Cyn made me do this….

….so blame her when it sucks.


Let’s see, what kind of crap can I find to throw at this thing?


Ahhh…here we go.













And, of course, Oso…



Well, thank Allah (Piss Be Unto Him) that that’s over.

For the fellas…



For the ladies…


EDIT [Leon]
: Bcock had muppet fisting here, NTTAWWT. Hate me if you must, but I like to be able to look at the site.

In consolation:

Again, blame Cyn. I do.


  1. foomph


  3. Morning, children.

  4. heh

  5. imagine that fuqquar running past you like jimbro’s moose

  6. haha – the blind kid had a pretty decent throw.

    obama’s son…. not so much

  7. ack. WTF is this?

  8. hey, big boobs are in style again. who woulda thunk it. i never even realized they went out of style:

  9. I’m waiting for small boobs to come back into style.

  10. Assholes. The lot of ya.

  11. I’m waiting for small boobs to come back into style.

    Quite fashionable here on Mondays, but most of these guys think that small boobs=dude.

    Also that last gif means I can’t look at today from the work compooter.

  12. Why don’t you edit it, Leon?

  13. I think I will. I’ll try to find something more cheerful.

  14. Bcock will now hate me forever.

  15. I most certainly did not have muppets fisting. That’s MJ’s thing.

    That is excellent edit, Leon.

  16. OMg, I just saw that debate thing for the first time. Seriously? Anyone who says word ONE to me about my choice to not encourage college for my kids – I direct them to that.

  17. I linked that twice Car in. I’m hurt.

  18. Time to get dressed. The funeral’s at 10 and it’s a half hour in good traffic.

  19. So, if there was a hispanic debate team that shouted “Si se puede!” Would they beat the AA debate team, or would they have to be black, gay, DRs?

  20. I didn’t do it. Must have been Cyn.

  21. l listened to Ogabe being interviewed by NPR after yesterday’s ridiculous commencement speech at West Point. When the guy asked him what he meant by hitting singles and doubles, Obama responded that that wasn’t his entire message, then went on to claim what he really said. But what he claimed wasn’t anything he said, at all.

    The interviewer just let him get away with it.

    Good morning.

  22. Of course, Hotspur! They are still sifting through Palin’s hacked emails trying to find dirt.

    No time for prep!

  23. Leon, I know you linked it. I never had an opportunity to watch it, but I know you guys were talking about it.

  24. Shocked face.

    Smartest. President. Ever.

  25. Don’t feel bad, leon. I didn’t watch it either.

  26. He’s an idiot to have said that if America doesn’t lead, no one will.

    does he seriously believe that?

  27. Propaganda alert: local news has 5 minute segment on how pleased Maine vets are with their treatment at the VA

  28. But he’s going to close Guantanamo before he leaves office.

  29. i’m surprised Joc Elders hasn’t been on TV all month promoting this…

    May is national Pet your Puppy month – hmm

  30. Good morning.

    Ice cream for breakfast.

    Drew reminded me about how back in 09, Obama wanted to roll service-related injuries of vets over to their own private insurance companies. I had forgotten about that fucking outrage.

    There is soooo much stuff that this assclown hasn’t gotten a proper beating in the press for. It’s ridiculous.

  31. Every lefty vet I know (yes, there are several) claim they get excellent treatment at the VA. Of course the fucking thing is right here in town, right across the street from UofM Health Center, and staffed by UofM doctors and nurses.

    So all of these other reports are just republicans trying to make a black president look bad.

  32. Jam, there were a disappointing number of pictures for a tumblr labelled “MASTURBATE-A-THON”

  33. Good morning, peeps.

  34. jimbro, there is a pledge sheet at the web-site though… someone needs to send that to Rosetta’s neighbor. XB probably has a few spare ones, maybe he could send one or two out.

  35. That was a damn hilarious poaty prank, MJ.

  36. *waves at Cyn*

  37. *waves at Jam*

  38. Only one and a half more days of schoooooolll!!!!

  39. i need to go right now and find some sedum sarmentosum so i can do this:

    Disclaimer – only Lauraw may be interested in this comment

  40. That was a damn hilarious poaty prank, MJ.
    You all, and by you all I mean leon, have no sense of humor. Or at least his work people don’t.


    I figured that it would take awhile for bcoch (mouth breather) to figure out what went wrong.

  41. sociology study:
    – Researchers found that 97.5% of heterosexual, male college athletes have shared a bed with another guy and 93.5% have indulged in spooning. “We very often have hangover cuddles and naps together,” reported another participant named Max.-

    i call bullshit on this one

  42. >> Ice cream for breakfast.


  43. Ooooh Carin I like it. My uncle does something similar with woolly thyme but it doesn’t look as fresh and green like that.

    There are a lot of creeping sedum that are similar. I used to have some growing out by the pond but I grew bored and killed it. Ice plant creeps the same way, and has prettier flowers though. I had a nice ice plant but I killed that too.

  44. Boo!


  45. I think ice plant isn’t as sun/drought tolerant. This one, apparently does well in bad soil, full sun, and people walking on it. I’m putting it between my garden beds – if I can find it.

    I do have creeping thyme. Some different colored ones. I WILL FIND THIS TODAY.

    (house chores done, off I go)

  46. I had creeping thyme once. You better get it looked at.

  47. Use the cream and don’t scratch at it.

  48. parsley sage, rosemary creepin thyme

  49. Thyme keeps on slippin’

  50. Thyyyyme, is on my side….
    Yes, it is.

  51. MO can EABOD.

    With potatoes.

  52. Every year is getting shorter
    Never seem to find the thyme

  53. MJ, WAYTA?

  54. The first thyme
    Ever I saw your face

  55. If you’re lost, you can look and you will find me thyme.

    After thyme.

  56. H/S:
    MO – Michelle 0Bama
    EABOD – Eat A Bag Of Dicks

  57. MJ, WAYTA?
    Mrs Obama thinks that silly congressman are silly for wanting to include potatoes in items that can be purchased with a WIC card because science.

    We are down the rabbit hole when the argument is about what food to buy for whom with our money. They have successfully moved the ball from ‘should we do this?’ to ‘how should we do this?’

    Fuck em all.

  58. Every thyme you go away
    You take a piece of me with you

  59. It’s peanut butter, jelly, thyme…..

  60. Oh crap…. now there’s a song I did NOT want in my head.

  61. Love me two thymes, baby
    Love me twice today

  62. If I could save thyme in a bottle..

    oh wait…

  63. Morris Day and the Thyme

  64. What did I do?

  65. I make you laugh
    And you make me cry
    I believe it’s thyme for me to fly

  66. What didn’t you do?

  67. Senator Corleone……. Governor Corleone…. It wasn’t enough thyme, Michael. It wasn’t enough thyme.

  68. I think its thyme we put a stop to this….

  69. I didn’t even buy any thyme. i do have two varieties in my garden if anyone wants pictures.

  70. Good thyme, bad thyme, you know I’ve had my share..

  71. It’s Howdy Doody Thyme

  72. I can’t wait to see these being flipped over onto their backs all over downtown Chicago and NYC.

  73. Living on Tulsa Thyme

  74. Too much thyme on my hands

  75. The overwhelming evidence suggests the single largest common factor in all of these incidents is that all of the perpetrators were either actively taking powerful psychotropic drugs or had been at some point in the immediate past before they committed their crimes.

  76. By the Thyme I Get to Phoenix…

    Glen Campbell shout out for Cynnabuns!

  77. Thyme for Cyn’s spankin’.

  78. Listened to Glenn Beck playing audio of TFG’s speech to the grunts graduation.

    It was painful. He paused for applause lines, presumably because the teleprompter said ‘pause for applause’ and it was deathly quiet.

    All vets knew he hated us before, now the rest of the country may start to realize the feeling is mutual.

  79. Wooo Hooo Phoenix Yeah!!

    *hold up a lighter over head*

    *smells something burning*

  80. Yes. Waaaaay past thyme.

  81. All vets knew he hated us before, now the rest of the country may start to realize the feeling is mutual.


  82. Maybe they gave Zooloft to all of the cadets. Yeah, that’s what they did.

  83. Thought police starting to eat their own.

  84. I was so hung over at my Air Force Academy graduation that I still don’t know who gave the address.

    *runs to the google machine*

    Edward Aldredge, Secretary of the AF.

    Who knew?

    I still have to keep it on the ‘down low’ from a classmate that I may have done many inappropriate things with his sister the night before we graduated.

    Bottom line, cadets are cadets, they were hung over and TFG made the speech about him, not about congratulating the class on surviving four years of a very tough school and then going on to take an even harder assignment as an Army 2Lt.

    He knows in his heart that every man and woman sitting in front of him is smarter than him, better than him, and has accomplished something he is incapable of.

    …and everyone in the audience knew it too.

  85. Phat, a friend of mine’s son just graduated. He had rough adolescent years due to divorce, but he always wanted to go there. He got in, and now he’s graduated.

  86. That speech was aloof, narcissistic, and full of more straw men than crowd in front of him.

  87. That speech was aloof, narcissistic, and full of more straw men than crowd in front of him.

    He knew he was in front of a hostile crowd. Why bother putting any effort into the speech? Just recycle the same old crap he has tossed off for the last 6 years and gotten away with.

    I get the feeling he’s gonna be phoning this kind of stuff in pretty much for the rest of his term.

  88. I am so shocked SHOCKED that president __________ didn’t put more effort into _________.

    This game is called H2 Against Humanity.

  89. Fore, his golf swing.

  90. Wiser,

    He missed a big opportunity at this speech. He could have confronted the VA scandal (which is only going to get worse) and shown actual leadership. The kind the kids in front of him have been trained to recognize and exhibit.

    You’re right. He fucking phoned it in.

    He chose to ‘phone it in’ in front of one, if not the most, politically astute crowds at any college graduation.

    It seemed like a big middle finger to me. I strongly suspect the audience felt that way also.

  91. Why even give a speech there? There’s hundreds of more friendly places he could speak, and that would give a lot better impression than that. His PR team is incompetent too.

  92. He’s a giant boob.

    There. I said it.

  93. Smith College Graduates:

    The president raped me by speaking!

  94. I think there’s a couple of reasons why he half-assed it.

    The day wasn’t about him, it was about those graduating. He simply cannot fathom that concept, so he was bored and just wanted to get it over with and leave.

    Also, I think he knew deep down that every single person in that audience is a far better person than he is in many, many ways. These are people who have accomplished something on their own. Again, a concept which is totally foreign to him.

  95. He’s a giant boob.

    nope. Most people like giant boobs.

  96. No. Boobs are nice things. He is not a nice thing.

  97. nope. Most people like giant boobs.
    No way. Most people like appropriate sized boobs. Giant boobs look ridiculous and desperate.

  98. nope. Most people like giant boobs.

    No he’s a small, insecure boob. People hate small boobs. Gigantic boobs are at least entertaining.

  99. *runs off crying*

  100. Quit whining


  101. Giant boobs look ridiculous and desperate.

    All boobs look giant to you.

  102. Comment by Cyn on May 29, 2014 1:45 pm

    *runs off crying*

    Your tits are fabulous.

  103. Of course they are… ALL tits are fabulous!

    I mean, if you like that sort of thing.

  104. Giant boobs look ridiculous and desperate.

    CaRin, or Sohos?

  105. I like that sort of thing.

  106. CaRin, or Sohos?

  107. My boobs are fabulous appropriately sized.

    *looks into mirror and repeats affirmation 5 times

  108. Is it one of those funhouse mirrors?

  109. SecDef Hagel orders review of military healthcare system. Pre-emptive strike.

    This is the DoD system that provides healthcare for active military and their dependents, not the VA system.

  110. I’ll confess to being a member of the itty-bitty-titty fan club. I likes me a handful but if they get too big they’re just in the way.

  111. SecDef Hagel orders review of military healthcare system. Pre-emptive strike.

    Why, it’s almost as though shit is unraveling or something.

  112. Hahahahaha

    30% of Google’s workforce is Asian. How odd.

  113. I’m good with whatever but I like everything to be in proportion.

  114. Dave, the commander of Womack Army Hospital (at Ft. Bragg) was relieved this week. That might have a bit to do with it as well.

  115. I likes me a handful but if they get too big they’re just in the way.

  116. Jeff G. puts my thoughts into words (again), better than I ever could (again):

    What Reagan taught us is that we are the majority. And when I first envisioned the outlaw movement, one of the arguments I made is that there are millions of old-school Democrats who still believe in free speech, capitalism, the Protestant work ethic, and individual freedom — and that the progressives offer them none of that.

    Which is why promoting Romney turned out so poorly, and why promoting Bush or Christie is likely to end the same way. People are desirous of a real choice. And only once they have one — and realize that, should a constitutionalist candidate run and lose, they’ve been defeated by those who are voting themselves other people’s money and, by extension, other people’s liberty — will they begin to see more clearly the dire straits we face as a free republic and a free people.

    At which point it may already be too late to save the country. Meaning, we’ll simply have to rebuild it from the ash heap.

    – See more at:

  117. Interesting.. I haven’t heard any rumblings from Darnall or BAMC

  118. Obama’s speech was absolutely a giant Fuck You. The pussyshit oblique insult is one of his favorite rhetorical devices. That’s why the thing was so larded up with strawmen. Those evil, crazy people he droned on about? That’s who he really believes he was talking to.

  119. btw, I LOVE organic chem. The class kind of sucks but I am enjoying Hell out of the material. It’s like a curtain being drawn back and all this cool forehead-smacking stuff just popping out from behind it. Fucking. Awesome.

  120. I declare, Laura, your language!

  121. RARRR!!

  122. *takes notes*


  123. I think I got a bit too much sun whilst gardening.

  124. Hoping for a good whilst crop this year.

  125. This is how I speaketh now, pupster.

  126. The fucketh?

  127. Looketh over there.

  128. *looks thusly*

  129. **Lookths**
    **Seeths nothing**
    **geths confuseth**

  130. Not to say the Army healthcare thing is on par with the VA scandal; there’s no evidence of corruption or fraud. Could just be poor management. Army hospital get some pretty tough cases of wounded to treat. They are the first stop, at some point the soldier is passed to the VA system for convalescence

  131. Are we talking ye olde English, or are we lisping?

  132. Madest thou look.

  133. Dust for whilst beetles.

  134. Dust for whilst beetles.

    I hate those things! They nearly wiped out the family’s crop in ’68. It is a good thing modern agriculture has caught up with treating for them.

  135. You’re lisping.

  136. I don’t know whyest i speaketh to all thou.

  137. *faints onto fainting couch

  138. I don’t haveth thyme for this.

  139. Hark!

  140. Alas!

  141. Hear Ye!

  142. The compare and contrast of Bush and Obama addressing West Point is pretty unbelievable.

    How is it that Bush is the dummy?

  143. I don’t know whyest i speaketh to all thou.

    “’tis Nobler in the mind, to suffer the slings and arrows…”

  144. How is it that Bush is the dummy?

    Because “shut uppeth”, that’s why.

  145. I don’t haveth thyme for this.
    Hahahaha. Way to bring it around. I love when that happens.

  146. Hey, MJ, I was playing Crimes Against Humanity a couple of weeks ago. It was great. Just the things for insulting any liberals you hang out with.

  147. Full Circle FTW!

  148. Great game, isn’t AD? I played with my friends from St Pete and just about shit myself laughing.

    They’re both really funny and I didn’t expect the cards to be so crazy so it was a great combination.

  149. The game will be required at any future meat-up. With this crowd, Depends just might be required issue.

  150. Hahaha. I instantly thought that it was a Hostage game.

  151. I’ve never played. How many decks will be needed for, say, 25 meat-up attendees?

  152. Your mom.

  153. It has to have a Your Mom card.

  154. One. I’ll bring it.

  155. Bring it, MJ.

  156. *scribbles notes on meat-up clip board, looks up, nods, scribbles more*

    Alrighty then!

  157. Your Mometh.

  158. There are multiple cards about your mom.

    When is the meat face again? I’m planning a small trip with my family to the lake in Sept too but not until the end of the month.

  159. What the American women have had to endure for over two hundred years:

    French and Indian War (on women)
    Revolutionary War (on women)
    Tripolitan War (on women)
    War (on women) of 1812
    Civil War (on women)
    First World War (on women)
    Second World War (on women)
    Korean War (on women)
    Vietnam War (on women)
    First Gulf War (on women)
    Afghanistan War (on women)
    Iraq War (on women)

  160. Sept 5-7

  161. Whereth?

  162. Here-eth, somewhere.

  163. No details have gone out yet, but SOOOON.

  164. Your mom’s house.

  165. Cyn,
    What time will the festivities start on 5th? Should we be in town the wvening of 4th, or afternoon of 5th?
    Also, on 7th, will there be any activities, or can we skedaddle in the morning?

  166. Pffffttt…

  167. I don’t have anything planned yet for activities, still fleshing that out, but there’s a crap ton to do here if you wanted to come early or stay a bit longer.

    I hear that our housing market is killer right now.

  168. Fleshing out activities sounds like a good plan.

  169. Average temps are still in the 90’s (and sometimes 100s) during the day so I’m exploring some indoor activities.

  170. Cards Against Humanity can be played over the interwebs. I’ve seen Youtubes of it. We’d all have to be around at the same time, of course, and possibly get microphones.

    Although I could abuse my work privileges and set up a conference call.

  171. I’ve been out of the gym for 3 weeks nursing my shoulder. I’m pretty much all fleshed out already.

  172. I’ve been out of the gym for 3 weeks nursing my shoulder. I’m pretty much all fleshed out already.


  173. uh

  174. Going back on Monday, Car in. Not touching machines again for a long, long time. I’m almost certain that’s what hurt me.

  175. I heartily dislike machines.

  176. Layin’ down a marker.

    Shinseki resigns tomorrow.

  177. I’m pretty sure its old news.

    He’ll get a bonus.

  178. I don’t want him to resign.

    If that happens, the press gets it’s pound of flesh and moves on, congress holds hearings in three months, democrats call it old news, nobody gets fired, vets keep getting the shaft, and Straw Man Burner skates once again.

  179. Afternoon.

  180. Today I built three (3) of these:

  181. Got here 30 minutes early for the 4th grade concert. Paula’s working tonight so I’m here. Sat in a seat in the second row and some old lady told me or was reserved. FFS. I gave her a dirty look and moved to the row behind her’s.

    I’m gonna kick her chair all through the concert.

  182. Heh. We really are a bunch of 4th graders here.

  183. My kid plays the featured lead recorder on Hot Cross Buns.

    Ah, who am I kidding, it sounds like cats fucking in here.

  184. Do you have gum you can chew loudly and snap?

  185. Old McDonald kicked ass. Next up: When the Saints Go Marchin’ In.

  186. Are you capturing any of it on your phone to share with Paula?

  187. When I laugh in Spanish, I say “jajaja”

  188. I’ve taken 5 pictures and one video.

    Closing number is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

    Rock out with your cock out!!!!!

    *devil sign*

  189. Did they cover QotSA?

  190. Do you have glow sticks? Concerts give out glow sticks in lieu of people waving their lighters or phones.

  191. Somebody needs to get a beach ball going in the audience.

  192. I got kicked out of 4th grade band for climbing the curtains.

  193. One kid fell off the risers—Future Scott

  194. I saw a remark somewhere that compared Obama’s “I’m not weak on foreign policy” to Nixon’s “I am not a crook.”


  195. 5th grade band is playing now, no one has a recorder in this band though. The local news broadcaster’s kid is in it. I’ll wager this story makes the news.

  196. I dare you to stand up and scream, ‘San Dimus High School Football Rules!’

  197. Ha! A kid I operated on was the bass drum player. She’s doing a one hand version of her drum line with her cast on the other arm

  198. We Will Rock You is the finale

    Heading for the exit!

  199. Live blogging a 4th grade concert was a great idea.


  201. Ouch. I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. I even “Muttley’d”

  202. So, Gingy is 12 yrs old and gradually losing vision. Small cataracts. I guess her hearing is starting to go now, too. I picked her up to take her downstairs and startled her. She yipped. She never yips. Dan thought I hurt her. It is really sad to see her losing situational awareness. In other news, my FiL was unable to have back surgery on Tuesday, because my MiL was sick. Aging sucks.

  203. Did anybody fake a pregnancy to get anybody else to marry them today?

  204. Sean, I guess you guys get to keep Sriracha.

  205. So sad. My dog, bubba, and wieners are all OAF.

    We mustn’t let up on the beatings, though.

  206. I honestly wish they had moved to Texas. Because fuck this place.

  207. Damn, I was really hoping Sriracha would move to Texas. Cali doesn’t deserve them.

  208. *fistbumps Sean


  210. struck by lightning:

  211. Dan got me ranting about the high cost of onions and distracted me enough to win Slug Bug.

  212. You should wear an onion on your belt. It was the style of the day!

  213. Aw, poor Gingy. :(

    And poor Ripper. :(

    As for beatings, I’m pretty sure this is what has preserved Bubba for so long.

  214. How’s your back, MJ? You survive sleeping in the hallway ok?

  215. Hahahahaha. I love Grandpa Simpson.

  216. Have you people seen what is passing as corn in the produce depts? Even the local Co-op corn is $$ and pitiful.

  217. How’s your back, MJ? You survive sleeping in the hallway ok?
    I’m good thanks for asking. I finally got back into the house by throwing an Antelope carcass into the house. While Ripper was feasting, I was able to secure the mini-tongs.

    She’s sleepy and full. It’s hard for a 10lb dog to digest 400lbs of meat.

  218. >>>She’s sleepy and full. It’s hard for a 10lb dog to digest 400lbs of meat.

    That is going to be one helluva deuce.

  219. I totally read MJs comment in Big Gay Al’s voice. I’m super, thanks for asking!

  220. We’ve been watching Classic South Park. Scuzzlebutt is EPIC!

  221. WTF?

  222. What is the acceptable age to have your shit together?

    Car, job, live on your own.

  223. Why was MJ homeless?

  224. Last week when I went in the grocery store there was a passel of people crowded around a display peeling the corn husks back to decide whether that ear of corn was worthy of being purchased by them or not. Heathens.

  225. I would say mid 20’s, MJ.

  226. “What is the acceptable age to have your shit together?”

    are you asking this for a friend?

  227. >>>What is the acceptable age to have your shit together?

    24-25 tops

  228. What is the acceptable age to have your shit together?

    Naw, it’s GRADE not age I think. When we get out of the fourth grade here, we are all going to be awesomely put together. And shit.

  229. t shirts:

  230. Our dog just turned 12 yesterday. She’s in good shape, but doesn’t hear too well. Either that or she just doesn’t listen. She’s an animal terrorist, though. If a horse or cow is sleeping, she runs up and bites it. Everything hates her.

  231. The corn is too small to even think about pulling the husk back.

  232. Anyone know where I can buy a bunch of the bumperstickers in the header?

    Would love to have a few handy for whenever I see the ‘Co-Exist’ tards.

  233. Lauraw, if TFG was a Republican, the MFM would be 24/7 about this stuff.

  234. “If a horse or cow is sleeping, she runs up and bites it.”

    I love doing that.

  235. Awww, Pepe, that’s cute. Has she ever been kicked by a horse or flipped by a cow?

  236. Pepe,

    We have a 16 yr old Shih tzu. He’s damn near blind and deaf.

    Sleeps all day. He gets around pretty good, but I think he navigates from memory. If we ever rearrange the furniture that dog is screwed.

  237. He also wakes himself up by snoring, then barks at the noise.

    That makes me laugh.

  238. She’s been kicked quite a few times. Border collie/Kelpie mix. When she was little, she grabbed a bull by the tail. It whipped around and she flew about 30 feet. Skidded and rolled to a stop. Had a big bunch of hair in her mouth. Got up and charged in again.

  239. “I think he navigates from memory”

    one of our bull dogs does that.
    i had to fish her out of the pool after i took the safety cover off; now she taps a paw in front of her when she doesn’t know where she’s at.

    aging sucks

  240. Something wrong there.

  241. Lauraw is depressing me with her cost of living links.

  242. >> What is the acceptable age to have your shit together?

    The age I accepted from my girls was 22, college graduates, although youngest was done at 21, and eldest was only a few months into 22.

  243. The eatadick stickers are made by BOLDERFont but they must not want to sell them. All I found was a facedouche page showing the sticker various places but no storefront.

  244. My half-weiner dog is still teething, so there’s that.

  245. When I was a kid, we would visit family friends in OH. Buddy grew up with my dad’s older brothers. He and his wife were unable to have kids. They had a horse farm. Treated us like their grandkids. Had a blind bulldog. Got a seeing eye poodle for their bully. It was awesome.

  246. Leon, we were told that Doxies calm down around 18 mos. MaryAnn AKA Freakzilla is 9. YMMV

  247. I was living on my own and paying my own way with a car and no debt at 23, but I’m exceptionally lame.

  248. Our boy grew up sometime in the last year. He came home from after his Junior year of college a few weeks ago. He’s been doing ranch work without me having to constantly help/tell him what to do. He’s shoeing horses and making money, so that’s excellent. He’ll turn 21 in a few weeks.


  250. Phat, that is funny. Both of my Doxies snore. So does Dan. They take turns waking each other up.

  251. Congrats, Pepe.

  252. I bought this house when I was 26.

  253. Coke for me….

  254. Thanks, Oso.

  255. death panel

  256. I’ve always resented being the “Responsible One”. Dan is the adult in our relationship. He enabled me to have the childhood I never had.

  257. Expect more stories like that Jam.

  258. meat up activity:

  259. #27 FTW:

  260. Meat ups don’t have activities.

  261. What is the acceptable age to have your shit together?

    When you can get a job and move out of your parent’s house.
    18 or 22.

  262. OK, you wrote that product description to mock the fact that I chose to fly instead of slog or float?

    I thought I was very respectful in posts about the West Point (Hudson High) commencement ceremony. I truly wish those young officers (bullet catchers) the best.

  263. Meat ups don’t have activities.
    Drinking is an activity. So is evading the police, falling into things, and touching monkeys.

  264. MJ.

    Don’t get me started about monkeys. Read my story over at xbrads place.

  265. If I planned another meetup, I wouldn’t have so many changes of venue like usual. Just everybody stay in the same place and party from morning to sunup. Find a cottage away from other dwellings, and have it catered. Fuck it. Fuck all that driving and changing clothes and shit. All we want to do is be together and laugh. Let’s just do that.


  266. >>>Drinking is an activity. So is evading the police, falling into things, and touching monkeys.

    Drying off, replacing cell phones, hugging trees…

  267. Parking lot with a working toilet.

  268. Not a port-a-john.

  269. Technically a parking lot is a working toilet.

  270. A link to the monkey story:

    I need to finish up my Yeltsin story to post over at Xbrads.

    Will finish it next week. Promise.

  271. >>Parking lot with a working toilet.

    That is the complete venue. All we need is an agreement from the parking lot owner not to call the cops.

  272. Went to a restaurant by the AFB today. (One of my favs) I can accept the Chairforce guys in camo, whatever…but old guys in coveralls is CREEPY!

  273. I just said ‘working toilet’, I didn’t mean it,

  274. Oso,

    Is there still any flying done by the AF out of ABQ?

    Last I heard it was just helo stuff.

  275. Michelle’s lobster is making me get up at 5AM.

    Later taters.

  276. The first time I ever puked in an airplane was taxiing into parking at ABQ.

    I was the flying the T-38 and evidently was served a bad burrito in San Antonio the night before.

    Can’t imagine it could be anything else.

  277. Helos. The NG has the Tacos, but the AF is all helos. Even most of the help groups have been moved to LA.

  278. We have lots of turbulence here. Something something altitude.

  279. So, Leon. Since your bride is away, and you can’t hit the gym, how are you maintaining your tenuous grip on sanity?

  280. Ugh. Helo not help. RL friend’s hubby was on a helo extraction team.

  281. Don’t forget the drawn butter.

    Night all.

  282. So, Leon. Since your bride is away, and you can’t hit the gym, how are you maintaining your tenuous grip on sanity?

    Between the funeral, the horses, the puppy, and work stress, I’m too tired to be crazy.

    Also tequila and bible study.

  283. We flew into ABQ from the east and there was a 40+ mph wind hitting the Sandias and kicking up. The turbulence was really bad. Like loose stuf was flying around the cabin bad. No fun at all.

  284. Forgot to ask, leon, what’s your favorite tequila?

  285. I actually think the stress might be getting to me. I’ve got a huge amount of sinus pressure right now, as bad as when I used to get hay fever.

    Considering that I don’t normally handle hay and I’ve been doing it twice a day for two weeks, that’s apt.

  286. Jay, I’ve heard good things about Don Julio, but haven’t tried it. Patron is okay but overpriced. For the money/quality, 1800 Silver is my choice.

  287. Pepe, better than the short runways at SD.

  288. tito’s

  289. Dan is watching the Spelling Bee. I’m bitter. I didn’t know there was a pamphlet that listed all the words that were available each year. I went in blind! It was BS. Dot Indians kick ass at the Spelling Bee.

  290. Oso,

    That’s right some of the AF special ops helo’s were still at Kirtland AFB.

    They had some of the best contract ramp workers ever.

    It took maybe 45 min to unstrap out of the T-38, walk the 100 yds into base ops, file the flight plan, check the wx, etc.

    Jet was fueled, LOX was serviced and the palooste was hooked up before I even walked back out the door. Quickest turn time in the AF.

    A pic of the -38:

    What a great jet that was.

    Before i die I would like one more ride in the 38, A-10, and C-5.

    As I’m taxiing in the C-5 I’d like to be able to look to my left and see a T-37 on fire. With no one running to put it out. God, I hated flying that jet.

  291. A little expensive, but Avion Anejo is the best I’ve had. It was on Entourage, so I was skeptical at first, but I really like it.

  292. Phat, I attended a homecoming game at the AFA. Flips bird. Any way you can get a flyover? I think we saw every single freaking plane in the repertoire before the offing Falcons killed my Lobos.

  293. Offing effing AUGH

  294. The T-37 ‘tweet’, for those who are not familiar:

  295. Gay waiter was sucking up to all the Chairforce at Cervantes. It was pathetic! We had fat chica who couldn’t remember our drink order.

  296. Phat, what did you dislike about the Tweet?

  297. So. Sam Adams Rebel IPA went down to $4.91. A 12 pack. Wasn’t selling. It sold. I don’t even like IPAs. $4.91

  298. Oso, I did a flyover back in 2003 of the AF game.

    It was hilarious. We had the Academy ‘Safety Officer’ come brief us on the rules and the airspace.

    I was a Major back then and the other pilot was a Lt Col. We were both airline guys and had maybe 20K flying hrs between us.

    Dipshit Academy guy (a navigator, FTW!) is telling us in very serious terms how the fly by must be performed and all of the AF regs that controlled such activities.

    Whatever. We flew the fly-by at a safe altitude/airspeed at the correct time (harder than it sounds because you have to time it with the end of the Anthem). No one said a word to us.

    That being said, I do remember stories of fly-by’s where the people in the stands had to look DOWN to see the aircraft go by, then up as he lit the burner to avoid the scoreboard.

    Old military slogan: one guy shits his pants, now we all gotta wear diapers.

  299. We were there for a Homecoming game. I think Snoopy did a flyby with the Sopwith Camel/

  300. That being said, I do remember stories of fly-by’s where the people in the stands had to look DOWN to see the aircraft go by, then up as he lit the burner to avoid the scoreboard.

    I would pay big money to see that level of cool.

  301. Xbrad,

    It was hot and had 1950’s nav/comm gear that you were expected to master, but would never see again.

    It was also louder than hell.

    I still remember landing at old Williams AFB (Another Cyn shout out!), dropping my O2 mask and having what felt like a quart of water fall out of it.

    It was an effective primary flight trainer. If you can fly that and then the 38, you can fly anything in the AF inventory.

  302. Cyn, you guys have Luke AFB, right? (I have no clue)

  303. HEY-OOOOO

    *toasts Phat*

  304. Yep to Luke, it’s near Glendale; surprised you didn’t see a jet or two when you and Dan were here. Davis-Monthan down Tucson way.

  305. Stadiums? Low altitudes?

  306. We saw jets. I just ignore them. Not like they are landing on carriers/

  307. I also remember seeing an F-111 go zipping down the Columbia River gorge at maybe 50 feet and a whole shitload of knots. Not quite supersonic, but pretty dang close.

  308. I <3 Phat. Grew up hearing stories about Naval Aviation. AKA XBs Dad.

  309. “I also remember seeing an F-111 go zipping down the Columbia River gorge at maybe 50 feet”

    So…. under the Bridge of the Gods then?

  310. A bit further upstream, TGSG.

  311. Though wiki tells me Lindberg did indeed fly under it.

  312. working toilets are for wimps

    night kids

  313. Spelling Bee ends in tie? They had exhausted all the words in the pamphlet. BS. Think outside the box! Spell. Free style. Not about memorization.

  314. Should just ask the kids to break out their Magic: The Gathering decks and break the tie.

    I know they have them.

  315. I like flushability.

    Nighty, Dave.

  316. Crap. I forgot to get my Topps Major League card today. Signed Ricky Vaughn, y’all.

  317. sigh too


    I’ve said too much. Nighty

  318. Old military slogan: one guy shits his pants, now we all gotta wear diapers.

    Oh, that’s a keeper! I’ll see if my dad has heard it. He likes all jokes/references scatological and did his best to pass it on. I blame him when the room goes quiet in horror at something I slip and say out loud.

  319. Why, we’re in a desert don’tcha know.

    *hides evil smirk*


  320. Lippy, I feel ya! I got tired of BS and said “Lead, follow, or get out of the way”. Bunch of civvies didn’t get it. In other news, I put my hands in my pockets. I’m 50. I only do it around former Marines.

  321. I put my hands in my pockets. In casual situations, thinking about it now. Wouldn’t do it at a job interview.

  322. Hands in pockets?

  323. My Dad would go ballistic over hands in pockets. I never understood. I would just do it to taunt military guys.

  324. Is the meat-up in ABQ or PHX?

  325. [i]I also remember seeing an F-111 go zipping down the Columbia River gorge at maybe 50 feet and a whole shitload of knots. Not quite supersonic, but pretty dang close.[/i]

    My boss has stories like that from growing up in Maine.

  326. PHX.

  327. I wore Air Force gloves quite a bit when I wasn’t in formation or near the Sergeant Major.

  328. I am online RIGHT now checking out hotels with separate villas and pools and patios and walking distance to stuff.

  329. I am online RIGHT now checking out hotels with separate villas and pools and patios and walking distance to stuff.

  330. She’s…this is gonna be the best one.

  331. Ever.

  332. Ahhh hands in pockets is a no-no. Got it.

    I do it all the time. Pffft.


    How DID you know?!

  334. OMG… I found a place with a LOFT and two patios. We could party sun up to sun down!

  335. Hahaha Air Force Gloves. Cyn, it was a thing. I don’t know if it was a Navy Chief thing or a Marine thing, I just knew that veins were popped and curses were thrown.

  336. Gloves look so very sharp.

  337. Cyn, “Air Force gloves” is Army slang for “hands in pockets.”

  338. Silent Drill. AF Gloves are pockets.

  339. OH… ha ha :D

  340. Super serial. I work with a Marine Gunny. He just kicked cancer’s ass. I give him a head’s up before putting my hands in my pockets. You should see him twitch.

  341. Goodnight, Smoochies.

  342. Sweet dreams, Little Petunia.

  343. G’night.

  344. I also got yelled at a lot for smoking inside the turret. With my hands in my pockets. And for not wearing my helmet.

  345. Okay, now I’m looking at decent sized villas for all day hang-out… Laurawr is brilliant. Maybe one little excursion within walking distance. And nearby hotels that are reasonably priced for crashing.

  346. Sleep time for me now too.

  347. Something really special is going to happen soon…

  348. I just walked further to fetch the remote control for my portable AC than it would have been to walk to the AC itself.


  349. First World Xbrad

  350. Worse yet, I walked across the room again to put it back. Instead of putting it on the table next to me. Which means I’ll have to get up again to adjust the AC in a few minutes.

    **cries a little**

  351. You shoot me glances and they’re so hard to read
    I misconstrue what you mean
    Slip me a napkin and now that you start
    Is this your derp or a doctor’s eye chart?

  352. Beyond here there be boobs.

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