Because We All Need Something Uplifting Right Now

And what’s more uplifting right now, than little wings.

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Back home from the big graduation party!

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MMM 412: Hypogeum

An underground stone temple in Malta, hewn into a natural limestone formation between 3500 and 3300 BC, believed to have been a ritual site and known to be a necropolis (remains of ~7000 individual humans have been cataloged already).  Interesting to me because it’s beautifully carved, and it’s a ritual space with no access to the sky.  No star alignment, no solstice observation, just a temple and burial site.


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Fitness for your body AND mind…you’re welcome.

Time for you slack jawed Hostages to get to work!!!! (working the body)

This part, well this video is an endurance test. How long can you watch this before you decide you want to kill yourself and everyone around you? I made it 7 minutes and 22 seconds. (I think this is working your mind?) Also, I do not care that you saw this post on FB, you can eat a bag of phallic shaped stuff and things.

MMM 411: Kailasa Temple

This is more in the “impressive feat of stone work” than in the “mysterious” category, carved out of bedrock ~700 years after the birth of Christ in the Ellora cave region of what is now India.


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MMM 410: Ballyglass Court-Tomb

Located in modern Ireland less than a mile from Ballycastle, a pair of “courts” arranged around a central tomb.  I can’t find a construction date, but it’s architecturally similar to other stone circles and dolmens dated to the ~1000-600 BC or so.


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Yellowstone Season 3 discussion thread..

This post is a uniter, not a divider…..

Butt Drugs

(Colorado Alex) Some more “content”

Stairway to Meme Island

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MMM Throwback: MMM 14


friday (6).jpg

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