Some Meme about Biden’s Zombie campaign

Hey, I got Meme in the name!

And now on to the memes!

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MMM 379

I was gonna do a “hot, fit girls of antifa” edition in honor of the debacle that is Portland, OR, but ran into some issues. (1) MMM has a no-mask rule, (b) commies aren’t hot, and (III) commies aren’t fit.

So let’s go with the usual round of women trying to make money on instagram and via modeling and clothing endorsements.

Capitalism is beautiful.


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Black Betty, err, meme, whatever…

Let’s light this candle!

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MMM 378

We’re running low on Summer, folks.  School has already started in some (commie) school districts.  Beaches will be cold and empty soon, but at least we won’t be mowing too many more times.

I think they call this “glistening”.


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Thursday Grab Bag

I’m pulling this together at the last minute, so bear with me. I figure that I’ll put up a bit for everyone.

First, something for the ladies (and Jewstin).

He could probably break any number of modern day soibois with his bare hands.

Unfortunately this one is hairless, but I’m sure they’ll complain.

Some cool smithing videos. One day I’ll be able to take some classes again. Or buy land and set up my own workshop. Another cool video. And this.

For the hostages we have two lovely ladies. Msses. Diana Bastat, and Sadie.

Finally, I’m pretty sure that I’ve linked to this video before, but I’m linking again because I love their performance. I’d love to get this good.

That’s all for Thursday. Go make it your prison wife and finish the week strong.


Self explanatory, from a childless male:

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MMM 377

My workday ambushed me as I was getting this ready, thus the delay.  Plus I was up a little late brainstorming with the wife about how to deal with Possum’s extremely limited menu (far, far fewer than the ’30 items’ standard for picky eaters).

A day at the lake.


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Crazy Little Thing Called Meme

Yes, it’s that time of the week, when you have to put up with J’Ames’ bullshit.


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MMM 376

Day 4 of 7 as solo dad.  I might make it, we’ll see.

She seems nice.


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MMM 375: Lockjaw

Weekend was absolutely awful for yard work.  It was either too hot to be outdoors, or a torrential downpour of rain.  Saturday afternoon I stepped on a roofing staple that pierced my heel.

Did you know Walgreen’s does tetanus/diptheria/pertussis shots?

Beach jeans.


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