Hello healthy eaters and turkey trippers, welcome to Big Boob Friday.





Your model for today was born November 4th, 1966 in Los Angeles, California. 5′ 8″   37HH-24-36 and 124lbs, please rally together and  welcome Miss Petra Verkaik!




  1. Tig Bitties!

  2. Double H …

    Holy Hell !!!

  3. Grody. She needs a reduction.

  4. She has an especially stupid look to her.

    Wakey wakey.

  5. She has that Stormy Daniels looks about her. Ufffffffffffffff

    But, hey, BOOOBS!!!

  6. Concert was really good. Nothing More was amazing, and Papa Roach was actually really good. I’m not a huge fan – only know a few songs, but damn if he wasn’t a really good performer. They’re a tad harder/more metal live.

  7. I’m seeing a clear delineation between the men and the women of H2 toward this skank. hahaahaaaaah

  8. She rocks the red bikini.

  9. airbrushed

  10. I might need something stronger than coffee today. Whew.

    Got home around midnight.

  11. I’d be amazed if she was able to assemble a sammich.

  12. How hard could that b…

    Oh, yeah


  14. Watch out pepe, they outnumber us right now.

  15. She’ll never be a dental hygienist.

  16. I bet she’s an awesome bed duster.

  17. Dems definetely sum tig ole bitties……

  18. I think she’s a fine example of what a high priced call girl should look like..

  19. She’s actually not half bad looking. Who was the imposter that posted this?

  20. Heh, nice twist in Ready Player One, Car in.

  21. You like it? I really enjoyed it.

  22. It’s full of SJW, but it’s a good story. Especially all the 80s references. I am clueless on the games and anime.

  23. Of course I can recite Monte Python from memory, haha.

  24. Not one mention that she’s basically topless? Its like I don’t even know you people anymore.

  25. Mesh is a top.

  26. My dental hygienist is cuter, but she’s maybe a B. The cuteness is likely related to her not needing a wheelbarrow to jog. I may go back for one more cleaning before I find a local dentist.

    2 26′ uhauls, one 20′ uhaul. Multiple full bed loads in the F150 and horse trailer. Still some bookshelves to go get from the storage unit, but we turned over keys yesterday. Unpacking sucks.

  27. Damn, that’s a big move.

  28. Pupster is tired of me yelling ‘aureola!’ all the time. But really it’s the whole magilla. Ridonkumous, Pups. We’re going to lose our license.

  29. I got two wall cabinets installed in my hobby room yesterday, so now I can finish unpacking everything from the move of two and a half years ago. I think I have four boxes of books left, and box of hobby tools.

  30. HotBride starts a new job tonight. She’s training to be a manager at a pretty nice group of restaurants here in town.

    She won’t be “the” manager, she will be “a” manager, so hopefully less stress when it comes to overall business performance.

  31. Leon’s a hoarder.

  32. She kinda has a man face

  33. a “group” of restaurants? Yeah, there better be multiple managers!

    Congrats to Hot Bride! Make sure we know which ones they are, so we can get our employee discounts!

  34. I got two wall cabinets installed in my hobby room yesterday, so now I can finish unpacking everything from the move of two and a half years ago. I think I have four boxes of books left, and box of hobby tools.
    What kind of tools do you need to sit at the ghetto bar and drink Labatt’s?

    Wait. Don’t answer that.

  35. I haven’t been in the ghetto bar in about a year. Probably been that long since I had a Labatt’s.

  36. Last time I was there was June 21, 2017.

  37. Good Lord. Take look at Drudge.

  38. She’s got that bar fly look about her.

  39. WTF are they suing for? They haven’t proved a thing!

  40. Not a fan of huge funbags, but let’s be honest, she looks good for 52.

  41. So last night as I was youtubing, a new video by Five Finger Death Punch popped up, along with a banner that their tour is stopping in St. Louis in August. That has to be an addition because I could almost swear that when I looked before, we weren’t on the schedule.

    Problem is, I’ve got noone to go with. Not sure the son would drive in just to get his ear drums blasted. My husband…pffft. My daughter might just to be a good daughter. OR…I could just buy one ticket and go make some new friends in the pit.

  42. 52? Yes, she definitely looks good for 52. Though her face still looks like bar fly.

  43. How can the DNC sue over anything when they wouldn’t even let the FBI look at their server to confirm anything? And doesn’t this mean they have to let the FBI/DOJ look at their servers….including all the info about their Pakistani IT guys?

  44. Jay, we had planned to cut way way down on ‘stuff’ before moving, but that was when we were building a house. When we found this one, we had to jump rather suddenly, and that meant minimal time to sell things or pare them down adequately. Plus horse equipment is huge.

  45. Re: DNC suit- they’re aware discovery works both ways, right?

  46. Not if the judge is in their pocket.

  47. I’m not the hoarder. I have a big library, but that’s not what filled all that volume. I detest clutter and crap covering all available horizontal surfaces, but I love my wife.

    Who wants to come to the intervention?

  48. Trump campaign can just refer them to Rosenstein and Mueller, one of whom just came out and said Trump isn’t under investigation…….

    whoa……which may mean they are working in tandem and now Mueller can say he is under investigation.

  49. They are suing to get access to documents. If a judge allows the lawsuit to go through, they will get to subpoena everything during the discovery phase.

  50. Good luck serving the GRU.

  51. Kinda of like dirty tricks here in St. Louis. Out of the blue the AG, who wants to unseat McCaskill, gave his little dog and pony show about finding ‘possible’ wrongdoing with Greiten’s charity donor list and distinctly telling said circuit atty, who really is an ignorant cow, that the statute of limitations on charging Greitens IS THIS SUNDAY.

    So we’re expecting her to bring charges any minute now seeing as how Hawley set it up for her.

    Many of those who were going to vote for him, see him as a traitor.

  52. If a judge allows the lawsuit to go through, they will get to subpoena everything during the discovery phase.

    And Trump can subpoena everything related to the Awans. For starters.

  53. And Seth Rich.

  54. ” I detest clutter and crap covering all available horizontal surfaces, but I love my wife….”


  55. I’m seeing FFDP in Sept. With BB and Nothing More. it’s going to be awesome.

  56. I’d say roadtrip, Barb, but I’ve got actual seats for this show. It’s an outdoor one, and I don’t like risking seeing a show in the rain – so I got the covered seat portion.

  57. I don’t think I can fully express how awesome the show was last night.

  58. I lost four pounds this week.

  59. No you didn’t. No one of average weight loses 4 pounds in a week. You can lose a couple of pounds, then the rest is water.

    No matter how often I explain this to gym friends, they still get disappointed when they gain 2 (or 3) back when they thought they’d “lost” it.

  60. I love that you’re going to concerts, Car in. So much fun.

  61. Ridonkumous, Pups. We’re going to lose our license.

  62. If you fast from everything but water and burn exclusively body fat, you can lose about 5 lb of ‘real weight’ in a week.

  63. Well, depends on your weight/height as well. If you need 2000 to maintain than the 3,500 deficit is gonna net you 4 pounds in a week on a complete fast.

  64. All I know is that I was 212 on the scale Sunday. Today I am 208. Isn’t water weight?

  65. Sure. And it goes up and down every day. That’s why the long term averages have more meaning than the day-to-day scale number.

  66. And I drink about eight glasses of water a day, so I don’t think I “lost” any water, but even if I did, it’s weight that I don’t have to move around.

  67. And why are you harshing my mellow? I’m not going to come do crossfit with you, if that’s what you’re trying to trick me into.

  68. Many years ago I gave up on anything that had to do with the interior of the residence with the exception of any particular (usually very small) space that I claimed as “mine.” The rest of it…. she can do whatever the fuck she wants as long as I can reasonably afford it. I too prefer open, non-clutter filled spaces. And (this will surprise you , not) I can be very spartan, but if she wants weird color paint and knick knacky shit…..

    On the other hand I firmly believe that every family should get a good size dumpster every five years and throw shit away. This belief is not a popular one in my household for some reason…..

  69. It’s just people get really excited when they change their diet – and usually lose 5 pound the first week. And they think it’s gone, and HOW EASY WAS THAT?!? when/if they gain it back, when they’re trying hard … etc.

    it’s just a bummer for some who thought they were gonna drop 20 pounds in nothing.

  70. o I don’t think I “lost” any water, but even if I did, it’s weight that I don’t have to move around.

    water weight is nothing more than your body holding a bit more because of salt or things you’re eating.

  71. I’d invite my BB but her husband is a dick. Their anniversary is 8/3. They don’t normally do anything for their anniversary but if he knew she wanted to go somewhere that week (or any other week for that matter), he’d pitch a fit.

  72. And why are you harshing my mellow? I’m not going to come do crossfit with you, if that’s what you’re trying to trick me into.

    It’s science Hotspur. Why do you hate science?

  73. You know what really frosted my ass this morning?

    You’ve probably heard of Larry Nasser who serially sexually molested some – many, of the athletes he was entrusted with their care of. A monster. He’s been tried, convicted, and if he actually makes it through his sentences, he won’t be out until he’s about 500 years old.

    Anyway, some of his victims are having some kind of a protest this weekend at Michigan State. Their right. No problem.

    But the radio now refers to them all as “survivors.” Survivors? He didn’t kill anyone. How are they survivors? They’re victims.


  74. It’s pc word bullshit, Hostpur.

  75. What exactly are they protesting? I mean, what he did was illegal. Having been a victim of sexual assault, I really kinda don’t understand how this was allowed to go on. You go to the police, and you charge him with a crime. All this “he was a trusted adult” bs …

    Does not compute. Unpopular opinion, I’m sure, but if some of these “survivors” hadn’t decided their gymnastic career was more important perhaps he wouldn’t have been allowed to victimize so many.

  76. “I lost four pounds this week.”

    Put your clothes back on.

  77. Pretty sure Russia paid Nassar. Ask the DNC to piggy back their lawsuit.

  78. Theyre protesting the adults who created a system that allowed this kinda thing to happen. This is why we really should “listen” to our youth to show us the way “forward.”

  79. What exactly are they protesting?

    As I understand it, former Gov. John Engler, who was appointed interim president, after the previous president under whose actual watch the molestations took place resigned. But evidently he tried to reach a settlement with one of the “survivors”, and for that he is to be crucified along with several of the regents who tried to stick up for the president who resigned.

    As I said, it’s their right to protest.

  80. “They were never going to let me be President.”

    Hey, dipshit, the American public does not like you, they voted for Trump instead. There was no “let” involved

  81. Also, dipshit, YOU were never going to let Bernie be the candidate.

  82. I had heard that the ‘deplorables’ comment was a staple of her speeches to donors.

    She always said the same thing about dividing up Trump supporters. Not a good call to make that go viral.

  83. “They were never going to let me be President.”

    That’s because WE don’t want a cunt in the White House.

  84. I’ve always known it and I give credit for the expression to Michael Savage; Leftism is a mental disorder.

  85. May be old news…but it seems that some 4chan types put together meme’s claiming to represent a coupon for One cup of Free “Black” Coffee at Starbucks and released them into the wild…seeing reports of people showing up and demanding their free shits….

  86. Ya know… the more I look at them, the more impressive those titties really are……those are some pretty impressive titties. Those are the kinda titties that make people who haven’t really thought about titties in a while, think about titties and what really defines a impressive set.

    Back to your regularly scheduled program…

  87. Uhaul #3 returned. Time to go get the last things out of the pickup. Then move the horse trailer and empty it into the new pole barn.

    Then back to unpacking.

  88. Obama’s DoJ told the FBI to drop their investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

    Trump’s DoJ needs to get off their ass and start it back up and put those motherf*ckers in orange jumpsuits.

  89. Good lord. The republican senate primary is a group of people that are all fighting to slob Trump’s knob.

    All of them close with, ‘I stand with Trump.’

    But he’s toxic.

  90. So, if you haven’t googled todays model, you should know that she is “The Most Photographed Playmate” in the history of the magazine. I believe most of today’s pictures are from the far-side of 40, she is a beautiful woman and was a stunning young lady.

  91. Oh, well hey look at the date.

  92. Uhaul #3 returned.

    You know they are not disposable…right? You can use the same truck more than once.

  93. i actually had to concentrate at work today so i’m a little late to the boobabration –

    Nice Joob Pup!!!!

  94. that chick is rack solid

  95. So, the recent brief but exciting chapter of my life where I thought there would be some romance appears to have come to an end. Oh well, I gave it a shot.

    Don’t worry, I’m down, but I’m sober.

  96. a kid got stabbed at a college here –

    mrs jam was telling me that it was so horrific that the hospital is offering counseling for the ED staff

  97. dooood

  98. bummer sean

  99. what’s that writing bs about tis better to have…..

  100. don’t give up hope

  101. Not sure why you linked to something about a new HIV epidemic among gay guys, but…thanks?

  102. yeah…. that wasn’t as funny as it seemed in my head

  103. i wasn’t purposefully trying to be a dick Sean –
    it seems to be an unbidden talent

  104. Hey, the day we have to apologize for jokes in this dump is the day we ought to pull the plug on it. It’s all good, jams.

  105. Sorry Sean, her loss. Take some comfort in this:

  106. Each trip is 200 miles, Pupster. The mileage costs would kill me.

  107. thanks

  108. off to bball practice

  109. Sorry, Sean.

  110. li’ jammette has a tournament tomorrow

  111. Aw rats, I’m sorry sean.

  112. Maybe later you will give one of those hooking-people-up sites to meet someone, a shot. I know several people who met their spouse on and Christianmingle. All seem to be well-matched and none bug-eyed psycho.

  113. If you want bug-eyed psycho I can hook you up with my sister. But I really don’t want to do that to you. I like you.
    She used to remind me of Hillary.

  114. Just found out my nephew, who’s 11, has the Type 1 diabeetus. He’ll be in hospital for another couple of days until they get his sugar under control.
    My sister had quit her full time job a week or so ago and started working part-time. Looks like she’s have to rejigger any schedule for when her son gets to go back to school. Her husband finally, after a year, got a job. Which is good. My sister will now be able to monitor my nephew’s eating habits/meds/etc….which she wouldn’t have been able to do at her job that had crazy shiftwork.

  115. Sorry, Sean.

  116. Sorry to hear about your nephew, beasn. Puts any problems I may be having into perspective.

  117. It’ll be a pain in the arse, but he’ll be okay, sean. Thank you.

    Achey hearts are no fun either. *hugs to you*

  118. Bill Murray singing the Love Boat song for Sean. The world is your Love boat Sean.

  119. I think I had my heart broken about 6 times.

    Looking back, I should have celebrated each and every time.

  120. Aw, thanks for the hugs, beasn. I’ve been taught over the past few years that pain is necessary for spiritual growth, so I have to walk through it and figure out what God would have me do. Actually, troy wasn’t far off. I have to let my love lose its focus and blur outward. There are people to help, and that will hopefully keep me from drifting into self pity, bitterness, resentment, jealousy, and the like. I heard some things along those lines yesterday, while I was in the thick of it.

  121. Sean
    Maybe you can create your own creepy sex slave cult and attract a boatload of rich, young, beautiful Canadian actresses and heiresses? It apparently doesn’t take much more than charm.

    (What’s up with that shit? I keep seeing news of these gorgeous, supposedly smart women joining this guy’s weird cult – only to be literally branded and called his slaves…
    Remember the “Smallville” TV show?)

  122. Hang in there Seanbro

  123. I saw headlines about the Smallville chick getting arrested for being involved in a sex cult and imagined her being led away by the cops and saying “I thought this was AMERICA” in Randy Marsh’s voice.

  124. Heh.

    If my memory is correct, she’s a Canuck, and was arrested in Mexico. Extradited to Texas for charges. There was another one that (I guess) left a few years ago. She was another dimepiece of an actress with a promising future, but “no, let’s do the cult cult thing instead!”

    The billionaire sister heiresses to the Seagram’s fortune were part of it too – financing the freak. After the last few years, I’ll never again try to understand how a woman’s mind works.

  125. Sean, you have to find the right dating site. I just found one that caters to people who share my love of dancing, along with my strong faith in Christ.! How lucky is that?! I’m sure I’ll have great success!

  126. Biodegradable golf balls, so people renting a megayacht can use the driving range.

  127. Christian Swingers? I’m pretty sure we don’t have one of those churches in my town…

  128. Me: I just need one. more. ice. cube.

    Icemaker: Here, have 7.

  129. Xbrad wins ‘Most First-World Problem Of the Week’

  130. Someone would have to have their own butler sass them in order to beat that.

  131. Sean, don’t worry. I still have a daughter available.

    She was your first serious foray post recovery. We’re gonna chalk this up as a positive.

  132. But if you need me to choke a bitch …

  133. Thank you, but no. I’ve asked God to help me be loving and kind to her from the start, no matter how things turned out. I don’t want to go back on that.

  134. Can’t stop listening to House of Cards, btw. You were so right about Radiohead all along, C arin.

  135. Radiohead is magic. I’m seeing them this summer – second time. They are amazing live.

    I didn’t make any deals with the lord about not choking a Bitch, so I’m you’re go to gal if you need anything done ….

  136. I won’t derp away no more, I promise
    Even when I get bored, I promise
    Even when you lock me out, I promise
    I say my prayers every night, I promise

  137. Éva “Vica” Kerekes

    Has she been featured before?

    She stars in a widely admired gif

    L to R: Eva, Hostage dudes

  138. ^^^
    Don’t click that second link if you’re at work or little kids are in the room

  139. Éva “Vica” Kerekes
    Has she been featured before?

    Not all heroes wear capes.

  140. I’ve been seeing all these stories about DJ Avicii dying and quite honestly I have never heard of this guy, ever. Even though I often have no idea who certain “celebrities” are, in most cases I’ve at least come across their names when reading articles here and there. This guy? Nada, nil, zilch, zippo, etc

  141. The hardest part is figuring out what to do first.

    Probably need to get the dryer hooked up and leveled so we can do laundry. It runs on propane, though, so it’s not a trivial thing. I want to add a clothesline so we can save some money drying clothes if the weather is nice.

  142. First order of business should be making sure the beer fridge is nice and cold.
    But I guess up there, you can just put the beer on the back porch.

  143. Bed frame hardware status: still missing.

  144. Can’t drink, too much to do. Wife bought beer but I’m leaving that for her. My diet has been shit for weeks and I have to stop.

    Ah yes, first thing today can be moving the meat from the kitchen freezer back to the standing freezer now that it is safely in the basement.

  145. A floor makes the best boxspring for a mattress.

  146. Left this over at Facedouch for sean,but this is awesome:

  147. Jimbro, i’m pretty sure you’ve heard a few of avicii’s songs.

  148. I’m going to assume everyone’s watching the concert. It’s 50 min or so …

  149. Gah, every once in a while, Spotify downloads an update and wipes out all the downloaded songs. They are still in memory, but it won’t recognize them and forces me to download everything again. What a pain in the ass. I’ve never heard of DJ Avicii either.

  150. Her ridiculous Sleep Number bed can’t be on the floor.

    Did I mention that it’s ridiculous? Awful? Hated by all sane persons?

  151. A mover wouldn’t have lost your hardware.

  152. The movers wanted $4200 minimum, and that’s if we packed absolutely everything ourselves. We’re at just less than $1000 right now. That’s a lot of new bedframes before hiring people was worth it.

  153. Apologies, full disclosure: I’m amusing myself by being a pain in the ass. You’re so serious and literal. Stop it.

    *feels around for another sore spot*

    Did you have family and friends helping you at any point? Family and friends are usually really great about pulling your rump out of a fire, aren’t they? Aren’t they great for that? Every time?

  154. Moving sucks. It just does. You just kinda grind through it.

  155. His biggest song (he’s not the singer)

  156. See? You guys have heard these two songs at least, right?

  157. “A mover wouldn’t have lost your hardware.”

    see – now THIS is the kind of shit stirring that i find amusing

  158. avicci i-
    never heard of him.

    looks like a name for a boxy 1960’s faux italian sports-lux car

  159. My dad worked through a full 17 hour day with us Thursday, including pulling a trailer in my truck on the way back. And we only argued briefly about Pruitt once.

  160. Has she been featured before?

    A beautiful redheaded and finely freckled Czek model ?

    I’m familiar with her work.

  161. I wasn’t watching any concert. Hell, I’m still watching that GIF Jimbro posted at 7am.

    Avicii? Nope, never heard of him. Avanti, heck yes.

  162. How is Possum handling the move? Does she like her new room?

  163. Finely freckled jogged my memory

    She’s worthy of a repeat IMO

  164. First song sounds vaguely familiar, second one nope

  165. Now that you put the music to Avicii, I’ve hear of him. And if I were at that concert, I’d be seizing from all those jumping lights.

  166. ‘heard’

  167. Tomorrow is Earth Day, so be sure to stop by your local junkyard and stock up on used tires to burn!

  168. Never heard of the second. His stuff is most likely played at dance clubs, no?


  170. I swear that one was used in a commercial.

  171. (second one)

  172. Possum is okay. Her new room is still impassable so I don’t know if she likes it.

  173. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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