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MMM 416: Korean Dolmens

Not a specific site today, but an overview. The Korean peninsula reportedly contains 40% of the world’s known dolmens, which are large stones resting entirely atop upright or nearly upright standing stones. All are believed to have been built across nearly the same time period as such structures were being build in Europe. Before you get to woo-woo on that idea of a common culture, though, it’s worth noting that there is pretty much just one way to arrange 3 stones in a structure that looks something like a doorway or a tortoise, so any culture that got the idea to move big rocks around was going to get here eventually.

We don’t know if it started off with a deliberate tilt or “leaned” later on.

This one makes me think “doorway, but I’ve got nothing for scale. Could be a doorway for gnomes.
Same as prior, better angle.
If there are so many of these things, why can a cursory search only find these two? I blame the Korean language not finding them as “dolmens”. I’ll have to find the right SEO keyword.

Filler with pics

Not those kind of pics … you sick shi@$!!

Sunrise over Amish Country

Had a b-ball tourney in Hershey PA area this weekend. Took some pics of cows and shit while I was trying to find a coffee place that was open.

Rock Monday

So, before Peej throws up some nonsense, here’s today’s “rocks” for everyone to ponder. Porcupine Tree broke up a few years ago, but this song is amazing.

Here’s some more rock – new stuff from Deftones:

Puscifer has a new album coming out soon, not sure how I feel about this one just yet:

Gojira also is working on stuff:

I think we can all agree that these “rock” videos are phenomenal creations of mankind, and certainly marvels. Bla bla bla …

This new editor sucks.

UPDATE (Colorado Alex): In honor of Muscular Motivational Mondays of yore:

Turn on, tune in, drop out..

it’s groovy baby

No animals were harmed in the making of this video…….I think?

ok…ok, know it’s old…but this gal is SOOO stinkin cute and the results of their collaboration is sooooo good. It’s worth a re-listen.

MMM 415: Ville-ès-Nouaux Stone Circle

Built and active from approximately 3250 BC to 2250 BC, this arrangement of stones includes a modestly-sized stone circle surrounding a dolmen, and a nearby cairn of the deceased. It resides in modern Jersey.

Stone circle in foreground, cairn with tombs to the rear.

I’d normally put a “read more” here but wordpress hates authors and wrecked its UI again.

Modern Jersey is clearly nearby.
Sightseers for scale. This is honestly at the small scale for “megalith” and maybe doesn’t qualify.
Just the cairn.

Rosetta approved non Hostages sites — Go!

MMM Holiday Special, Labor Day Edition

Cool, if long, movie about stone builders in the British Isles, in case you missed it in the comments.

And this is, regretfully, probably how they did it.

I am curious how well all that would scale to stones on the scale of the Trilithium in the Temple of Jupiter, the smallest of which is 60 tons. Seems like at certain point you’d either strain the stone and fracture it, or crush your fulcrum material beyond usability, but I don’t know if that comes before or after the largest standing stones’ estimated weight.

So, you know, there could still be Nephilim involved.

Short Memes, People

Short people. As in I’m Short, People. Short a couple memes.
busy week.

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