Yes it is

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Scott Walker–A Pictorial Retrospective



Scott Walker returns from a business trip.

Governor Walker returns from a business trip.

Scott Walker attends the Brewers home opener in 2014.

Governor Walker attends the Brewers home opener in 2014.

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No it’s not

MMM 163: Today was made for you and me

This is the most amazing video I’ve seen in ages. It’s impossible to stay sad while I watch it.

How could you possibly need more motivation than that?

Okay, picture time! This girl appears to have Revvy’s haircut.
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Things that probably smell better than the old poat

Buncha slackers, letting yesterday’s poat get all moldy and gross like Lena Dunham’s poon
violent extremism

Hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekend and your favorite movie wins Best Picture at the Oscars tonight!

Annual National Margarita Day Post



Hola, bishes! That’s right, it’s time for the H2s 34th annual Margarita Day Poat!!!!!!!

In case you missed posts 1-33, you can find them here.

As you may have remembered from last year, we had a bit of a contest to see who makes the best margarita…Wiserdouche or me.

The fans made their voices heard and they were wrong. Dead wrong.

But here’s his recipe anyway.

1.5 oz tequila
1 oz Triple Sec
1 oz lime juice.

Shake and serve over ice.

That’s it. Simple and perfect. Enjoy the weekend, bishes.

MJ Pro tip of the day: Listen to this at 11venty!!!!!!!!!!11111!!1!!!!





Big Boob Friday

Good Morning Culture Warriors, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Somebody, maybe Oso, linked The Avett Brothers a while ago, and I don’t know why but they popped into my head when I was struggling to find a musical selection this week.



Our model for today was born in Chiba Prefecture, Japan on July 28th, 1980. She stands 5’5″, weighs 136lbs, and measures an astounding 41-24-35. Please stop looking for the root causes of Islamic Terrorism long enough to welcome, Miss Harumi Nemoto!

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