Hello Spice Girls and Good Boys, welcome to Big Boob Friday.

This week’s musical selection is dedicated to Brother Cavil.  Hang in there, Bro.




Your model for today is a cosplayer from Brisbane, AU.  5’4″ , 36-24-37 and 117 lbs. I suspect her real name is not Katyuska Moonfox, but I do not judge, I only accommodate.





  1. But can she make a sandwich?

  2. Baby crawling/shepherd playing chase was my favorite one.

    The “oo” gif has horrendously large mammaries and a nice flower crown. I’m sure she’s been featured before.

  3. **puts black lacy outfit from pic #6 on wish list

  4. Wowza!!

  5. Mini-me is having her wisdom teeth removed today. Prayers and good thoughts appreciated.

  6. Hope it all goes smoothly, during and after extraction.

  7. On it, Roamy.

  8. wakey wakey

  9. another great joob by the day crew!!!

  10. Pups, high five on the horse link.

  11. she seems really smart

  12. I really wonder how the Dem media is going to spin Korea. They can’t be allow a Trump victory in anything. Do they ignore it the way that they are ignoring the economy?

  13. And another prayer of thankfulness that Hillary is not President.

  14. As common sense dictates, appeasement does NOT work. A rather big stick or YUUUUUGE nuclear button does.

    I know nothing is “done” yet but I’m optimistic. It will be determined by how greedy the fat north Korean is at the negotiating table.

  15. what roamy said !

    this is gonna make their man-buns burst into flames and their tranny parts re-transition

  16. I can only imagine how over the moon they’d be if this had happened under Obama.

  17. Apparently the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. “can’t allow”

  18. Carin, they’d be talking 2nd Nobel Peace Prize.

  19. Talking? Hell, they’d be awarding it for the “Promise of Peace” rather than any actual accomplishment.

    *mutters soft bigotry of low expectations *

  20. of course the cynic in me recognizes that the little fat bastard may just be smart enough to recognize that dprk juche may need to modified in order for the line of LFB to continue –

    LFB’s economy is in shambles, a bunch of his scientists and engineers are dead, his nuke site has collapsed, his subjects are starving (including his military), and more importantly he has lost the support of his chi-com neighbor just as a bunch of carrier groups commanded by a guy that’s already told him to fuck off are parking themselves on his doorstep…

  21. What narcissistic selfie would Obama tweet out announcing the news? A picture of him watching the video?

  22. Truly the left would be shitting their pants over:

    “The sun god that is Obama!”

    “The light bringer has brought light!!!”

    “He was the one we’ve been waiting for!!”

    “Another Peace prize is not enough! Let’s call him, World Ambassador!”

  23. Jam2 that is what I meant by what The Fat Bastard will demand at the negotiating table.

    If Pompeo and Trump are smart they will, of course, say, “You’ll get NOTHING and like it!”

    Then say, “You’ll have access to some of our best agriculturalists, logistics specialists etc., to get your food chain operating again.”

  24. i wish trump would negotiate like this with our enemies on the left

  25. “Plus, we will not nuke your fat ass into oblivion (or assassinate your whole family).”

    Yes, yes, I know it’s illegal. Never stopped Obama.

  26. F5

  27. horse and monkey are on the same wavelength

  28. just remember –

    Teh Won had already set this course of events in motion…

  29. so there’s that

  30. Simpatico!

  31. just remember –

    Teh Won had already set this course of events in motion…

    Jamster beat me to it. Shall we have a pool on the time that is said?

  32. 5 EST

  33. loser buys sean a 6 of DDP

  34. I don’t know what DDP is, however, I think it will be said before noon.

  35. Tha carpet doesn’t match the drapes….yes, I checked.

  36. A thin line between cosplay and odd porn, indeed…

  37. This weeks selection is acceptable.

  38. Her drapes change color more often than Hotspur calls Hillary a cunt

  39. diet dr pepper

  40. mare are you in on the bet then?

  41. I have to get motivated. To do what, I’m not sure. It’s gray outside and not really inspiring me.

  42. Sunny again today here. This week has been great. Little cool in the AM, but great afternoons. I can even tolerate the wind!

  43. It was nice yesterday afternoon.

  44. Tha carpet doesn’t match the drapes….yes, I checked.

    I really thought she’d be more of a hardwood floors kind of gal.

  45. You guys are cracking me up with the whole “Obama laid the groundwork for this” talk. Of course! It’s inevitable but I’m surprised I didn’t see that coming too. You’d think I’d know all their tropes by now

  46. King Jong Un makes plenty of sense to me. And an actual monarchy is preferable to what they have now.

  47. Haha, the Yeti boycott sure blew up. NRA responded to Yeti’s “response”

    If it wasn’t bad enough that YETI dropped The NRA Foundation as a client, now they’re calling us liars because we informed our members and friends of their actions.

    Seems they cancelled a bunch of orders. Whoever is PR for Yeti is really bad at their job.

  48. When a mountain sinks, you know something catastrophic has happened. China says Whoa to Whoa Fat.

    Pretty smart, on his part, to negotiate something out of this.

  49. Obama laid the groundwork for wiserbud’s party.

  50. Obama laid the groundwork for leon’s successful move.

  51. Obama laid the groundwork for Car in’s lovely afternoon. And for her zumba workout.

  52. Obama is the reason Erin doesn’t trust boys.

  53. It sounds better when you say Obama laid the groundwork, car in.

  54. Nate Silver toes the line! Any minute, people!

  55. Regarding this tweet:

  56. Obama laid the groundwork for what just happened in the bathroom.


  58. hahahhhahhhhaa….You are correct, Jay!

  59. This weeks selection is acceptable.

    We are switching to a subscription based blog business model here at H2.

    Obama laid the groundwork for pay to boob-peruse.

  60. Tha carpet doesn’t match the drapes….yes, I checked.

    I don’t think Dr. B is a real doctor.

  61. Comment by Car in on April 27, 2018 9:56 am
    Obama is the reason Erin doesn’t trust boys.

    She now thinks all of them are gay like him?

  62. I don’t think Dr. B is a real doctor.

    He just plays one with your mom.

  63. She seems nice.

  64. Looks like she got a big ol’ tattoo on her shoulder/arm in between some of those pictures…

  65. Yeah, the tattoo is disappointing.

  66. Don’t ruin it for me! I am hoping it’s a fake.

    (First one is drawn on, second looks like the real deal)

  67. “We are switching to a subscription based blog business model here at H2.”

    Sounds like a wise and profitable thing to do….you might even make 20 dollars….

  68. Flippy hair is meta, not gay.

    Hard to tell sometimes.

  69. For Car in.

  70. I kicked so much ass today that I punched out at noon.

  71. The next person to hold up my ability to get work done by wasting my time for thirty minutes asking why I’m net getting my work done gets my stapler upside the head, swear to God

  72. Back home from surgery, Mini-me resting and watching Netflix.

  73. Roamy?

  74. Well crap. I wasn’t paying close attention. That was actually intended for BroCav.

  75. Obama laid the groundwork for your mom

  76. Frizzled chicken on my facedouche

    Coalex -I was hoping they were coming up with COOL looking chickens.

  77. Heh, it just occurred to me, what the movie parallel to North Korea reaching out to South Korea in this way is:

    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

    Praxis just exploded.

  78. …and I said no salt, NO salt for the margarita, but it had salt on it, big grains of salt, floating in the glass…

  79. Salt is a necessity for a good margarita.
    Also, celery salt on the rim for a proper bloody Mary.

  80. Salt is a necessity for a good margarita.

    Fact. The separation of the ions improves the electrical conductivity of the nerves on your tongue, enhancing flavor.

  81. Leon, did you see insty’s link about baking soda?

  82. Buried in Leon’s article:
    when children are given a pencil at school, they are increasingly unable to hold it.

    Weren’t y’all just talking about how tech is killing us? We’ll be relying on robots to function within two generations…

  83. I’m with Chi and Leon here.

    Salt or it’s just not a margarita. I don’t know what it is.

  84. I saw the baking soda story too Alex from a different source. Sounds like something easy to do. 1/2 teaspoon in a glass of water? Easy peasee

  85. April 27, 2018….the day the Margarita Wars began……….

  86. Wiser is a margarita afficiando. That’s the one with tequila and triple sec right? I recall him describing his perfect recipe.

  87. Did it have salt?

  88. Fuck salt

  89. “Obama laid the groundwork for what just happened in the bathroom.”

    I don’t care who ya are, that’s funny right there.
    Also…my spell-check says Obama is a misspelling.

  90. I really don’t remember but I think he left it out. Not sure whether that was intentional or because it was supposed to be received wisdom as in “everyone knows to use salt”

  91. two shots of your fave tequila (Patron is more overrated than The Beatles or Bob Dylan)
    One shot of Triple Sec (Cointreau or Grand Marnier if you have Leon money)
    Shot and a half of fresh lime juice + some lime rind, grated
    Pinch of sugar

    Shake it like an epileptic at a rave for a few minutes, pour into a cold glass with a salted rim. Preferably lime salt. (Make your own with kosher salt & grated lime rind)

    You are welcome.

  92. Don Julio Tequila. Go big or go home.

    With salt, please. Strawberry margaritas can use sugar.

  93. My first legal drink at a bar was a margarita. Some time after that I had an “incident” with tequila and really haven’t had much of a desire to repeat the experience.

  94. Same story with grain alcohol.

  95. I’ve got 5 kids running around my yard with airsoft guns shooting plastic pellets at each other. Rowan is losing his shit in the house because he wants to be out there with them.

  96. I have that story, too, Jimbro. But with rum.
    Mine stems from Bacardi 151 at the 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville – I was a freshman in HS, my sis told her senior friends to take care of me as I boarded the bus.
    “Oh, we’ll take care of him.”
    To this day, I cannot stand even the smell of rum.


  98. Comment by scott on April 27, 2018 3:28 pm



  99. Let him out, Jimbro.
    Do they make frisbee guns?

  100. He’s been out all day with me chasing my lawn tractor, chasing the frisbee and tennis balls and went for a walk with Paula too. I’m outside having a cigar for the relative peace and quiet out here.

  101. The lawn isn’t high enough to cut, just wanted to make sure it started

  102. A sheriffs deputy was killed earlier this week and they still haven’t caught the guy that did it. Deputy was 62 years old. First LEO killed by gun fire in the line of duty in years here. Hunting season is on hold there

  103. I’m hoping they find the guy dead somewhere in a hole

  104. I’m hoping they find the guy dead somewhere in a hole

    Given the seriousness of the situation, I will refrain from making a “your mom” joke.

  105. Why wasn’t I informed of this cheese?

  106. Leon, did you see insty’s link about baking soda?

    I did not. Link?

  107. Found it, nm. This is actually old to me, I first read about it in a yoga book 26 years ago.

  108. Airsoft war is on pause for pepperoni pizza

  109. I am getting slammed with a tsunami of work.

    I’ve never seen this before.

    Good economies in other parts of the country must be drawing a lot of people away from here.

  110. I’m guessing they aren’t moving to southern canada.

    Oh hey, this looks like fun, you guys want to go?

  111. Greetings, weeds of dill.

  112. Wear this to the Silent Disco

    (What the hell is a Silent Disco?)

  113. There going to be a vote on tolls soon.
    This will be the tax hike that leads to prosperity.


    Huh, live and learn

  115. My ‘s is gone! My ‘s is gone!

    What kind of clip joint is this?

  116. Crazy thought. Dennis Rodman is really the one responsible for the breakthrough in Korea.

  117. He was working for Obama.


  119. Where is Mare?

  120. Arghbargle. I’ve been watching over the last few days as the world’s dumbest MMO publisher reacts to a threat by dousing itself in gasoline and lighting a WP grenade.

    Which actually reassures me that I’m not actually the biggest fuckup in the world. So there’s that.

  121. Who’s the publisher?

  122. Daybreak Games, home of the Everquest franchise, which may or may not be owned by a subsidiary of Renova, which is currently in the process of being shut down by the feds on account of it being basically owned by a major Russian oligarch.

    Good times, good times.

  123. Okay, whew, that’s not the one my friend works for. He’s been making vague complaints about work, but the only specific was that paychecks were late.

  124. I would care less if it weren’t for the pathetic fact that much of what passes for my human interaction is by way of Everquest 2…

    Thinking I will find a more traditional replacement for my social life. I’m getting too old for this shit.

  125. Have you considered drugs, Cavil? Good way to meet a lot of exciting new people in neighborhoods you might not otherwise visit.

  126. I hear that deep sea fishing is really popular with the type of people who like to fish deeply.

  127. Eh. Should get back to churchgoing. Get right with God and start hanging out with a better class of person in one fell swoop.

  128. Deep Sea Churchgoing has a lot of potential but it’s been really slow to take off for some reason.

  129. I hear they have lots of schools, but the course content is a little fishy.

  130. Hang ups, let downs
    Derp breaks, set backs
    Natural fact is
    I can’t pay my taxes
    Oh, make me wanna holler
    And throw up both my hands

  131. Good morning kumquats and other assorted non-binary fruits and vegetables

  132. J’imes!!
    how’d the protest go??

  133. i had to google that chick who was protesting billy cosby… thought it was a dude… anger really brings out the ugly

    she’s some actress that i’ve never heard of

  134. i see the brit gov’t was able to finally kill that little boy Alfie Evans –


  135. She was on Cosby’s show as a little girl.

    She was Rudy Huxtable’s friend.

  136. 2

  137. A

  138. i wonder how much time cosby is going to do…
    at his age any sentence could be a life term… huhnn

  139. she’s not a hideous human looks wise (she has nice arms, just like moochelle), but that protest pic….. hoooo

  140. hahahaaaaa…. just noticed pups Tag

  141. ownin’ it

  142. bball practice time

  143. then car shopping for mrs jam

  144. this would be preferable:


  146. Good morning. Whose turn is it to feed jam2 the Special Sedative McMuffin?

  147. Wakey wakey.

    “comehere Jam … I’ve got a treat for you”

  148. Funny, Saturday morning was cooler when I was a kid.



  151. Which one of you slackers is in charge of new posts for the weekend?
    (Not that I’m complaining about seeing those boobies when I hit the refresh buton…)

  152. Don’t look at me, I just hang around here and nobody’s chased me off yet…

  153. YET being the key word there.
    Just wait until they start charging $20… You and I will both be screwed.

  154. Dog fence is almost done. Needs gates. Wife went out to get hay so the horses can move in soon. I need to get a mower or a tractor that can mow, and then decide if I’m going to get chickens first and let them tear up the lawn where I want to garden, or just dig it myself.

    Also need to sort out if I’m renting a chipper/shredder or if I should just buy one. Lotta free potential mulch on the ground after the tree trimming.

  155. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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