You’ll get nothing and like it

Because it will at least be a new poat.

One funneh out of the folder.
mrs pupster
Good day, eh.


  1. WTFITS?

  2. Mini-me had a friend sleep over last night. I am behind on everything, and I have 100 miles to drive today. Ain’t no one got time to poat.

  3. I need to do this ten times. Either sometime in the next 4-5 days or in about 6 weeks. We’ll either have an extra bag of feed or we won’t.

    Girding my loins and so forth.

  4. Wow – only 4 comments in and this thing is already dead?

  5. Sorry, busy doing pullups.

  6. Might keep doing sets until I can’t beat MJ.

  7. I’m seriously weak. I need to work on that.

  8. Rebecca has taken to sitting in her own booth at our Friday night pizza hangout – she can’t be bothered with us boring grown-ups. She brings along a few toys to keep herself entertained.

    So last night, I notice her breezing by our table with an open book in her hand.

    On her way to the bathroom.

    I almost fell out of my chair, I was laughing so hard…..

  9. I’ve never regretted doing the work to get stronger, MJ. Helps me with nearly everything else I do.

  10. BTW, Pandora is so much better for this than the pop crap they always have at powerhouse.

    No eyecandy here though.

  11. Still working on these. I can only hold it for about a minute or so.

  12. I reccomendd kegels.

  13. I have done nothing today but eat cereal and drink coffee. I have no shame.

  14. I still have these, planks, and the crow stands to do before I eat breffast.

  15. heh. penguin facts.

  16. How does a Science! True Believer not know Galapagos?

  17. Srsly, is the muthahfuckah that dumb or is he trolling?

  18. I have done nothing today but eat cereal and drink coffee. I have no shame.

    Me neither, MCPO. That was me Thursday and Friday when I was supposed to be getting in an extra stop on my drive up (a bit of) the coast. Now I am definitely leaving today to get to the original objective and will make the pre-stop-off a post one. That makes it all crystal clear, yes?

    LOVE the older than her years sense that Car-in’s Hannah has. Man-whores, ha! Great job, Car-in!

  19. Does NdGT prefer that only people who don’t believe in the obvious fiction that “all men are created equal” make decisions for others?

    Because I can point to some nice historical examples.
    Well, okay, not “nice”, but accurate.

  20. Margaret Sanger? Free-thinking rationalist. And if she’d had things her way, he wouldn’t exist.

  21. Japanese at Nanking?

    Pretty sure they didn’t believe in equality.

  22. The Christians who fought and died to end slavery because God told them that we were all brothers in Christ?


  23. Morning

  24. wood


    wait were we doing the word association game?

  25. Morning. Wood.


  27. I was laughing my ass off watching Ace roll out those penguin facts on twitter last night. That’s the Ace I know and love. But not love-love.

  28. I was disappointed that Sean Davis misquoted Tyson in the podcast, unless Tyson corrected the Tweet.

  29. Much more watchable crow stand video.

  30. XMom actually felt well enough to take a dip in the pool today.

  31. That’s great to hear, Xbrad – way to go Pogo!

  32. Morning Mood.

  33. Speaking of mom’s, joining mine with the boys for lunch today.

  34. Life in the internet era.

    Some dickhole in NY spent $3.72 on XMom’s USAA issued credit card (thanks, Home Depot!).

    USAA flagged the transaction, and sent a text message alert. But because XMom doesn’t do cell phones, XSis2 is the cell number on file. XSis2 is about an hour south of Tibet right this minute.

    XSis2 sends me a FB Messenger text telling me of this. A quick call to USAA, and the the fraud report is in, the card is cancelled, and a new one enroute.

    The charge happened less than an hour ago.

  35. Apparently, the internet is dead, Jim.





  37. I’ve had the worst insomnia the past two nights. Four hours of sleep the night before and an hour and a half last night. Bad thing is, you get pissed for not being able to sleep, which makes it worse.

    I forced myself to relax – thinking piggie and owl thoughts (huge one was hooting on the neighbor’s roof) and tried to snooze off and on between 8am and 2pm. It may have brought me to 5 hours.

    I should cut off all internets. JEF is making me crazy.

  38. The charge happened less than an hour ago.

    Great. We’ve used both credit and debit cards there.

  39. Beasn you should think about forcing yourself on some 15 year old boys sexually. Seems to be the trend these days. At least on instapundit.

  40. Like pizza, there is never bad Chinese food, but today was particularly good.



    I’ll just have another meatup for the do-over you owe.

  42. Damn. Werdpuss is wonky today.

  43. god dammit.. dammit.. dammit..


    at least they don’t know how to aim the fucking mortars. Our kids dug in deep if they figure out range azimuth elevation

  44. That doesn’t sound good, Dave; your baby girl’s Sgt-man?

  45. Beasn you should think about forcing yourself on some 15 year old boys sexually.

    Very strange. In my restless dreams — I tried to take advantage of someone half my age. I am not 30.

  46. Our kids dug in deep if they figure out range azimuth elevation

    Our kids shouldn’t be there if there is where I’m thinking. And that is all I’m going to say about that.

    *starts biting nails again*

  47. Very strange. In my restless dreams — I tried to take advantage of someone half my age. I am not 30.

    Ooooo, math word problems… I love these.

  48. Someone half my age would be 19, so a little older than GND. I could live with that and not even go to prison.

  49. SSGT boyfriend can’t say a lot, nobody hurt

  50. Whew! Glad to hear that everyone is OK, Dave –

  51. This will make you feel good about the kids coming up today:

    Get out your hankies….

  52. Dave, I’m becoming a basket case (okay, even more so), I can’t imagine what you guys are going through.

    I don’t believe – nope, nevermind, not going there. JEF is a vindictive f*ck.

  53. Aww, that’s really sweet, Teresa.

  54. This package of Oreos didn’t get a whole lot of cream in it’s centers. YAY!
    I dislike Oreo guts. Mmm…burnt chocolate.

  55. I have to be in at 6AM tomorrow.
    2nd day in a row.

    A double.

  56. Greetyings, poeple whoi htae typpos.

  57. A girl half my age would still be getting senior discounts at Denny’s

  58. A girl half my age would get The Grand Slam

  59. Huh. People are apparently repulsed by the idea of old people eating at Denny’s.

  60. Dammit, Jimbo.

  61. I like Denny’s.

  62. Bran Slam.

  63. I dislike Oreo guts.

    I’m sorry but we can’t be friends anymore.

  64. >>Bran Slam

    But only before 4:30 pm.

  65. Still looking for dog names. Puppies were awful cute.

  66. Prunes Over My Hammy

  67. I can’t remember when I ate my last Oreo. It’s been decades.

  68. Did a puppy come home with you?

  69. That is a crime, Scoot.

  70. There has not been a cookie in this house for years.

    Ice cream and chocolate, no cookies.

  71. Mom’s Christmas cookies, those are the only ones allowed.

  72. Not yet, they’re 4 weeks old now. One month and then we get the doggie. We’re 4th pick of 7.

  73. Were they still white?

  74. Red is just coming in.

    We liked male #7

  75. Your timing sucks.

    Housebreaking puppies in the winter is awful.

  76. I can’t imagine housebreaking Benny with snow on the ground.

  77. >> Dave, I’m becoming a basket case (okay, even more so), I can’t imagine what you guys are going through.

    I thought I got ready for a lot of things.

    I was wrong, as usual.

    Rounds fell close but off the mark, a kid got a piece in his thigh he’s very ok.

  78. Ruby was a December dog. Outside in the wee hours of the morning in a bathrobe, freezing to death ……hurry up Ruby…hurry up…..hurry up.

    For the rest of her life, she would pee if you told her to hurry up.

  79. This was discussed. I was overruled.

  80. oh Ruby you sweet pup

  81. The power of cute.

    On the plus side, they cant bloody your ankles when you got your boots on.

  82. Banger .

  83. Bubba pees if you tell him to pip.

  84. Benny’s only alive because he’s cute.

  85. One of Paula’s friend suggested Ringo.

    Ringo and Star.

    Not happening.

  86. Gringo.

  87. Is Osita or Pendejo or TexasJew here? I need someone to explain Mexican time to me.

    Quinceanera Mass was supposed to be at 1:00. The white people were there a few minutes early and seated. Honoree and family rolled in at 1:10, we got started. More people kept showing up all through the church service, most not bothering to slip in unobtrusively. At least one large batch at 1:50. WTF. I denounce myself.

    “Reception to follow”. We waited until they were through taking pictures, then left for the reception hall. Don’t know where the family went to, but it wasn’t the reception hall. We watched the cake display and the bar being set up. DJ got set up, blared stuff even MJ and Sean wouldn’t listen to. Couldn’t hear yourself think, but it didn’t matter because a grand total of 10 people were there in a hall set up for 400. Mini-me and I talked with her friend from school for an hour. I finally offered her $20 if we could leave. We killed time at a bookstore until evening Mass. She sweet-talked Mr. RFH into taking her back to the party.

    This is probably when being able to understand Spanish would have really been handy. I’m sure I missed something.

  88. WV QB is crazy good.

  89. Ringo? Counter with Jones.

  90. Pron.

  91. Banger

    All good suggestions. When we sit down with the boys I’m sure we’ll choose one of these.

  92. Boy #2 said Blackie (he was reading names off a list).

    He got a grin and an eye roll out of me and a disapproving look from his mother.

  93. Dogs write their own names. One of my favorites was Chaos.

  94. GringoStar was the bar we left when Tushar decided that napping in front of a police SUV was a cool idea.

  95. Shelby.

  96. My old red heeler was named Pikachu.

    He answered to Peek, Chooey, Pika, P, and pretty much any look and hand gesture in his direction. Like kids making a Christmas list, the boys are obsessed with finding a name. I will continue to demand a cooling off period to let the dog pick one.

  97. Rock

  98. We named our dog iPod, but you can use the first alternate name: eBay.


  100. fuck

    kid with leukemia has a fever, this is a bad thing cause her immune system is completely bombed.. 72 hours in a hospital if it hits 102.

  101. 100,8

  102. Cattle dogs can have strong personalities.

  103. Roamy, if you are still around it is a cultural thing. Mañana applies to all aspects of life. It gets sooooo frustrating. At one family event, Dan and I were on time. My ex-uncle and his new wife showed up and sat with us. By the time my family rolled in, we were pretty much the “Ex” family table. My parents were late to my wedding reception. I nixed the receiving line and just had people start eating. 24 years later and my MiL is still upset about it.

  104. Jimbro,

  105. >> Cattle dogs can have strong personalities.

    No shit

  106. I don’t understand anything.

    I need sleep.

  107. ouch Dave!

  108. ah vmax they’re already off to the ER


    it’s her immune system, they can’t take a chance with a virus.. they’ll take care of her.. she’s ok.. doesn’t feel awful.. not great but not horrible

  109. Jimbro, didn’t you just get a dog? Or you need to get him/her a buddy?

  110. Gringo Star was also where wiserbud met the future ex-wiserbride.

  111. Osita, I knew you had made jokes about it, but it was quite another thing to get caught up in it.

    I thought about all the money they spent on the party, and I think I would have bought her a nice car instead.

  112. We got Star in May, a 3 year old rescue. Paula is her person and Star follows her around like velcro. We waited to get a dog until she was done with school and had more normal hours. The new dog will be a buddy for Star. We are actually getting the boys to participate in her care without the usual hassles most of the time.

  113. Roamy, that would make sense. It is also a cultural thing to throw the biggest party and spend the most money.

  114. Dave, please forgive the density, but who are you talking about?

  115. Checking out, been up since 0400 and nodding off. Goodnight good people.

  116. Nighty dreams, Jimbro.

  117. It was almost like a wedding except there were 7 or 8 grooms. (Two showed up halfway through Mass to sit in the front row.) I wore a nice church outfit and felt underdressed. Most of the women wore ball gowns or prom dresses.

  118. Good Dave keep them safe.

  119. My latest foster Nelson

  120. Cyn, a friend of mine has a 10 year old daughter with leukemia. She is on round 2 of chemo, first round didn’t do it. Last line of defense is marrow transplant.

    Tonight she has a fever, because her immune system is crushed that means a mandatory 72 hours in hospital. She doesn’t feel awful like last week, but they gotta keep her.

    I wasn’t clear, my bad.

  121. He is a happy pup

  122. That is hard news, Dave. Prayers and good thoughts on the way.

  123. Vman, you links are no workie.

  124. Thank you Cyn loves.. kid is ok, just a lousy night in her fight

  125. Roamy, when my grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a renewal of their vows it was awful. My parents and 3 of my Tias had their 25th Anniversary the same year. It was the tackiest thing I’ve ever seen. All my Tias wore these horrible pepto bismol dresses. Off the shoulder. The “Silverados” all wore silver tuxes. The rest of the SiLs and sons wore black tuxes. I wish I had pictures, but I don’t.

  126. crap ! Cyn
    does this work?

  127. Did anybody call bullshit on anybody else’s claim that they “filled in on drums for the Stones this one time” today?

  128. Dave,
    Prayers from us for her.
    Sucks, mon…

  129. Vman, worked for me. Gorgeous.

  130. I only see old pics, Vmax.

  131. Thanks Oso
    Here is a link to 2 pics of Nelson.
    Does it work for you

  132. Nelson is a good looking boy.

  133. he s X bad

  134. Prayers for your little friend, DiT

  135. His story is his owner took him to a vet in Waco, who diagnosed heart worms. When the owner found out how much treatment cost he said. “He is yours”
    The vet contacted rescues in Waco and no Joy. Rescues reached out to us and Paws for Life flew him from Waco to Houston.

    Is not s

  136. You’re a good man to be such a good friend to the poor dogs.

  137. He’s beautiful.

  138. He’s beautiful.

    Sure, if you like bald guys. I just thought it was nice of him to care for the dog.

  139. His previous owner sounds like a douchetanker. I hope he gets worms. Or bot flies. Yeah, that.

  140. THX for the visual, Sean.

  141. You guys might wanna avoid going in the bathroom a little while.

    Just sayin’.

  142. home. It was only 12 and a half hours, but who’s counting?

  143. We wanted to name a dog Tiberius, but we haven’t found that dog yet.


  145. I found him for you.

  146. Look, take this
    Papa didn’t cuss
    He didn’t raise a whole lotta fuss
    But when we did wrong
    Papa beat the derp out of us

  147. I found him for you.


  148. Gah!
    Waitress! Coffee!

  149. Home from work. Lazy bums.

  150. The service in this place sucks.

  151. Wow Scott

  152. Downside of living in a boom economy, vmax.

  153. heh

  154. Good morning



  157. Gaflraining.

  158. This is fun

  159. His wife is annoying.

  160. Dunka Cyn

  161. Smelly hippies invented something that I want.

    $130, not bad.

  162. What’s the weight on that?

  163. The camp stove is 33 oz.

  164. The big one is 18 lbs and $300.

  165. Pupster?

  166. 18lb is a heavy hand-carry for much distance. The little one would be quite handy.

    I imaging the volume of wood needed to charge a cell phone isn’t small, though, and you need the wood whittled small enough to fit in it.

  167. The big one seems to be for group cooking. If you can disassemble it into several parts, then it could easily be carried by several people in their packs.

  168. Base camp seems to imply you’ll be near some transport. No one is going up K2 with this thing.

  169. That looks really nifty – I bet DD#1’s boyfriend would like one of those….

  170. Soccer field.

  171. Rain .


    That about sums everything up.

  172. I never made coffee today.

    That’s why everything sucks!

  173. I moved around heavy objects. I’m going to pay for it tomorrow.

  174. I did too, MJ. I’m not sore today though, because of kickboxing and bands.

  175. I sat on my butt and read a book for several hours.

  176. I finished all my packing!

    I get the rest of the day off.

  177. Wow. The Giants suck so bad that Fox isn’t even broadcasting it here.

    That never happens.

  178. Who are the Cowgirls losing to today?

  179. They are losing to the Rams at the moment.

  180. HA HA HA I found the Giants game online. They were lined up to kick a short field goal and the center snapped the ball right past the holder for a 40 yard loss.

  181. I hope I get home with time enough to work out.

  182. Hope Solo is a very dirty girl.

    That is all.

  183. Hope Solo is a very dirty girl.

    I’d hit it.

    She’d hit me.

  184. She’s on the cover of Laura’s anatomy textbook.

  185. Daughter was awakened this morning at 5:30. There was a flood on the 4th floor. Three rooms and the hallway.

    She got up there and her RA told her not to go in there (the shower from which it originated). Apparently, drunk guy passed out in the shower and his ass plugged up the drain. The RA nearly shit his pants because his first thought was, the guy is dead. Guy was still drunk and remembers nothing.

    His room was not flooded. His suitemates room, the room next door, and the room below was.

  186. Okay, TLC has on a profile of a 900 pound man. He’s getting a sponge bath and lotion on his bedsores.


  187. I can send you an autographed pic if you’d like.

  188. Okay, TLC has on a profile of a 900 pound man. He’s getting a sponge bath and lotion on his bedsores.
    Rosetta has a TV show?

  189. I don’t think I can fully describe the level of suck oft life right now.

  190. If you are on a soccer field, it’s going to get worse in about an hour.

  191. In car. I am up in Saginaw, so the torrential downpour started 50i min ago. The finally called the came. Erin’s team won the tournament.

  192. Goddamit.

    XBrad Family Theater got eaten.

  193. I can send you an autographed pic if you’d like.

    LOL. You goof.

  194. Happy Birthday, Michael!

  195. I was stuck on the field for a while under my sport-brella.

  196. Selling autographs, passing bad checks.

    Potato, Potahto

  197. To watch the Chiefs flail about uselessly, or not.


  198. Hmm, i wonder if the Ravens brag about playing smashmouth football anymore.

  199. Went to the gym, went to the store, now waiting for the dishwasher to finish so I can make lunch.

  200. And then more homework.

  201. NFL Red Zone is soooo cool. FiL is being transferred back to the rehab hospital. Off oxygen and the food tube is working. Yay!

  202. J’ames, I’m watching NFL Red Zone. Only the good parts. Probably no Chiefs. Just sayin’

  203. NFL Red Zone gives me a grand mal seizure. It jumps around WAAAAAYYYY too much

  204. I’m so glad I’m not a Browns fan. Even when they’re good they suck.


  206. RL friend was at the Browns game. He lives in NJ, but travels to one Browns game a year. I am starting to think of the Browns as the Cubs of the NFL.

  207. I don’t think Cubs fans have the same level of expectations and delusions as Browns fans.

  208. For Roamie’s desktop:

  209. J’ames, RZ, PiP, on FB on phone, reading Blogs on computer. Getting ready to go to my cousin, Celena’s house. She made green chile chicken enchiladas and they have NFL ticket. And a hot tub. Today was sweeping and mopping day at The Club. AKA exercise.

  210. I went to a Browns game, t the old stadium.
    What a dump.

  211. True, Pups, true. My Buckeye family were such die-hard Browns fans. Easy to tease. I married a Steeler fan. We had so much fun with the Buckeyes before they all started dying. Cigarettes.

  212. *throws Space Pen at Puppeh*

  213. Pretty rough crowd. I even slapped a Browns bumper sticker on my car so they wouldn’t roll it into the lake.

    I was there to watch them play the Patriots, and they parked me right next to Lake Erie. CT plates didn’t exactly blend.

  214. A guy a couple rows in front of us was wearing a Patriots Jacket.

    They threw lit cigarettes at him all day.

  215. I kept a low profile when I watched the Pats play the Rams in St Louis.

  216. Guys in the dog pound would throw batteries and rocks at opposing players. I think they once knocked somebody out with a barrage of snowballs.

  217. I probably shouldn’t be laughing at Scott, but I am. I know those people. My brother is a life-long Raiders fan. He’s afraid of the hometown crowd. LA AND Oakland.

  218. *throws rock battery at scott

  219. Bruins fans are assholes, but they aren’t that bad.

  220. Sounds like the Texas Tech fans.

  221. I H8 the Fingerbangs!!!! Assholes.

  222. Which hockey fans fill cups with urine and throw the cups at the people in the good seats? Rangers or NJ?

  223. I’m getting covered with boxer saliva. Chloe loves me. I H8 dog besos.

  224. I bet Rangers fans, they are assholes too.

  225. One of my favorite memories as a Whalers fan was when a Hartford cop accidentally dropped a handcuffed Bruins fan down a flight of stairs.

    He got a standing ovation.

  226. Hahaha I would’ve loved to have seen that. I have a Whalers jersey because I loved their logo

  227. Pretty sure it was Rangers. I’ve heard stories about Yankee fans too

  228. It was hysterical. 13000 people jumped to their feet and cheered.

    The guy was swinging at the police a few minutes earlier, so it was probably no accident.

  229. Titan fan at a Jag game. TN has a bunch of drunk losers in their fan base. Who knew?

  230. Cardinals are beating the 49’ers with about 10 left in the game, but there’s still plenty of time to screw that pooch.

  231. Fumblerooski.

    I rest my case.

  232. I have 3 different groups of RL nose-miner friends that went to PHX for the game.

  233. Well, the Seahawks are doing their best to lose.

  234. It’s a different world. The Chefs are winning, too. They did give up a safety and had two returns called back for penalties. So it all evens out.

  235. NJ is one of the most liberal states in US.
    And you all know who runs the public school systems.

    So I was a bit surprised to get a list of four songs that the kids will be singing at school(so we could get them to practice at home)

    You’re a grand old flag.
    My country tis of thee.
    This land is your land
    God bless America.

    The rot has not spread beyond repair.

  236. This Land Is Your Land” is a bunch of commie pinko agitprop.

  237. Chefs win! Now to watch the Donkeys lose.

  238. *exhumes Woody Guthrie to throw a D battery at his moldering corpse*

  239. Wow, Peyton tied it up.

  240. Wow. I thought that was over.

  241. All of those songs have been recommended by various lefty idiots over the years as replacements for the eeeeevil militaristic “Star-Spangled Banner”

  242. So should I go to Mass tonight, or just stay home and drink beer and work on homework? Let’s poll the audience.

  243. Bring beer to church.

  244. Mass. They’ll give you wine, then beer and homework after.


  246. Well, Alex, what would Jesus do?

    I think he’d go bowling and talk smack at Walter and The Dude.

  247. Comment by Sean M. on September 21, 2014 7:51 pm
    Well, Alex, what would Jesus do?

    Flip over tables and chase people around with a whip.

  248. Jesus, what color whip are you chasing people around with RIGHT NOW???

  249. Geebus! What a 4th quarter. Fucking Seachickens are killing me.

  250. Prevent defense loses again.

  251. Still one of my favorite stories from scripture. My RCIA instructor had to be reminded of it when we were discussing anger. She started in on anger being a sin, and I reminded her that anger is no such thing. Wrath is a sin, but wrath is an unreasonable act in service to anger. Anger is just a feeling, and might be perfectly justified, as in the case with the temple money-changers.

  252. Wait… how can wrath be a sin if God indulges in it?

  253. Smart Theology Blog

  254. 1) The rules for Men are not the rules for God. God does not sin.
    2) Sometimes human language is limited and what is written is best understood as an anthropomorphizing of God’s true sentiment. The words chosen may best convey that sentiment, but not the mechanism or even the underlying reality, but will help the faithful to live righteously.

  255. At least that’s my recollection. If you want I can go look in the Summa and see what St. Thomas Aquinas had to say on the matter.

  256. 238 miles driven. 1 quinceanera, 1 skating birthday party, two Masses, 1 sleepover at my house, 1 Knights of Columbus pancake breakfast, 1 sick husband, 5 loads of laundry. I am looking forward to going to work tomorrow.

    On the plus side, I got to Skype with Rocketboy for an hour.

  257. I’ve been waitin’ all day for Sunday night.

  258. Don’t bother, Leon.

  259. No you haven’t.

  260. Nobody waits for Sunday night.

  261. Barbers do

  262. Okay, I won’t. I haven’t read the Summa yet and I really shouldn’t go riffing through it just to find a specific reference anyhow.

  263. last sunburn of the season

  264. Quitter.

  265. I bought my pumpkin today and put it on the front stoop. $5 for a pretty good sized one.

  266. I have an appointment for the annual checky thing in two weeks, I ain’t going in with red shoulders

  267. Yes I have.

  268. Wow. Pittsburgh sucks.

  269. Got to watch the Blues Brothers movie then footballs after a massage (not euphemism). It’s been a good day.

  270. Cyn for the win!

  271. Happy ending!

  272. Aaaaannnnnnddddd all three boys are fighting amongst each other in the kitchen. Welp, that didn’t last long. *sighs*

  273. At least there’s good football to watch, I mean it’s not Cowboys or Giants, right?

  274. Anita & I sitting in the computer-room (9 machines), not watching the HeeHawks.
    She was cutting-up apples for the dehydrator and was bored. I turned-on “Antenna-TV”.
    It was “Bewitched” in B&W!
    Since we cancelled Direct-TV, we have only broadcast, about 20 channels, half in Spanish(in the Seattle market!)
    It’s very strange…

  275. Happy ending

  276. Jeez. iOS 8 no worky with wordpuss app.

    Lotsa crashy crashy.

  277. Cyn, beat them until they learn not to do that.

  278. MMM 141 at 6am or so.

  279. No slice of cake for them.

  280. Tea Leoni’s new show just premiered somewhere.

    Aaaaaaand that Load HEAT just got a gazillion hits.

  281. Well done, X; I gave you a hit for good measure.

  282. **checks stats**

    Yup, there it is!



  283. Aww crap. You see that? Erm, um, I mean, you’re welcome.

  284. Did anybody track their car to anybody else’s chop shop today?

  285. Weird day for traffic at my blog. I *also* got a bunch of hits from 4chan.

  286. Xbrad,
    Really don’t know, how do you determine that the clicks come from 4chan?

  287. If a someone posts a link on 4chan to the blog, and someone reaches the blog from there, it shows it as an incoming hit.

    It was only 68 hits. But still, 4chan. So I clicked back through to see what the thread was. It was a subthread- GWG, girls with guns. Somebody posted a bunch of links to this girl:

    Which, I usually get 1-200 hits on the first day of any LH.

    Vanessa got 15,000.

  288. Vanessa the Intern is adorable.

  289. Vanessa is a cute ginger.
    15K is pretty scary…

  290. She is a cutie.

  291. You can see the referring site in our site stats on werdpuss here, Chrispy. It’s how we know when we get an Ace-o-lanche.

  292. That’s still not my best single day traffic. Not by a longshot.

    When Olivia Wilde was announced as Maxim’s sexiest woman one year, as luck would have it, I had two pics from her LH on the first page of google images.

    53,000 hits that day.

  293. Oh, sorry, only 51,000

  294. Oh, sorry, only 51,000


  295. So am I reading this right is XBrad confessing to being a /b/tard

  296. Quite an inspirational speech. I couldn’t get TheBlaze or YouTube to load it, so here’s the Deadspin link:

    Deadspin: High School Football Player’s Speech Will Make You Believe You Can Fly

  297. No. I’ll go cruise the threads once in a blue moon for porn, but mostly, I was just wondering why for the first time in 6 years of blogging, 4chan came to the blog.

    If they were gonna start some sort of unpleasantness or something, I at least wanted to know why.

  298. I shouldn’t admit this but I hang there from time to time.

  299. 4chan is a really strange place.

  300. well i am sometimes a strange girl so it works out. speaking of tea leoni who remembers her tv show on fox. i saw an episode the other night i forgot how funny it was.

  301. I know, Jenn

  302. Flying Blind was a radical departure from the other three networks programing.

    Herman’s Head was funny back then too.

  303. back when fox had vision one of their best shows was werewolf but that got cancelled after one season.

  304. so you found out about my my little pony fetish. damn.

  305. Uh oh, Walker went there:

    Daily Signal: Scott Walker Proposes Drug Testing for Those Filing for Unemployment Benefits, Food Stamps

    If this got some traction, I’d be so happy.


  307. I remember that drug testing did not go over well in Florida.

  308. what a minute don’t cav scouts drive bradley’s? are you trying to tell us something.

  309. I remember that drug testing did not go over well in Florida.

    It’s florida even the employed people are high or they wouldn’t live there.

  310. Some Cav Scouts do. But not all. And a little inside baseball, there’s a long, LONG history of rivalry between Cav Scouts and Infantry.

    Mostly they’re butthurt because they don’t get a blue cord and hot women.

  311. Daily Signal: Scott Walker Proposes Drug Testing for Those Filing for Unemployment Benefits, Food Stamps

    thas raycis

  312. and how would the Cav Scouts tell that story?

  313. Poorly.

  314. My hometown in the news.

    I don’t recall knowing this guy.

  315. Interpretive dance, I’m guessing.


  317. Hahahahaha, I clicked on a FB link for an article about Moochelle at St. Jude’s, and the suggested other links includes the “Dude Looks Like a Lady”.Aerosmith video.

  318. one more song then good night

  319. 5 comes early, gnite cruel H2!

  320. I have always liked that song, Roamy.

  321. **poke**

  322. Sorry, little poat. I didn’t mean to kill you.


  324. I just watched Madame Secretary. Incredibly bad.

  325. I just watched Madame Secretary. Incredibly bad.

    Did they remember to put, “I’m Hillary Clinton and I approved this message.” at the end?

  326. Well it wasn’t quite that blatant, but there were subliminal cues. On a different subject – I am laughing so hard right now. The only thing that could be better is if this guy had been replaced by an Indian call center worker:

  327. Does Tea Leoni use a walker?

  328. Isn’t there another show scheduled to start which ALSO has a tough female SOS at the helm? Thought I’d seen a commercial for one a couple of weeks back.

  329. No but the President does slip and call her Hillary a couple times and she is suspicously close to her secretary who is of South Asian origin.

  330. I think you are talking about the one with Alfre Woodard, she plays the President and Katherine Heigl is her CIA aide or something. They had a preview on On-Demand but I could only stand about 5 minutes of it.

  331. No one wants to see women in the upper echelons of govt in a drama. Remember when Geena Davis cratered her career with a stinker of a show?

    But Julia Louis Dreyfus in Veep? Popular and funny.

  332. Here’s the Hiegel show.

  333. I find shows about the intel community silly. Chuck was a fun show, but John Casey at the NSA? No way. Most of those guys are Urkel with a 9mm.

  334. What was that execrable E-Ring show a few years ago with Benjamin Bratt?

  335. Well he was a naval academy graduate, so he could probably spell NSA.

  336. you mean E-Ring

  337. Major Asshole:

  338. Brad have I mentioned recently how ridiculous army uniforms look. What happened to khaki and military creases.?

  339. Sadly, the khaki Class B uniform was no longer authorized after 1OCT85.

    Which pissed me off. *I* saw it in all the recruiting pamphlets, and thought I would get to wear it.

    I loathed the Army Green Uniform. A lot of new guys hate the new Blues, but I really liked my old blues.

  340. XBrad in blues, circa 1994

  341. I have seen the new blues and they look like potato sacks slipped over their heads. Yours look tailored.

  342. I had a pair tailored, but that ain’t them. I bought that set used off another SGT who was getting out. He bought them in South Korea. As luck had it, we were pretty much the same size. I think I had the pants hemmed, and that was it.

    I *really* lucked out that the cover was the same size as my noggin. That fucker was expensive.

  343. I liked my blues with the high-waisted pants and suspenders, but I hated it when they went to a low waisted pant and belt.

    I liked the greens as a day to day uniform.

  344. well who am i to talk i wore pants with a 13 button fly.

  345. That’s a suspender pair. The set came with a mess dress jacket, but I didn’t have a set of mini-medals at the time (and said set cost more than I paid for the blues!).

    When I went on recruiting, I was issued a set of blues with the belted trousers. If I was going to a party, suspenders. Going to a school or some shit, belted.

  346. Jenn, they’re testing putting women in crackerjack blues.

  347. I’m still mad that the Army rejected my proposal to make all pilots wear propeller beanies.

  348. they have had the white for quite awhile so why not. I am a vet I can be buried in uniform so I am going with the female navy uniform. make the VA sweat a bit.

  349. **SMA Chandler is watching you**

  350. I’m still mad that the Army rejected my proposal to make all pilots wear propeller beanies. Classify it as a qualification badge people will line up for it.

  351. So when you guys have a military funeral now do you have to be buried with a reflective belt?

  352. Heh. I actually putting a reflective belt joke in a post as we type.

  353. I don’t know what the Navy does but I don’t even remember posting road guards in boot camp. I think they just assumed you were capable of looking both ways before crossing a street.



  356. I think the Army should adopt the tricorne, at least for officers and NCOs.

  357. Do I even want to know why they are wearing flak jackets?

  358. I think they got stuck in the sandbox with the Army. IA’s.

  359. I think the Army should adopt the tricorne, at least for officers and NCOs.

    And they should have to carry swords into battle. That would be interesting.

  360. You do realize that something like up to 17,000 sailors got yanked from their command and sent to Iraq and A-stan as an individual agumentee for a year. Very often, in jobs they had no background in.

    “It’s career enhancing!”

    10 years later, the non-select rate is something like 10% higher than guys that didn’t get ganked to IA.

  361. Colex, The Old Guard sent a battalion to Vietnam. And they wore the fucking “tropical tricorne.”

  362. So here is something I was thinking, the Brits are disbanding Ghurka units. It would be interesting to hire a couple battalions of the little buggers. Keep the Indians and Pakistanis in line.

  363. No I hadn’t heard that. Doesn’t surprise me though. I was just reading about all the morale problems the Navy is having. This sounds like something they would pull.

  364. It was mostly during the 2005-2009 time frame. But I understand some number of folks are still getting fuqued.

  365. And they should have to carry swords into battle. That would be interesting.

    Not into battle, although I do think that stainless steel dress swords are cheating. Swords should be combat worthy, meaning quality steel, and sharp.

  366. well when you consider the way the navy promotion system works that isn’t surprising.

  367. hey they get the big bucks they should have to provide us enlisted pukes with a little entertainment.

  368. Colex, The Old Guard sent a battalion to Vietnam. And they wore the fucking “tropical tricorne.”

    Ok, that was just silly. But as a dress uniform headgear the tricorne would rock.

  369. //may or may not have had a sword fight (with swords!) in ROTC.

  370. My first assignment after school was a medical battalion. It was a good experience as a leader, but it killed my career.

  371. The Army would be better if staff disputes were settled with a pair of single sticks out behind the battalion HQ.

  372. Medical battalions are the very epitome of military professionalism. Where else can you have the MAF headquarters ban unit runs because they are “Death Runs” or have to have ambulances standing by on field day because you are expecting casualties cleaning the barracks.

  373. I’ve been on a literal death run. Kole Kole Pass on Schofield. Up and back was 13 miles.

    And our CSM had a heart attack just as we got back to the barracks.

  374. This was a WTU, so we were supposed to oversee care for soldiers with complex issues. Early on when I was there, we were pretty much left on our own to solve problems and take care of soldiers, and we had good leadership at the hospital that supported us.

  375. Well 3rd Med Battalion never had an actual death as far as I know but there were so many sailors lying on the side of the road that the CG of III MAF literally banned unit runs. That lasted until we got a new CO.

  376. have to have ambulances standing by on field day because you are expecting casualties cleaning the barracks.

    To be fair, there were a couple of soldiers whose rooms I refused to enter unless I had a HAZMAT suit on.

  377. The day I signed in at my second unit, the HHC 1SG dropped dead on a run. But was a couple hours before I got there, so you can’t really blame me.

  378. I’m packing all the flavor you need
    I got you shook up on your knees
    ‘Cause it’s all about the derp in me

  379. Yes, still awake after Sean.

    Got in late to SEA.

    Have all day off tomorrow then fly the red eye to Chicago late tonight.

    Jenn, drop me a line if you can do lunch downtown today.

    At the Sheraton on 6th and pike.

  380. For any Seattle denizens, my thing is transphat88 at the g thing.

    Thinking about lunch at MOD pizza or blue water taco. Both are close to the hotel.

  381. Standard Phat travel rules apply.

    Lunch is on me first time I meet you.

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