamy, EXACTLY!!!!

  147. Hah, stupid weirdpress.

  148. Yes

  149. oh he knows how to salute. He just doesn’t care.

    That’s even worse. Fucker.


  150. Tinfoil hat on: TFG wanted a SS that would let him use his Blackberry and now iPhone without oversight. They cleared out the professionals in ’09. Diversity. FF to 2014. Is anyone surprised that diversity pick and commie at DHS can’t manage the WH grounds? Lock the fucking doors!!! FU if you think you can expand your perimeter without being able to control the WH. (MiL with dementia didn’t have her back door locked today. She doesn’t have DHS to check her shit)

  151. Did anybody figure out that Carly Simon was talking about anybody else today?

  152. Sean is a hippie!!!

  153. No.

  154. http://tinyurl.com/l6v5rbf

  155. Not sure what her left hand is doing there. Maybe flicking a booger.

  156. Obama is a fucking teenager. He’s gone his entire life trying to be cool rather than do what’s right.

    And I’d lay a wager that after a little wine or warm beer he gets ballsy and starts bragging about how he got into a fight once.

    Sure, there were a few drones, a couple of stealth helicopters, and 55 SEALS, but you should have seen it. HE WAS AWESOME.

  157. I had no idea that my high school/college girlfriend looked like Carly Simon. Huh.

    Right down to the glass cutting nipples.

  158. That’s better.

  159. Those are some impressive nipples. ’bout to cut right through that li’l blouse of hers.

  160. MJ I H8 TFG. Watching Team America with Dan. Reminded how much I H8 all the fucks that voted for TFG. I H8 every POS that has voted for a D-rat in the last 20 years. For the most part, I H8 everyone and everything.

  161. MJ I H8 TFG
    I may make this into a vanity plate for the hate-mobile.

  162. Well this was a very sad thing to read tonight. Perspective is a healthy if sometimes unpleasant thing.

    The good part is she’s an amazing woman and mom and I’m glad she’s my friend


  163. DiT OMG!!! I would H8 to tweet my life from 5 years ago. How brave.

  164. MJ has a H8 mobile? FU you 1%er.

  165. 5 years ago today: My Mom was in a coma, Gingy was in ICU, and we were trying to co-ordinate a trip to AZ to take care of my Dad in Hospice. I was dealing with my siblings. I still have PTSD from this week 5 years ago.

  166. really? I’m owning comments at 7:23?

  167. It’s like almost 930 here in the real world, and I have to go to bed soon.

  168. Time zone fascist!!!!

  169. Now I haz a sad, Dave.

    God, I hate all of you so very much. Big, giant, squishy, smiling, hate.

  170. yeah I know I know.

    Oso I hate your five years ago with burning. But I’m glad we’re friends now.

    I told Heather “can we go back to hatin each other now? Cause this feels weird.”

    But I love her tons and she is an amazing woman.

  171. 2009 sucked.

  172. It was not a good year. Basement flooded that year. I was still fat (40# more than today, but the raw numbers don’t capture how amazingly out of shape I was). Cat diagnosed with diabetes.

  173. Oh, and that worthless POS was president.

  174. 2009 sucked.

    Amen, sister.

  175. Are grilled hamburgers paleo?

  176. If you don’t put them on bread, yes.

  177. That’s what we’ll go with, then,

  178. THIS!!!!

  179. 2 hours ago: Me: What’s for dinner? Dan: Steak with green chile and cheddar cheese. FF: Me: Where’s the cheese and green chile? Dan: Did you thaw the chile? Did you shred the cheese? (I can’t get too bitchy because he’s supposed to make chocolate shakes for dessert)

  180. Bedtime.

  181. >> 2009 sucked.

    It sucked worse than I even thought.

    But it’s not all bad.

  182. If I had to pick a year for total suckitude, it would be 2009. Love you guys.

  183. 2011 kind of sucked, too. Not 2009 level suckitude. Prayers for all the Hostages.

  184. Cousin just went public with her breast cancer fight on FB. AUGH!!!! I H8 cancer. She’s married to a former Marine, current cop in Seattle. One of my few conservative cousins. Prayers for Tanya. She’s tough.

  185. Five years ago, my mom was going thru her first cancer chemo crap.

    Five years ago, this Thursday in fact, I delurked at this here POS blogsite and made a metric-shittonne of new friends.

  186. I’m currently freaking about something. Web MD. I’ll be taking care of stuff after Vegas. BTW Dan is an ass.

  187. I was still lurking and crying about people I didn’t even know…5 years ago.

  188. He’s only an ass if he hasn’t made your shakes yet.

  189. If I had delurked 5 years ago, Cyn could have met me at the Tilted Kilt/Cheesecake Factory in Peoria.

  190. I didn’t even know we had ice cream!!!!

  191. Good thoughts and prayers for your cousin.

  192. THX Cyn.

  193. A Peoria meat would have been awesome! Except for the Peoria part.

  194. Steak and potato for dinner.

    2009 sucked. Maybe not 2007 levels, but bad.

  195. Chili cheese dogs here.

  196. Roughest 3 days of my life. Hahaha. I was in Peoria with my Dad. Dan was in Gilbert with my cousin. First time I realized how big the valley of the sun actually was. CiL: It is like driving from ABQ to Santa Fe…EVERY DAY!

  197. Work sucked, so I left early.

  198. Walk off or hey, let’s save some payroll?

  199. *slides down a pint to Scott*

  200. Chili Cheese yum!
    I had brats

  201. Oso, best feels to your cousin.

    So sorry to hear that.

    5 years ago I was trimming my toenails while commenting here.

  202. My winter tomatoes are getting big i need to buy some 1×8’s

    And weather blog, today in Houston one could walk outside and not immediately break into a sweat. Fall is early this year. However I am sure next week will be back in the 90’s

  203. THX Dave. (I won’t drop a memory bomb here. Let us Pray)

  204. I delurked in April 2009. It was XBrad that brought me here.

  205. xbrad, I’ve never loved you more than right now. –^

  206. xbrad, I’ve never loved you more than right now. –^

    You were a bit more expressive about it in Dallas last year.

  207. Ha Ha, that video cracks me up every time.

  208. Cyn, me2

  209. 2010 sucked worse than 2009, but was 2009’s fault.

  210. Scott, 2009 sucked so hard that 2011 had me quivering about 2013. Too much loss in odd years for me. Totes SUPERSTITION!!!! FU Stevie Wonder.

  211. Has it really been 4 years since your colon revolt??

  212. Cyn, I think we should avoid anniversaries. IYKWIMAITTYD?

  213. You’re probably right; I seem to remember reading that the hospital jello was the worst evah.

  214. Shake night is yummy. I’ll be passing out due to sugar overload in a few…

  215. New Years 2009, almost 5 years.

    I think of it almost every day.

  216. I still have PTSD from 2009. Who knew that there was non-combat PTSD?

  217. I fucking knew it!


  218. Dan spent most of yesterday with his Mom at the hospital. He’s making up hours tomorrow. Long story short: Family bed time!!! Those of you not on Facedouche: MaryAnn is 10 today.

  219. hate school nites..

    nite y’all

  220. Where has Lipstick been?

  221. Yesterday, Mr. TiFW had me Google the word “Xsherlon” – the first entry was “Xsherlon Vennoye Brugier”. Mr. TiFW asks me if I know who that is. I do not. He says, “Yes you do – that is Kimberly’s daughter’s name.”

    Kimberly married Mr. TiFW’s best friend several years ago; her daughter was already grown with two kids of her own by then. We’ve only known her daughter as “Shena” – apparently the daughter had her name changed legally when she became an adult.

  222. And yes, Mr. TiFW’s friend is in a mixed marriage.

  223. Scott, she said something the other day about heading up the coast to visit friends.

  224. In lite of the “Climate Change” garbage throwers in NYC, I thought this was interesting.
    But then, I’m easily impressed:

  225. Thanks.

  226. Nice shoes:

    Wtf, O?


  227. She seems nice.

  228. Been flying on the back side of the clock all day, so I’m a little more messed up than usual.

    Catching up on world events via twitter.

    Saw a thing at Ace’s that we’re sending A-10’s to fly in Syria?

    Based out of where? I don’t buy it.

    My guess is that it’s a scheduled Guard deployment to Bagram and someone’s reading too much into it. I know the CC of that unit, he’s a good guy, great fighter pilot.

    Until Turkey lets us stage out of the bases we have there, I seriously doubt you will see any Hogs killing ISIS assholes.

    War is logistics (Shit Gen Marshall said). No way you can stand up a bare bones warfighting base in less than a month.

  229. Left Seattle at 2345, flew all night back to Chicago. Landed at 0600, caught a flight back home to STL and now can’t get to sleep.

    At least I’m home.

  230. Jenn,

    Sorry I missed you in SEA.

    Have the same trip twice next month, will give you some lead time next time.

    Also for Gabe, the trip has a downtown DC layover. Will give you a head’s up as well.

    That Okie is an elusive creature.

  231. **waves to Phat**

  232. G-night, west coasties,

    Finally tired enough to sleep.

  233. When you complain and criticize
    I feel I’m nothing in your eyes
    It makes me feel like giving up
    Because my derp just ain’t good enough

  234. Top of the morning to ya!

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