Hello Troopers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model today was born in Chicago on January 15th, 1989.  She stands 5’7″ and measures 36DDD-24-40 and 120lbs.  Please stop freaking out man long enough to say hello to Miss Christina Iannelli!

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Good dog! Have a treat!

These are hilarious photos of dogs concentrating on catching treats tossed to them. The work of Christian Vieler from Germany. Enjoy!


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Phillip’s Wire

Andrew Myers

b. some secret time in a secret place

This one likes to screw









Makita? DeWalt? Rigid?

12V, 24V?

What’s in your toolbox?

Whip it out.

Cheeto Doll Hands vs Pickles McShoutysick

Well well my groovy pets. It looks like another debate season is upon us. The one thing I’ve learned since last time, when Mitt the dog killing automaton who wears magical underwear, was dispatched by Barry the golfing, TV addicted slacker, is that the truth and actual policy has nothing to do with politics.

I’ve been reading columns from the intellectuals today and they are utterly convinced that Ol Lady Goofy Eye is just going to to overwhelm The Based Orange God with her superior knowledge of detailed policy.  The following quote is from Jim Newell, a semi literate blogger at Slate. I’d wager dollars to delicious cream filled donuts that his wife’s boyfriend just won’t listen to him and is voting from Trump. Harrumph!

In the Dec. 15 debate held in Las Vegas, CNN guest questioner Hugh Hewitt asked Trump which element of the aging nuclear triad he felt was most urgently in need of an upgrade. Trump’s response was a jumble of nonsense about Iraq and Syria that made clear he had never heard the term, which refers to land-, air-, or sea-based systems for delivering nuclear weapons. That’s not great. But it’s deeper than terminology: It was clear that he had never considered the question of nuclear arsenal maintenance.

Yeah Jim, we’d really like to know each candidate’s position on maintenance of the nuclear arsenal. If only Jim could explain to the guy on a date with his wife why this is so important. If he only knew how meaningful this issue is, he’d surely vote for Hillary! Too bad she turned her phone off and won’t be home until morning, smelling of water based lubricant and satisfaction.

I think people want two things: a president that is genuine and credible. You’ve heard me say this before, and I firmly believe these are the only two qualities that matter in life if you want to be successful.

So is Hillary genuine and credible? She’s credible, but she sure is shit isn’t genuine. It’s something she’s had 20+ years to correct and hasn’t done it yet. There’s no amount of reintroduction that can fix this problem. Hillary 9.0 is just like Hillary 1.0. Cold, boring, humorless, ambitious beyond reason, and broken morally. The current inhabitant of 1600 Penn Ave had her pegged right when he said, ‘she’s likable enough.’ But that ain’t gonna do it. People want more than ‘enough,’ which is probably how we got Obama in the first place.

Is Trump genuine or credible? I think he’s genuine, almost to a fault. It’s his sword and shield–sometimes to his great detriment. Credible seems to be a jump ball. I’m sure there are a lot of people that just can’t quite picture him as president yet. The upside is that he can still make the sale. It’s an open ended question that hasn’t quite been defined even though Hillary has been working on this since the summer (but remember, she’s not credible so she doesn’t get to define anything).

All Trump has to do is look credible. That’s it–a pretty low bar.

If you’re not up on our bet, the loser formerly known as Hotspur and I are engaged in a little wager; if Trump wins, he comes to Charlotte for a visit. If Hillary wins I fly up to Ann Arbor to hang out at the ghetto bar. Either way, it’ll be good to see my old friend, shake his hand, and tuck into  a nice hot plate of fish sticks. And that’s the only truth that matters 😉

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MMM 241: I have a squirt gun

A massive, 3.5gal reservoir, backpack-mounted, CO2-powered squirt gun.  I’ve also got a couple of mounting brackets and a propane torch with some aftermarket modifications.  Now, the clever person might surmise that the attachment of the latter to the former and the filling of the reservoir with something flammable… well, that could get super interesting and dangerous, couldn’t it?  It’s supposed to rain later, and I blistered my hands a bit yesterday cutting some of the phragmites a little further away from things that I might not want on fire.  The hardest part will be not cackling like a madman.

I can’t do this and that’s okay.


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Weekend poat

Let’s see what’s in the funneh folder.
Though Trump’s move today with Gennifer Flowers did cheer me up.
Love you guys.


Hello friends, and welcome to Big Boobs and Butt Friday.



Your subject for today was born in Kaliningrad, Russia on August 3rd, 1995.  She measures 5’9″, 37E-25-41(!).  Please stop oppressing short legged doggies and welcome, Miss Anastasiya Kvitko!

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Autumnal Equinox Edition

When I read an article about some group honoring  the folk singer John Prine it mentioned a song some other musicians performed at the ceremony (which I’ve totally forgotten the name of). Naturally I looked it up and it was okay. It didn’t make me want to listen to more though. At the end of the video it had a bunch of suggested songs to listen to. One caught my eye and I clicked play. Holy moley, talk about unlistenable! But the imagery in the video is straight out of a work by Hieronymus Bosch, or The Boscher, as my frat brothers* called him. Turn the volume down and enjoy Little Big’s (***NSFW***) rendition of “Hateful Love”.

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