MMM 338: Single Father Edition

I have all my limbs and thus no excuses.


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Flipping Floppy Frisbees For Fur-Bearing Friends

Oops, misjudged that one


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MMM 337: Summer’s End

You’ve got a little less than 2 weeks until Summer 2018 ends.  Make the most of it.

Kitty phone.


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MMM336: Laborious Day

Depending on the weather, I’ve got a ton to do today inside or out.  I’m either cleaning out gutters and trimming trees or emptying out boxes and helping the wife make the basement stairs more kid safe.

Had my first real car accident yesterday.  Guy pulled past a stop sign (he had stopped, then started again across the road I was driving on which had no stop sign.  I was going 45 or so (i.e. the limit) and managed to slow us down to about 20 before I clipped his right rear corner.  Superficial damage to the Venza, probably totaled his Malibu.  Nobody hurt, Possum barely noticed or looked up from her tablet, thank God, but I’m a little shaken and won’t look forward to driving for a while.

She’s all bundled up for autumn.


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Tuesday random stuff

With the scandal rocking the Church, I’ve been watching clips from The Young Pope to keep my spirits up.

James Keen is an interesting figure.  I don’t buy everything that he’s selling, but some of his thoughts regarding debt/banking are interesting.

How the hell did my girlfriend get all the way to Texas?

L to R: World, Mare.

Some music to start your day.

Fossils and Foxes

The Show Ponies


Good luck. You’re one-fifth of the way through the work week.  Don’t give up now!

MMM 335: It’s full again

Septic guy apparently got my permit from the Health Department yesterday, which calls for my tank to be connected to a 20′ by 40′ vent system at a depth of 2′.  As I understand it, this will cost a hefty, hefty amount.  Septic guy is coming with the tractor to dig up the line to the existing drain field and I’m praying the inspector is right and we have a line issue, not a broken field.  That’s like a $5000 question, I think, to be answered shortly.  meanwhile, I had to “lessen the burden” on the tank again so we could wash some damned dishes.

I think this is Jessica Nigri cosplaying as Spider-Gwen.


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Shut Yer Pie Hole!

Old white man’s term: Vagina

New awesome unicorn term: Front Hole

Today we’re going to play “Which would you prefer to go in your front hole?”

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MMM 334: towed

Gotta call around to get the truck moved to a professional, so here’s the slate o’ pics for today.

Renn Faire soul thief.


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Sean’s Derp part 2

Just a place holder till someone comes up with something better, but weirdpuss wouldn’t let me potate it  –

Sean’s derp song from a couple weeks ago led me down an 80’s rabbit hole.

Holy crap I forgot how good looking the chicks were!!

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