MMM: Day 1 ABB*

*After Breaking Bad

I feel as though I’ve lost a good friend. I pretty much don’t need TV service anymore, at least until the next season of Mountain Men. I want to like Walking Dead, but it’s butt-ass boring so much of the time. And there are no hawt chicks on it. At least they finally killed off Andrea (ugh, worthless), but still, I just can’t muster any enthusiasm.

In other news, the FedGov might shut down tomorrow, which is the same as the end of the world, except it happened a half-dozen times in the late 70’s (I’m sure there are no parallels to today) and once in the mid-90’s (again, nothing about this situation is similar at all, right?), and the world is still here. This time, however, I’m sure it’s unprecedented or something. And rayciss.

Allright, everyone maudlin? Good. Let’s celebrate something the bastards still haven’t destroyed.

Like cults.
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Sunday Happy Fun Luck Post

Good morning and welcome to Sunday. Please form a line to the left of the man with the bullwhips. Thank you.

Friends, it is that time of year again. Crisp cool mornings, the crackle of foliage underfoot, and colorful autumn harvests displayed on porches.

Some of these will make good pie.


This will not make a good pie


I have to leave soon and go enjoy the American Dream, but you can consider this a placeholder poat until something better comes along.

Cyn = ‘something better’

*Pupster poated this for Laura*

Well Okay Then

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Very Tricky

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Sunday BOOP!


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High Society Saturday

Carin’s having a good time in Florida, reporting on how the upper crust live.  Just draw the line at bad cosmetic surgery, mmkay?  (I was going to link to an article about John Kerry’s Botox and Restylane, but who really wants to click on that?)

Let’s see what I have in the funneh folder for today.

blondes corn maze

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