MMM 321: the perimeter

If I walk the edges of the giant rectangle that is my new yard — even cutting the corners to avoid brambles and lightly wooded areas, it’s a little over a half mile around.  That means if I wake up, go out and do chores, then walk the edges to check on things, I’ve got a half mile walk, and I didn’t even have to leave home to do it.  Do that 2-3 more times a day, and you’re starting to talk about a decent amount of exercise, plus the security of looking at all of that throughout the day, keeping an eye on potential problems or developments.  Going to try and make that part of the new routine.

Cobra pose.


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Hello Spice Girls and Good Boys, welcome to Big Boob Friday.

This week’s musical selection is dedicated to Brother Cavil.  Hang in there, Bro.




Your model for today is a cosplayer from Brisbane, AU.  5’4″ , 36-24-37 and 117 lbs. I suspect her real name is not Katyuska Moonfox, but I do not judge, I only accommodate.




Gilding Your Mom’s Lily


This is that story

It could be all a lot worse if Hillary was in office. Go Donny Two Scoops!

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tuesday lunch special

My car is misbehaving. Gotta take it to the garage peeple so that they can come up with some kind of bullshit list of offenses that may or may not fix the problem.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just rub a little ointment on the car, buff it out, and there you go – good as new?!

The Power of Foreskin

Update/car in:


A little collection of the things I found this morning on Facedouche.



Plus this comment from who knows who: 


How do police keep bringing in these mass murderers alive, yet use deadly force at traffic stops?


And finally a link to <a href=””>this article </a> which is vomit inducing.



MMM 320: wrong hardware

Poating this from my laptop running Kali, which really shouldn’t be used for this sort of thing, but I’m planning to wipe it and switch to Ubuntu or Mint soon anyhow.  My Ubuntu desktop is the one that died the other day, after 9 good years of dedicated service.  It will be missed.

Looks warm there.


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The Contrary

I’m so embarrassed.  My zipper broke in public.


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Hello healthy eaters and turkey trippers, welcome to Big Boob Friday.





Your model for today was born November 4th, 1966 in Los Angeles, California. 5′ 8″   37HH-24-36 and 124lbs, please rally together and  welcome Miss Petra Verkaik!


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Emergency Thursday Poat


Since the usual suspects were not available, I’ll go ahead and put up a poat that’s fresher than your mom after fleet week.  Content will be minimal, a sampler of themes from the rest of the week.

We’ve got well-formed glutes and poorly-tucked penii. *check*

How about some hard-bodied pretty-boys? *check*

Bore, God of Blunder? *Check* and *Check*

And titties and a vacant stare. *Check*  I’m not sure if she’s been featured before, and I’m too lazy to ask.