Puns are like paper, they’re terrible.

This song just jumped into the lead for “H2 Blog Theme Song”

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MMM 395: Carnac Menhirs

This is a megalithic site in modern France, in the Brittany region (northwest), consisting of menhirs (standing stones).  There are a number of myths about the site, but all date from much later than its estimated construction (4500-3700BC).


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MMM 394: Giant’s Causeway

Northern Ireland in what is presently the United Kingdom.antrium-northern-ireland-giants-causeway-basalt_82154_990x742.jpg

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Memes I’ll Never See

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Funeral for a Meme

His best work, and it’s a high bar. Fight me.

There is no better description for the purpose of Trump’s impeachment than this.

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Chickens or Peas?

Unrelated Monday content:


MMM 393: Yonaguni

Okay, so this is most definitely a mysterious megalith, but this mystery here isn’t who built it, when, or why, but whether it was even “built” at all.  It’s clearly a giant stone structure, and there are a few facelike stones that have been found, but it’s hotly contested whether this was carved out in some way, or is a natural formation.  Also up for debate is whether it was flooded when the LMG melted, or whether it slid into the sea due to seismic activity at a later date.  These “ruins” sit just off the cost of modern-day Yonaguni Japan.


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Hello,  and welcome to Big Boob Friday.




Your model for today was born on October 31st, 1994 in North Carolina, USA. She stands 5′ 2″ and measures 34E-25-36 and 112 lbs.  Please maintain eye contact and provide assistance to Miss Layla London AKA Taylor Rodgers.

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Thursday Emergency Poat

Remember, saying that God created the universe is a sign that you are stupid, but believing that the universe is a giant hologram is SCIENCE!

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