Hybrid Darth Kitty Goat Butt



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Big Boob Friday

Greetings my friends, and welcome to Big Boob Friday, calm your tits edition.

Mrs. Pupster is having elbow surgery today, so good thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

Rather than linking some music, I thought I’d embed a video that made me happy.



I ask for high fives from people all the time. Doesn’t always work as well for me.

Your model for today is a former astronaut who perfected a modern lobotomy procedure for house-cats. Born in Japan on January 15th, 1991 and measuring 5′ 2″ and 101 lbs, 38-23-35. Please stop reading the news long enough to welcome, Miss Rui Kiriyama.

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Cyn made me do this….

….so blame her when it sucks.


Let’s see, what kind of crap can I find to throw at this thing?


Ahhh…here we go.



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MMM 124: We remain at war.

We’ve been at war in Afghanistan since 2001. Everything I hear tells me that our ROE basically forbid actually winning, and it’s the “good war” so we aren’t leaving. Basically, our guys are in harm’s way because… that’s where the SCOAMF wants them. Why are they even there to be visited used as a photo op?

Never mind, answered my own question.

In any event, I have the greatest respect for anyone voluntarily serving in our armed forces right now. I couldn’t bring myself to salute TFG, let alone work in an office where his shit-eating-grin photo hangs. Having the grace to do so is a blessing, and I tip my hat to all of you. I hope that wherever you are today, someone thanks you personally for your service.

Now, time for pictures.
Container garden.
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HA! You wish.

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It’s Tushar’s Fault

He linked these…

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Big Boob Friday

Hello Hot Sausages, and welcome to Big Boob Friday…brought to you today by the letters D , I, A, and F.

I’ve not had a lot of time for boobs this week, so the poat content will be inversely proportional to the cup size in this edition.

L to R: this week, Pupster


Mrs. Pupster likes this song.

Your model for today was born on June 11, 1989 in Nantwich, Cheshire, England. Just in case you thought your life was a hot mess…Sophie, initially, was a natural 30G in 2007, increasing to 30GG in 2008, but had reduced to 30FF when she chose to have her bust lifted and increased back to a 30GG in April 2009. She has recently stated that she will undergo further breast augmentation surgery in December 2010. She was the winner of the 2009 UK series of Big Brother, and for the last two years Sophie’s main job has been promotional work at motorbike shows in the UK.

Please stop destroying Tokyo long enough to welcome Miss Sophie Reade!

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So, so close

L to R: H2, IB

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