Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born September 26th, 1990 in Tomball, Texas.  She stands 5′ 6″ and measure342435 and 121 lbs.    Please introduce me to Miss Caitlin Arnett.


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MMM 431

Still no new sources ID’d, so enjoy another “classic” MMM photoset.

Monochrome ballet.

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MMM 430

Enhanced shadows? Yea or nay?

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Stacey Abrams is So Hot

Stacey Abrams photoshopped to appeal to suburban women

You know what I find really odd about the Stacey Abrams phenomenon? Nothing. I find nothing odd or interesting about it.

She’s a person that claimed, without evidence, that she won the 2018 gubernatorial election in Georgia and along with her media allies, spread the claim far and wide in the run up to the 2020 presidential election.

They lied repeatedly for political gain and no one cared. I did a bit of research about her claim and only USA Today had the courage to run a fact check rating the claim ‘partly false’. They were so brave that they fact checked an anonymous Twitter account and made sure that even though there was actually no evidence of fraud or cheating in 2018 and that she’s been lying for 2 years about it, to give her a 500 word tongue bath for registering 800K new voters. As if that matters. Something is true or not. It isn’t ‘partly false’ because you go girl! or whatever. It’s either a lie or it isn’t.

The sad reality is that her story is totally normal now. She’s a loser that lies without hesitation because she can. Everyone around her lies to keep the lie rolling, and normal people that question the lie are called out for not lying enough or squinting hard enough to see that the lie is ok because she’s…you know. And you have to treat…you know…people differently because those other people that treat…you know people equally are probably racist.

The same narrative is used for almost everything now. It’s all the same. It’s all lies. Happy Monday!

Stacey Abrams summed up in one picture

BBF 2020 Championship Round 2

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday Championship 2020 Final Round 2.



Here we have three of nine finalists competing for fabulous prizes, honors, and bragging rights.

Header text with contestant names are links to their original BBF posts with additional pictures.



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HHD (fake) Cowboy Edition

Sam Elliott played The Stranger in the Coen brothers film The Big Lebowski. “That was great fun,” he says. “The Coen brothers are such brilliant guys.

This one is for PattyAnn, she dug Sam Elliot’s chili

Who doesn’t love TV westerns?
Random cowboy? maybe
I’m your Huckleberry
Disclaimer: One real cowboy was added to this post
Calgary,Alberta -July 14, 2016: Fred Whitfield, 8 time world champion tie-down roper pictured at the Calgary Stampede in Canada.(Jason Franson for ESPN)


Memes With Guns

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MMM 416: Korean Dolmens

Not a specific site today, but an overview. The Korean peninsula reportedly contains 40% of the world’s known dolmens, which are large stones resting entirely atop upright or nearly upright standing stones. All are believed to have been built across nearly the same time period as such structures were being build in Europe. Before you get to woo-woo on that idea of a common culture, though, it’s worth noting that there is pretty much just one way to arrange 3 stones in a structure that looks something like a doorway or a tortoise, so any culture that got the idea to move big rocks around was going to get here eventually.

We don’t know if it started off with a deliberate tilt or “leaned” later on.

This one makes me think “doorway, but I’ve got nothing for scale. Could be a doorway for gnomes.
Same as prior, better angle.
If there are so many of these things, why can a cursory search only find these two? I blame the Korean language not finding them as “dolmens”. I’ll have to find the right SEO keyword.