Too Hot to Fish, Too Hot to Golf, Too Cold at Meme

Let’s get those kids trained for a trip to El Caliente, our favorite restaurant!

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New name? Hostage Autonomous Zone. Or … HAZ. Catchy?


I’ve got an idea. Stick with me for a minute. So, our little blog is a somewhat unknown spot on AlGore’s internet … but say we “occupy” a bigger website and just demand that its our’s?   I don’t mean Ace’s or similar. We need to take back the enemy.  Is Daily Kos still a thing? Continue reading

and On, On and On, On and On

Leon who?


I have two speeches ready for Boy1, not sure which to deliver.

Option 1:

Option 2:


I’m hungry.  What’s for lunch?



Big Repeat Boob Friday

Hello body surfers and Leon, and welcome to the no-extra-points addition of Big Boob Friday.

Mrs. Buffalone has an AP on her phone called Spottify, and she’s been going crazy making play lists and downloading songs. I’m not sure if the AP is worth a monthly fee, or where she got today’s selection, but I dig it baby, yeah.



We are going to re-visit one of my BBF favorites, since I’ve been having so much trouble finding new talent I’m not sleeping well at night.

Your model for today was born in Columbia, South Carolina on January 23rd, 1992. At 5’1″ and 105 pounds, she measures 32-27-35 and wears a sporty GG cup which I’m guessing stands for great god almighty look at those things. Please stop thinking only of your own pleasure long enough to welcome again, Miss Tessa Fowler!

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Super Bowl poat or whatever

It’s that time of year again, kids! I hope your cooler is stocked, your grill is hot, and your lady friend knows to keep her yap shut, because the Super Bowl is here!!!
This year, we have the Seahawks battling the Patriots for the right to drink beer out of this here pimp cup:
I’m torn, because Marshawn Lynch of the Seahawks went to Cal and I like to support players from my Alma Mater, but b-rad likes them, so…go Pats?
Anyway, whichever team you’re hoping covers the spread, I think we can all agree that Katy Perry has some nice tittays, even if she does some weird shit with them.

It’s not really a bad look for you MJ

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