MMM 141: what’s done is done

Last week with an office. I don’t know if that will change anytime soon, but it’s true for the foreseeable future.

I’m contemplating making them cookies or something.

Pupster sent this along, I liked it.

Pink kettlebells must sell well in some places. I might buy them used on the cheap. Maybe.
I think this is a repeat. Don’t care, she’s pretty.
Arm veined possible lesbians.
Hand veins.
Scorpion pose?
I’m going to be missing sunny days like this very soon.
Spinal erectors.
And another long week begins. Fortitude, my friends, fortitude.


  1. Frist

  2. workie workie

  3. Third!

  4. I went to bed at 10 and woke up at 7! Yay!

  5. You know, if I’m going to be here every day, all day, I could easily put a wabbit trap in view of this here window.

    I reckon.

  6. Or a possum trap.


  7. Self deprecating armed services humor is quite entertaining, such as last night’s conversation. Even better is inter-branch armed services humor.

  8. Well, the trap is just a trap. Possums won’t be eaten, because icky.

  9. Wow – some of this week’s models look like they’re really women.

  10. Oskar cried at me until I found him a “bed” and put it near me so he could lie down.

  11. Apparently, lying down in the other room was unacceptable. He’s in the hallway, but at the door, so I figure I have a bit of mobility now.

  12. Benny got spoiled last night. He cries when no one sleeps in the room where his pen is, so I went in to cuddle him until he was sleepy, then passed out for a few hours.

  13. Thanks for the pics, Leon. I didn’t even know what Spinal Erectors were until now. *Things that sound dirty but aren’t*

  14. Mine are very thick from years of heavy deadlifts. They double as armor when you fall down on icy patches.

  15. Cuteness is cute. I also think there should be an age requirement to wear yoga pants. I went to the mall on Saturday to pick up a birthday present and there were packs of very young women showing the goodies all over the place. I tripped over a bench and three potted plants while keeping my eyes on the ceiling.

  16. We go to the mall in Novi sometimes. Black yoga pants and boots appear to be part of the uniform for the tween/teen set.

    If I were 15-17yo myself, I’d be in heaven. I’m not.

  17. Why the hell were my teen years the era when the thing we call “mom jeans” were, unfortunately, just jeans?

  18. And the hair, OMG the hair was SO bad then.

  19. Every hairstyle in today’s poat is head-and-shoulders above early-90’s hair.

    Pun intended.

  20. Dead already?

  21. G’morning.

  22. Pepe needs to check-in soon.

  23. Those aren’t possible lesbians.

    1) They’re obviously just trying to attract attention.

    2) You have to be a woman to be a lesbian.

  24. Hipsters living in Portland can’t find a job, continue to drive up the cost of living.


  26. How can they drive up the cost of living while unemployed?

  27. Volume.

  28. In the case of the guy in the article, his wife works as a barista.

    Plus you have mom and dad providing money each month for a lot of these douchebags.

    According to Joe Cortright, the president of Impresa, a Portland-based consulting firm on regional economies, young people are increasingly telling themselves, “I’m going to move somewhere and pursue my career,” rather than, “I’m going to pursue my career and go wherever it takes me.” For “the beer, bikes and Birkenstocks people,” as Cortright put it, that means Portland. Hale, for instance, had planned to move to New York, where he found plenty of listings for graphic-design jobs. Then, by chance, he and his wife visited a friend in Portland and fell in love. “Jobs are thinner here,” he said. “But the intelligent urban planning makes my heart sing.”

  29. “But the intelligent urban planning makes my heart sing.”

    You don’t deserve oxygen.

  30. It’s a pretty awesome city. Yes, there are a ton of douchebags and yes, I actually saw a guy commuting on a unicycle, but it’s still a fun place.

    But don’t think the people aren’t snobs. They are total snobs but rather than trying hard to look good, they try really hard to look like they’re not trying hard.

  31. Leon, I think it was you that suggested Mary Elizabeth Winstead?

  32. Climate Justice™

    I swear, these mother fuckers are mentally defective.

  33. Thanks, XBrad.

  34. It gets really cold here for like 4-5 months.
    Where’s my Climate Justice?

  35. Ha Ha

  36. Hotspur, how is Hotbride?

  37. There is so much dumb here:

    “I wouldn’t even give them the satisfaction of being called an Islamist terrorist group. They are a group of thieves, kidnappers and murderers who have stolen weapons, kidnapped people and mass or individually murdered them. They are being financed by money for drugs and weapons or by bootlegged oil. They are the Islamic Mafia hired by those in power to disrupt communications and terrify the people into submission. The heads could have belonged to horses for all they care.

    The question is not “Why beheading?” We all got that message. The question is why let it persist with responses of warfare that simply sends more arms and equipment into the area when strategic interventions on a very limited scale could totally eliminate the perpetrators of these crimes? I think it’s because the MIC wants constant warfare and will stop at no criminal activity to instigate it. Its a business enterprise. If Capone wore a ski mask and waved rosaries it would not have made his actions a Catholic thing no matter what he called it. It’s the business of money and oil for weapons and drugs. And plenty of our 1% are up to their eyeballs in it, too, with government assisted enterprises. Capisce?”

    This guy cancels out your vote.

  38. She’s home. Was a little better yesterday – not coughing as much. But today she’s back to a really bad cough.I’ve been keeping her well fed, and in the bed, and making sure she takes her meds (she has about ten), but that’s about all I can do.

  39. Personally, I think we should just ignore the fuckers. If you are stupid enough to go over there, then get yourself captured, I don’t care what happens after that.

    You only have one head. You get to choose how you use it or lose it.

  40. That guy isn’t much of a Koran scholar, huh?

  41. Everywhere he looks, Hale told me, there are people just like him — bearded, on skateboards, brewing kombucha. “It’s really chill,” he says.

    From Portland link.

    Dude is 35. “It’s really chill.” You sound like a 15 year old pothead. If that were my kid, I’d be beating his ass. And he better not think of hitting me up for cash.

  42. It didn’t mention him having any kids. That gives me hope for the future.

  43. No, but there is a whole city of him.

    Kombucha tea is a fermented drink made with tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast. Although it’s sometimes referred to as kombucha mushroom tea, kombucha is not a mushroom — it’s a colony of bacteria and yeast. Kombucha tea is made by adding the colony to sugar and tea, and allowing the mix to ferment. The resulting liquid contains vinegar, B vitamins and a number of other chemical compounds.

    Proponents claim kombucha tea can stimulate the immune system, prevent cancer, and improve digestion and liver function. However, there’s no scientific evidence to support these health claims.

    There have, however, been reports of adverse effects, such as stomach upset, infections and allergic reactions in kombucha tea drinkers. Kombucha tea is often brewed in homes under nonsterile conditions, making contamination likely. If ceramic pots are used for brewing, lead poisoning might be a concern — the acids in the tea may leach lead from the ceramic glaze.

  44. A lot of the wild fermenting bacteria in the US aren’t safe because of the various things we’ve used in agriculture over the years. That’s part of the reason I stopped making sauerkraut.

  45. And if you’re drinking from anything with lead in it you have failed to learn some critical lessons from history.

  46. For no reason at all, cuteness.

  47. I’m constantly amazed at how good pets are around small children.

  48. Here’s a little nugget from one of my uber-liberal friends who posts relentless attacks on the right on his FaceAss page. This is representative of the quality of his thinking. It’s also representative of his grasp of grammar and punctuation.

    Gasoline is the waste by product you get from refining oil, if we didn’t burn it they would have to pay to get rid of it, so why are the ripping us off at the pump , because they can.

  49. Gasoline was a waste product, back when the primary refining product was kerosene for lamps.

    That’s why Henry Ford picked it as an ideal fuel for the Model T.

  50. Hotspur, to be fair, gasoline *was* a waste product of the production of kerosene.

  51. Coconut flour was a waste product from making coconut milk, until there were recipes.

    See how this works?

  52. Whey protein was a waste product of the cheese-making industry, until someone thought to market it to bodybuilders.

  53. Fuck you, Leon, with your faster typing.

  54. Wheat bran, oat bran, “vegetable” oil, parafin, thorium tailings.

    These should all be free.

  55. One in female democrat senators gets raped (under the new expanded definition of rape) by a male democrat senator.
    Teach them not to rape.

  56. Here’s another beaut:

    This is a notice to my family my friends my ease drop ; The world that we live in can be made better, all we have to do is turn off Fox News and read. I try very hard to put well researched article and competent investigative journalist on my Facebook for all to read. What is happening in the political theater of America is shocking and can be corrected. We need to become responsible voters, just don’t vote for a political party because you’ve supported that party like it’s been your favorite team. This is not a sport. People like Professor Robert Reich and Mike Papantonio are well researched and continue to tell you all the truth while some of you blew them off and even take the most non-credible sources like Fox News and believe what they say. Do you want to make this country better ? The answer is very clear, we need to give the President of the United States of America a Congress he can work with and one that works for us. We have to remove the Governors of Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida and Indiana. All the house and Senates of these states must be cleaned out and replaced with something other then an (R) or (TP) in front of their names. There are writer like Naomi Klein who are trying to tell you what is going on in America. This country was built on Mercantilism with a small mix of Capitalism but lately the Capitalist have slowly over shadowed our Mercantile Nation and this is very bad. We must clean house in November, any vote for (R)’s of any kind will insure that this country, our children and Grandchildren, will become wage slaves or working poor. This can all come to a halt in November and you have plenty of time to do your research and please help yourselves to what my friends and I post on my Facebook. I’m surround by some pretty smart cookies and things like “Net Neutrality” and a Supreme Court that respects Women’s Rights’ (Justice Scalia is 85 years old) and Corporation are not people we must return them to the piece of paper that they really are. We have a Majority Rule in America not a Stock Holders rule and if you vote for the (R) your voting against the oldest living Democracy on the planet. You’ve been warned, it’s time for the voters to save this country from an Oligarchy.

    I pointed out to him that we are NOT (thank God) a democracy. His response was that we’ve been a democracy since 1789. Couple days later he’s pontificating that “we are a constitutional republic, which is not a democracy.”

  57. Liberal idiocy is a byproduct of way too much time in college. This didn’t happen when people had to have a job to survive.

    This is fun!

  58. Carpet remnants. Sawdust. Rock dust.


  59. Gasoline was a waste product, back when the primary refining product was kerosene for lamps.

    Granted, but this is not 1914.

  60. Majority rule is 3 wolves and a sheep voting on dinner plans. A Republic means there’s a law that says “and not the sheep”.

  61. I know, I was pointing out an argument you could respond with.

  62. Hotspur, hope your hotter half is feeling better

  63. You should ask him his thoughts on Women’s Suffrage, since he’s clearly living in a time when such questions were relevant.

  64. Or direct election of Senators. That’s a favorite.

  65. I know, I was pointing out an argument you could respond with.

    Leon, next time you and I meatup at the ghetto bar, I’ll introduce you to this tool. Trust me, you cannot argue with stupid.

    He’s also the one who claims he was a green beret in Vietnam, and contends that the green berets train the SEALS, and for a while he was a SEAL.

  66. Keep it simple, I don’t think he can handle much.

  67. “That’s why Henry Ford picked it as an ideal fuel for the Model T”

    I did not know that.

  68. Hotspur, your friend watches Fox news? Hunh.

  69. For those keeping score at home, Ted Kennedy, Chris Dodd, Joe Biden, and now Daniel Inouye are all aparently harassers and gropers of women, if not worse.

    Yet it’s the Republican party that supposedly has a war on women.

  70. I read it in one of the authorized Ford biographies, so take it with a grain of salt. It may have been a sort of consensus thing with everyone working on ICEs at the time, but a lot of the really early cars (crank-starts) ran on kerosene.

  71. Tushar?

  72. He’s also the one who claims he was a green beret in Vietnam

    He shouldn’t have huffed the Agent Orange. Robert Reich is well researched and a truth teller to boot? He is messed up.

  73. Beasn, I would bet anything that he has never watched it. He gets all of his information from Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, HuffPo, Randy Rhoads, and Comedy Central.

  74. >>xbradtc on September 22, 2014 at 1:24 pm



    **when you have no pithy comeback, play the race card.

  75. I used to waste time on idiots like Hotspur’s friend.

    Life is too short.

  76. No stimulus money for you.

    “ROBERT REICH, FORMER LABOR SECRETARY: I am concerned, as I’m sure many of you are, that these jobs not simply go to high skilled people who are already professionals or to white male construction workers. I have nothing against white male construction workers. I’m just saying that there are a lot of other people who have needs as well.

    And therefore, in my remarks, I have suggested to you, and I’m certainly happy to talk about it more, ways in which the money can be — criteria can be set so that the money does go to others. The long- term unemployed, minorities, women, people who are not necessarily construction workers or high skilled professionals.”

  77. I have nothing against white male construction workers.

    The people most likely to be unemployed by the Obama recession? You better bet he has something against them.

  78. That’s because kerosene was available at that time, and not gasoline. It was lamp fuel.

  79. Yes, Jay, that’s why.

  80. I should invent a car that runs on hot air and farts. With all of the democrats around the fuel would be free.

  81. Just mount a windmill on the roof. Drive for free!


    Holy Toledo, somebody porked that.

  83. WOOF

  84. Ass of Lifetm.

  85. And “WOOF” is how it likely happened, given the facts in evidence.



    If she’s trying to turn me off it’s not working.

  87. FFS…

  88. Seriously. That’s really gross.

  89. *emails to borrow the banhammer on Dave*

  90. I’m turned off.

  91. If she’s trying to turn me off it’s not working.

    Never fuck crazy.

  92. Course I would pick this thread to post that because, irony or something

  93. Never put your weenus in crazy or in toothpaste.

  94. I never heard that about toothpaste, but it seems like good advice

  95. This guy, who is accused of stabbing a six year old girl, evidently has child porn on his computer. Shocking.

  96. Isn’t it kinda hard to get your weenus in anything?

  97. Hey, why did that photo imbed? I didn’t tell it to.

  98. So I’m filling in for the midday guy this Thursday.

    Guess who’s gonna be talking about exercise!!


  99. You now have to tell it NOT to embed, ‘Spur.
    “A Href” is now your little friend for this.

  100. At least you’ll have a lot of material for the show.

  101. “A Href” is now your little friend for this.

    Please fully explain. I’m only semi-literate with HTML.

  102. And by semi, I mean I suck at it.

  103. And when I go back to edit the comment, the URL doesn’t appear in the edit box.

  104. Holy Toledo, somebody porked that.

    They’re putting this out there as if it’s news…after several stories already saying when it will hatch. And as if Hillary cares. It’s all about trying to make Hillary look human.

    I wonder how many nannies this kid will have.

  105. Isn’t it kinda hard to get your weenus in anything?

    Oh man, my teen years attest to this.

  106. I can’t begin to understand how someone can mix a weenus and toothpaste.

    That seems…challenging.

  107. Hotspur:

  108. Sometimes MJ, girls brush their teeth before bed. Y’know, classy dames.

  109. I go back and forth about whether to feel sorry for Chelsea. I always got the impression that she’d be happiest as a stay at home mom to a couple of kids and married to some middle-class schlub. Instead she got sold to a politcal ally and pushed into the spotlight to further the family ambitions.

    Then I remember that she’s a Clinton, so she probably wants to be in the spotlight.

  110. Guess who’s gonna be talking about exercise!!


    You should talk about chickens.

  111. What Leon linked at 2:57 pm, or we go back to using TinyURL,, or other such link shorteners.

  112. What’s the weather gonna be Thursday?

  113. Cloudy with a chance of assholes.

  114. It’s going to be very nice here.

  115. My forecast says 75 and sunny.

  116. Sunny with a chance of Your Mom.

  117. Silly Cyn, it’s not a chance. Your Mom is a sure thing.

  118. There is always a chance of Your Mom.

  119. HAHAHAHAHAHA 3:24 FTW!!!!!

  120. If this has already been posted, please excuse the repost, but these fucking people are hilarious. And whack.

  121. Ha Ha! I love all you sick fuckers.

  122. Someday I’m going to meet the person who recorded this song and I’m going to throat punch her for ruining my otherwise pleasant weekend.

  123. *bans wiser with his own banhammer; repeatedly*

  124. Remember the old gag that all New Yorker cartoons are funnier with the caption, ‘I’m going to kill myself.’?

    That phrase should scroll across the bottom of Wiser’s video continuously.

  125. Here you go, Wiserbud. Cleanse your palate.

  126. That phrase should scroll across the bottom of Wiser’s video continuously.


  127. If the history of the earth were scaled to last exactly one year, modern humans wouldn’t be mentioned for the whole year until after 11:58pm on New Years Eve.

  128. If the history of the earth were scaled to last exactly one year, Your Mom wouldn’t be mentioned for the whole year until after 11:58pm on New Years Eve.

  129. Here you go, Wiserbud. Cleanse your palate.

    That young gentleman does not seem to be very pleased with his own genitalia.

  130. Hah!!!! Stupid fucks.

  131. Leave it to ISIS to come up with a better name for John Queery than anyone has up until now – old uncircumcised geezer. No clue as to how they know this, but it’s hilarious.

  132. Hah!!!! Stupid fucks.

    Wait… this is serious?

  133. How many iPhone 6s do you have HS? Three? 4? Five? Sex?

  134. I have an iPhone 6 Plus on order. It arrives between October 14 and 21.

  135. Tony Blair is and continues to be one of the few Englishmen I can appreciate.

  136. Is the iPhone 6Plus like the Large Print version of the Reader’s Digest?

  137. *moves Cyn to the head of the Kill First list*

  138. >> That young gentleman does not seem to be very pleased with his own genitalia.

    See I like that about you wiserbud, you help me not do things I’d regret later.

  139. Woo Hoo!
    I made it to the top!

  140. You’ll note that he doesn’t dare risk it on toothpaste.

  141. Mare’s musings has been removed. I haz a sad.

    Nope. That was just lunch coming up.

  142. Mare’s musings has been removed. I haz a sad.

    It’s the end of an era.

    A really, really fat era.

  143. See I like that about you wiserbud, you help me not do things I’d regret later.

    hey look! A fountain!!

  144. It was also a semi-coherent era. Can’t forget that.

  145. Naw, it’s still there.

    I moved it down months ago to make room for happenin’ schtuff.

    Also, this is a reminder to Hotspur to get hisself a TITS shirt.

  146. It’s filed under “Old Tabs” next to “Your Mom”.

  147. There was no embedded pic in the fine art in the OT at the HQ. I did get another penguin thread and a thread about the lady with 3 boobs. Some nice “Your mom” comments here and the Jean Kerry quote from the JV. Not bad for a Monday.

  148. Shouldn’t they be like half off now?

  149. CafePress doesn’t work that way, Spur, but…

    If you create a cart with your email addy, but don’t buy anything… watch your email for a few days to see if they send you a Coupon Code for a discount.

  150. It’s the end of an era.

    A really, really, PMS era.

  151. Hotspur?

  152. Shouldn’t they be like half off now?

    Only on the wimmen and only if they’ve had enough to drink.

  153. If it’s tequila, hell, it’s 100% off.

  154. If it’s tequila, hell, it’s 100% off.

    Excuse me.. waiter?

    Yes. Hi.

    Ummm.. I’d like to order another shot of tequila for that young lady over there in the t-shirt, if I may.

    Yes, the one with the sun logo on it.

    Thank you very much.

  155. *looks over each of my shoulders to see which young lady wiserbud is buying for*

  156. *shyly waves

  157. *nods and smiles*

    *watches as waitress delivers shot to MJ*

    *nods and smiles*

  158. *snorts Coke out nose*

    You guys kill me….

  159. *watches as waitress delivers shot to MJ*

    Excuse me… I SAID EXCUSE ME, WAITER!!!!

    NOT HER!!!



    YES… THAT ONE!!!

    Dear God, some people are just too fucking stupid….

    *winks at Cyn.

  161. *watches as waiter delivers tequila shot to mare

  162. That whore.

  163. Why not 2 tequila shots?

  164. So the DVR at the TiFW house only records 2 shows at a time – tonight at 9:00 CST we are already recording the season premiere of “The Blacklist” (for me) and the season finale for “Under the Dome (for Mr. TiFW – don’t ask).

    Which means I won’t be able to get my ogle on for Ioan Gruffud in the 1st part of “Forever” (Part 2 airs tomorrow night) – don’t know if it will be available On Demand or on

    I haz a sad. :-(.

  165. Greetings, wreckers and saboteurs.

  166. Here she comes, Miss America.

  167. I love what humidity does for skin. H8 what it does to hair. I feel like kicking a penguin. Have you ever seen them, standing at the edge, swaying….

  168. Might I suggest you dig out the rabbit ears, TiFW?

  169. Ah, free tequila!

    Today kicks ass.

    *smacks waitress on the ass

  170. I thought he said “Waiter”? *scrolls up*

  171. Tomato, tomahto.



  174. Kinky

  175. I have no idea what’s going in there but I kind of like it.

  176. Nerd Kink

  177. Ouch.

    She seems nice.

  178. that freaked me out

  179. Wowza… she’s… I just…

    …her lashes are freaking fantastic!

  180. I’m a little embarrassed that I know the gif pup posted is from an In This Moment video

    And you all should be rather astonished that I even know that.

  181. Moar Nerd Hawtness

  182. That’s uhhh quite the video, Dave. And I am in fact astonished.

  183. If you thought that chick’s tongue was innaresting…

  184. *kills Shawn; with prejudice, twice*

  185. I’d call you a DIRTY MOTHERFUCKER, but I deserved that.

    And I’m apparently dead.


  186. I have some of those o’scopes at work. They are too freakin’ heavy for me to carry like that.

    **bats eyes at minion**

  187. but not batting eyes like Sean’s thing. Gross.

  188. Also they played “Turn Down For What” at the skating party yesterday. I kept looking for the dancing fat lady with the big bewbs, then I realized everyone was waiting on me.

  189. Hey all.

    Hey Phat, if you are around sorry didnt see your post until this morning and I was up in North Snohomish County.

  190. >>That’s uhhh quite the video, Dave. And I am in fact astonished.

    I know right? It’s not like In This Moment is exactly my cup of tea.

  191. I kept looking for the dancing fat lady with the big bewbs, then I realized everyone was waiting on me.


  192. Tea, Earl Grey, hot.

  193. **hugs Cyn inappropriately**

  194. Also at the skating party, they played Earth, Wind and Fire. Pretty sure the same songs at my last skating party in high school.

  195. I made salmon two nights in a row.

    It smells like an Xbrad fantasy in here.

  196. Finally got to Lowe’s to get a bunch of odds and ends, including some replacement fence poats.

  197. Boogie Wonderland

  198. You shouldn’t eat so much fish, MJ. It’s full of Freddie Mercury, and he had AIDS.


  199. Haha Sean.

  200. FACT: Penguins like fish.

  201. FACT: Penguins like fish.

    *raises eyebrow skeptically*


  203. MJ likes fish sticks.



    They played that one at the skating party, too.

    Ladies only!

  206. AND we’re bombing Syria.

    Jets fans rejoice. Some jets are having an impact tonight

  207. I tried like a sonofa to link Boogie Wonderland and youtube was being a total Kyle tonight

  208. Skating? Skating? Xanadu…*drops mic*

  209. H2 Hostagettes Skate Party.

    I. Am. In.


  211. My feets are shuffle-skating to Laurawr’s last tune right now.

  212. One of the kids could moonwalk in skates. I was impressed, especially considering Michael Jackson was white before this kid was born.


    There’s some lyrics toward the end of this song that today’s mentality would surely misapprehend or freak out about. It’s a romantic song but Quincy Jones would not get away with writing this today.

  214. “Play That Funky Music” or “Brick House”, anyone?

    And “Three Times a Lady” for a couple’s skate.

  215. I was going for a White Sox Disco Night dealio, but I got distracted by Lauraws link.

  216. I was a pretty good skater. I beat Dana Brown fair and square in a road race outside our house, and she was the fastest kid on our block. Also, I could do that cross-stepping thing around corners frontwards and backwards, and I could ‘shoot the duck.’

    I would love to find out if I still knew how to rollerskate today.

    In a padded environment.

  217. Totally misogynistic.

  218. Buckwheat Sings made an appearance in the tri-boob thread at the HQ.

  219. I can’t dance or skate!!!! (Runs from the H2 slamming doors and crying)

  220. *links for Dave*

  221. Hangs out in parking lot with cool kids drinking beer.

  222. Oooh – and “Roller Coaster”! Everybody scream when the guy in the studio stabs his girlfriend….

  223. Mandatory skate song

  224. Cyn,
    They misspelled Tektronix, and that’s not a 2245.
    Other than that, it’s fucked up…


  226. ok that’s awful

  227. Other than that, it’s fucked up…

    Heh heh; yes, yes it was.

  228. DiT, I don’t think that song is really about roller skates.

  229. Cyn,
    I only say that because my dad worked there from the time it was a little storefront shop in Portland until it was a huge conglomerate.
    He was there at the beginning. I got to use, and break, a lot of their stuff.
    It was cool…

  230. Did anybody refuse to give anybody else’s ne’er-do-well brother a cushy job today?

  231. Oh,
    and dad was 94 yesterday!

  232. He was there at the beginning. I got to use, and break, a lot of their stuff.
    It was cool…

    You have to have some awesome memories of that.

  233. HB Chrispy-Dad!

  234. The hair, the outfits, the voices, the beat, the instruments. My era.

    LOVE it

  235. HBD ChrisP Dad!!!!

  236. I refuse to be sucked in by The Hump’s music….BRB

  237. Love it. Those were such good times.

  238. Let it Whip

  239. I grabbed Tina Adams’ butt the last time I went roller skating.

  240. OH YES

  241. Disco pants on the backup singers in Boogie Wonderland are pretty nifty.

  242. Run DMC + Penn & Teller

  243. Smokes pot in the parking lot while listening to Skynyrd

  244. Commodores for the slow skate!

  245. ALL SKATE!!

  246. Hmmm that doesn’t look like Run DMC – total wordpuss linking error.

  247. KC and his gang had such fun songs.


  249. That 80’s rap is now a venerable antique.


  251. FFS If you people start with the Fleetwood Mac there will be war!!!! WAR!!!!

  252. I saw nothink!

  253. Oooo, there were a few good skate songs to F’Mac…

  254. Off the top of my head, I can’t recall any Fleetwood Mac at the Roller Barn.

  255. Slow skate to Sara?


  257. No Pink Floyd?

  258. Little Feat brings me back. Tower of Power too.

  259. There’s a fat man, in a bathtub, with the blues.

  260. Forget me Nots

  261. Cyn,
    Yeah, I got to use, and sometimes break, thousands of dollars of wave-form measurement equipment while I was teaching myself about electronics, and learning “solid-state theory” while in high school(1962-1966). It was “NEW”, then. The bleeding-edge of ‘solid-state’.
    At that time, transistors were new. There was no concept of integrated circuits.
    It was all discrete components. The computers were huge!
    The first ones I worked with took-up floors of big buildings. The memory was ferrite-beads with three wires going through them. When we had a memory error, we would open the cabinet and pound your shoe-heel against a 4K(bit) block of ram, to knock the dust out of it.
    It was very cool, but progressed very fast. It was right “on the edge” of what brought us things like the big-screens, the lap-tops we have now, and the smartphones.
    I’m pretty grateful that I got to be there, and participate, in the transition from tubes, to transistors, to ICs

  262. Happy birthday, ChrisPDad.

    Loving the music tonight.


  264. Little Feat. Dammit. I’m old. Starts kicking Hostages off my lawn.


  266. I’m pretty grateful that I got to be there, and participate, in the transition from tubes, to transistors, to ICs

    It’s a great time to watch all the innovation, and in such a short period of time. Our kids really have no idea; but they will.

  267. I forgot about the Jeff Beck Phase

  268. I bet Dave has played this once or twice

  269. It’s hard to skate to Jeff Beck.

  270. I never thought about that.

  271. I think this came out after I quit roller skating, but I do remember dancing to it.

  272. Scott, you can smoke pot in the parking lot with me.

  273. I may have engaged in other activities listening to Jeff Beck.

  274. We can make fun of SK8Rs and their shiny shorts and headbands.

  275. That’s where I would have been.

  276. Bingo.

  277. Could the Jets actually tie this up??

  278. Mebbe. Not likely. 19-27 is a weird score.

  279. Oh, and these guys. I saw them a bunch of times. Actually partied with them after one show in Providence.

    I woke up the next day driving… New Hampshire.


  281. New Hampshire???? People there play Punch Buggy and not Slug Bug. Bunch of fucking commies.

  282. VT is commies, New Hampshire is our only hope.

  283. Watching Li’l Batman on Fox. It’s okay.

  284. Guy at work is from NH. He has FRENCH Canadian roots. Why can’t you people control the border?

  285. Comment faster. I work at 5. Dan spent most of the day at the ER with his Mom. She’s OK. I’m pissed at SiL

  286. Comment by Cyn on September 22, 2014 11:32 pm
    I may have engaged in other activities listening to Jeff Beck.

    Remember, if your kids start liking music older than they are, it’s acceptable to tell them, “I think you were conceived to this song.”

  287. Except for cover songs. Nobody was ever conceived to a cover.

  288. CoAlex, I’m a political junky. I gauge politicians on their time management. Jerry Brown left people waiting for more than an hour at the Indian Cultural Center back in the day. He’s worse on time management than Billy Jeff or TFG. Juan McLame is nearly Clintonesque in his time management. Palin was L8, but she apologized for the Time Zone miscue from the McLame campaign. We got to listen to Hank Jr.

  289. Nobody was ever conceived to a cover.

    Well, kids given up for adoption.

  290. Oso,

    If you’re referring to my calc prof, she was very apologetic about the whole thing. If it keeps happening I’ll have issues, but for the moment I’m going to chalk it up as an honest mistake where she lost track of time helping other students.

  291. I should’ve been clearer. Nobody good.

  292. heh

  293. Honest mistake. Yep.

  294. I did get 10/10 on the quiz.

  295. Yay!!! Time management is a real thing with the D-rats. BPT and Latino time. Real. Rayciss, but real.

  296. Okay, this is just fucking crazy.

  297. WTF? (Runs to FB to share)

  298. BiL doesn’t work. Had a “Rough” childhood. WAH! $20 story short, Dan had to leave work to take his Mom to the ER. Spent the whole day at the hospital. Didn’t feel like making steaks when he got home. I am so ready to unload on SiL.

  299. Long day tomorrow. G’night ya bums.

  300. If a derp lyrical flow is a must
    You gots to go with a name you can quickly trust
    I’m not sayin’ I’m number one, uhh I’m sorry, I lied
    I’m number one, two, three, four and five


  302. Sometimes, coworkers are worse. Especially if you need something.

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