MMM 124: We remain at war.

We’ve been at war in Afghanistan since 2001. Everything I hear tells me that our ROE basically forbid actually winning, and it’s the “good war” so we aren’t leaving. Basically, our guys are in harm’s way because… that’s where the SCOAMF wants them. Why are they even there to be visited used as a photo op?

Never mind, answered my own question.

In any event, I have the greatest respect for anyone voluntarily serving in our armed forces right now. I couldn’t bring myself to salute TFG, let alone work in an office where his shit-eating-grin photo hangs. Having the grace to do so is a blessing, and I tip my hat to all of you. I hope that wherever you are today, someone thanks you personally for your service.

Now, time for pictures.
Container garden.

Heavy bags are great cardio.
Before and after.
Pretty smile.
This sort of thing never happens near me. This tells me that I am in the wrong kind of places.
This could be a frame from one of my soaps on MunDos.

Happy Memorial Day. Thank a vet today.


  1. Morning, children. Nice poat, Leon.

    Congrats on the thousand days, Sean. (I tried to type the actual #, but my pos netbook decided the “one” key should now start typing random characters when hit. Lovely.)

  2. Someone should tell Car in there’s a new poat.

    She’s going to get lonely.

  3. Alligators are pro-running.

  4. Alligators are a good reason to run. I can’t think of too many others.

  5. Brown bears
    Black bears
    White bears
    Grizzly bears
    Yellow bears
    (I may have made that last one up)

  6. You can’t outrun a bear. You’ll only die tired.

  7. Our satellite tv provider just bumped the bill to over a hundred bucks per month. This is for basic programming plus the local channels. We’re probably going to drop it. It sucks ’cause we don’t get regular tv, and our internet is too slow to stream anything. We’ll probably be divorced in a month.

  8. Still on the list of good reasons to run, if only because you might make it behind cover of some sort, or outrun a friend.

  9. Left out water bears

  10. From a post on Facedouche:

    Vees detonated parents model will start 12th on Thanksgiving! (Translated by Bing)

  11. Pepe, every time our cable is out, we end up going to bed early, with enough energy to have fun.

  12. What was the original wording?

  13. While my divorce was pending I had no cable/internet. That meant lots of radio, books (print and comic) and reading the internet at work. That was the pre-smartphone era.

  14. Original wording was in Chinese. Looked like a pic of a banquet.

  15. Other than sports and news we don’t watch much regular TV at all. The kids and Paula watch netflix for shows. At camp we tend to watch more DVD’s and blu-rays since we have slow internet out there.

  16. Well, work is at home for me. No Wifi anywhere close. I read a lot, but man, trying to find good books is tough. I’ve been working ten to twelve hours a day. every day for the past month or two. I’ll probably just keep doing that.

  17. That water bear on the left looks well-cushioned

  18. Leon
    Starting my daughter strength training this morning
    More for legs
    Jumpers need strength along with speed and she’s never done any resistance training before
    She’s 14

  19. Very cool, TJ. She should be fine starting at that age. I’m not sure how much squats and deads have improved my vertical, though.

  20. OTOH, I’ve got a lot more muscle mass that I could train for a vertical leap if I cared to, so there’s that.

  21. She’s doing some plyo already and it already gave her long jump an extra foot or more this year
    This is really more leg presses, not heavy duty squats and no dead lifts
    She’s always had a good vertical leap, but needs more lift from the board

  22. How is she going to get arm veins with no deadlifts?

    U R doin it rong.

  23. This seems like a bad idea:

    A cavalcade of poor decisions which will, ultimately, result in natural selection.

  24. Big Hummus wants all the hummus

  25. I see a link here..
    “During the run-up to the 2008 U.S. presidential election, Sabra commissioned sculptor Kirk Rademaker to create busts of candidates John McCain, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton out of 100 pounds of hummus.”

  26. Heh, all they need is John F’ing Kerry to complete it. Don’t waste the hummus—use gorilla poop instead.

  27. OMG, the sidebar link at Ace’s about Zuckerberg is awful/ hilarious.

  28. There is a difference?

  29. Gorilla poop really doesn’t cling to celery sticks or baby carrots as well as hummus.

  30. Jimbro, what did you learn?

  31. That Zuckerberg article was choice
    Inner City buttfuck stupid meets rich liberal idiot

    “16th dimensional chess” indeed

    The fuckers couldn’t play checkers

  32. A fool and their money are easily parted.

    What could possibly be a worse use of money than Newark Public Schools?

    African junk washing?

    Toss up.

  33. I learned about some things I’ll need:

    3 prong garden rake for lifting hot grates
    always have second propane tank filled
    smaller foil containers for crutch purposes (we have turkey sized ones)
    sauce brush and recipe
    buy bigger brisket next time

  34. The pellet cage worked well. It lasted till it was time to wrap the meat in foil, so about 3 1/2 hours. Once it’s wrapped I don’t think you need smoke anymore, correct?

  35. Zuckerberg should spend money on schools full of Asians

  36. Jimbro, try nuking some shredded brisket in a bowl with a little broth in there and a slice of american cheeze melted on top.

    Frippin wunnerful

  37. >>>African junk washing?

  38. Detroit gentrification program?

  39. We do have the ‘Merican cheese….

    I was trying to figure out something with asparagus. I bought asparagus and need to cook it soon. I thought I’d make that and stir some brisket in to warm it up and serve over rice for dinner.

  40. Time to muster the boys to see the Memorial Day parade.

    See y’all later.

  41. Soon.

  42. Mmmmm asparagus.

    Our trip to Athol was mainly through the woods and I saw lots and lots and LOTS of fiddleheads on the way. We saw a lady picking some but we couldn’t stop to pick some. We had to get to Athol on time.

  43. Duhna nunah nunah nunah BAT DOG!

  44. Cute, Pups. Until he tries to get through a doorway.

  45. fiddleheads?

  46. Fiddleheads. Wild fern sprouts. Grow in northern woods. Very tender and tasty.

  47. are you sure these aren’t musicians?

  48. Actually, now that I search on the internet, I guess I would be scared to pick some. Apparently there are imposters.

  49. Blumenthal is off making gun control noises again, after this guy killed and maimed people with his car and a knife

  50. well some musicians play mexican stratocasters, so yeah

  51. scrolls up to check out the trannies. cis-Dave

  52. the one in a skirt might be a girl. the rest are all dudes

  53. If I had 100M to blow, I’d buy Detroit and bulldoze it.

  54. Standing desk built, broccoli slaw assembled. Bacon cooking.

  55. PBS is good today.

  56. Oh man, I could crisp this bacon up really good, crumble it and add it to the slaw.

  57. 100M would be too much to spend on De-troy-et, Leon.

    I wouldn’t pay a penny over 10M.

  58. Slaw? For breakfast?

  59. leon 100MM is too high.

    10MM tops

  60. Slaw? For breakfast?

    It’s not just a good idea, it’s the slaw.

  61. I didn’t say I’d spend all of it on Detroit, just that I’d do that if I had the money. I figure I’ll still have 80M after the bulldozing.

  62. The slaw is for a BBQ later, I was asked to bring a side dish.

  63. Morning, everyone!

    Skirt and white top is the girl, maybe weight loss as well. The rest? Dudes. Red Bikini isn’t even trying to hide that Adam’s Apple.

    Today is work for two or three hours. I may build a weapons rack at some point. I should probably also wander down to the Territory Days celebration.

  64. I didn’t say I’d spend all of it on Detroit, just that I’d do that if I had the money. I figure I’ll still have 80M after the bulldozing.

    You could probably get a nuke from the Norks for a lot less.

  65. I didn’t know Daniel Inouye was such a badass.

  66. Yeah, he was part of one of those units that felt they had something to prove. I was always impressed by his service record.

  67. I’ll let you in on a dirty little secret about the 442nd. It was politically important to FDR that they do well (and they did, they really were a fantastic regiment), so he directed Marshall to be very generous with awards to them. No other regiment received that kind of attention.

  68. You could probably get a nuke from the Norks for a lot less.

    I’d rather drive the ‘dozer.

  69. I didn’t know Daniel Inouye was such a badass.

    Then he went into politics.

  70. 2:00 a.m:

    Me: Hullo?! I need a cab at the Outlaw.

    Phone Guy: Huh? I’m Isaac.

    Me: Uh. . . I’m not David, but I have his phone.

    Phone Guy: David. Right, I’ll call a shuttle.

    Me: Thanks.

  71. >> I didn’t know Daniel Inouye was such a badass.

    setting aside the politics on both sides of it, his service is admirable

  72. we have rains.. the newly planted flowers will like. It’s a gentle rain (for now). The thunder means I have a beagle on my feet shaking like a leaf in the wind. (a fat leaf)

  73. Obamajob till 10:00.

    That’s probably a double.

  74. Jewstin?

  75. ok heart rate up to “frantic”. poor little guy

  76. xbradtc
    That’s interesting
    Back in WWII you had to have a chunk blown out of you to get a Purple Heart
    My dad sure did. (Both his brothers got maimed as well and got theirs)
    By the Vietnam War they ( Marines excepted) were giving those out for relative scratches, practically, according to my dad.
    (see: John Kerry)

  77. Of course that could have been old guy shit
    I’m sure the WWI guys said the same thing about the WWII kids

  78. I set out to make one, but all of a sudden it seems I’ve created some sort of cheese – little smokie – omelette assembly line here.

    Who else wants some vittles? Step up now!

  79. Heh. Just had a cheese/veggie/fruit tray and BBQ little smokies for brunch.

    Never thought about them in an omelet.

  80. You can’t outrun a bear. You’ll only die tired.

    I don’t need to outrun the bear. I only need to outrun you.

  81. Lil Smokies are awesome. I cut em up and cook em in a pan. When they’re almost done, add olive oil. Once the oil is good and hot, throw in some veggies. I use slice squash, zucchini and some chopped small sweet peppers. When that’s hot and cooked through, dump in worcestershire sauce. Let it cook down and thicken up just a bit.

    Dump all that on top of pasta.

  82. In a sense, it *was* easier to get The Medal back in the day. There were fewer medals for valor. As the number of possible awards grew, the actions expected to result in MoH seemed to get harder and harder.

    There were quite a few MoH in WWII that wouldn’t rate a Silver Star today.

  83. well yeah but when have we ever had 12 million Americans in force?

  84. But I do think it is shameful that Bush, as well as Rumsfeld and to a lesser extent, Gates, pretty much made the GWOT era the “Posthumous Medal of Honor.”

  85. BTW, just got back from taking XMom to Urgent Care. Presumptive diagnosis of c. diff. And of course, XMom is resistant to Flagyl. Which means she needs Vancomycin. Which, I can’t find a single pharmacy in the whole fucking Coachella Valley that can fill the scrip today.

  86. Ugh. Thoughts and prayers for xmom.

  87. well shit xb.. I’m sorry.

  88. On the plus side, I had fried chicken from the store for lunch.

  89. Sorry about Xmom, that’s a tough infection. A friend’s dad caught it in the hospital too (I’m assuming that is the case here, too-has to be, right?)

    Hoo Boy did the hospital “lose” records, etc.

  90. C.Diff is really what killed Dad, moreso than the cancer.

  91. Hope Pogo feels better soon. Could they not fill the Rx at the hospital?

  92. prayers for your mom and you

  93. Oh gosh, xbrad.

  94. So far, it’s just a hassle. But it’s one of those things… We’re never just trying to get XMom over the pneumonia. It’s always that and some other infection or what have you.

  95. Sorry, xbrad. Hope Mom pulls through quickly.

  96. This seems like a bad idea. Is this building famous or something, cARin?

  97. Sorry about Pogo Xbrad. You’re a good son.

  98. Prayers for Pogo.

  99. Pups, one of the comments on your photo is “Do you mind if we dance with yo dates?”

  100. The wire behind the wedding party is a nice touch.

  101. Back home. Rain delay on the Cards game, so I could watch it.

    Memorial Day was beautiful. Rained right up until the sunrise service, then it cleared up in a snap. Almost like we were supposed to be outside.

  102. CVS came through. Drugs are in XMom.

    And TriCare For Life made $1300 retail a $5 copay.

  103. The wire behind the wedding party is a nice touch.

    That’s how you know it was a classy ceremony.

  104. $1300?? Cripes.

  105. Sidearms would have been swanky too.

  106. Who the hell made this poat full of attractive women and what did they do with leon?

  107. Her Pulmonaze Alpha inhaler was $2500.

    //$5 copay.

    Say what you will about TriCare for the Active duty folks, or VA hospitals, but TFL for Dad and Mom has been spectacular.

  108. Glad you were able to find meds for your mom, XBrad – hope she gets to feeling better soon!

  109. Sorry to hear Pogo is ailing again, b-rad. I went and saw my mom in the hospital this morning, and she’s recovering quite well from the surgery. She sounded downright chipper when she said hello to me. I saw her walk up and down the hall with her walker with the PT guy, and she did well. She said 6 on the pain scale (from 0-10) afterward. It’s looking like she’ll be able to go home tomorrow.

  110. Good evening Dave. Got any orange creamsicles?

  111. those seem creepy don’t they?

    Here, I meem.

  112. The doc from Urgent Care just called. No word yet on the stool sample, but the bloodwork is back already (!! on a holiday!). Numbers for all that look good. If the Vanco can kick in, we should be doing pretty well.

  113. We are 5 degrees from heaven.

  114. xb, here’s hoping

  115. Fingers Crossed for Pogo.

  116. iPhone updates me on score of Yankees game, connects to iGrill probe to keep me on top of temp of pork butt and opens Coronas.

    If it could give head, I would marry it.

  117. Fingers crossed, b-rad. And that is a helluva quick turnaround on bloodwork any day, much less a holiday.

  118. If only I had a Corona.

    Or a real beer.

  119. >>>Or a real beer.

    It’s sunny, hot and breezy.

    It’s a Corona day.

  120. Glad to hear that your mom is busting out tomorrow, Sean. That is a nice quick turn around!

  121. Isn’t everyday a Corona day at Casa de Bud?

  122. What makes you think an iPhone would have you?

  123. You guys just inspired me to call my mom. Not “your mom” but my mom.

  124. I think he was talking about the ass of a pig

  125. I can’t believe oral vancomycin goes for $1300. That’s been around forever and must be off the patent. Maybe there’s only a limited number of manufacturers.

  126. I’m sure someone’s working on a blowjob app

  127. $27 and change a pill.

  128. My dad was in the Army for five years and was in combat on D Day and later
    Got shot and banged up by shrapnel but made it through OK
    Got money to get his GED ( or whatever it a HS degree was called back then) plus some training as an optician, which was his profession until he died.
    No bennies beyond that, but that was plenty. A lot of his army buddies hadn’t had three square meals in their lives until they got into the Army.


    Sounds like there was only company making oral vanco, Viropharma. I think it’s been bought out by another company since that article came out.

  130. I had some good times a couple years back with my gout medication, Jim. Some company decided to do clinical trials on colchicine, the use of which apparently predated the FDA. It suddenly became “Colcrys” (feh) and went from around $10 per bottle to $200.

    Clever bastids.

  131. How can they “ungeneric” a drug?

  132. W…T…F????

    Tom Perez @LaborSec · 5h
    Congrats to @oberlincollege grads today. Remember: Don’t let individualism trump community; move from a selfie culture to an #ussie culture.

  133. In pharmacology class they used to call the new drugs “me too’s”.

    Step 1: They just add or change a molecule or two.
    Step 2: ???
    Step 3: Viola!!! Profit !!!

  134. Tom Perez can suck a community of Gorilla dicks

  135. Organic chemistry rocks!

    Add an extra chain and go with it..


    Totally out of the loop on that one.

  137. Organic chemistry rocks!

    That’s what I’m taking for Summer School. I just printed out the syllabus and first day’s study guide.

    The book is gonna cost me 150 clams. Faaaack.

  138. Hey lauraw, how are the feet doing today?

  139. Gee, what a shock. Obama’s Labor Secretary is a pinko.

    I’d have been far more surprised if he’d said anything good about individualism.

  140. Hey Oso, I switched shoes this morning and that seemed to help. So did the fact that the store was wildly overstaffed and we all did fuckall today.

    I felt guilty as Hell about not working very hard, but honestly there was little to do, and my coworkers are hilariously entertaining.

    Nevertheless, I was unable to rally after I got home this evening. Just did the dishes, and that was it.

    How are you getting along these days?

  141. I’m ok. Started my new position on Saturday. I’m FT in books/center/hardlines. New job is very physical. I’m feeling it in my arms and legs.

  142. Work smart and protect your back.

  143. Speaking of medical-shit:
    After Anitas $932 ambulance-ride, when she got to the hospital and they reduced her dislocation, “Assurant Health” (insurance co.) is telling the hosp they “did not follow established procedures”.
    They are nattering back and forth and, so far,, unless this gets unfucked, Anitas share is looking like $8,000!
    It’s fuckin’ great to have insurance…

  144. Crispy, get on the phone to both the hospital and the HIC now and find out how and when this is getting resolved. Let them know that the dispute is between the two of them and that you have complied with your contractual obligations. Ask them both if they think you getting your state’s department of insurance involved to assist in the resolution would help. Be nice in all your calls (for now anyway). This saved my mom $150,000 out of pocket when she had her cancer back in 2009 and it only took me a phone call or two. I never did have to get the state involved.

  145. Listen to Cyn; she’s pre-med.

  146. I think I was fortunate in that the hospital was already P.O.’d at the insurance company, so that helped too. I’m guessing that Anita’s hospital is probably pretty bent right about now.

  147. *likes cyn and sean’s comments*

  148. Congrats Oso on going FT. Another good thing is your job will be a good workout.

  149. I’m poking around the IB archives and found a Zeke puppy video. Zeke vs. Crown of Thorns plant.

  150. Nice find, Laura.

  151. organic coronas are dumb

    *wags my head* STOP TAKING LATE NAP.. argh

  152. Did anybody call anybody else to come over and look at something in the bathroom today?

  153. A lot of his army buddies hadn’t had three square meals in their lives until they got into the Army.

    Dad said exactly the same thing about some guys he knew in the Marines. He said that they were incredulous that they could eat as much as they wanted.

  154. 12 OClock High is a pretty decent movie

  155. organic coronas are dumb

    Is this really a thing? Tell me this is not a thing.

    Next you’ll tell me that they’re gluten free.

  156. AND low sodium.

  157. HA! Next you’ll be telling me that they’re less filling.

  158. AND come with a free lip gloss.

  159. When a girl says lip gloss and a girl replies I want to smack my thumb with a hammer.

    So stop doing that

  160. Sometimes I think Dave is going through the-big-change.

  161. He needs a sporty convertible and a white hat.

  162. And some lip gloss.

  163. I don’t think men actually notice lip gloss.

    Goodnight, shmoopsies.

  164. We notice.

  165. Wha? I wasn’t paying attention.

  166. How the fuck did I miss that Season 7 of Robot Chicken is out?

  167. just because I can’t tell what color it is don’t mean I don’t notice

  168. Oh my gosh, I got re-tweeted by John Hinderacker AND Instapundit! I’m somebody!!!

    So, am I supposed to thank them? I want to. Oh, right, there’s DM. Dave, be awake and tell me what is done!

  169. Google didn’t bother with a Memorial Day doodle today. But for May 27th? Don’t look if you like your normal blood pressure.

  170. Shush up, people looking at me funny. I have no life at the moment (remember fish sticks last night?)

  171. Today was Triscuits and Smuckers Uncrustables peanut butter and grape jelly. And then. . . . This.

    breaks up laughing

  172. You retweet the retweet hon

  173. Oh, OK. Thank you Obi Wanna New Bass. Hugs.

  174. It seems like bragging, but I’ll do it.

    Is there a manual or something? It’s like being in 19th century England and not knowing that you are supposed to hold your fan (when not in use) by the foldy end.

  175. You could embed the tweet what got you noticed here in the comments, too.

  176. Lemme see if I can do that.

    *blows up computer

  177. Well that looks nice, doesn’t it? But it does have porn stars, so its got that going for it.

  178. Getting the hang of things. Ignore the smoke rising.

  179. Good job!

    *puts Lippy’s drawing of a horsey tweet up on the fridge*

  180. heh heh, horsey drawing is fine. I’m such a novice in these things it’s ridiculous. Thanks.

  181. Getting into Chicago was a struggle. Had to weave in and out of T-Storms.

    Getting back into StL was also a pain. Once we landed there was a storm over the field, so they evacuated the ramp area (means no one could park us.)

    Home now, drinking some ‘sleepytime tea’ from the Keurig.

    It has sleepy herbs. And also Rum. Wait…I added that.

  182. Going to have one more Sleepytime K-cup and rum.

    For everyone except Sean I recommend it.

  183. Phat, I was starting to worry about you till the last sentence. Thought someone had hijacked (shh, can’t say that) your account.

  184. Last sentence of 2:07 comment is what I meant.

  185. Phat sleeps bent over the Keurig, Oso MIA – wienies mourn, Sean awaits the derping hour.

  186. Lippy,

    It’s Celestial Herbal Tea. The ‘sleepytime’ is a nice blend.

    Nights I’m not traveling I have it as I’m watching the evening news.

    Been flying for a bit today, so I’m ‘augmenting’ with rum to help me sleep.

    Yes, I know, drinking alcohol before bed is bad.

    However, I ain’t driving and I put the AoS podcast on. never heard the end of it.

  187. Should also mention that I’m home and have the next 4 days off.

  188. OK, two nights off.

    Have Chicago, Boston, Portland and Orland this weekend.

    Early departures on all. Any meat ups will need to be for early cocktails.

  189. And we’re having fun. With no money.
    Little derp. On his face.
    Don’t cha’ love. The little baby.
    Don’t you want to make him. Stay up late.

  190. Phat?

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