Herdie Herdie Her


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Hello dog whistlers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Our subjects today are naturally attached to a Romanian Glamour Model, born August 17th, 1989.  She towers over MJ at 5’4″, and measures 42F-28-37.  Please stop being aloof long enough to welcome, Miss Luna Amor!

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Tire Wire

Jorge de la Vega

b 1930 Buenos Aries, Vermont d. 1971

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a Blog Vacation


A poat which explores the Duality of Man™

What do you do with a problem like this?
I guess you’d have to go for some kind of Social Justice Rock Paper Scissors game. We could call it Rock Privilege Scissors.
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Let It Snow!

In order to stay on topic like we usually do, I decided to poat about something a lot of us have in common today:


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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Sorry about your epilepsy

Thanks to a guy I used to work with, I always get this shit stuck in my head around this time of year. And now you’ve got it stuck in yours!

Look at this spooooooky house!
I hear there’s a family of monsters inside. They feast on human suffering, high self-regard and wagyu beef, and they give trick-or-treaters arugula. Best to avoid it.
Finally, here’s a guy dressed as Thor, kind of. He and his buddies put about as much effort into their costumes as I put into this poat. Whatever, I don’t get paid for this shit.