MMM 320: wrong hardware

Poating this from my laptop running Kali, which really shouldn’t be used for this sort of thing, but I’m planning to wipe it and switch to Ubuntu or Mint soon anyhow.  My Ubuntu desktop is the one that died the other day, after 9 good years of dedicated service.  It will be missed.

Looks warm there.


This seems airbrushed, fake somehow, and not just her aftermarkets.


I may have found a non-crackfat gym near me with a squat rack.


She’s had at least one kid, from the looks of it, or used to be a giant fatty bobatty.


Seems like this would be awkward to run in.






That’s a big… kettlebell.


Happy Monday, everyone who’s sump pump didn’t quit on them overnight.


  1. Still don’t get it but I appreciate the fit men/women.

  2. Software looks pretty good this week

  3. Her squat rack up there is too high. And there are no weights on the bar.

    wakey wakey

  4. Is Erin dead yet? If not, why not?

  5. Thats Anllela to you buddy!

  6. Drug addicts looking to go through your medicine cabinets go to open houses, not serious buyers.

  7. Quite right. I finished in a hurry and the keyboard on this lappy sucks.

  8. Erin is not dead just yet. So far I think she’s managing to resist the charms of flippy hair.

  9. “And there are no weights on the bar.”

    That bed doesn’t even look dusty!

  10. My buyer was the first person at my open house, Scoot.

  11. Is this one of those local “fun runs” Carin likes to enter?

  12. Previous owners had the laundry draining straight into the sump pit. My guess is that they got away with it for years and that it finally clogged the intake on the pump. So, no laundry until it’s fixed, because there’s nowhere else to drain it, and we’re going to need a stocking filter for that pipe. Still got to call someone about converting the gas dryer to LP, which is way more involved than I thought it would be.

  13. isn’t it just the jets, leon? My stove came with jets for LP.

  14. That dude in the black bikini needs to eat a sammich or twelve.
    Kettlebells gal is beautiful, but that stare scares me.

  15. Gotta take the whole thing apart and get the burner out, then add a restriction valve to it, then put it all back together. Getting to the burner and not breaking anything is the hard part.

  16. That is very rare, Leon.

    Open houses are for the realtor.

  17. Our guy appeared to know what he was doing with open houses, he said he usually got at least one offer out of them.

  18. He was also averaging a week on market and sold our place in 3 days, so he clearly had his sh*t together.

  19. It’s probably different out there. Here, you sign a contract with a realtor when you are looking for a home.

    If you are serious, you see listings when they come on the market. You don’t wait for an open house.

    Realtors use them to put free agent buyers under contract, and nosey neighbors are future listings.

  20. Bill Clinton floating theory that the NY Times and Trump colluded to beat Hillary.

    Any human who thinks the NY Times was in Trump’s corner is suffering from syphilitic brain.

    I’m not sure what the end game is with Hillary’s, “They were never going to LET me be President.”

    What do you think is going on there.

    She’s done politically.
    She’s written her book.
    She’s walked the woods.
    What is she hoping to gain from this crazy?

    I thought the Russian narrative had already been written, swallowed and formed into giant turds.

  21. She should just spend her years playing with her grandchildren and drinking Chardonnay.

    Hillary, we’re just not that into you.

  22. I can only imagine that those closest to her cannot bring themselves to say, “Hillary, for whatever reason, you are just not likable to most in the Country. Being the first female President is just not going to happen.”

    Then they should add for complete honesty; “Hillary, you’ve killed too many people, you’ve made too many excuses, you’re too much of a drunk, you got drug around on your ass by Bill’s coattails for too long, you have no actual accomplishments and every single thing you touched turned out poorly.”

  23. Hillary will be back. She will.

    At the DNC in 4 years, she’ll rehash that Russia, racists, man haters, etc stole the election and they simply can’t let it happen again.

    There will be wild applause. WILD.

    She will have learned nothing and will continue to be a total drain on her party.


  24. She’s either genuinely delusional or needs her donors to believe she’s still trying to be viable to maintain the graft.

    No one on this earth truly loves her or ever has, and she’s made certain that no one can. It’s really very sad.

  25. MJ, I do hope she stays around in politics for OUR sake. And, Leon, I think that the graft angle has merit. It’s really what she’s been about for so long.

  26. Why would Bill cross swords *cough* with the NY Times? Doesn’t Hillary need all the good press she can get? I don’t understand that part.

  27. Our real estate agent:
    You don’t need to stage your house.
    Your house won’t sell by doing an open house.

    My two neighbors sold their houses within two days of holding an open house. They both got a lot of traffic.

    The houses were staged and decluttered. Something we did when we put out last house up for sale (though we didn’t do an open house).

  28. Hillary is a cunt.

  29. So, my daughter was offered a position in the St. Louis school system for 12k more than she makes now. St. Louis offers right away – probably because it’s hard to get anyone to work for them – and gives you 48 hours to decide.

    She has interviewed near here and they say they have to go through the school board to get an OK before making an offer which takes up to two weeks. She has another interview today, down the street. I really really want her to get a job near (our) home.

    But she is stressing that if she tells the inner city ‘no’, she won’t get another offer anywhere.

  30. Bill and Hillary’s brains are being eaten by STDs.

  31. She’s not delusional. But she is a very good example of the second theory on psychoanalysis–man is primarily driven by power.

  32. Our house is pretty decluttered but it wasn’t totally staged.

    FUCK THAT. I’m going all out to sell this bish.

  33. Stage your house and have a professional photographer come in. Most good realtors will have that done. Lots of people make up their minds giving the pics online a thorough going over.

    Beasnsnsnsnsns, I would tell a school district who gave me 48 hours to decide a big adios. Inner city school in St. Louis, no thank you. But your daughter is young and that money might be worth it.

    She will get other offers. Schools need good young people. They can pay them less, they have the energy for the bs and they are still somewhat enthusiastic about the job.

  34. Canned ground beef? Really?

  35. The photos came out good but not crazy good. I’ll send you the link.

  36. Hillary is lonely.

    When she has power people pretend to like her.

  37. Canned ground beef? Really?

    Good way to preserve it that doesn’t take refrigeration.

  38. Hillary is lonely.
    Once again, Scott hits it right on the head.

  39. Comment by scott on April 23, 2018 12:31 pm
    Hillary is lonely.

    When she has power people pretend to like her.

    This. I think it was alexthechick who said, “Her interior life is completely empty”.

    Tracy Flick spent the past forty-odd years doing whatever it took to achieve power, and sacrificed her soul to do it. Now she has nothing left.

  40. I’ve staged all our houses. But my taste is somewhat neutral with a little tropical thrown in. I don’t like nic nacks and the only turd in the punch bowl is getting my husband to get rid of all the crap in his office, which he does because he knows I know what I’m doing when it comes to this stuff. My husband always has every surface covered with papers, books and stuff.

    If your house is spotless SPOTLESS, no animal smells whatsoever, and all the extra crap is removed then you are way ahead of a lot of people. People will pay to “stage” their house with (pro) furniture and what not when they are in a competitive selling market or their stuff is just too old and smelly and gross to pull off a sale. Or their own taste is too out there.

    I’ve seen your stuff MJ and it’s really nice.

  41. I think Scott is right.

    I always loathed it when Hillary walked out on a stage, appeared to see someone she knew, pointed her finger at them and then made a huge O face like she had no idea that dear friend was going to be there.

    Her daughter does it too. Something about it is entirely disingenuous to me.

  42. Sent

  43. MJ, I can’t imagine that you have any trouble selling your home. It’s lovely and looks spotless and well put together. That daylight basement is killer and the yard! Niiiiiiiiiiice.

  44. Tell the possible buyers you’ll throw in the booze…done and done!

  45. Where are you looking to live now?

  46. Where are you looking to live now?

    He’s probably moving to Michigan.

  47. “Where are you looking to live now?”

    What difference does it make? He’ll only be there a year or two.

  48. He should live in a Winnebago.

  49. Mare, my daughter has made up her mind not to go back to where she is now. She is afraid the city school offer is the only one she’ll get. She’s got one to two weeks before hearing from 3 schools she’s interviewed with around here.

    I tell her if she is that worried, to verbally agree to the city school – not sure when they’d set up a signing day – and if she gets a better offer to then back out of the city one. She has to do what is best for herself.

    But then she frets they’ll come after her and she’ll have to pay a fine if she walks away from a contract if a better one falls in her lap.

  50. Back in the day when I worked in a parochial school, there was another young teacher who started when I did. She had already signed a contract and had her room half decorated for the school year, when a public school made her an offer two weeks before school started. She bolted so fast, Sister Ursula was sent spinning.

    Noone could blame her. They paid at least $10k more.

  51. Beasn, if she’s unsure, don’t take it. My guess is that her gut is telling her that something is wrong.

  52. Where are you looking to live now?
    I work in Atlanta now, so I think we’re going to live there. For 3-5 years then probably back to FL.

  53. I know a guy in Indiana, MJ. Call me.

  54. Eh, it’s risky. Age of social media, they can still tar her for not honoring her word.
    This ’48 hours’ to reply thing is a lot of bullshit. She can tell them quite honestly that it’s too short a window and that she is entertaining other interviews. This is business. She shouldn’t paint herself into a corner before she even agrees to a contract. Ridiculous.

  55. The 48-hour thing suggests that they’ve got a lot of issues and want to lock in new hires before the latter have a chance to do some research or compare offers.

    Walk away.

  56. He’s probably moving to Michigan.

    It’s what all the cool kids are doing.

    Sump pump didn’t run out in the yard in a bucket of water, so whatever whirring it had been doing is no longer occurring even after some declogging.

    It’s foul and heinous to behold, almost like some some sewage was being piped down there along with the washer output and the drip from the furnace. When we put it in a bucket of clean water to test it, oil came up to the surface. WTF?

  57. probably oil from the motor.

  58. Thanks guys, that is what I’m thinking about the 48 hour notice. The pay is good….the area, not so much. And she says they seem to be hemming and hawing over what her client load would be.

  59. Yeah, they’re going to try and fuck her over. Walk away.

  60. Probably, Jay. Dad is out buying a new sump pump because I’m stuck working until later.

  61. Problem with my daughter is this…

    She was painfully shy as a child and still struggles with it from time to time. Things like interviews or pushy a-holes send her anxiety levels to ELEVENTY.
    She’s also a people pleaser which winds up dogpiling the anxiety.
    Which is all very weird because she did run a floor and then an entire dormitory while in college.

    She’s very uncertain of how she did in these recent interviews which is what is giving her pause in asserting herself with those giving her a 48 hour window to decide.

    And round and round we go. Now you all know why my hair is going white.

  62. sump pumps aren’t too expensive. Plus this one will last longer if you aren’t using it to pump washer water.

  63. that isn’t legal in town, btw.

  64. Still have to pump washer water, but we’re going to filter it twice, I think. Going to add a drain sink with a nylon over the tube, then a second nylon at the sink drain into the sump pit. I’ll be swapping out nylons as needed, should mitigate at least that part of the problem.

  65. Burning the giant pile of brush and scrap wood out behind the pole barn isn’t legal in town either, but it’s gonna happen, you betcha.

  66. can’t add it to the septic field?


    Stolen from facedouche

  68. I’d have to open up one of the black water pipes and splice it in. Easier to just filter the lint.

  69. killing the planet with grey water.

  70. It’s my planet too!

    But yeah, we’re taking that into account with our choice of detergent. The output pipe isn’t far from the future garden/pasture.

  71. you’ll have clean dirt!

  72. $10 the van driver in Canada is Moooslum.

  73. Washers produce just as more – or more – lint as dryers. They should have an easily accessible lint trap to clean.
    I got tired of trying to snake that 20′ of drain and now just dump the grey water out into the backyard.
    Illegal? Most likely, but I care about as little as hamanly possible. So is having a burn barrel in my backyard – I use that weekly for the last 30 years.

  74. Washer lint doesn’t cause fires, so they don’t bother. Just send it down the drain to add mass to the gelatinous cubes living in the sewer system.

  75. Got two bites for work. One is in Vancouver, WA and the other is in Maryland with the BLS.

  76. Ugh, it looks like the Maryland job is inside the beltway.

  77. Jury duty???? NOOOOOOOoooooooo!!!!!

  78. Vancouver is nice. Maybe Xbrad can hook you up with a cousin or something.

  79. Ugh, it looks like the Maryland job is inside the beltway.

    Ask if you can telecommute for 75% of the salary.

  80. It’s a government job. I’d have to watch porn in my cubicle like the rest of the drones.

  81. Comment by Pupster on April 23, 2018 6:22 pm
    Vancouver is nice. Maybe Xbrad can hook you up with a cousin or something.

    The upside to Vancouver would be that my family all live in the Portland area.

    The downside is that my family all lives in the Portland area.

  82. It would take ludicrous amount of money to get me to return to the DC Metroplex.

  83. The advantage of DC would be the experience. If I suffer through for about five years and then left, maybe to start my own firm somewhere else.

    Of course, this is all speculative at this point. It’s still very early in the application process. The bites just mean that they didn’t discard my applications out of hand.

  84. For anyone interested, the author I was telling Mare about last week has one of his books for free on kindle today and tomorrow. Matt Bracken. Dystopian Near future with the Progs in control, adventure shoot em up stuff like Schlicter. I have one more to recommend and then I will keep my literary tastes to myself. Book is called “One Second After” by William Forstchen

  85. If you have or can reactivate a clearance, you can get a job in DC in a matter of weeks if not days.

    But yeah, then you’ll have a job in the most soul-sucking environment known to man outside of Pyongyang.

  86. I downloaded Bracken’s “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” but only read a few chapters so far. I guess I’m a little old fashioned, I like cops versus criminals, cowboys versus indians, sheriff’s versus outlaws.

    Dystopian futures, zombies, end of the world, ‘merican against ‘merican, just isn’t my bag I guess.

  87. Comment by leoncaruthers on April 23, 2018 6:55 pm
    If you have or can reactivate a clearance, you can get a job in DC in a matter of weeks if not days.

    My clearance expired last October.

  88. You’re in the system, Alex. Big advantage over starting from scratch.

  89. My understanding is that I’d have to start from scratch again. If I was within five years of my last investigation it would be different.

  90. The upside to Vancouver would be that my family all live in the Portland area.

    Well, find your own cousin then.

  91. Well, find your own cousin then.

    *shudders* My female cousins are all hard-core lefties.

  92. Erin will be out of high school in a few weeks.

    Just saying.

    Michigan is HOT right now.

  93. Bracken does the reluctant warrior thing. You may enjoy One Second After, not as much shoot em up. Its a Nationwide grid down scenario.

  94. Comment by Car in on April 23, 2018 7:44 pm
    Erin will be out of high school in a few weeks.

  95. Seriously, if she said she’d just read the National Review (or could name drop in a conversation) I’m thinking you’d snatch her right up.

    I mean, SURE … they’re irritating Never Trumpers, but it does show something, amiright?

  96. Today, her one teacher told her (lovingly) that she should marry rich. Snowflake was right there and piped up “I’m rich”.

    He’s playing longball, that one.

  97. Maybe dependent on the level, Alex? My dad was cleared to drive a classified payload in a matter of days, and they said he was still in the system from working at Savannah River Plant years earlier.

  98. LOL, you do realize I’m literally twice her age?

  99. Yea, and well she’s never read National Review. lol

    She’ll make a good wife, though. And mom.

  100. Better hurry up with the get rich part.

    What do you know about batteries?

  101. My cousin is about your age, and he’s getting married next month. He was the one who had the fancy wedding in florida I went to a few years back, and then came home 6 months later to her saying she didn’t want to be married/to him.

    He was heartbroken.

    Anyway, he met a woman with a kid. Next month.

  102. Speaking of dad, I went through a box of photographs and mementos yesterday, and he had kept the funeral guestbook and sympathy cards from when my grandmother died. I have a real mental disconnect because several people wrote nice letters about how wonderful a person my grandmother was. Not just a signature on a Hallmark card but genuine letters. I knew her as a cruel, vindictive bitch, not just at the end but for years and years, and I can’t get the two sides to jive. Was she that nice to non-family members? Or did she know that many people that were kind enough to write nice things, even if they were lies?


  104. (((squishy hugs Pupster)))

  105. That’s kind of messed up Roamie. Im the black sheep in my family, but I’m not an ass about it, I just don’t blend in with the rest very well and choose to not be uncomfortable with them socially.

  106. He was heartbroken.

    I hope the bride’s family was on the hook for the party. That’s pretty messed up too…what the fuck is wrong with people?

    I guess I’m just pretty lucky to be me. I need to remember that some days.

  107. Yep. Living in this country is like winning lotto.

  108. George H.W. Bush hospitalized for an infection.

  109. Can’t imagine you being the black sheep, Pupster.

    I have probably told this story before, so apologies for a repeat. My parents’ marriage was the second one for both. My grandmother kept pictures of Dad’s first wife everywhere in her house. I counted 17 of wife #1 and none of my mom. I, being stupid and naive, decided I was going to fix this. I had my boyfriend take photos of me with my parents, and I picked the best one, put it in a frame, and gave it to my grandmother for Mother’s Day. When we visited for her birthday, there was the framed photo, proudly displayed on the TV in the living room. Grandmama had cut my mother out of the photo and put it back in the frame so that the cardboard backing was showing.

  110. Okay, that’s just crazy weird

  111. Damn, this day is dragging by slowly.

  112. That’s why it doesn’t mesh with, “She was such a wonderful lady, I’m so lucky to have known her.”

    I may not like Rocketboy’s girlfriend, but I’ll be damned if I ever act like that towards her.

  113. She could have been the type of person that holds a grudge and your mom did something to piss her off.

  114. That was back in the day when people didn’t get divorced.

    Did people pass judgement on those who married divorced people?

  115. yeah that’s bitch level ten.

  116. She treated everyone except my dad and my youngest brother like that. Those two could do no wrong. Every meal, she would make a nasty comment on every bite of food my sister ate, how it was going to make her fat. I was thin (at the time) so I must have worms.

  117. Scott, yes, the Baptist preacher would not marry my parents because he said they would be living in sin.

  118. It got to where my sister and I would place bets as to who got called out at the dinner table first. One time I took two biscuits just to provoke her and win the bet.

  119. I’m the wacky neighbor in the Pupster family sitcom, you say hello when you see me outside, we don’t invite each other over for iced tea. Sometimes you hear a noise and peek out your window, wondering what I’m up to now. We don’t exchange Christmas cards.

    I don’t get up in your business, you wouldn’t ask me for a loan.

    I’m not an outcast, just not close. I’m good with it, except I miss being around little kids, and my sisters kids and some of the young folks on Mrs. Pupsters side are having kids of their own and I’d like to be the favorite crazy uncle that takes them out to the playground and brings them back muddy from catching frogs.

  120. Maybe people just didn’t want to speak ill of the dead, roamy.

    Or were afraid of getting haunted by the old shrew.

  121. If not for Facedouche, I wouldn’t be in touch with any of my brothers’ kids, but we do exchange Christmas cards. Kids need crazy uncles. Didn’t catch frogs, but I did catch catfish and bream, and I would be muddy and sunburnt afterwards.

  122. So, Yeti decides they aren’t cutting off the NRA after all? Not sure I buy this.

  123. I just read it on Twitchy, the fact they were dropping them. I’ve had that tab open for a while so saner heads might have prevailed in the meantime. Luxury item.

  124. Could be, Sean.

  125. Anyone hear from BroCavil?

  126. She might have just been a redhead.

  127. I’m fortunate that any differences in family is kept buried.


    Thanks for letting me vent. Kind of a Star Trek, “There are FOUR lights!” moment, but it’ll be okay.

  129. “any differences in family is kept buried.”

    under the new shed.

  130. No worries Roamie, we don’t care if your grandma was crazy, but it does put your mom’s bad behavior in perspective.

  131. George H.W. Bush hospitalized for an infection.

    He let Bill and Hillary get too close.

  132. I think Pupster just got a good head start on writing my obituary.

  133. leon – not sure how you plan on attaching the nylons to your drain system, but my 2¢ – don’t.
    It will probably cause you more head aches in the long run than help.
    An appropriately sized gray water pump will not clog under normal usage.
    Most likely what has happened in the old system is what’s called lamella clarification aka inclined plate/plane settling. This is caused by the gray water back flowing into the base of the pump. Over time enough solids could accumulate to actually stall the pump / burn out the motor. The addition of a check valve slightly downstream of the pump discharge port will help mitigate this effect.

    Check valves are cheap – and they are almost never used properly if even used at all.

    i have to do the disclaimer thingy – home improvement store sump pumps are not usually meant for gray water handling.
    your local plumbing place can spec the correct one for you and you’ll prolly get 20 years + out of a decent quality pump. If you order it on line it might not even be horribly more expensive than the box store one.

    you might also want to consider pouring a gallon of vinegar in the sump every once in a while. it helps clean it out.

    if anything stated here seems insanely stupid it’s because mj edited my post – he’s like that.

    20 bucks

  134. George H.W. Bush hospitalized for an “infection.”

    You should probably give your mom a heads up so she can get checked….

  135. That’s savage, Roamie.

  136. My family isn’t close. My mother wasn’t very maternal. I really only have her and a sister left, and my sister bitches about everything, constantly.

  137. Sis doesn’t have any contact with mom. I have been avoiding contact with sis. Neither mom or I received an invite to sis’s wedding, nor to my cousin’s wedding last year.

    My stepmom doesn’t hate me, as far as I can tell, but I don’t think she particularly likes me.

  138. “Grandmama had cut my mother out of the photo and put it back in the frame”


  139. roamy – do you still have worms?

    new fishing buddies are always welcome

  140. Jam, I haven’t been fishing in ages. I really should take my dad fishing at least one more time.

  141. Hey gardeners, what kind of flower is this?

  142. I think that’s a Venus Fly Trap. Or some other kind of meat eater.
    Whatever it is, It’s A Trap!

  143. i tried to get my dad to go fishing last summer but he’s too frail.
    he’s one of the best fishermen i’ve ever been around, and there’s only a little bit of bias in that statement.
    i think he could catch fish in a desert

  144. I’m here. I made the mistake of tweaking security settings on my weekday browser so daylight commenting is a pain sometimes.

  145. Anyway, it’s funny, but for years I’ve kept telling myself “I need a vacation”. Over and over. Now I know it’s not stress but depression and a list of other issues (trust and abandonment so far, wonder how many I’ve collected in all…)

    Still want a proper Damn vacation someday though, it’s been a while.

  146. Vacation is a scam.

  147. Did I dream you dreamed about me?
    Were you hare when I was fox?
    Now my foolish derp is leaning
    Broken lovelorn on your rocks,
    For you sing, “Touch me not, touch me not, come back tomorrow:
    O my heart, O my heart shies from the sorrow”

  148. Vacation is a scam
    How do you feel about vaccination?

  149. Arghbargle

  150. It’s dead, Jim.

  151. I was waiting for a Tuesday poat.

    I have to make a list of people and entities to inform of my new address. USPS and my credit union already know.

  152. Ok, I’l wakey wakey here.

  153. We appear to missing a kitty. Again. No more kitties.

  154. It was an indoor cat /kitten. had never been outside. I don’t know how it got outside, but that is apparently what happened.

  155. Erin doesn’t need this right now, so if there are “bring kitty back” prayers, that would help.

  156. One of our barn cats made the move but we haven’t seen her since early Sunday. Might be gone, but there’s still hope.

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